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Freshly made: Organic tinted lip balm

Foto: Boris Gorjan

If you need an original idea for Christmas gifts, make a tinted lip balm in unique shades. It’s very easy!

You need virgin coconut oil and a pinch of your favorite mineral blush color (shimmer, pink, coral, beige). You can add 2 drops of natural vanilla extract if you want a nice smell. In summer I like the fresh smell of lavender essential oil (just a drop).

Preparation: In a pan with hot water put a little jar with coconut oil and dissolve it, so that it becomes liquid. Mix your favorite colors inside, add two drops of vanilla extract. When cool, your balm is made to care your lips. You can have fun with different colors and effects, mix 2 colors, experiment with shimmer or matte effects. Enjoy!

Find also some nice glass or plastic empty pots and put inside the balm. Make a nice gift package when the balm inside is already solid.

In the picture below is my home-made lip balm in a shimmer coral golden shade. If you want a stronger color, just put more mineral pigment.

lip balm

Here is also an example of my work, where I wanted to achieve a natural appearance of sheer and well cared lips with a natural lip balm and just a touch of natural color.

(top photo: Boris Gorjan)

Some tips for soft, smooth and attractive lips

No more chapped lips this winter!

Chapped lips can be a problem, especially in cold winter days. The lips become dry and cracked, because of the absence of natural moisture from the lips. The main cause is cold weather, wind, dehydration and being in a cold and dry environment.

Lips have a natural oily film that protects them from dehydration. This is why they need extra protection and nurturing during the cold winter days. Especially, if you want to wear a red or dark lipstick, remember to take care of your lips first. Dry and chapped lips with a colored lipstick look awful and unattractive . Remember, when we talk, our lips catch the attention, so it is important to take care and keep them moisturized. If you apply make-up on them, do it precisely, with choosing the right shade.


Tips for soft & smooth lips

avoid licking your lips; saliva contains digestive enzymes that damage and dry the lips

– drink enough water so you provide hydration from inside out

– cure your lips with organic home-made treatments or with a certified organic lip balm; the best home-made treatments are honey, coconut virgin oil, jojoba oil, butter or shea butter

– remove dry skin and dead cells from lips with a natural sugar scrub or after you finish to brush your teeth, brush also your lips with a clean toothbrush. This will help you to achieve smooth lips.

– if your environment is dry, use a humidifier, or just put a pot with water on the radiator

– if your problem with chapped lips is very hard, avoid extreme weather condition if possible

– bring with you everywhere your organic lip balm. A usual synthetic lip balm based on liquid paraffin is not the solution. In fact, have you noticed that your lips are not so protected when you use it? If the lips are really protected, you should use less and less lip balms. Your lips have the thinnest skin on the body – 5 times thinner than on other parts of your body. This is why lips need extra care.


Review of my favourite natural lip balms

Here are my current top 3 organic lip balms: Of course, the ingredients in all of them are the purest, with no harmful chemicals, totally safe! And above all, they are all eco-friendly and vegan.


I really like Dr. Bronner’s lip balms! They are so simple and natural, but at the same time high protective, even for extreme weather conditions. They are made with organic beeswax, organic jojoba, avocado and hemp oils that provide moisturized and protected lips. They come in 4 different flavors: Orange Ginger, Peppermint, Lemon Lime and Naked(no scent). Only the finest organic essential oils are used for fragrance. All Dr. Bronner’s products are certified under the USDA National Organic Program and no animal testing, certified by CCIC.

Dr. Bronner


Packed in a small and handy 15ml pot, Akamuti lip balms come in 2 different flavors: Organic honey&chamomile and Ruby fruits. They contain carefully selected organic ingredients to maintain your beautiful lips soft and attractive. Organic honey&chamomile lip balm: Honey is a great healing and antibacterial treatment contained in this balm. Organic chamomile essential oil provides a calming and soothing effect for your lips. Enriched with sweet almond oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic beeswax and organic cocoa butter, this balm is an essential friend of your lips in cold winter days. Ruby fruits butter: Organically grown cocoa butter added to beeswax, red palm oil, sweet almond and organic olives nourish and protect your dry and chapped lips, while essential oils of myrrh, mandarin and sweet orange provide a nice scent.



