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Elegant evening makeup video tutorial


In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how to create an elegant make-up for evening occasions. The focus is on the eyes, where I selected a golden brown palette that suits best blue eyes. I have used different brands of natural cosmetics so you can also see swatches and how the products perform in reality.

Products I used in this video tutorial:

Dr.Hauschka day lotion
Jane Iredale Sugar and butter lip exfoliator
Und Gretel liquid foundation
Dr.Hauschka concealer
Und Gretel concealer
Purobio cosmetics compact powder
Kjaer Weis pressed eyeshadows
Alterra eyeshadow nude palette
Dr.Hauschka eye pencil
Jane Iredale new mascara
Und Gretel eyebrow pencil
Neve cosmetics pastello lip pencils
Dr.Hauschka lip gloss
Dr.Hauschka facial toner

Get the glow with Sante make-up!

sante naturkosmetik get the glow

 All dear beauties out there, I wish you a Happy Happy and Glowing year first!

Next, I want you to give some tips how to get some glow and colour in these winter days when the skin can be a little bit dull at times and show you a few make-up goodies that I tried recently. You know that I love limited editions ūüėÄ

I just came across about this lovely limited edition collection called Get the glow from the German brand Sante Naturkosmetik. They did 2 versions in cool and warm undertones of a tinted lip balm and a palette called Illuminating talent that is a multi-use product for contouring, blush and highlighter. You can even use it as an eyeshadow! So I thought it’s a good idea¬†that suits in this time when we look for some more colour and a very handy as well.

Here is a picture of those soft bisque and rose shades from the palette that are so nice for a natural make-up look. The first two shades are matte, those in the middle have a satin finish and the last two, the lightest ones have some delicate shimmer in it since they are designed for giving some highlights on the top of your cheekbones. This palette that I used is called¬†Illuminating talent n.2 Cranberry touch. The rose shades from the middle are great to use as a blush; the lighter for day and the darker for evening time. You can choose between two contouring shades too that are very nice as eyeshadows. Anyhow, I love this palette for its versatility, it’s all about playing with it.

sante naturkosmetik

I also find very nice this limited edition Sante mascara Volume overload in black. It does a nice curled shape to the lashes and it separates them without making clumps. I see it very suitable for a day make-up.

sante naturkosmetik mascara

On this last picture you can see the swatches of the reviewed Sante¬†Illuminating talent n.2 Cranberry touch and on right the subtle plum shade of¬†the Sante Lip balm Colour kiss in Soft Plum. (Since there wasn’t a sunny daylight you cannot see the subtle shimmer here).

Sante get the glow makeup

Anyone tried any of these products? Curious to hear from you.

Suti Honour face cream

and a few words about energy, flower essences,…

Suti honour face cream

For those who don’t know I’m an avid lover of gems, flower essences and believer in energy medicine (well, also practitioner of Bach flower essences and recently starting¬†with Reiki too :)). I firmly believe that working with energy, flower essences and other similar “techniques” that help us reconnecting in body, mind and spirit are the future of our wellbeing. And I don’t say it because it’s quite a “modern” thing, but because I’ve proven it on myself when needed it the most and when traditional ways didn’t work anymore. Like Dr. Edward Bach said 100 years ago, the future medicine is to heal our emotions and consequently we will heal the body too. And so¬†I also believe in¬†incorporating all this knowledge in cosmetics and other wellbeing products as well. Simply because everything is energy and what we put in, is what we put out. So for me having a wonderful product with good ingredients and done with a higher consciousness (= Love) is the key! For instance, every time I work with someone, although doing make-up, people feel that they are relaxed in my hands, tensions disappear. This is how we feel each other without seeing it, how everything is energy.

Saying this, you can’t imagine how happy I was to see that Suti skincare is created¬†this way.¬†Their¬†amazing products¬†are¬†now definitely on my must-have list because are¬†“based on the principles of energy healing. Working with Reiki, meditation, crystals, flower essences and the moon cycle to nurture your beauty.”¬†

Don’t think that I was blindly captivated¬†only by this statement. No, I’m not that kind of person who falls just on words ūüôā It was the feeling of knowing and sensing it, also because I already used their INCREDIBLE Suti rose water facial toner and Suti Nourish face oil for night¬†(click on names to¬†links to both¬†posts). Suti rose water facial toner¬†is actually my favourite facial mist! I can’t get enough of its smell, freshness and I especially sense a great vibe in their products. I feel great only to looking at them, this is one way how I know they are great and made with love!

