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Video makeup tutorial: sunkissed nude look

sun kissed make-up look

For all of you who want to add some bronzer on your skin during the summer I created this natural make-up look in nude tonalities. I have used a bunch of different natural brands for this look:

Jane Iredale Smooth affair facial primer
Idun minerals duo concealer
Alverde quad eyeshadow palette
Boho cosmetics Terre cuite 04
Rms beauty cream eye polish Solar
Lavera Beauty balm
Neve cosmetics Kalahari HD bronzer
Physicians formula Organic wear Jumbo lash mascara
Bella pierre lip pencil
Alverde lipstick

I was inspired by a make-up that I did on a model some time ago and I have it in my portfolio too. It’s a very wearable make-up that works good even as an everyday look and it’s also quite easy to create.

Here you can see the picture on the model: In the tutorial I have just left the brows more natural than in this look that is more editorial inspired.


Special thanks to lovely Lienke for being my model!

Enjoy this natural make-up look and wish you a super fun summer time!!!

photo: http://www.borigorjan.com

Summer makeup

Caudalie and Lily lolo review

In my part of the world the summer is in its full potential and it’s hot, really hot out there! The need for makeup is becoming lighter and lighter, but we still need to look fresh and flawless 🙂  Recently I have been testing a very known brand of cosmetics that is very popular here in Italy; it’s Caudalie. However, I know they aren’t 100% organic but I appreciate the fact they are working on the natural ingredients based on vine extracts and they have also removed parabens, mineral oils, sls, phenoxyethanol and phtalates. Since I have quite some pigmentation spots (btw they don’t come only from sun!), I find interesting the new Caudalie Radiance serum among other green beauties…


Skincare – Caudalie Vinoperfect collection review

Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance serum complexion correcting

This milky serum has a light texture and is very hydrating and light to wear. On the skin it blends well and leaves a nice light layer of hydration and softness. For my skin which tends to be dry I have to say it’s more than enough worn on its own under a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. It is packed in a beautiful 30ml glass bottle with the dropper and so you need only a few drops for the entire face. It smells delicate, fresh and very pleasant without being too harsh. It does make the skin feel radiant and nourished. This collection is inspired to the old knowledge from vineyards in the past where women had beautiful complexion because were using grapevine sap.  Regarding the reduction of dark spots is too early to say because I’ve been using the serum only for 10 days which is not so much to talk about bigger results.

Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance tinted moisturizer

From this same collection I wanted to try the tinted moisturizer too which is a gorgeous product for summer time. It comes in a plastic 40ml tube and available in 2 shades. I’ve chose the light shade n.1. It’s a very well designed color for most light skin tonalities. It is light in texture, oil-free, easy to blend and it matches great the previous product. Together they work great for a fresh, dewy summer make-up! It is pigmented with minerals and has a SPF20. I just don’t like the classic SPF here (could be changed with something else), but overall it’s a great product that performs very well especially in summer.

Summer makeup


Lily Lolo new limited edition summer shades

Lily lolo natural lip gloss High Flyer

I wanted so much to try all these new shades from Lily Lolo and I wasn’t disappointed 🙂 The new Lily Lolo lip gloss in this package is now perfect. The old one was having some difficulties with the package, although a great product inside. The gloss still smells divine, one of the best and most delicious scents and aromas I have tried – pure creamy chocolate that you’d just eat 🙂 This new shade is so nice for summer tanned skin! It’s a creamy matte peachy terracotta shade in warm undertones. It is very pigmented, hydrating, not too sticky, really great!

On the picture swatches from left: Caudalie Vinoperfect Tinted moisturizer n.1, Lily Lolo lip gloss High Flyer, Lily lolo pressed blush Life’s a peach

Lily lolo swatches and Caudalie swatches

Lily Lolo pressed blush Life’s a peach

This new Lily Lolo pressed blush complements great with the new Lily Lolo lip gloss too, since it comes in a peachy matte shade that at the end doesn’t look cake or dull. Rather it gives a beautiful touch of color especially to bronzed skin. The main point is to give life to the face with these summer tonalities! It blends great and it’s very easy to use and you know I’m a huge lover of pressed powder products 🙂 Since Lily Lolo has renewed all the image design, packages and added new formulations they did a huge leap on a higher level. A brand with great ingredients, super clean, beautiful, all to love!


