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How to: Evening makeup with violet lips

purple lips makeup tutorial

It’s no doubt that one of the strongest makeup trends of this season were the statement lips in all shades of reds, bordeaux and we even saw violet lips. Violet it’s a special color that you can like or not (I like it a lot ūüôā ) and when worn as a make-up detail, it can be very bold and extravagant. It was seen on runway for spring 2013 at Haider Ackermann(left picture) and Bottega Veneta (right picture) as well. I will describe you how to recreate the look from Bottega Veneta, because it’s more wearable for most women. This look seems very classic and elegant at the same time. It also unite 2 trends for this winter: grey and violet!

How to achieve the violet lips makeup look

1.step –¬†Foundation + concealer + powder

Depending on your skin type choose a foundation that will work best for your skin. Learn more about how to choose your foundation¬†here. After having done a flawless canvas, use a concealer to cover any imperfections. Set the make-up with a powder where needed. Don’t use to much powder; it will make you look too old with a cakey finish.

2.step –¬†Contouring

With a contour brush and a powder/compact foundation define your cheekbones. Put the brush underneath your cheek bone and blend well towards the ear to make a sculpted effect. Use a matte shade of powder that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Blend well.

3.step –¬†Eyes

First apply a neutral light matte eyeshadow in a champagne shade on the entire lid to make an even base. Use a large fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend well. Then apply a shimmery metallic grey in the crease of the eyes and blend well, too. The best is to use a blending brush with a tapered end. Curl well the eyelashes and apply a few coats of black mascara.

Step by step eye make-up in grey

4.step –¬†Lips

Line your lips with a lip pencil and fill them with it as well. This way you will make a good base for your lipstick that will last longer. Then use a lip brush and apply the violet lipstick on top. Blot with a paper tissue and repeat with applying another layer of lipstick. Set the lips with a touch of translucent powder.

Green makeup tip¬†Below are my suggestions for choosing the lipstick. For the violet color I have chosen Lavera lipstick n.3 in Berry violet – a rich plum shade that will look great on brunettes with brown eyes and yellow undertones. For those who don’t feel brave enough to choose a violet lipstick you can wear a true red. If you mix a true red with violet you will get a bordeaux shade that is very trendy as well. Read more about statement lips here.

Violet and red lipsticks

5.step –¬†Eyebrows

On the Bottega Veneta’s look the brows are bleached, which I don’t recommend to do on your own. Bleached brows are also an editorial look and so I advise you to shape your brows as naturally as possible and fill them slightly with a brow pencil in the shade of your hair.

This look will look great especially if you will wear black: an elegant evening dress or a masculine inspired pantsuit.

Hope you like the look and enjoy the last night of this year!

Living nature cosmetics review

How to achieve a flawless skin with a natural glow

perfect glow skin

Today I will conclude my “saga” about all Living nature products I have tried so far. Among some great products that I use myself as well and that I’m going to review, I want to emphasize a make-up trend that is still strong for a few seasons. It’s the trend of perfect skin and nude tonalities that looks like wearing no makeup. We saw this trend again on fashion shows even for¬†spring 2013. I have picked the look from the designer 3.1 Phillip Lim fashion show and translated it in real life with green make-up products from Living nature that work great for achieving exactly this look!


How to achieve the natural glow makeup look step by step
1.step РLumionous Skin

After having cleansed your face apply a tinted moisturizer (in your matching shade) with fingers or with a foundation brush.¬†You won’t need any additional moisturizer under. I use Living nature Clear lights Tinted moisturizer in the shade for light skin: dawn light.¬†Even though I was never a big fan of tinted moisturizers in general, I adore this one because it has a light coverage and so it just enhances naturally your skin. Its texture is slightly shimmery but with an overall glow, without any shiny particles. I don’t recommend tinted moisturizers to women who want a heavy coverage, but I suggest it to women who don’t need any special coverage and to use a concealer if needed. This way the skin will look healthier and more natural with a modern twist, like from catwalks. Living nature tinted moisturizer is loaded with many nourishing oils (from macadamia, jojoba, avocado, and shea butter) and beneficial ingredients like manuka honey so that your skin won’t be dehydrated while wearing it. You won’t have any difficulties for applying this product, because it melts great into the skin and it looks almost invisible while¬†leaving a nice texture on the skin. This product is packed in a 50ml plastic tube.