Suti Honour Face cream

Suti Honour face cream

It’s been for quite a long time that I wanted to try this cream and now I’m mesmerised by it! I can easily claim that for me no cream beats it! I can say this also because I had a period of really dry skin again and used oils and always struggled to find a cream that would nourish, be a good base for make-up and give enough moisture without being too heavy. Well, Suti is this cream that has made my wishes (and needs!) come true. It smells beautiful, the delicate scent of true rose is incomparable. The texture is light but very nourishing, leaving a healthy radiance and it absorbs quickly in the skin.

As all Suti products it’s packed in a beautiful glass bottle (50ml) and embellished with adorable flower design. (I also collect Suti packages, really a fanatic ūüėÄ of them). The bottle has a pump so you can control the quantity needed.

When it comes to ingredients, especially the right choice of them, hands down. They blend so well not too many¬†ingredients, but the right one and of course the best quality. You can simply sense it when you try the product! Suti is among those few brands that really keeps their promises. Here is their original description that I like so much, because they have for each product/ingredient an “esoteric” story behind.

“The development of this beautiful Face Cream came in a dream state of Meditation, resulting in the marriage of three nurturing and indulgent ingredients; Rose, Coconut and Date Seed. Individually each creates energy, combined they become blessed to Honour the integrity of our skin.¬†

When applying this beautiful cream it becomes a time for reflection, a time to be at one with yourself, a time to create a Sacred Space to Honour ‚Äď Above, Below and Within.¬†

Rose, a Universal symbol of love and beauty, known as the Queen of Flowers, symbolic of protection and re-birth. The energy of Rose is that of self-love, self-nurturing and regeneration of life.

Coconut is reputed to protect against damage, to help the skin rebuild and preserve integrity, said to represent Mother Earth, the water, giver of life. The energy of this fruit is of nourishment, cycles, rebirth and renewal.

And Date Seed Extract with clinically proven anti-wrinkle efficacy providing protection from the elements to help prevent ageing and wrinkles. Known as Phoenix Dactylifera, in mythology the Phoenix is a unique bird that lived for five-six centuries in the Arabian Desert, after this time burning itself on a fire and rising from the ashes with renewed energy and youth to live through a new cycle. The energy of this plant is renewal and our skin renews its cycle on a monthly basis.”

Do you already know Suti? What do you think of the holistic concept of beauty? Anyone tried flower essences, Reiki, crystal healing yet?

Lippy girl lipsticks review

lippy girl lipsticks

Dear beauties! I’m thrilled to introduce you a lovely brand from Canada called Lippy girl which was launched in UK by Botanical brands for this November vegan month! However, lipsticks loaded with natural ingredients are the new luxury and so you don’t need to be a vegan to wear them ūüôā I mean that things are changing and as I can see it, luxury nowadays means going natural. It’s the inside that counts and what we put on and in ourselves! So I was more than happy to accept this opportunity from Botanical brands (who is the Lippy girl UK distributor) to test and review these new lipsticks!

Going straight ahead I will start with the list of ingredients from the lipstick package:

lippy girl ingredients

“The Lippy Girl Makeup range includes twelve Vegocentric Lipsticks, all made¬†with organic and wild-crafted natural oils and waxes, and only natural mineral pigments.¬† They‚Äôre made with certified organic Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Carnauba Wax and Shea Butter and 100% vegan, bee-free, gluten free and chemical free! ¬† These lovely lippies are also super pigmented with natural minerals for great colour pay-off and provide the smoothest, creamiest finish.¬† They‚Äôre also ultra-nourishing, mouth-wateringly moisturising, long lasting and, above all, won‚Äôt bleed.”