High tea traders, Flower attack and Pillow mints are the names of new organic Everyday minerals lip balms. Their natural essential oils and organic butter provide protection and a nice smell for your lips. Their texture is smooth and hydrating. I really like their new art graphics that make the balms so unique! High tea traders lip balm base is organic shea butter, enriched with the divine scent of chamomile and lemon essential oils. Fresh and soothing at the same time! Flower attack is a mix of exotic ingredients made from shea butter, grapefruit extract, green tea, rosehip seed oil, calendula flower extract and rose flower oil. An amazing rose scent and  great healer for your chapped lips.Pillow mints take care of your lips with cocoa butter, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, pumpkin seed oil, arnica flower extract and lavender. Mint and lavender are a unique combination of scents.

Everyday minerals

Essential makeup artist’s tools: Brushes

Review of Everyday minerals makeup brushes

As a makeup artist I’m a big fan of different brushes and its different shapes. Like a painter needs the right brush for his artwork, so does the make-up artist. For me the most important thing when it comes to brushes is their quality that allows not just a good feeling on the face, but is also essential for a precise and well done makeup.

This article has two purposes:

1. How to choose the right brush and use it.

2. To present you an amazing collection of make-up brushes from Everyday minerals.

At the beginning I bought Everyday minerals brushes just for my personal use, but then I was so amazed about their quality, that I purchased another set also for professional use. Working with my new brushes on others, I noticed nice comments from the girls: “How soft is that brush! What a nice feeling!”

Everyday minerals brushes are cruelty free and vegan, made from high quality soft synthetics fibers, with bamboo handles. I especially love their interesting shapes, that allow different uses and an easy application. They are really high quality; despite many washings the hair don’t fall out from the brush. And the price is really good, so that everyone can afford brushes of such a great quality.

The collection has 2 sections: 7 brushes for face and 7 for eyes, even though I have my own personal use for each brush. I will present my favorite ones, but you can see and purchase the entire collection at Everyday minerals.





Everyday minerals

It’s a fantastic, super soft brush with dense hair. Because of its long handle I prefer it to the short kabuki brush. It’s perfect for an even application of powders (base, blush, bronzer). You can use it on the face, but I also like it for the application of the bronzer or shimmer powder on shoulders and neck. A multitasking must-have brush!



Everyday minerals

This brush has a longer handle and it’s basically made for applying the blush on the cheeks, because of its full and rounded shape. For me it’s a great multi-purpose brush, ideal for dusting not just blush, but also shimmer powders. I adore it for a quick touch of blush or bronzer on the cheeks and over the entire eyelid, which makes a natural looking glow. It’s also great for blending, especially for correcting the excess of color from the cheeks and achieving a natural look with no hard edges.



Everyday minerals

Synthetic hair and a round flat shape provide a precise application of bases and concealers, especially around the nose and eyes. I use it for applying mineral, but also liquid foundations. This brush is an essential tool for creating a truly flawless finish with professional results.



Everyday minerals

You can use this smooth synthetic brush wherever you need to correct or extra coverage. It’s perfect to use around the eye area, or for applying the eyeshadow base. The slight pointed tip of this flat brush allows you to cover perfectly any imperfections or discolorations with a small amount of mineral concealer.



For me the entire collection is a must-have. The shapes of brushes are so different and amazing for achieving every look!



Everyday minerals

I really adore this multitasking brush, a basic piece! Its shape is great for applying the eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, but I also use it for highlighting some small areas with shimmer powders. It works great also with cream products; I do touch-ups with liquid correctors under the eyes, or apply some cream blush or eyeshadow. The result is always a precise and even application.