Green makeup tip Add these blush and gloss to your dewy complexion treated previously with a tinted moisturizer. Load your lashes with lots of mascara (use waterproof if you have problems with sweating and smudging) and your quick summer make-up is ready!


Enjoy the summer days to gain new energy!

Makeup with fingers and Vapour organic beauty

vapour organic beauty review

Hello! I’m back with another video tutorial using only natural cosmetics! This time I’ve chosen to do a make-up that is easy to achieve and that you can do it even with fingers, if you want (not necessairly though). For this purpose I could not imagine not using Vapour organic beauty which is one of my favourite brands among natural cosmetics that gives incredibly flawless results. I will come back with a more in depth review of their products that I used in this tutorial. Till then enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts about Vapour and this easy look!

In this video make-up tutorial I’ve used:

Suti Honour face cream
Amazingy lip balm
Vapour organic beauty Stratus Luminous Instant skin perfector 904
Vapour organic beauty Atmosphere Soft focus foundation 115
Real techniques miracle sponge
Vapour organic beauty Illusionist concealer 015
Alverde eyebrow pencil
Vapour organic beauty Siren lipstick – Coquette
Vapour organic beauty Aura multi-use blush Radiant – Intrigue
Rms beauty “un”powder
Vapour organic beauty Mesmerize eyecolor Radiant – Cinder
Vapour organic beauty Mesmerize eyecolor Classic – Flash
Idun minerals mascara Silfr Black


Tattoo salbe

tattoo salbe

My friend introduced me this lovely cream in form of balm when  I needed some hand cream in a cold winter day. She has pulled out a nice package and what is more, I didn’t expect to find that super clean list with ingredients: Shea butter, lavender, mint and chamomile. Oh wow! And what a great feeling it leaves on the skin! Smooth and soft, with a delicate and pleasant scent. What is that, I was totally curious?

Tatto salbe! A dense balm with natural ingredients that takes care of your tattoo or any area with dry skin.

tattoo salbe

I also noticed the beautiful design and unconventional modern package with a retro twist. The tube has an accessory that helps you squeeze out every bit of the balm, which I find a genius solution! This product comes in form of a balm, although on outside it looks like a cream. In its texture and formulation is a balm (=salbe in german) that you have to massage into the skin, or even better on your tattoo. It was created for the purpose to care of your freshly made tattoo, but as myself, you can also use it on your hands, feet and dry skin areas. It is vegan and completely free of any toxic ingredients.The best thing is that they have made 2 sizes, a tube of 70ml and another small to take with you everywhere of 15ml. A little goes a long way because of its balmy texture. So from now on, you won’t need nothing else to take care of your pieces of art on your skin except this cute balm!


You can visit their super nice website and shop the balm here: tattoo-salbe.com

Video tutorial Makeup for tanned skin

Summer is over and many of you has still got the summer tan on and so I decided to take this opportunity and show you how to “handle” your skin and make-up after summer vacations. For more information on how to treat your skin after summer vacation check this tutorial.

When it comes to tanned skin the make-up application as well as choosing colors are slightly different than usual, because the skin has to breathe, without being overloaded with lots of products in order to regenerate itself for upcoming colder season.

Here is the video tutorial and feel free to drop me your thoughts 🙂

Treating your skin after summer holidays

My favorite summer products

I have made a short video with some beauty tips about treating your skin after you come back from summer vacation. You want to keep your nice bronzed skin fresh and glowing with right products and beauty routine. Choose products that hydrate and moisturize your skin without being heavy and thick. Although your skin is oily, remember that it needs hydration too, especially after being exposed to sun and salt. Btw the salt from the sea is great for detoxifying your body and to naturally polish your skin (=excellent natural body scrub) but finally hydrating your body with water from inside and outside is crucial to achieve the best results in natural way.

After your summer holidays your skin loves:

Gentle scrubs to remove dead cells and keep the skin soft

Hydration with face&body mists and light fluids/creams

Extra nourishment on very dry areas (lips, body).

Check the video presentation of my favorite products that I use in summer and recommend you.

Hope you find useful and if you have any comments feel free to share!

