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Review of Purobio cosmetics, Lily Lolo and Uoga Uoga from Ecco Verde

purobio cosmetics, lily lolo, uoga uoga review

Let’s splash in fresher shades of makeup these summer days! I have tried some make-up beauties from a few different brands, that I find very nice to wear now when we tend to choose something brighter and fresher to lighten up the complexion.

Wanna have an advice about a fresh makeup for this summer? Here is a suggestion…plus a selection of natural products to achieve it!


Purobio cosmetics Sublime BB cream, Sublime concealer, Resplendent Matte Bronzing powder and Eyeshadow palette

purobio cosmetics review

First I’m going to focus on face products; I really like both Sublime concealer and the BB cream. I have chosen Purobio cosmetics BB cream in shade 01 which is very light in shade (and exact match for my skin) and in texture too. You have to shake well the tube before and pay attention because the content is very liquid. It blends however very easy on the skin, leaving a light, dewy finish. The shade n.1 is very light with a cool to neutral undertone (see below the swatch). I love to use it without powder on dry skin, because it gives that lovely dewy glow. But if your skin is oily then you have to powder after.

Next, I chose Purobio cosmetics Sublime concealer in shade n.2 which is darker than the BB cream and it also has a yellow undertone. I love the fact that is dense but at the same time it blends well and it covers the imperfections well. It has a brush incorporated and it’s easy to apply, but I prefer to blend it with another brush or with a Beauty blender. But it’s handy to use it if you are on the go.

Green makeup tip: The best result is that you set the concealer after with Purobio cosmetics setting powder (here the review), so that it won’t crease in lines.

From left to right: Purobio cosmetics Resplendent Bronzer (Terra compatta) n.1, Purobio cosmetics Sublime BB cream n.1, Purobio cosmetics Sublime concealer n.2

purobio cosmetics swatches of bb cream, concealer and bronzer

In summer we love to add some warmth and shape to our face and so I’m always in search to try new bronzers. Those matte, non orange or glittered one. I thought to try one of Purobio cosmetics Matte Resplendent Bronzer. As I said I love the fact is matte, though I find it quite dark for the lightest n.1 number. I wouldn’t use it on a pale, fair skin, too dark even if applied with a very light hand. The shade is interesting, more on a yellow side which gives it that “saharienne” mood. The texture is very silky and smooth and blends well. I don’t recommend to put it directly on top of creamy products like bb cream or foundation without powder because it won’t blend perfectly. This is a general rule though to achieve a flawless finish – “powder with powder” and “cream with cream”.

To conclude with the review of Purobio cosmetics I end with a gift that it was added to the order if you purchased 3 Purobio products. The gift was the Purobio Eyeshadow palette in Colori moda (fashion colours) that contains 3 shimmery shades and one matte. First I thought they are too shimmery because they have so big shiny particles. But then when blended they diffuse in a nice satin shimmer finish. I like all the 3 shades: copper is amazing, electric blue and purple too! I don’t like so much the matte green, but if mixed with those others you can get a nice effect. You can use them dry or wet, they are very pigmented and resistant too. Especially if you put a primer (here the review of Purobio eye primer) underneath they will stay long on your eyelids.

Here are the swatches of Purobio cosmetics Eyeshadow palette Colori moda (here you don’t see so much of the beautiful shine, because the pic was taken on daylight but with zero sun 🙂
purobio cosmetics review

Lily Lolo lipstick and Uoga Uoga Lip & Cheek colours

Last but not least, these two are my favourites! Apart from beautiful colors, they are great in quality and finish too. We all know the amazing brand Lily Lolo, whereas I adore all their lipstick, but now was searching  for a nude lipstick in a fresh light rosy shade which is exactly Lily Lolo Lipstick in Temptation. For all of you who thought is a cool bubblegum pink, it’s not exactly, but I’d describe it as a fresh and modern rose shade with a neutral undertone. Check below the swatch on daylight although on my hand looks warmer and darker than it is. On the lips is very close to the one on the model (see picture on top). And it’s super creamy, hydrating and smooth on lips. It complements great with the other product that I chose and that I applied it on cheeks since they are from the similar colour family.

lily lolo lipstick and uoga uoga lips&cheek review

Even here the description and colour is really out of reality. Uoga Uoga Lip &cheek colour in Fragile is a very pale, light nude rose, that is super gorgeous worn on top of the bb cream for a dewy natural flush (delicate and super lovely). I wouldn’t recommend it on lips because is really pale, except for those women with pale skin and light hair. Or if you wear a really bold smoky eye…

Green makeup tip: Otherwise, for a simple day look avoid the palest lip colours, because you will get a washed out effect, which we don’t want.