Everyday minerals

This brush with tapered shape is perfect for blending the eyeshadow and soften the harsh edges. When you use more than one color of eyeshadow it’s great for a precise application into the crease of the eyelid. It is so soft that you can also use it to set the powder or highlight under the eyes or any small areas.



Everyday minerals

The special pencil-shaped tip and soft fibers of this brush allows you to create a precise shade in the crease of the eye, smudge the eyeshadow along the lower lash line or to create a perfect soft smoky eye look.



Everyday minerals

I always recommend this brush to everyone who has problems with making a perfect line with the eyeliner. It’s just great for creating a precise line, even the thinnest one. It’s also the perfect brush for defining the eyebrows with small strokes.




Everyday minerals

This brush has also an angled shape, but has longer and softer fibers than the angled brow&liner brush. Its shape allows you to apply, contour and blend softly the eyeshadow in the crease or in the corner of the eye. It’s the prefect brush when you want a dramatic look with dark colors on the eyes.



Everyday minerals

This brush is a classic eyeshadow brush with a flat rounded tip, perfect for applying and blending different colors on the eyelids, or highlighting the brow bone. The soft synthetic fibers provide an even application of powder or cream cosmetic products. If you want you can also use it for applying the concealer on small areas.



Everyday minerals (including me) suggest to take care of your brushes following these simple steps:

Cleaning your brushes is easy! Take your gentle shampoo and add water, lather and rinse with clean water. Push the bristle in one uniform direction and lay flat on a clean towel. Clean your brushes at night, that way they will be dry and ready for use in the morning.



Everyday minerals

I really like this green bag, where you can put your makeup and brushes. Handy and stylish, made from 100% natural hemp bast plant fibres collected from the inner bark. A green fashion must-have!

Some good advices before shopping green beauty products


Nice package and amazing advertising does not assure the quality of a product

Have you ever asked yourself what are you putting on your skin when you try your new natural body moisturizer with that fantastic smell of tropical fruits?

Do you really believe to the nice words of the seller who claim that their products are totally natural, green and safe and who is trying to just quickly sell you their latest product?

Is really the product with the label eco/green/natural,…safe and non-toxic?

Do you pay attention to the label with ingredients on the back of the product?

If you are becoming green conscious and aware about what you put on your largest organ than it’s time to start buying your cosmetic with a new attitude. And believe me you’ll be just happier and surprised on the results. For me the most important thing is the result. When I did my first skin care with organic products, the results were just amazing! Since then I started to look at the label with ingredients, to change some habits concerning beauty and much more.


Some quick advices on how to start shopping green cosmetics

Checking the label with ingredients on the back side of your product is the most important thing. That means that you have to understand which ingredients are good for your skin and which ones you have to avoid. You can check the ingredients or product brands on the fantastic site http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com where you find all the information about cosmetic ingredients. You can make a list of the most harmful products and bring with you when you go shopping. You can find lists of harmful ingredients also on the site Health report.

Don’t trust the label green/natural/bio/organic. Just the name does not assure you the real quality. Check also the certificates, such as ECO CERT, SOIL ASSOCIATION, BDIH, USDA,…Eventhough the product is labeled with this certificates, I still check the label with ingredients.

Don’t believe in every miracle that the advertising and celebrities are promoting. Understand that they are payed for their job. I worked with many models who are aware about harmful cosmetics that they have to put on their face while working. This is why many of them choose for their personal use organic and safe products. And above all, their look on images is a product of a good make-up artist, hairstylist, photographer and the special magic touch on the skin is added by the retoucher. So, accept your unique beauty!

Spend your money wisely. Sometimes the price can be (but in most cases is not) a little bit higher than of an average product. But the truth is that the organic philosophy of skin care is different from the commercial one. You don’t need a lot of different products for your skin care, but just the right one of excellent quality. So it’s worth to invest your money in good products. At the end you will realize that you’ve spent more money before when you bought different cleansers, day&night&eye creams, serums, tonics, masks,…That is just marketing. Sometimes you can even make some new cosmetics at home; a nice honey mask or a salt scrub; read a book about home made cosmetic and try something new and fresh!