Living nature make-up

2.step – Concealer

Instead of products with heavy coverage use a concealer to cover any imperfections.¬†Living nature concealer comes in a small 7ml tube. I was quite surprised at first about the small package, but later while using it I realized that a little goes a long way. It has a liquid texture that glides great on skin:¬†at the same time is liquid but not too much. It covers great any imperfections like red spots or dark under eye circles. I’d love to see an additional concealer with the same formulation but with a neutralizing color for under eye circles. That would be amazing!¬†In every case, I like this concealer a lot. Compared to Inika’s liquid concealer this one gives a better coverage for instance.¬†If needed I mix it with the tinted moisturizer to achieve a seamless look with more coverage. The texture of the tinted moisturizer is sheer, while the concealer it’s liquid but with a good coverage. And both products don’t look cakey on the skin.

Green makeup tip use a small and precise brush like a lip brush for covering small red spots. This will give you a professionally done skin.

3.step – Eyes

Apply lots of mascara after curling your eyelashes. If you remember I have used Living nature’s mascara in my video. This mascara is great because its formulation¬†works great together with the shape of the wand. It allows you a precise application with no clumps and with a lot of color. It’s suitable even for sensitive eyes. The mascara gives a nice length to the lashes and lots of color and volume.

Living nature

4.step – Lips and cheeks

As I already mentioned in my make-up video tutorial, I adore Living nature lipsticks! Their consistency is longstaying, non drying on lips and I especially like their creamy matte shades. This time I have chosen 2 colors that are among my favorites in general: a medium  dusty rose called Laughter and Coral sea: a medium matte coral orange. Both shades are great for daytime; they give a nice and fresh touch of color to your face. I apply them on lips and on cheeks if needed as well. This way you get a nice cream blush.

Green makeup tip Mix these 2 shades together and you will get a lovely peach color that suits every skin tone. I adore this shade on cheeks to give warmth to the entire complexion!

Living nature make-up


Last step: Removing the makeup in the evening

Living nature

After wearing your makeup all day, you also have to remove it. Always remove the make-up before going to sleep!¬†Living nature gentle make-up remover is definitely a green revelation that will go directly in my personal and professional make-up kit! It comes in a 100ml bottle and it has a delicate scent.¬† Honestly, I hardly describe any Living nature product scent because these plants are so unfamiliar to me. Overall the scents are different but pleasant. The main reason why I’m mad about this product is its formulation which is extra delicate, transparent and light like water, but at the same time very effective as a make-up remover. It does not leave any traces of oiliness or any other stuff on skin. Light, pure, effective and all to try! A make-up artist dream product for removing make-up quickly while leaving the skin beautiful, soft, without any redness. You can apply it a small amount on a cotton ball and simply remove the make-up off. It is suitable for all skin types, especially because all beneficial ingredients like: Kumerahou, hydrating Harakeke Flax Gel, and nourishing Active Manuka Honey. Eyebright and Witchhazel extracts are natural anti-inflammatories and skin conditioners, to soothe the skin.¬†I especially recommend it for those with sensitive skin.


Have you tried any Living nature skincare products?

How to: Choose your liquid foundation brush

liquid foundation brush

This post was inspired by my blog’s avid reader Lynn (and even blogger herself – check her LovelyCosme blog) who was asking me how to choose a liquid foundation brush. Since I’m addicted to make-up brushes and love to experiment with them, I realized that this is actually a very good and not so obvious question, especially for a beginner with make-up brushes. The beauty market is full of different shapes of brushes and every brush has its own use, so I can understand it can be really tricky to find something that really works when someone is not familiar with the use of all these products. I’m especially happy that during this time, while I explained to Lynn about some brushes, she told me that she became an enthusiast of makeup brushes in a short time!¬†So, in this post I will explain you some different types of liquid foundation brushes.

