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Get the glow with Sante make-up!

sante naturkosmetik get the glow

 All dear beauties out there, I wish you a Happy Happy and Glowing year first!

Next, I want you to give some tips how to get some glow and colour in these winter days when the skin can be a little bit dull at times and show you a few make-up goodies that I tried recently. You know that I love limited editions ūüėÄ

I just came across about this lovely limited edition collection called Get the glow from the German brand Sante Naturkosmetik. They did 2 versions in cool and warm undertones of a tinted lip balm and a palette called Illuminating talent that is a multi-use product for contouring, blush and highlighter. You can even use it as an eyeshadow! So I thought it’s a good idea¬†that suits in this time when we look for some more colour and a very handy as well.

Here is a picture of those soft bisque and rose shades from the palette that are so nice for a natural make-up look. The first two shades are matte, those in the middle have a satin finish and the last two, the lightest ones have some delicate shimmer in it since they are designed for giving some highlights on the top of your cheekbones. This palette that I used is called¬†Illuminating talent n.2 Cranberry touch. The rose shades from the middle are great to use as a blush; the lighter for day and the darker for evening time. You can choose between two contouring shades too that are very nice as eyeshadows. Anyhow, I love this palette for its versatility, it’s all about playing with it.

sante naturkosmetik

I also find very nice this limited edition Sante mascara Volume overload in black. It does a nice curled shape to the lashes and it separates them without making clumps. I see it very suitable for a day make-up.

sante naturkosmetik mascara

On this last picture you can see the swatches of the reviewed Sante¬†Illuminating talent n.2 Cranberry touch and on right the subtle plum shade of¬†the Sante Lip balm Colour kiss in Soft Plum. (Since there wasn’t a sunny daylight you cannot see the subtle shimmer here).

Sante get the glow makeup

Anyone tried any of these products? Curious to hear from you.

Boho cosmetics

boho cosmetics

It seems that spring time is for me always a time of new awakening, regenerated creativity and new discoveries. Every spring time I find new colors that inspire and fulfill my soul and face,too ūüėÄ

I’m really glad that I’ve finally found a fresh & new European brand with lots of makeup and green choices! The brand is French and it’s called Boho green revolution! It’s my last discovery that I currently tested and enjoyed very much! Let’s take a look on their products now.

I’ve received all the products in a nice makeup bag made from wool felt. This bag is a part of their project Citizen green (and 1% for the planet member) that proposes a range of promotional items made from natural, renewal and biodegradable, recyclable materials and fair trade manufactured products. As you can see from the picture the bag is big enough to store your essential makeup and it’s also very soft!


Boho Eyeshadows 

Boho cosmetics

I’m glad I’ve found pressed powder products! I also want to emphasize their high pigmentation and durability. I have tested 2 eyeshadows: one matte and one shimmery: Ble is a light eyeshadow with an opalescent shimmer that has a green yellow shine and in general is a very light color.¬†It’s a lovely shade to wear in spring time to make your eyes pop out with all the shimmer! On the picture the opalescent shimmer is not so visible but the color is more green than vanilla as it looks like on the picture.

The other shade Cacao is from the matte collection of eyeshadows and it’s a classic medium matte brown that can be used as an eyeshadow or even as a powder for eyebrows. The pigmentation of both eyeshadows is very high and you can blend the product easily to achieve the desired effect. I like the fact that these eyeshadows don’t tend to crease which is a big plus! They are very handy especially for make-up artists because I have finally found another brand with pressed powder products!


Boho Terra cotta (or Bronzer)

Boho cosmetics

Boho has quite a big range with bronzers-they are 6 in their collection. The shade I have tested is Terre de provence and it’s a medium shimmery bronzer with quite a lot of peachy orange tonalities. I’ll use it more as a blush but it can be used as a bronzer as well on certain types of skin, especially in full summer on tanned skin that needs a touch of color. Apply it with a large bronzer brush on tanned skin.

Green makeup tip¬†Orange tonalities don’t suit everyone but are great for bringing radiance to dull skin, especially to tanned skin without radiance.

I like their biodegradable and eco-friendly packages. They are very handy especially for everyday use. I must also mention that the products are almost without any scent, which is really good for the skin!


Boho Lipstick and lip&eye pencil

Boho cosmetics

Among these 2 products I’d emphasize first the lipstick. First I thought it’s a concealer because of its color, but I realized that it’s a lipstick from the matte collection. ¬†On the picture if you look carefully on top of pencil swatch there is also the lipstick which has blended with my skin. It’s not the color that is very wearable among women, but it can be used very well for that editorial look when you need to tone down the lips without drying them and pair the look with a black smoky eye. The lipstick I tested is named Charlotte and it’s a light warm skin beige color. Its texture is very hydrating because of vegetable oils (Castor oil, Apricot oil and wax, grapefruit essential oil, candelilla oil, rosa mosquito oil).

Boho has also a variety of pencils: a range for lips, for eyes and a range for lips&eyes. I have tried the shade Rose brun from lips&eyes collection. I was a little bit surprised because the pencils are very small, almost half of normal pencil, which I don’t like so much. Maybe it can be handy for some women‚ĶThe shade is matte nude warm brown with orange undertones, a classic and very useful shade for lips in general. The pencil is very pigmented and quite soft so it glides well on skin.


Boho concealer

Boho cosmetics

This concealer is literally green ūüôā This is because it’s meant to cover redness on skin and so to neutralize it. It’s the only corrective shade among their other 4 creamy concealers. Its texture is very creamy and hydrating and due to its good pigmentation a little goes a long way. It can be gently blended into the skin to neutralize any red discoloration.

Green makeup tip¬†Sometimes I still see comments that green neutralizes dark under eye circles. It’s really a misunderstanding. According to the color mixing theory (from art painting that is an essential knowledge even for makeup) green is opposite to red and so it is used for neutralizing (=canceling) red. If the dark circles are blue/violet than they have to be erased with colors that are opposite to them like (orange/yellow shades) depending to the skin tone. Usually a makeup artist should know how to mix exactly the concealer for every skin color. So ladies, if you want to cover red spots or any redness on skin choose a green corrector and later put on top also the concealer in your skin tonality. For dark under eye circles green will not work.


This is my review of the last discovery that I wanted to share with all of you! Have you already tried yet this new brand?


Photo credit and many thanks to Boris Gorjan photographer for beautiful pictures!