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Jane Iredale Feeling alive spring 2012 collection

Jane iredale

Spring is usually the season when we feel the need to change something, to awake something new inside of us and even to try something new for “updating”our self-image. Jane Iredale, the renowned brand of mineral based make-up has launched the new collection for spring 2012, called Feeling alive. It’s all about fresh vibrant colors and also some shades for the non-vibrant color lovers 🙂

The collection includes one of my favourite multi-use products called Quad Bronzer. This new one from the spring collection is called Rose dawn quad bronzer and it’s a quadrant of colours that you can use on cheeks, but also on the eyes and lips. It has 4 nice shades that can be worn alone or combined together: a shimmer light pink, a pale rose, shimmering bronze and brown-red terracotta shade. For a subtle slightly shimmering look!

Eye gloss is also one of their great products because it’s a gloss for the eyes that turns into a creamy eyeshadow. The spring collection has 2 new shades: one is aqua green called Aqua silk, the other is a light baby pink shade called Pink silk. Both very vibrant shades! You can use this gloss as a silky eyeshadow for creating a satin eyelids effect or you can apply it even as an eyeliner.

Just kissed lip plumper comes in 2 new shades for summer: L.A and Rio – one is light rose and the other is a rosy bronze, both slightly shimmer. This is the perfect summer lipstick because it adds moisture to your skin and the right touch of shimmer and colour. It’s the kind of sheer lipstick that you can apply easily everywhere, without bothering too much about the prefect line. Ginger and mint oils give the effect of fuller lips.

Pink lip definer is the final touch in the collection. It’s a lip liner that you can use with your lipstick or without, just by applying it on top of your clear lip balm. Another option is to mix it with a lip gloss to get a glossy and full effect with a light pink shade.

Jane Iredale make-up


Enjoy the collection and let me know if you have already tried it?

Makeup trends for spring-summer 2012

For those of you who wants to change and experiment with your make-up in hotter days, I have prepared a few looks from spring summer 2012 runways. Among many different looks there were styles that you can schedule in your make-up notes 🙂

Red lips in different shades

Dior and Donna Karan among others have designed their makeup with focus on the lips with statement colors from deep red to bordeaux wine or bright red. Sophisticated and always chic!

runway make-up trends


Strong eyebrows

were presented as a masculine inspired look. Designed with a thick strong line or blended well it doesn’t matter, the key is to emphasize them and exaggerate. For courageous one!

runway make-up trends


Eyeliner in all its forms

There were wings on the eyes at many shows: from 60’s inspired, to penciled and natural looking or colored with thick lines and long extended. Retro glamour with a modern twist!

runway make-up trends


Smoky eyes

Even though they are not a total spring look, they were reinvented on many shows: black with addition of gold metallic pigments, in natural earth tones and those mixed with dark blue colors. Sexy and mysterious!

runway make-up trends


Silver sparkling eyes

This look reminds me more of a frost winter, but can be very nice worn even in spring, especially on pale skin. There were many options how to interpret silver on the eyes: all over shading on the eyelids, silver eyeliner or a strike of silver just in the crease of the eye. Futuristic!

runway make-up trends



Photo credits: Imaxtree/Elle.com

How to: spider lashes

Runway makeup trends with green products

spider lashes

Recently, we saw on the runways from Valentino, Lanvin to Gucci and others a new way to wear the mascara. This look is called “spider lashes”. The technique is a comeback from the 60’s look, where wide open eyes were the main focus. Today the main difference is in the overall eye make-up that is now proposed with a nude eyeshadow on the eyelids, instead of heavy graphic eye lines from the 60’s. And so we get a completely new and fresh approach in make-up. This is a gorgeous look, that gives you that wide open doll-eye effect. But, don’t mess this look with those where you see tons of overloaded clumpy and dry mascara.


How to create spider lashes makeup with green makeup products

1. step   On the eyelids apply an eyeshadow in slightly shimmery beiges, light brown or nude rose shades. 100%pure powder or cream satin fruit pigmented eyeshadow in nude tones like: Vanilla sugar, Champagne, Flax seed, Fiji, Tahiti.

2.step   Curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

3.step   Especially if you have thin eyelashes, I recommend using Jane Iredale Pure lash extender and conditioner to give them more volume and thickness and an extra coat of primer. When you apply it, it looks like a white cream, but the results are really good. You will also get the effect of spider lashes because it sticks together a few lashes.

spider lashes mascara

4. step   It’s time to apply the black mascara. Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara in black contains triple-length cellulose fibers (no synthetics) that will help us achieve the desired effect. But there is a special technique on how to apply the mascara. First, apply a regular coat of mascara as you’d normally do; to curl and elongate the lashes in a nice shape that open the eyes. Then, start to apply the mascara from the roots to the top with a slow zig-zag motion, so that you leave a lot of mascara on the lashes. Repeat this 2-3 times. Next, start to work with the tip of your mascara wand on each lash on the bottom an top, to get the effect of sticked together lashes. The key is to use a good mascara that is not too dry and to work slowly through the lashes by building this look gradually. Even though it is quite an overloaded look, it requires its own technique of application, with no clumps.