Here are the swatches of Lily Lolo lipstick Temptation and Uoga Uoga Lip&cheek color Fragile (again there is less radiance, because there was raining)

lily lolo lipstick and uoga uoga lip swatch

Anyone tried and loving anything from this selection?

How to: Modern smokey eye with 3 shades

Autumn inspired makeup with Lily Lolo – on the model

In the previous post (here) I was describing as accurately as I could some products from Lily Lolo along with some inspirations about how to wear it. Later, I put this make-up look in practice on a model and I thought to share with you a few photos (unretouched and backstage). However, I’m also glad that you love so much the previous Lily Lolo post, which was an additional reason to show you this look more in depth. Hope you like it  😉

Names of Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows I’ve used: Voodoo, Truffle shuffle, Ivy League, Brassed off.

On the face I’ve applied Lily Lolo BB cream Light.

Special thanks to the model Maja M!



Autumn inspired makeup with Lily Lolo

Lily lolo makeup review

I finally got my hands on some products from Lily Lolo that I wanted to try. Especially the new Lily Lolo BB cream that was on my “curiosity list”. And since I’m a fan of all-sorts of pressed make-up products, I tried their pressed eyeshadows too. I wanted to try the blushes as well, but were out of stock, so next time along with the new upcoming eye palettes (with pressed eyeshadows of course!).

Lily Lolo BB cream

lily lolo review

Although the new age of foundation/tinted moisturisers called BB/CC,… creams is just a marketing strategy for another product, I admit that I find myself well with them. Because overall, they are light in texture, they enhance the skin tone and even if they don’t cover everything perfectly they still give the skin that youthful modern appearance. So if your skin does not have any major imperfections, these products will suit you great. I’m so pleased that Lily Lolo has added this product in their collection. It comes in 2 shades: light and medium and it is packed in a handy and beautiful tube with a pump which I like very much! I have tried the light shade as you can see on the swatch below. On the picture it looks too yellow because it was taken in warm afternoon daylight. The shade is designed very well in my opinion, because it is not too yellow nor too dark for light skin. It gives your skin a nice layer of coverage that I’d describe it light to medium. It does not cover imperfections like red spots or dark circles but it diminishes them a little bit. But after all the point of the bb cream is not to be a full coverage foundation. For those who want it, the mineral powder should be applied over it. I don’t like this option because I tend to dislike the matte powdery finish. I prefer some concealer and a little bit of setting powder, if needed.

Swatch of Lily Lolo BB cream – Light

lily lolo


Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadow and Lily Lolo Eyebrow duo review

My selection of Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows for autumn makeup (from left clockwise: Ivy league, Voodoo, Truffle shuffle, Brassed off and Eyebrow duo medium,

lily lolo

Every new season I got ideas and inspirations about new colours to wear. This time I have chosen intuitively a muddy greyish, palette, where colors interact like a wash of water-colour, where there is no dark and hard edge between light and dark. The colours of the same chromatic intensity melt together. Greyish with a green undertone like Voodoo shade or the golden bronze like Brassed off can be a different and beautiful suggestion to crash the “old” known style. I adore the olive green mix with antique gold that Ivy league offers: a very special shade to wear that adds depth to the eyes. Another mix I love is grey-green Voodoo combined with the purplish muddy grey Truffle shuffle…Very chic for autumn. The BB cream is great for this look, where the eyes are the focus. A lift to the eyebrows, clear lips and that’s it!

Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows swatches. From left: Brassed off, Truffle shuffle, Ivy league, Voodoo

lily lolo

If I switch to the “technical” side of the eyeshadows, I just praise them! I haven’t expected such a quality. They are very intense in pigmentation, slightly shimmery, but not too much and the nice thing is the shimmery particles are finely grounded. The staying power is impressive even without any primer underneath they lasts for hours.

I also like Lily Lolo Eyebrow duo which comes in 3 shades: light, medium and dark. I have tried the medium one, which is a very well designed shade for brunettes, not too deep but more than enough for most women. The wax included is great too to set everything in place. A big like for this product too! Finally, got a good green option for brows!

Anyone in love with Lily Lolo?

I shop Lily Lolo products in one of my favourite online shops Ecco verde that had in stock the new products a few days after the launch!

How to: Spring and Valentine’s day inspired makeup

Lily Lolo mineral makeup review

The spring’s awakening and approaching St. Valentine’s day gave me the idea for a tutorial about enhancing your beauty to look adorable and youthful. I guess every woman wants to look her best, especially in presence of the opposite gender. This is a great occasion for trying something new, embrace changes and updating our beauty with a new look after a long, cold winter time. In this post I’d like to show you how to do your make-up when going on a date, for celebrating St. Valentine day or even just for yourself. Meanwhile, I will also take this opportunity to present you some lovely make-up products that I just received from Lily Lolo. This is a UK brand with mineral make-up products. They have a wide selection of different colors, textures and products. I love the fact they have a super clean list with ingredients and their products are cruelty-free. I was especially curious to try their new cruelty-free vegan make-up brushes. I already use Lily Lolo for quite long and have my favorite items, but I wanted to try some new products and formulations as well. The spirit of Lily Lolo products is just the right one for this Valentine’s look.