Hygiene is the keyword in most cases of contamination, bacterial infection,…I always warn about the correct and hygienically use of cosmetic products. Don’t share your creams, lotions, make-up products. Don’t apply cosmetic on your face with dirty fingers. Pay attention to the shelf life of your product and how long is open. Especially with organic cosmetic.

And above all, don’t think this is difficult, it’s just a new way of thinking.

If you have any questions on the topic just come around on my blog, I’ll be glad to help you!


(photo: Dreamstime.com)

Harmful ingredients in cosmetic products

safe cosmetics

In reflection: Between 50 and 100 chemical substances are contained in a common perfume. That means that this cocktail is directly inhaled through our nose and enter in our brain, where it causes severe imbalances. Several scientific studies show that fragrance ingredients are one of the biggest causes for skin allergies, asthma, central nervous system diseases, hormonal imbalances and even cancer.

Did you know that there is a huge difference between natural and organic?

In Europe and the UK you can declare a product natural by law, if it contains only 5% natural ingredients. This means that these products may contain artificial preservatives, fragrances, petrochemical substances and detergents, which are absorbed into the body and are proven to be carcinogenic. Organic means that the product is produced without pesticides and toxic ingredients in the soil, which is also organic, without chemical substances. Some pharmaceutical companies use some organic ingredients, but their products are based on artificial or chemical substances. However, even if a product is labeled as organic, you should pay attention to the label with ingredients and to the certificate that assure you the quality. Just naming a product organic isn’t enough. The safe product has to be certified organic and under control by a number of internationally recognized bodies such as: ECO CERT, SOIL ASSOCIATION, BDIH (Europe), BFA (Australia), USDA (USA)…

Scientific studies show that in cosmetics there are many harmful and potentially hazardous chemical substances that can be: carcinogenic, skin irritants, allergens, acne producing, cause contact dermatitis and hormone-related diseases.

Pay attention and avoid especially the following ingredients:

aluminum ingredients

DEA ingredients (all ingredients with dea after the first word)

dimethicone (& other methicone ingredients)


fragrance: contains large quantities of toxins & chemicals not disclosed.

imidazolidinyl urea: releases formaldehyde, toxic laureth family (ingredients with laureth, laurate or lauryl extensions)

parabens: petrochemicals

PEG ingredients

petroleum (petrolatum, mineral oils, vaseline)

phenonip: preservative blend of phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben & isobutylparaben

phthalates (esters of phthalic acid, such as dibutyl phthalate): found in most conventional nail polishes, hair styling products, fragrances, squeezable plastics, soft plastic baby toys, baby wipes. Not listed on products, hidden in ingredients such as synthetic fragrances & “fragrance free” products

stearic (acids & others)

talc: can contain asbestos

TEA ingredients (not tea, but rather ingredients with tea in front)

These ingredients are just some of the most harmful, but the list goes on. So if you want to avoid hours of intensive study, it is still best to look at certified organic products.

You can find on internet many sources of information about this topic. For the start I recommend you further reading such as:

Julie Gabriel: The green beauty guide (my favorite book)

Dawn Mellowship: Toxic beauty (also a great book about toxic ingredients)

Skin deep cosmetic safety data base at:  http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com

On this site you find tons of information about ingredients, researches and studies of different cosmetic products and brands. I find this site extremely useful for checking the ingredients and find fresh informations.


I believe that you haven’t heard yet about such things and they sounds just unreal. But the sad truth is that too many organizations prefer to choose profit instead health and nature. This is why a lot of people are becoming aware and seek the truth “behind the scene” of such corporations. But, once we were all involved in this story, so there is no need to blame anyone.

We must accept some new facts, adopt a positive approach towards life, nature and learn to listen to our bodies.


(photo: Dreamstime.com)

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