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Jenna Hipp – celebrity  green nail artist

A few minutes ago I found on my RSS feed this nice and interesting news. It’s an interview with a green nail artist – Jenna Hipp. Since I realized that we have the same philosophy about skin, so I wanted to share it with you. Listen what she says about going green:

Jenna Hipp

“I believe in embracing the entire condition of the skin and nails from the inside out, as well as sourcing organic topical products and at-home remedies,” Hipp told Style.com. Here, the polish maven talks about how to green your nail routine, getting hip to “squoval” nails, and why the French pedicure needs to go the way of the Walkman.”

Have you always been a “green” nail stylist, or did something specific inspire you to make the switch?

“The switch for me came with the symptoms—nosebleeds, rashes, headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness—the realization that I could no longer expose my body to everyday beauty products, cleaning supplies, and perfumes, let alone my nail supplies. It forced me to take control of my health and career for myself and my clients. I had to create a new title that described my newfound green and eco ambitions for the nail industry, and that’s how “green celebrity nail stylist” came about.”

What should manicure enthusiasts look out for when picking non-toxic polish formulas?

“When a product says “3″ or “4-Free”, they are referring to the carcinogenic chemicals that have been removed from the formula. This usually means formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde resin. DBP (the chemical dibutyl phthalate) acts as a binder to improve the lasting power of nail lacquer, but it’s also been linked to cancer in lab animals. Even though toluene helps suspend the color and creates a smooth texture, it also affects the central nervous system and can cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.”

Aside from going “3-Free,” do you have any other suggestions for how the rest of us can clean up our act?

“Revamp your at-home nail care kit and educate yourself! Unfortunately, chemicals are still prevalent in polishes because the consumer demand to remove them just isn’t there, and laws do not require cosmetics companies to prove that products are safe before putting them on the market. Now that formaldehyde (used as a hardener in polish) is under so much scrutiny, companies have taken it out, but replaced it with formaldehyde resin, which they are not legally required to reveal. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep has been key in raising awareness about these harmful chemicals and forcing companies to remove them. You can find out how toxic your products are by typing them into the EW database.”

Check the entire interview on the link below written by Fiorella Valdesolo:

Style. com Beauty Counter blog

My new discovery: Makeup brushes with Natrafil fiber

Natrafil brushes

Last week I was invited to a special event called Makeup in Paris, which took place in one of my favorite places in Paris-in Louvre. The event was intended for professionals in the make-up field. There were presented new textures, formulas and package designs for upcoming years, conferences about beauty & make-up trends and many other interesting things. Among all this flow of informations, there was something that especially caught my attention. It was the stand with synthetic makeup brushes. And it wasn’t just one of the many names, but it was Du Pont. Why I was so excited to see this? Because I remember the brand name Du Pont as a synonym of highest quality among synthetic filaments, since when I was studying fashion design at University, where our professor mentioned this brand many times 🙂

To sum up, I’m glad to see that these new technologies are offering its knowledge in the makeup field. In fact, I have already tried many synthetic brushes who are very good to work with, but these one from Du Pont are just an incredible discovery! Why? DuPont does not make brushes, but they develop their special patented synthetic filament which is named Natrafil. Natrafil is a great alternative to natural animal hair in cosmetic brushes. There are still many skeptics about using synthetic brushes, cause they are used to work with traditional natural hair brushes. I used to work with them too, but since I discovered that I can do my job as good or in some cases even better with synthetic ones, I am getting more and more favorable to them. Moreover, I think that there is no need  to kill the animals for brushes, if we have so much advanced technologies working for us. Why not take advantage of it?

Below, I have attached a picture from the Dupont site, where they explain the difference between animal hair, normal synthetic fibers and Natrafil fiber technology:

Natrafil fiber

This is just a brief presentation of these exciting concept about which I am going to write even more. I will surely keep you updated with a second part where I will make a review of brushes with Natrafil fibers that they have given me to test them on the event mentioned above.

What do you think about synthetic makeup brushes? Have you already tried them? Are you satisfied with them? I’d be glad to hear from you about this topic.

Achieve a trendy holiday makeup with green products – part 2

Wild Rock’n’roll girl (from Roberto Cavalli F/W 2010 runway)

I’m back with the second part of holiday makeup in green version. This time the style is going to be very different from the last article, where the look was natural and flawless. This looks will suit great the “wild” ones – bohemian or rock’n’roll style girls. Both looks have the eyes accentuated.

Roberto Cavalli f/w 2010 (via Style.com)

This look is the best for brunettes or platinum blondes, perhaps with long and wild looking hair. Here it is very important to make the skin looking fresh and young – not looking heavy or too matte. Avoid this make-up if you have very dark circles or puffiness around the eyes.