Creating the look

Lily lolo make-up

You will need:

– a perfect base/foundation for your skin type
– powder eyeshadow
– eye pencil (optional)
– mascara
– blush
– lip gloss


Start with cleaning, toning and moisturizing your face in order to have a perfect “canvas” for the make-up. Follow with a foundation that suits your skin type the best (mineral foundation/ tinted moisturizer/ liquid foundation). You can try the Lily Lolo mineral foundation spf 15. It comes in 18 shades, it’s easy to apply and you can achieve a good coverage by layering it, if needed. Apply it with a kabuki brush and gentle circular motions. A little goes a long way! You need to apply it perfectly because you want to achieve a flawless natural look, that is not overdone. So blend it well and buff it into the skin. If needed, cover any imperfections with a concealer or the same foundation and a small brush.

2. step

Time for colors! According to your eye shape choose the appropriate shading technique and create a soft but defined eye make-up. If your eyes are small and eyelids hidden, create the illusion of an eyelid with shading in the socket line. Blend well to achieve a soft shadow. If your eyelids are prominent or if you have big eyes, you can apply the eyeshadow just on the lower eyelid and blend it well upward towards the socket line. This is an easy quick look, but if applied well and if you choose the right color, it can really make your eyes pop out. I have chosen Lily Lolo eyeshadow Plumberry hill, a super modern matte deep plum browny shade that make stand out especially green, grey and blue eyes. It comes in form of powder in a 2g jar. I like very much Lily Lolo eyeshadows because they are high pigmented, smooth in texture and blend very easy. If used with a wet brush the color becomes even more intense. If you want, you can upgrade this look with drawing a soft line on the upper lash line. I suggest to use the brown Lily Lolo pencil, which is among my favorite pencils! It glides smoothly on the eyes and you can draw a thin precise line or a heavier and smudged one. Next, curl well your eyelashes and apply 1-2 generous coats of black mascara. Even the spider lashes effect will suit this look. It will open your eyes and give you a loving charming gaze.

Lily lolo make-up



The most important touch of this look are the cheeks! With the new vegan synthetic fiber Lily Lolo angled brush creating gorgeous cheeks will be very easy. You can use it even for the bronzer. I like the shape of the brush handle, it’s not too short and it fits well the hand. Even the angled cut form of the bristles allows more control and a precise application.


How to apply blush? Sweep a light dust of  blush on the apples of the cheeks – this is the prominent area visible when you smile. With circular motions blend well the color and extend it slightly towards the ears. When applying blush make sure you don’t extend the color too much towards the nose, eyes or ears, cause it will look like dirt and very unnatural. The blush has to enhance just your natural skin flush.


Which shade of blush should I wear? I have chosen 3 different Lily Lolo blush shades that will give a touch of freshness to every face. If you have warm undertones and you are medium-dark in overall colors, choose Lily Lolo blush Clementine, a semi-matte peachy shade that will awake your overall complexion. Otherwise, if you are a light-medium with cool undertones you will look lovely with a hint of Lily Lolo blush Candy pink. It’s a light pink shade with gold shimmer that will give radiance to the pale skin. The most versatile shade of those, suiting the neutrals and especially women with darker skin is the Lily Lolo blush Ooh La la. Its semi-matte finish of deep pink with a hint of peach undertone will give you a defined but very elegant flush.

Lily Lolo make-up


The final touch are the lips. You don’t want to look overdone, but attractive with style. This is why I have chosen a very lovely shade of Lily Lolo lip gloss Scandalips for completing this look. A creamy pink with a touch of gold shimmer and an amazing smell and taste, that remind me of a chocolate dessert. Yummy kisses 🙂 However, when applied on lips this shade looks very natural and not too glossy or shimmery. It’s a very well wearable shade especially for skin with cool undertones and for the look with the pink blush (Candy pink, Ooh La la). For those with warm undertones try another shade of lip gloss like peach or clear.

I decided to inspire you with this fresh look that you can achieve quickly and still look fabulous. This look is very sophisticated and stylish enough for charming your beloved. Bear in mind that men don’t have the same perception about beauty as women do. So don’t try being too overdone and hide behind tons of make-up or look too girly. Instead, opt to show your unique  features with the right colors and technique.

Dear ladies, wish you a great Valentine’s day with your beloved one!