As you can see the ingredients along with the claim from Lippy girl, we are on a very good track. Let’s see now what I think about them ūüôā


My review of Lippy girl lipsticks

I have received 4 different shades to review and to test for you. First the outside; the package is elegant lacquered black (100% recyclable aluminium tubes!) with the pink logo printed on. Plus every lipstick is packed in a nice pink paper box.

Here are the 4 shades that I have accurately photographed to get the best possible overview:

lippy girl lipstick lippy girl lipstick lippy girl lipstick lippy girl lipstick

These shades are all in natural quite pale tonalities:

P-bomb is a frost (slightly pearl) light pink with cool tonalities suitable for very light pale skin tones and amazing for light blondes with pale skin.

Son of a brick is a matte, very rich pigmented light orange brick tonality that looks quite light when applied on the lips. It’s a color that will make a face radiant but if you expect a darker matte brown (like I thought) it’s not the case. I was wondering if it changes the color when applied on my lips because on the paper was quite brown…

Coral me maybe is a nice summer inspired coral with a slight frost finish. It is a mixture of pink and orange that gives that nice coral effect on the lips which instantly make your face bright. However it’s not a very bright coral;¬†I’d say a neutral coral shade. My favorite of those 4.

Ski bunny is a very pale nude matte lip color with a pink undertone. It’s a nice light¬†beige¬†to wear when you have a bold smoky eye for instance. Although I wouldn’t suggest it to those with naturally dark¬†lips, because it is a very very pale shade that tends to look a little bit chalky on dark lips.

All 4 swatches together to compare them. Left: Son of a brick, top: P-bomb, middle: Coral me maybe and bottom: Ski bunny

lippy girl lipsticks

Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of these lipsticks. They slide very smooth on the lips and are very long-lasting. They don’t bleed and are very, very pigmented. In one stroke your lips are already full of color! The list with ingredients is amazing, all those nourishing oils are perfect for the lips! The entire collection consists of 12 different shades so that you can have a huge selection for all tastes. I reviewed those more natural nude ones, but I bet you’ll find even darker ones if you need.


Has anyone tried them yet? Your thoughts please ūüôā

Neve cosmetics duo-chrome palette and Bio primer

In the last year I’ve become a fan of Neve cosmetics without even realising it how much. Step by step, after trying slowly their novelties I found myself saying “I love those pastelli pencils!” or “Those pigments are awesome”! and “It’s time to try one of their palettes!”. And yes here I am with their newest Duochrome palette! I don’t know why I haven’t tried yet any of their palettes…One reason is that I thought, ok I still have plenty of my palettes for professional use, so yes next time…You know this stuff of procrastination ūüôā But now I’m even more happier that I have finally try it.

Neve cosmetics

The palette has beautiful shimmery shades that are duo chromatic, which means that each shade is made of 2 colours; for instance you have a dark brown with emerald green shimmer. The pigments are awesome in terms of pigmentation! I was blown away when I first put them on my hand. I can easily compare them with professional stuff like Yaby that I love to use for professional work. Here is a quite old picture from a set where I had visible the Yaby palette, so I can show you the comparison. The Yaby palette with the pearl paints (shimmery colours that are almost creamy) is behind the first white palette.

makeup palettes

The shades are all easy to apply and blend amazingly well. This stuff is going directly in my makeup kit!

Please note that the colours on my pictures of Neve are a little bit muddy because outside the light wasn’t really good. Bear in mind that they are much more vivid (on swatches too). Below you can see the swatches of the entire palette on daylight.

Neve Duochrome palette swatches; top and bottom row are positioned like in the palette

Neve cosmetics

From top:

#Pioggia Acida: Medium olive green with gold shimmer (on the skin has a cool undertone).

#Utopia: Cobalt blue with pink shimmer (in the palette looks cool purple violet).

#Fenice: Intense warm copper with a touch of rose.

#Chimera: Dark violet with rose shimmery particles.

#Twilight: Intense grey with a bronzy satin effect

#Mela Stregata: Violet brown with emerald green shimmer.

#Abracadabra: Aqua blue with light green shimmer.

#Polline: Intense warm yellow with lime green particles.

#Veleno: Dark reddish brown with green shimmer.