– Prepare the face as good as possible. Start with a good organic skin care; clean properly the face with a cleansing milk or gel, appropriate for your skin type. Proceed with a toner or a floral mist for the face and finish with a moisturizing cream. If you have time, you can relax for a few minutes and put a hydrating mask on the face between the cleanser and the toner. You can choose between various good organic skin care brands. A few good suggestions: The organic pharmacy, Farmaesthetics, Suki, 100%pure.

– I suggest to choose a tinted moisturizer, in this case skip the cream. If you don’t  have a tinted moisturizer you can add a few drops of your liquid foundation in your cream and mix them together. You will get a nice tinted moisturizer that will add you a sheer and fresh glow. A very good  choice is the Organic Glam Sheer Tint.

– If you have any imperfections use the Organic glam concealer and tap it precisely just on the areas that need coverage.

– Choose a hydrating cream blush in rose shades to add a touch of color to the face. This will refresh the entire look, so that the eyes won’t look so heavy. Apply 100%pure lip&cheek tint on the cheekbones to sculpt the face. Choose the shimmery strawberry shade.

– If needed, dust gently with Organic glam loose powder on the T zone (chin, nose, forehead).

– Eyes are the most important step here: start with the smoky eye technique where you will need a midtone and a darker shade. Choose 100%pure eyeshadow in vanilla sugar and apply it with a large eye brush on the entire eye lid towards the eyebrow bone. Proceed with a dark brown shimmery shade on the upper and lower lash line and blend it well around the eyes. Make sure to elongate the shadow on the outer corner of the eye to achieve a cat eye look. 100%pure eyeshadow in chestnut will work great.

– Accentuate the shape of the eyes and line the eyes with an eye pencil in dark brown. I don’t suggest doing the line on small eyes, cause they will look even smaller. Use the Organic Glam Mineral Eye Pencil in dark brown.

– With a touch of gold color give the eyes a 3D effect. Use Alima pure Luminous shimmer eyeshadow in Gold dust and make a V line (upper and lower lash line) in the inner corners of the eye. If you want an intense golden line, damp your eyeliner brush in water and then in the eyeshadow to achieve a wet and more intense effect.

– Curl the lashes with an eyelash curler and apply generously a black mascara. Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara Black Ice will be a nice choice.

– You want the lips to be almost invisible, so put on just a transparent Lavera lip gloss n.1 or just a lip balm.


Perfect polished beauty from Gucci F/W 2010

Gucci F/W 2010 (via Style.com)

Let’s say that this make-up is a lighter version of the previous one in a certain way. The difference is just in the intensity of eyeshadow colors, but the technique is almost the same. This is a softer and more natural look, suitable to update your day make-up, if you have no time.

– Apply with fingers RMS un cover-up on a cleansed skin and tap it well into the skin until it disappeared. This is a great product that you can use like a 2 in 1, instead of foundation and concealer.

– If you have dark circles around the eyes, cover them with a touch of colored concealer for the under eye area. Use Jane Iredale CircleDelete Under-Eye Conceal in an appropriate shade for your skin. It will do wonders!

– If needed, lightly dust the eye lids and under eye area with Lavera Fine Loose Mineral Powder.

– For the eyes I choose an Everyday minerals blush in apple (a matte light rose) shade and apply it on the upper lash line and blend it well till the crease of the eye. If you use mineral makeup you can easily play and mix different products. In this case the blush works great instead of the eyeshadow, cause we want a nice subtle pink shade.

– Use a black kohl pencil and line the eyes on the upper and lower inside eye line. Try Lavera black eye pencil from the newest Lavera Trend sensitive line.

– Apply Lavera Intense volumising black mascara to conclude the look.

– You can sculpt the cheeks and the sides of the forehead with a very soft bronzer. Alima pure bronzer Maracaibo in a light matte bronze it’s a good choice if your skin is quite light.

– Lips look almost naked, so put on a mat lip tint. RMS lip shine in moment shade is a nice suggestion.

– Shape the eyebrows with an eyebrow comb. The eyebrow shape here is natural and full.


Hope the advices are useful and ENJOY the upcoming holiday parties!

Welcome to my green make-up and beauty diary!

Welcome to my green make-up and beauty diary!

I’ll keep you informed about nature and human friendly organic cosmetics from make-up to skincare.

You will also discover my philosophy of beauty that lies inside us.

I’ll show you my tips&tricks as a make-up artist and much more.

You’re kindly invited to join me on this exciting green journey with your comments and feedbacks:)

Credits for the welcome photo:

Photo: Boris Gorjan

Model: Aryn@Joy

Hair: Paolo Soffiatti@CloseupMilano

Makeup: Dasha Grozdanic