Valentine’s inspired makeup looks

Spring is already awakening and Valentine’s day is in the air. Even though many feasts have become too much commercialized nowadays, they’re still nice to remember us to focus on beautiful, positive side of life. Everyone in its own way. Uniquely. Like the makeup looks I’ve selected for you. To inspire you, to awaken your creativity, to celebrate life and love. I have done my best to choose different looks for different women considering the fact that everyone is unique, has its own style, taste and personality. So take these looks as guidelines and experiment with them by adding your personal touch. Along with the looks, I’ll take the opportunity to review also 2 of my favorite products that I love to use recently: Inika liquid foundation and Lily Lolo lipsticks.


Audacious and passionate makeup look

This look is very minimalistic, but this doesn’t take off its importance. I recommend it for women with high contrast, like light or medium skin with dark eyes and hair, where a red lip can make a statement. Choose the appropriate shade of red depending on your skin undertone: red with cool or with warm undertones. For those who like a statement lip but don’t feel at ease to wear bright red, choose a neutral toned down red, like Lily Lolo’s French flirt, a warm mid-toned-red. Make sure your skin is flawless and radiant. Inika liquid foundation will work great because it will even the skin tone and give luminosity to the skin. If needed use a concealer to minimize imperfections. I suggest to apply a few coats of black mascara if needed. Some of you may also not need it.

Red lips make-up


Romantic soul makeup look

This look will suit the best all overall light tonalities with pale skin and low contrasts between hair and skin. The trick is a well hydrated skin and again Inika liquid foundation can be a good choice. The eyes should be emphasized but in delicate shades, because the mood is a modern “doll” with large open eyes. Curl well your lashes and apply a few coats of mascara that it can be brown. But before applying mascara sculpt your eyelids with a neutral eyeshadow in light pink shade to define the eyes (like Inika Pink fetish eyeshadow). To counteract the effect, shape well your eyebrows with a brow pencil (like Inika eyebrow pencil for blondes). They should look defined but as natural as possible. The lips will look great in Lily Lolo lipstick Romantic rose, a shade that will give to those porcelain complexion the right amount of color.

Inika make-up and Lily lolo make-up


Natural elegance makeup look

This make-up is the best for classic or business women, who still want to look lovely, without being too rigorous. Using earth tonalities blended well together will keep the look “calm” but not boring. Choose together a gold and bronzy shade for your eyes and extend the color outside for a slightly dramatic effect. Use a touch of gold in the inner corner of the eye to give radiance to the entire look. Complete the look with a brown pencil to define the eyes. Line the upper lashline with the pecil and smudge the line. Apply mascara. You can sculpt the cheeks with a touch of bronzer or a blush in natural light beige brown shades. The lips will look great in nude creamy tonalities like Lily Lolo lipstick Love affair – a dusky brown nude shade.

nude make-up look with Inika and Lily Lolo

Among many green suggested products that you can use for creating your make-up, I’d like to emphasize and review 2 of my current favorites:


Inika liquid foundation review

I like this new discovery, especially for upcoming spring days. Its texture is light and the coverage is light-medium, but at the same time it performs better than a tinted moisturizer for instance. I especially like the finish that it gives to the skin, some kind of luminosity without looking greasy. If you need more coverage or hide any imperfections you can mix it with Inika liquid concealer. They work great together. Here is the Inika liquid foundation swatch of their lightest color called Cream:

Inika liquid foundation

It is suited for very light, fair skin tones and it has a neutral to warm undertone. I’d not recommend this foundation to those who like heavier coverage. Inika has got 4 liquid foundations in their collection. In general I also like  its list with ingredients where there are: Aloe vera juice, Avocado, Olive, Coconut and Jojoba oil, Shea and cocoa butter, Oils of: Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Camellia, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Tamanu among many others.