#Mezza Estate: Light orange yellow with rose undertone.

And I love the names, they are so fun like Mela stregata which means Bewitched¬†apple, Pioggia acida = Acid rain, … ¬†ūüôā


Neve cosmetics Bio primer for dry skin

There couldn’t be more surprises than adding a new product like a primer to the collection. It is out today! And they did 2 of them: one for dry/normal skin and the other for combination skin. I have the one for dry skin. First I thought that is going to be transparent, but it seems they did almost a bb cream. Why almost? Because it has some colour when you open it and put on the skin. But when you wear it, it does not act like a BB cream. Which means that enhances the skin with a light radiant layer, but it does not cover imperfections. Basically it prepares the skin for the next step¬†(foundation), which is what the primer is supposed to do.¬†As you can see on the picture, below on my hand there is the product directly from the tube and above it is blended in the skin and it’s almost invisible. Just a tiny bit of colour. This primer is based on argan oil, shea butter and aloe vera extract. It is free of silicones, which was their purpose to create a silicone-free, mineral-oil free primer. And compared to conventional ones it does it job well.

To conclude, I have to say that Neve cosmetics is growing faster and faster.¬†This¬†young Italian brand doesn’t stop to surprise me; they improve continuously, lots of their formulations are becoming vegan and many products act great even¬†for pro use!

Any thoughts about Neve cosmetics?

Autumn inspired makeup with Lily Lolo

Lily lolo makeup review

I finally got my hands on some products from Lily Lolo that I wanted to try. Especially the new Lily Lolo BB cream¬†that was on my “curiosity list”. And since I’m a fan of all-sorts of pressed make-up products, I tried their pressed eyeshadows too. I wanted to try the blushes as well, but were out of stock, so next time along with the new upcoming eye palettes (with pressed eyeshadows of course!).

Lily Lolo BB cream

lily lolo review

Although the new age of foundation/tinted moisturisers called BB/CC,… creams¬†is¬†just a marketing strategy for another product, I admit that I find myself well with them. Because overall, they are light in texture, they enhance the skin tone and even if they don’t cover everything perfectly they still give the skin that youthful modern appearance. So if your skin does not have any major imperfections, these products will suit you great. I’m so pleased that Lily Lolo has added this product in their collection. It comes in 2 shades: light and medium and it is packed in a handy and beautiful tube with a pump which I like very much! I have tried the light shade as you can see on the swatch below. On the picture it looks too yellow because it was taken in warm afternoon daylight. The shade is designed very well in my opinion, because it is not too yellow nor too dark for light skin. It gives your skin a nice layer of coverage that I’d describe it light to medium. It does not cover imperfections like red spots or dark circles but it diminishes them a little bit. But after all the point of the bb cream is not to be a full coverage foundation. For those who want it, the mineral powder should be applied over it. I don’t like this option because I tend to dislike the matte powdery finish. I prefer some concealer and a little bit of setting powder, if needed.

Swatch of Lily Lolo BB cream – Light

lily lolo


Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadow and Lily Lolo Eyebrow duo review

My selection of Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows for autumn makeup (from left clockwise: Ivy league, Voodoo, Truffle shuffle, Brassed off and Eyebrow duo medium,

lily lolo

Every new season I got ideas and inspirations about new colours to wear. This time I have chosen intuitively a muddy greyish, palette, where colors interact like a wash of water-colour, where there is no dark and hard edge between light and dark. The colours of the same chromatic intensity¬†melt together. Greyish with a green undertone like Voodoo shade or the golden bronze like Brassed off can be a different and beautiful suggestion to crash the “old” known style. I adore the olive green mix with antique gold that Ivy league offers: a very¬†special shade to wear that adds depth to the eyes. Another mix I love is grey-green Voodoo combined with the purplish muddy grey Truffle shuffle…Very chic for autumn. The BB cream is great for this look, where the eyes are the focus. A lift to the eyebrows, clear lips and that’s it!

Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows swatches. From left: Brassed off, Truffle shuffle, Ivy league, Voodoo

lily lolo

If I switch to the “technical” side of the eyeshadows, I just praise them! I haven’t expected such a quality. They are very intense in pigmentation, slightly shimmery, but not too much and the nice thing is the shimmery particles are finely grounded. The staying power is impressive even without any primer underneath they lasts for hours.

I also like Lily Lolo Eyebrow duo which comes in 3 shades: light, medium and dark. I have tried the medium one, which is a very well designed shade for brunettes, not too deep but more than enough for most women. The wax included is great too to set everything in place. A big like for this product too! Finally, got a good green option for brows!

Anyone in love with Lily Lolo?

I shop Lily Lolo products in one of my favourite online shops Ecco verde that had in stock the new products a few days after the launch!

My new discovery: Luminance skincare

luminance skincare

It seems this is the season of many new discoveries on my blog. This time I want to introduce you in a new brand from US called Luminance skincare. I didn’t knew them before until I was contacted by them if I want to try some of their products. The website looked promising and so I gave it a try. After testing 5 of their products thoroughly for a few weeks now, I can give an objective opinion.

1.step: Cleansing products

luminance skincare

I was very surprised about the bi-phase Luminance skincare¬†Face cleanser, not just¬†because it is loaded with many natural oils like:¬†Coconut, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel, Macadamia, Avocado, Meadowfoam, Argan, Kukui,Grape Seed and Rice Bran. It has fascinated me because while it’s full of those oils (and so¬†you’d expect an oily feeling on the face) it’s also a balanced combination of other ingredients that cleanse the skin thoroughly without drying it¬†too much. A good balance between soap and oils.

“And it’s soap. Real soap. Fact is, there is nothing better for your skin than a properly made and properly pH balanced hand made soap. When people say: don’t put soap on your face, what they should be saying is don’t put petrochemical grease strippers full of alcohol, metals and solvents on your face. Which by the way, accurately describes all of the commercially available cleansers.”

This is their philosophy about cleansing the face. In fact you need a really small amount of this cleanser to get a well cleansed face. As a saponify they use the food grade Potassium Hydroxide. Here is their philosophy about it:

“A few words about Potassium Hydroxide: It is not synthetic. It is the traditional base component that when added to the fatty acids (the seed and fruit skin oils) to create an reaction resulting in hot process liquid soap. The most gentle skin loving variety of soaps. When the formulation is done right, and we do it by hand is small batches, with engineering precision, all of the Sodium Hydroxide reacts with all of the oils, and clays and essential oils into a wonderfullu fragrant, perfectly gentle and safe bottle of liquid soap.”

I have dry skin and using this cleanser in small quantity really feel like your face is ultra cleansed. But I need to follow immediately with lots of toner and cream. I will describe the entire range and process how the products work for me.

Luminance skincare Pure rosewater toner is the next step after cleansing the face. This one has a nice scent of natural roses and it leaves the skin hydrated and fresh. Both products are packed in glass bottles with spritz.


2.step: Hydrating, nourishing, moisturizing

Luminance skincare

I was very impressed by both of these products. The moisturiser is the one that looks more yellowish (top picture) and it’s a really nourishing cream, suited for very dry and/or mature skin. It absorbs quickly in the skin, while leaving you a thin layer of healthy glow because it’s full of oils:¬†Tamarind Seed, Tamanu, Apricot Kernel, Macadamia, Avocado, Jojoba, Meadow foam, Argan and Kukui. The additional benefits are added by organic herbal extracts of:¬†German Blue Chamomile, Tamarind Seed, Raspberry Seed, Comfrey, Sea Buckthorn, Holy Basil, Calendula, Tamanu, Honeysuckle, Rose Hips & Lavender. It doesn’t have any special scent which is fine and good for sensitive skin. It is an excellent base for make-up, but for those with dry skin. Absolutely not recommended for oily or combination skin.