Green makeup tip You can take this look in consideration for the upcoming holidays. For a glamourous effect or an evening event wear it with a matte bright red or deep wine red lipstick. If you want to focus on the eyes, apply some black eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye and smudge it outwards. This look will add expression. Otherwise, minimalistic nude shades on eyes, lips and cheeks with spider lashes will give a clean and chic mood.

A splash of colors

Makeup trends fall/winter 2011

This month is all about the fashion week with upcoming trends for spring 2012. I’m always excited to see what’s going on in this colorful world, so I will take this opportunity to present you some of my favorite makeup looks for this fall. For those who haven’t seen the designers proposals for this season (fall/winter 2011) yet, here are some guidelines:



Red lips in all its shades from orange red, classic red to dark cherry red are a must-have this fall. However, the skin has to be perfectly flawless. Additional details like spider lashes with many coats of mascara or a graphic eyeliner in flash color, make the red lip look even more artistic and sophisticated. Precision is the keyword for this look, otherwise you will end up looking not so sophisticated 🙂 If you aren’t really precise with the make-up applications, next looks will be for those who love the chic of smudged colors.

Make-up trends



Who is not a fan of the red lip look, can still play with other colors on the entire face: pink salmon lips or salmon orange on the eyes, lips and even nails? It’s up to you! Take in consideration your over-all colors (hair, skin, eyes) and choose the make-up palette that enhance your beauty. Choosing the right color and still keep it looking natural is the rule for this look.

Make-up trends



Sheer and nude tones of beige, strawberry and other natural shades on lips and cheeks are a timeless combination. This look will make happy the all-natural beauties, who swear on minimalistic makeup routine. To enhance the overall look and make it more “alive”, try the classic eyeliner style in day version or line the eyes with a light color like yellow gold for example.

Make-up trends



make-up trends

The first look in the top photo is the timeless “smoky eyes look” in different versions: from the dark rock’n’roll to the elegant and sophisticated one. Both looks have focus on the eyes, of course, while lips and cheeks remain in nude, almost invisible tones. Women who love more a sexy look, can play with some dark grey colors, mixed with dark royal blue or purple shades, to make the eyes look even more mysterious. If you find  light tones more appropriate, then pearly silver and light grey tones with just a thin line around the eyes, will end up as an elegant chic version of the same smoky eye look.

As I usually say, take a look at these make-up looks, relax & enjoy, find what you like and then make your own makeup guidelines according to your personal style!

The name of the rose

Spring 2011 makeup trends

Rose lips (Diane von Furstenberg and Jil Sander)

In one of my previous posts I have presented you some of the latest makeup trends. In this post I want to present you one of the hottest makeup colors for spring: ROSE in every tonality, from almost cool fluorescent pink rose, pink bonbon, to delicate antique rose shades with warm undertone. The choice which one you will wear depends on your style, mood and overall tonalities of your skin, hair and eyes.

Rose on the eyes: smoky eye and eye liner (Nina Ricci and Derek Lam)

Rose on eyes for different eye colors (Carolina Herrera)(images via Style.com)


How do you get a rose color?

The color theory teach us that mixing red and white together you get rose. The more you add white to the red, the lightest shade of rose is what you get. This is the basic knowledge. If you mix white with magenta you will get cooler rose tones. When playing with your makeup, try to experiment with different shades and customize your own rose color.

mixing colors


How to wear rose makeup this season?

If you will choose rose as your favorite makeup color, wear it alone: a statement lip with a vivid pink or just a pink eyeliner on the eyes. If you have time and skills, mix together 2 or 3 rose shades together to get a rosy smoky eye. On green or blue eyes it’s gorgeous!

make-up in rose shades

from top left: 100%pure lip pencil (Naked pink), below: Vapour Organic beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush (Charisma), Jane Iredale My Steppes™ Makeup Kit (Cool my steppes), Nvey eco lipstick (355), Nvey eco lip lustre (Barely there) top: Everyday minerals shimmer eyeshadow (Wish you were here and Romance novel), Alima pure Luminous shimmer blush (Rosa)

Green makeup tip  Don’t be intimidated when searching right shades. I am inspired very much by blush colors for the cheeks and when I want, I use them even for the eyes. You can also mix some of your favorite rose pigment in your lipstick or gloss and create a unique custom-made shade.

Don’t put yourself boundaries and let your creativity flow!