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Caudalie and Lily lolo review

In my part of the world the summer is in its full potential and it’s hot, really hot out there! The need for makeup is becoming lighter and lighter, but we still need to look fresh and flawless 🙂  Recently I have been testing a very known brand of cosmetics that is very popular here in Italy; it’s Caudalie. However, I know they aren’t 100% organic but I appreciate the fact they are working on the natural ingredients based on vine extracts and they have also removed parabens, mineral oils, sls, phenoxyethanol and phtalates. Since I have quite some pigmentation spots (btw they don’t come only from sun!), I find interesting the new Caudalie Radiance serum among other green beauties…


Skincare – Caudalie Vinoperfect collection review

Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance serum complexion correcting

This milky serum has a light texture and is very hydrating and light to wear. On the skin it blends well and leaves a nice light layer of hydration and softness. For my skin which tends to be dry I have to say it’s more than enough worn on its own under a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. It is packed in a beautiful 30ml glass bottle with the dropper and so you need only a few drops for the entire face. It smells delicate, fresh and very pleasant without being too harsh. It does make the skin feel radiant and nourished. This collection is inspired to the old knowledge from vineyards in the past where women had beautiful complexion because were using grapevine sap.  Regarding the reduction of dark spots is too early to say because I’ve been using the serum only for 10 days which is not so much to talk about bigger results.

Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance tinted moisturizer

From this same collection I wanted to try the tinted moisturizer too which is a gorgeous product for summer time. It comes in a plastic 40ml tube and available in 2 shades. I’ve chose the light shade n.1. It’s a very well designed color for most light skin tonalities. It is light in texture, oil-free, easy to blend and it matches great the previous product. Together they work great for a fresh, dewy summer make-up! It is pigmented with minerals and has a SPF20. I just don’t like the classic SPF here (could be changed with something else), but overall it’s a great product that performs very well especially in summer.

Summer makeup


Lily Lolo new limited edition summer shades

Lily lolo natural lip gloss High Flyer

I wanted so much to try all these new shades from Lily Lolo and I wasn’t disappointed 🙂 The new Lily Lolo lip gloss in this package is now perfect. The old one was having some difficulties with the package, although a great product inside. The gloss still smells divine, one of the best and most delicious scents and aromas I have tried – pure creamy chocolate that you’d just eat 🙂 This new shade is so nice for summer tanned skin! It’s a creamy matte peachy terracotta shade in warm undertones. It is very pigmented, hydrating, not too sticky, really great!

On the picture swatches from left: Caudalie Vinoperfect Tinted moisturizer n.1, Lily Lolo lip gloss High Flyer, Lily lolo pressed blush Life’s a peach

Lily lolo swatches and Caudalie swatches

Lily Lolo pressed blush Life’s a peach

This new Lily Lolo pressed blush complements great with the new Lily Lolo lip gloss too, since it comes in a peachy matte shade that at the end doesn’t look cake or dull. Rather it gives a beautiful touch of color especially to bronzed skin. The main point is to give life to the face with these summer tonalities! It blends great and it’s very easy to use and you know I’m a huge lover of pressed powder products 🙂 Since Lily Lolo has renewed all the image design, packages and added new formulations they did a huge leap on a higher level. A brand with great ingredients, super clean, beautiful, all to love!


Green makeup tip Add these blush and gloss to your dewy complexion treated previously with a tinted moisturizer. Load your lashes with lots of mascara (use waterproof if you have problems with sweating and smudging) and your quick summer make-up is ready!


Enjoy the summer days to gain new energy!

Summer makeup tips

summer make-up

Many of you already came from the holidays, other ones still have to catch the last summer days of sun, sea and fun. Usually, we don’t wear lots of makeup in summer, especially, if we spend most time out in nature or lying on the beach. When reentering from vacations, or when going out in the evening, many women wish to prolongate their sun-kissed tan, or just to enhance it and give a touch of sparkle on the skin. I have made for you a nice list of green make-up summer products and explained the right choice of colors that enhance the bronzed skin. What we don’t want for sure are sticky and sliding products, melting and traveling all over the face. Sun-kissed skin love colors like: gold, peach, salmon, chocolate brown, bronze, copper, orange,… In summer we want to give sparkle to the eyes, to deep the tan and moisturize well the lips and the skin. If you may have freckles, which looks so lovely, never cover them!

The key is to keep everything very simple, fresh and natural with colors that enhance the tan and give that healthy glow!


Green makeup summer essentials

Satin shimmer eyeshadows

Choose a color that will bring out the color of your eyes, e.g. blue eyes will sparkle with a gold shimmer, brown eyes will shine with copper,…If you want a more harmonious look, choose among brown/bronze range. For the more courageous who love to play with make-up colors you can have fun with gold or turquoise blue shades. They look great on bronzed skin.
Green make-up loves Aqua, the sparkly blue/green mineral eyeshadow – a really striking colour from Lily lolo.
You can’t go wrong with a Gold dust from Alima pure.



Everyone looks better with a touch of bronzer, that enhances your white teeth and makes your skin look warmer. Read more about how to apply bronzer in one of my previous posts. The green make-up bronzer suggestion: Alima pure bronzer in many different shades for every skin tone.



If you wear bronzer and eyeshadow, you don’t need to wear blush, cause your make-up may end up looking too heavy. However, you can use just the blush on your own. Use a natural sparkling color in peach tones like Alima pure’s Sahara for a sparkling healthy look on deep tan skin. Or Juicy peach, a matte peach shade from Lily lolo will suit nicely the light tanned faces. Sweep it across the apple of the cheeks and on the eye lids with the same blush brush. It will look very natural and fresh.



A must-have to give you a healthy glow to the face and decollete. Pay attention to apply it just on the areas that need highlighting. Too much highlighter can make you look too greasy and shiny. If your skin is greasy and shiny, don’t use the highlighter! Instead, take with you the blotting paper to eliminate the unwanted shine from the face (T-zone).
Green make-up suggested highlighter: Vapour organic beauty
If you prefer powder highlighters, choose a nice one from Everyday minerals range. They look very natural on the skin.


Lip balm or lip gloss

In summer opt for a clear lip balm to hydrate your lips. If you want a touch of color, choose sheer colors, instead of thick, dark and heavy ones. Avoid too much sparkling and sticky glosses, cause you don’t want your entire face to shine too much. Nude, natural shades like Lily lolo clear lip gloss are an appropriate choice for your lips.


Nail polish

Have fun on your nails and choose between so many colors! I have attached my favorite summer colors from Zoya. They are in the standard range of polishes: Flowie – a matte creamy peach beige for a nude day look, Jinx – quite dark brown bronze with shimmer-an everlasting classic shade for summer. Ginger – a coral orange with golden shimmer for a funny bright summer!


Green makeup tip For “the lazy” ones who still want to look gorgeous 100 percent pure Fruit pigmented Pretty Naked palette is a great suggestion to look effortlessly chic anytime!


During summer say NO to: liquid and cream foundations, thick lipsticks, cream products on the eyes, heavy eyeliners and pencils.

What’s your favourite summer makeup or beauty routine?