Inika mineral make-up liquid foundation review


Lily Lolo lipsticks review

I have tried 3 lipsticks from the Lily Lolo collection that consists of 6 beautiful and modern shades. I decided to review them because I find them great especially for the upcoming spring. The colors are not too vibrant, but their shades are designed with a modern touch. I find the selection of colors very sophisticated. I have tried 3 very different colors: a warm mid-toned red shade called Lily Lolo lipstick French flirt (you can see the swatches bellow) that suits many women, except those with very cool undertones (Desire is a red shade that is better for cool skin). I like to wear the most Lily lolo lipstick Love affair – a browny nude shade with a touch of pink, perfect for everyday and neutral skin tones. While Lily Lolo lipstick Romantic rose is also a great choice for wearing everyday and it’s somehow a shade that is suitable for most women with light-medium overall tonalities. It’s a modern rich rose pink.
The lipsticks in general are very hydrating, and quite lasting. However, because of their high hydrating properties they don’t last for a very long time so you need to retouch them, especially if you wear them without lip liner. But the effect on the lips is very nice, creamy and chic.

Lily Lolo lipsticks

The reason I have chosen to include those 2 products for Valentine’s day makeup is because they are very appropriate to wear: they look natural and give your skin a healthy and radiant look. They are great together with the looks I have presented, where the makeup is made to enhance your beauty, without looking fake and overloaded with make-up. Which is great for a lovely date 🙂

Hope you enjoy the looks and like the products. Do you already use them? Let me know your experiences and thoughts.


I love to shop Inika and Lily Lolo’s products at Ecco-verde store.

Beauty ritual for moms on the go (and all women who don’t have time) – part 2

Two natural and quick makeup looks

Beauty ritual for moms on the go

I know that a busy mom does not have time for standing in front of the mirror for hours, but you feel so good if you take 3-5 minutes in the morning and do your make-up. Here are some easy steps how to create a lovely look everyday in a few minutes. I have also included some additional suggestions of my favorite all-green brands.


How to create an easy, fresh makeup look

This look (see left top picture) is meant for all of you who want a natural, easy going look, where you want just enhance your natural beauty with a touch of delicate colors.

Beauty ritual for moms on the go (and all women who don't have time)

Do you remember the beauty basics from the 1st part of this article? If you don’t, check them here  and then step forward to start your make-up application. You will need just some good natural tools:

1. step – Concealer or tinted moisturizer  For those who has perfect skin: lucky you 😀  If you have any spots or dark circles use a good cream concealer where needed and you are done. Read here more tips on how to apply concealer. You can also use a tinted moisturizer if you want to give your skin just a nice glow. If you really have time or if you cannot live without liquid foundation, go for it instead of tinted moisturizer! It’s essential to give the skin a natural look with enhancing your complexion and to make a canvas for other products. This way the pencils, eyeshadows and blush will stay longer on your skin. Further the skin will have a protective layer.

2.step – Mascara  even if you won’t use any other products, mascara will open your eyes and give your face another dimension and more depth. The eyes look so lovely opened when defined by a few coats of mascara.

3. step – Lip&cheek stain or a tinted lip balm: Choose light-medium dark natural shades like antique rose, pastel pink, apricot or peach. They will enhance your complexion and give a natural flush to your face. You can even use a lipstick and apply it with fingers on cheeks. You will look radiant!

If you want you can finish here. Basically, you need 3 products and a few minutes

Tinted moisturizer + Mascara + Lip balm

Optional  Eyeshadow – a touch of light natural shades on eyelids like: slightly shimmer vanilla or champagne will add you glow and open you eyes. You cannot go wrong with neutral shades even if you apply them in hurry. You can dab the shadow on the eyelids with fingers or blend it with a brush.

Mom on the go quick makeup


Quick defined makeup look

For those who don’t feel comfortable going out with “invisible makeup” here is another quick makeup suggestion (see the right picture on top):

Mom on the go make-up


Follow the step 1 and prepare your skin as mentioned above.

2.step  with a soft brown eye pencil draw a line along the upper lash line and smudge it. Instead of eye pencil you can also use a powder mineral eyeshadow and apply it with a damp angled brush. The line will be done quick and easily. For dramatic look extend the line outward and create a wing. (Read here how to apply eyeliner.)

3.step Mascara must to add volume and open the eyes.

4.step a delicate touch of color on your lips with a lip balm (and also on cheeks if you want)


NOTE I have written this post according to the small amount of time that a uber busy modern mom has for herself. This post can be also a good suggestion for all women who does not have a lot time and need quick but efficient results. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Let me know if you like these makeup looks suggestions?