As you can see from the top picture there are different shapes of make-up brushes for applying liquid foundation and they have all one thing in common – they are made from synthetic fibers (except Bdellium tools 953). Apart using a make-up brush for applying the liquid foundation, you can also apply it with a sponge or with your fingers, or even use a combination of both (fingers-sponge, brush-sponge,‚Ķ). But this post’s purpose is to explain and present the foundation brushes. Personally and professionally I prefer to use a (clean!) make-up brush for applying liquid foundation. Sometimes, I also use the sponge after the brush to set and blend the foundation really good into the skin. I have also noticed during the time, that with the new generation of foundation brushes, I almost don’t use sponges anymore.

Classic liquid foundation brush in different versions

Coming back to the brushes, the most common and even the first designed brush for liquid foundation was oval shaped, like Bdellium tools 948 in the picture. However, the brushes with this shape vary from brand to brand and you should try the brush before, to see how it suits your needs. The biggest difference is in the stiffness of synthetic fibers. I don’t like brushes that have too rigid fibers, because they don’t slide on the face well, they can be rough and they don’t blend well the product into the skin and in every corner of the face. But even if the fibers are too soft (and the brush is flat), is not ok, because they won’t distribute the product evenly. The second parameter is the length and width of the fibers. The brush can be large (like Bdellium tools 948) or narrow¬†(like Bdellium tools 947). If it’s narrow, it can reach small areas of the face, otherwise “the large” one is usually a common width for a liquid foundation brush.

Another version of this same brush is angled foundation brush like Japonesque (on top right). This brush is designed with a tapered edge to precisely reach areas on the face like around the eyes or around the nose. All these brushes are flat in order to smear evenly the creamy/liquid product.

Pointed foundation brush

is a modern version of the foundation brush that has been designed from Adesign. This brush is designed like the previous one to reach different parts of the face and it has also quite short bristles which is especially fine for under eye areas, chin and nose. Adesign as well as EcoTools and some other brands have launched also the pointed kabuki brush. The difference from the flat pointed is its 3-dimensional shape and so it’s ideal when used with cream and liquid based products because¬†it blends perfectly the foundation with no strokes left on the face. You also have more control when applying the product.

Adesign make-up brushes

Stippling brush

or duo-fiber brush” is quite a new generation and concept of foundation brush in comparison with the classic foundation brush. Many brands include them now in their collections not just because is great for applying foundation, but is also very good for applying all creamy products like primers, cream blushes, cream highlighter,‚ĶWith this brush you achieve a flawless airbrushed look thanks to the mix of two fibers: natural (black color) and synthetic(white color). The technique for using this brush is called stippling, which in Fine Arts means to apply paint, powder, etc., (to something) with many light dabs. Usually, with this brush you apply the foundation (or other liquid products) with tapping/dabbing it gently into the skin without doing any strokes. You literally paint the face with some kind of dots. Even the cruelty-free brands have designed their eco-friendly duo-fiber brushes versions that work as well as the original version mixed with natural hair. They have 2 different types of synthetic hair (one is softer, the other is more stiff) which allows a perfect result. I really love the Bdellium Tools green bamboo line¬†where they have some amazing duo-fiber¬†brushes.

Bdellium yellow bambu brushes

NOTE: Attention, don’t mess with duo-fiber synthetic brushes that are just colored with 2 colors. This is not a duo-fibre brush! Duo-fiber brush has 2 different types of fibers which you can see and feel.


Buffing brush

eco tools

One of the latest versions of brushes is also the buffing brush, which has evolved lately, along with the expansion of mineral make-up. On the picture you can see an example from EcoTools, where the brush is very dense with a conical shape. It has quite a large and flat surface to blend and buff the product into the skin. Originally, this brush is meant to apply powder products, but I also love to use it for applying liquid foundation. It works great, because it literally buffs the foundation on the skin, leaving a flawless smooth skin and a natural look.