Another lovely product I was very impressed by is¬†Luminance skincare¬†Rosewater Hydraing facial mask. It is packed (as the cream) in a glass jar which is great (bottom on the picture)! Its consistency is rich but not heavy at touch. When on the face you can feel the deep hydrating effect it has on the skin. Loaded with¬†ingredients like organic rose water, oils of:¬†Jojoba, Kukui, Argan, Avocado, Meadowfoam and herbal extracts of Algae Cellulite, Tamarind Seed, Holy Basil, Honeysuckle, Rose Hips and Lavender,¬†they¬†make this mask a product full of beneficial effects. In their collection they have 5 face masks and I’m glad I’ve tried this one. For those who need a deep hydrating and nourishing effect, it’s very recommended. It’s very easy to apply, it feels great while “wearing” it, you leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. I felt it great especially after summer vacations to deeply hydrate the skin. In summer time, after putting on this mask, I didn’t need any other additional product on. The skin was perfectly nourished.

Extra product: Luminance skincare Nourishing facial serum

luminance skincare

This Luminance skincare¬†Nourishing facial serum¬†has surprised me as well. Simply because in the green world, we usually get a blend of oils under the name serum. But a serum in its essence is meant to be light in consistency and a quickly absorbing boost of extra beneficial ingredients, that you can wear under the cream. This one has kept the promise! First it surprises you with the texture which is almost like a white watery milk that absorbs really quickly in the skin. After, you can feel literally a lifting effect, so you need to follow with the cream. But this is the point of an anti-ageing serum after all! The second surprise is its scent, that reminds me almost of bubble gums ūüôā A light, pleasant, sweety scent. It is loaded with oils of: Tamarind, Kukui, Argan, Avocado, Apricot and herbal extracts of:¬†Orchid, Comfry, Chamomile, Ginko, Tamarind, Sea Buckhorn, Honeysuckle, Calendula, St. John’s Wort and Chia Seed.

After a treatment like this, my skin was nourished, moisturised and glowing!

I can conclude that Luminance skincare was a pleasant discovery and experience! It feels that their products have a good quality, the inside is really rich! ūüôā I have just one extra observation: The overall experience would be even more pleasant, if the outside would be in harmony with the inside. You know I’m very sensitive about the aesthetic ūüôā The labels (as you can see on the pictures) are very fragile. During the shipping I got them quite in a bad shape. You also cannot see very well the text on all of them. Since the website is very nice, an additional touch of design to¬†the labels and you are on a new level!

Has anyone tried Luminance skincare yet? Want to hear your thoughts please!


After summer makeup stories

after summer make-up
Bronzer + Coral lips

Here is one of the quick makeup looks for last summer days that I love because its simplicity, yet the elegance it gives you. It’s suitable for light to medium skin colours and it looks amazing on the remaining suntanned skin, deep green eyes and blonde – red orange hair. In summer I’m a big minimalist when it comes to makeup and beauty, because I allow my skin to breathe and detox itself naturally. But later after vacations the skin needs some extra pampering and it’s especially lovely to maintain the remaining suntan for some time. For me personally it’s more than enough to extend it in September ūüôā Later I’m more appealed to dark wine shades on the lips and pale skin. That’s just my personal preference.

summer make-up

My all-around products for this look including some novelties:

1. Tinted moisturizer to hydrate and even out your skin- Logona USA
2. Bronzer Kalahari (new one from¬†Neve Cosmetics): I love this new bronzer because it’s matte and the shade is that nice sahara biscuit caramel tan, that is not too orange or too brown. Perfect¬†bronzer¬†for light skin! Definitely all to try. At the end it does not look cakey or too matte, especially if you use a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream underneath.
3. Eyelash curler (This one from Muji is portable and it works great, one of the best small on-the-go lash curlers!)
4. Mascara (still in love with this one from Logona Naturkosmetik that separates and defines the lashes)
5. Sugar scrub for perfect lips and on top the beautiful plumper in natural glowing rose for hydration. (Absolute must-have product from jane iredale РTHE SKIN CARE MAKEUP
6. Lip¬†pencil¬†in matte coral (from Neve is still my fave shade for summer. It’s the perfect colour match to the bronzer! It brightens dull skin and the entire face instantly!

NOTE: swatches of new bronzer Kalahari HD and lip pastello Coral/aragosta for all fans of Neve Cosmetics on the picture below:

Neve cosmetics

Enjoy the last days of summer!