Beauty ritual for moms on the go (and all women who don’t have time) – part 1

mom on the go

A friend of mine asked me for some beauty advices for young moms and so she has inspired me to write this post that I dedicate to all mothers, especially those with small children and no time. After the maternity leave many young mothers realize that they haven’t taken care of themselves and then they don’t know where to start.
I completely understand that the newborn baby is your world, but don’t forget about yourself. If you won’t take care of yourself (not just outside but also inside) you also won’t have enough energy to share with your beloved.
I want to give some quick beauty tips to all young mothers, so that they won’t fall in the trap and forget about themselves. Don’t get me wrong: I know how it feels to care for yourself and have zero time. But with some good advices and some organization it can be done! Overall, it’s very important to celebrate every aspect of your beauty and consequently feel good about yourself. This way you will be at ease and full of energy not just by yourself but even your closest people will feel it. Take just a couple of minutes every day for yourself and spend them preciously. That time is yours and is sacred: it is meant to fill your batteries. Once a week take a few hours just for yourself and relax. I recommend to visit a good (organic if possible) salon and do some facial treatments, give your body a massage, do some relaxing exercise, chat with a friend or anything that you love and makes you feel good. You also must know how to receive good if you want to give it, too. Otherwise, you will end with low batteries and no energy.

So apart the regular “beauty basics”, here are a few tips how to look gorgeous every day with just a few products. I know that a mother is always gorgeous, but if she celebrates her beauty and herself she is even more seductive to the entire world!


Basic Skin care

Take at least just a few minutes every evening and morning for the basic beauty routine. Your skin will thank you! This way you also stimulate your feelings and wellbeing.

Did you know that all our organs are connected through our face?

Do a massage on your face while applying the cleanser or cream. The warmth of your hands through massage will help you release negative emotions, balance hormones, feel better and the skin will be radiant and naturally lifted.


Choose a few but high quality organic products

1. A good cleanser that can be rinsed with water is a must-have. It will do a great job: it will clean impurities and refresh your face every morning and evening. Here are some Green makeup suggestions

Organic skin cleanser

2. The next step is the toner. For those who has no time the best solution is a refreshing toner in a spray bottle. You can even take it with you and use it during the day to uplift and refresh yourself. I recommend a good organic hydrolat depending on your skin type. Choose light essences like chamomile, rose or lavender. They are calming even for sensitive skin and for your senses as well. You can also spritz it on your body instead of harsh chemical perfumes. Since there are many hormonal disruptors in conventional perfumes, you don’t want to harm yourself and your baby. Keep yourself as natural as possible and instead of the perfume use natural hydrolats.

Face skincare

3. Instead of a normal moisturizer, choose a rich serum according to your skin type. They have more beneficial properties to feed your skin during hard times and hormonal imbalances, than moisturizers. They should be among basics especially for revitalizing the skin and give it a boost of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients.

Optional luxuries

quick beauty rituals

Face masks once a week choose 1 or more masks to clean impurities or hydrate your skin. Use clay for impure skin and rich nutrients like honey for hydrating.

Body oils/lotions for preventing or diminishing stretch marks. Good organic massage oils will nurture your skin, make it soft and relax you before you go to sleep. With a nice massage you will stimulate the blood and lymph circulation and relax your muscles.


top photo credit: fashion gone rogue by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue

Organic lavender from Slovenian Karst – part 2 + GIVEAWAY

Krasna skin care collection review

krasna skincare

I’m back to you as promised with the second part of my story about organic lavender from Slovenian Karst. The first part of the post was about learning how the organic lavender is produced. The second part is all about BEAUTY!

I am also announcing my FIRST GIVEAWAY for all my fellow readers and for the new ones as well!

As you can imagine, I was so thrilled about all this beauty and scents of lavender, but I also had a “beauty”card up my sleeve 😀 which is a fresh&new Slovenian brand of organic skin care made of all this lavender! The brand is called Krasna and is in the procedure to be organic certified! The main person behind this beautiful brand is Mrs. Tanja who has presented me the entire process of their organic lavender production in Ivanji Grad. She has already a smaller boutique collection of organic lavender cosmetics called Aria. Krasna is their new and wider collection of face and body skin care. The name Krasna is a play with words: “krasna” in slovenian language means splendid, gorgeous. Used for this purpose the word reffers also to Kras, which means Karst – the region where their organic lavender is growing.