This is the entire range of different make-up brushes for applying liquid foundation.

Which foundation brush to choose?

As I mentioned before, these are the main shapes that vary from brand to brand in parameters such as density, width, shape, length and type of fibers. However, the choice which one to choose is not really easy for a beginner. I’d say to try before different shapes at least in the shop. Examine how do you feel the touch, how does it works, do you feel it’s too soft or too rigid, do you prefer a large or a narrow brush, which depends even on the size of your face (larger/smaller areas)? The choice of the brush depends also on the type of foundation you use. If you use dense almost creamy liquid foundations then I recommend brushes that are stiffer, otherwise you cannot pick, smear and blend the product good. Contrary, if you use light foundations (like HD generation) then a stippling brush or a smaller foundation brush with normal fibers (not to soft not too stiff) will do a great work.

Hope it was helpful and that everyone who is looking for a new liquid foundation brush will find its own!

Makeup trends for spring-summer 2012

For those of you who wants to change and experiment with your make-up in hotter days, I have prepared a few looks from spring summer 2012 runways. Among many different looks there were styles that you can schedule in your make-up notes ūüôā

Red lips in different shades

Dior and Donna Karan among others have designed their makeup with focus on the lips with statement colors from deep red to bordeaux wine or bright red. Sophisticated and always chic!

runway make-up trends


Strong eyebrows

were presented as a masculine inspired look. Designed with a thick strong line or blended well it doesn’t matter, the key is to emphasize them and exaggerate. For courageous one!

runway make-up trends


Eyeliner in all its forms

There were wings on the eyes at many shows: from 60’s inspired, to penciled and natural looking or colored with thick lines and long extended. Retro glamour with a modern twist!

runway make-up trends


Smoky eyes

Even though they are not a total spring look, they were reinvented on many shows: black with addition of gold metallic pigments, in natural earth tones and those mixed with dark blue colors. Sexy and mysterious!

runway make-up trends


Silver sparkling eyes

This look reminds me more of a frost winter, but can be very nice worn even in spring, especially on pale skin. There were many options how to interpret silver on the eyes: all over shading on the eyelids, silver eyeliner or a strike of silver just in the crease of the eye. Futuristic!

runway make-up trends



Photo credits: Imaxtree/Elle.com

5 must-have beauty basics

5 beauty must-haves

Dear ladies, to look gorgeous in every moment you don’t need “a full arsenal” of products, but just the right ones. The best is to find and invest in a few essential high quality pieces (like when you are building a new wardrobe) that make you feel and look great in every moment. More than that, they also have to treat your skin with beneficial ingredients.¬†That doesn’t mean that other beauty products are not worth of your attention or your money. They are. But the big deal is to recognize first which are the essential products that makes you stand out instantly (especially in situations where you don’t have time) and help you create your personal style, gain confidence and feel comfortable. However, for many of you this is not as easy as it sounds ūüôā But I am here to help you and to make you reflect about some beauty products that can quickly improve your look. Of course, they should be gentle to your skin and thus organic. Let’s start with the list!


Organic virgin coconut oil

Before listing any other typical cosmetic product, here is my n.1 beauty suggestion. I have convinced women to start using it after I’ve removed their makeup with it and continued with a nice face massage. Yes, with one simple product: the fabulous coconut oil that has a plethora of benefits and that makes your skin look great. The best organic coconut oil I have ever tried and which also smell heavenly (a mix of vanilla and coconut) is the one that a dear friend of mine brought me from Philippines (Thank you again!). That oil wasn’t of any brand but a hand-made product by philippines women.¬†To continue, you can use this miraculous product also as a lip balm, make-up remover, face and body massage oil, mixed with organic brown sugar it becomes a fantastic body scrub, you can use it as a highlighter and much more. Try it and you won’t look back.