My review of Krasna organic skincare

When I got in hand these new products even before they were out, I was so happy about this great discovery! First, because they are made from 1st class organic lavender which you can smell, feel and sense! And second, because they did such a beautiful image design with special eco-friendly packages.  Mostly all Krasna products are hand-crafted and made without any synthetic preservatives or other toxic ingredients. Their package is eco-friendly and 100%recyclable. They use special bottles for creams called Ecosolution™ that protect the product against oxidation and preserve the effect of naturally occurring preservatives in creams. Even the emissions of CO2 are 30% lower during the package production.


Krasna skin care collection

Krasna organic lavender skincare

Face moisturizer: A good makeup base as well as a great rich cream suitable especially for mature and dry skin due to lavender and neroli.

2 hydrosol/tonic waters: one with pure organic lavender for all skin types and the other suitable for combination or problematic skin: a mix with organic lavender and tea tree. Needles to say, they are fabulous! As a hydrolat fan I spritz the hydrolat on body after shower, on face, hair and even on bed pillows. Mediterranean scent!

Lavender tea for drinking or simply for making a facial steam. You can also add it in your bath. I adore lavender tea, it’s a great taste while it makes you feel so calm.

Lavender face scrub: My favorite product from the collection! It comes in a “dry form” and it’s a mixture of dried lavender blossoms, oatmeal and hemp with the addition of mate and green clay. The clay will absorb excessive impurities, while mate will add a boost of antioxidants to your skin. Lavender as final touch will soothe and calm your skin. Because of oatmeal & hemp the scrub is so gentle yet effective on your skin and thus appropriate for every skin type. It will leave your skin clean and soft without being too harsh.

Green make-up comment Very innovative because its primary back-to-nature concept!


Krasna organic body care collection

Krasna organic lavender body collection

Body massage oil: the oil cannot be missed out on my top list! I haven’t tried such a genuine mix of pure oils since long! Organic essential oil of lavender is the key in this product; to make you relax and to inhale all the benefits of lavender! The essential oil is added to best base oils like: almond, olive and jojoba oil. All these oils are full of benefits for dry and mature skin and with lavender oil they make the perfect aromatherapeutic massage blend. After the use the skin is so soft and smells great! I recommend this oil even as a special gift idea!

Hand-made soaps are fabulous as well! In the collection there are two innovative soaps: one for dry and normal skin, made of pumpkin seed oil and lavender. The other one is suitable for cleansing the skin and detoxifying it because of the natural clay. Lavender oil is mixed into the soap while beautiful dried lavender blossoms decorate the soap and act as a gentle scrub. This great soap is also part of the giveaway.

Lavender bath salts: I will give this luxurious multi-use product for the giveaway, too! The hand-made mix of lavender blossoms, organic thyme and organic salts will be a great pampering and relaxation for everyone. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bathtub! Put the salts in a big bowl full of warm water and soak your feet in it. The water and salts will detoxify your body and you will feel regenerated! A great experience. You can also mix these salts with your favorite base oil (olive,…) and make yourself a body scrub under the shower. The skin will be smooth and hydrated because of oils.

Green makeup comment A simple must-have for your bathroom wellness!

Hand cream and Body cream: they are both packed in the Ecosolution™ package with a pump. Both creams are very moisturizing and infused with essential oils of lavender, cedar and citruses. Their consistence is rich and hydrating because of base oils. A small amount will be enough for pampering your skin.

Shower gel: a delicate splash of organic lavender for cleansing your body.


For more information about all products check their website Ekotera, where you will find all Aria products, as well an in-depth presentation of their lavender production. Krasna collection will be soon available in their international web shop (link is coming soon). In Slovenia you can also find it in DM shops.


GIVEAWAY (open internationally)

Be the first to try the newest hand-crafted organic lavender products from Slovenia!


Krasna Luxurous organic Lavender bath salts

Krasna Lavender & clay hand-made soap decorated with dried lavender blossoms

+ bonus sample of Krasna organic Lavender face scrub

Krasna skincare from Slovenia


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