Face cream

Even when I haven’t used organic products yet, my philosophy was to invest in a good quality face cream. Our face is what we show to the world. ¬†Your skin deserves the best. Moreover, the face skin is even more delicate than skin on other parts of the body. It is exposed to weather all the time and we also wear make-up on. These are some of the main reasons why you should take special care and choose the best cream. Nowadays, creams aren’t greasy and thick anymore, but¬† lighter in texture. Look for those with many beneficial ingredients that will keep your skin moisturized, which is essential. I suggest you to first discover your skin condition (if you haven’t done it yet) and then choose a very good organic moisturizer. You don’t need night and day creams, if you go organic. You just need a formulation with high quality beneficial organic ingredients. I like to compare this with what you eat. There is a huge difference, if you eat a few but organic, healthy and tasteful superfoods that gives you energy, or if you eat many different processed synthetic and junk food with artificial tastes and additives. What goes in, goes out! Your skin wants natural oils and herbal extracts that will provide you nourishment, purify and detox your skin, help to heal, soothe and promote elasticity and stimulate the skin to regenerate in a natural way. After, the make-up will be just a cherry on top of the cake.


Liquid or mineral powder foundation

I leave to you the decision for your formula of foundation – in powder or a liquid/creamy one. I suggest to each one which formula and why works better for her skin, but sometimes some women think that some foundations are hard to apply and so they don’t want to give themselves another, even better chance. The foundation is an essential piece in every women “make-up wardrobe” and it’s worth to spend money for it. It is almost your second skin. A good chosen foundation should look like your skin and not like a mask. It should hide imperfections in a natural way and it should match your skin tone exactly. So, check through my older posts¬†to find your best organic “second skin”. And don’t hurry when you will go on a hunt for the right one. Don’t buy just whatever comes around. Instead, take your time to test different formulas, try and check the colors and textures how works all together on your skin and have fun. Ask for samples and be gentle with yourself on this mission:)



A touch of just one color can transform your face and erase signs of time, fatigue and stress. If I was asked to choose just one product for the entire make-up that would be the lipstick for sure. Being of a light, medium or deep color, matte or shiny, if choosing the right color, it always bring youth and color to your face. If you are wearing just an express day make-up, put a small amount of lipstick with your fingers even on cheekbones and blend it well. This will give you an instant wake-up look. Do this with shades of pink, rosy, peach and strawberry tones. But do it really with a light hand. This way you can sometimes use one product in two ways. On the market you find now products in stick that are designed both for lips and cheeks. They are creamy and thus highly moisturizing. That is the reason why they help you achieve a healthy look and enhance with color your face.



When choosing essential products that are really worth of our money, the mascara is certainly on the top of the list. The right and good quality mascara gives definition to your eyes and also opens¬†them. Another important thing are its ingredients. The mascara is a product that you wear the closest to your eyes and to your mucous membrane, which is a very sensitive area. When using a mascara it’s very important to change it every 6 months, not only because it dries, but also because of the risk to infect your eyes. If your mascara gives you red eyes when applied, is the sign that it doesn’t work for you or that is too old.


Please be careful with all the old products that you put on yourself. Make a decision and invest rather in a few good pieces and throw away all your old stuff. Now is the right time to get rid of what is not serving you!

How to: spider lashes

Runway makeup trends with green products

spider lashes

Recently, we saw on the runways from Valentino, Lanvin to Gucci and others a new way to wear the mascara. This look is called “spider lashes”. The technique is a comeback from the 60’s look, where wide open eyes were the main focus. Today the main difference is in the overall eye make-up that is now proposed with a nude eyeshadow on the eyelids, instead of heavy graphic eye lines from the 60’s. And so we get a completely new and fresh approach in make-up. This is a gorgeous look, that gives you that wide open doll-eye effect. But, don’t mess this look with those where you see tons of overloaded clumpy and dry mascara.


How to create spider lashes makeup with green makeup products

1. step   On the eyelids apply an eyeshadow in slightly shimmery beiges, light brown or nude rose shades. 100%pure powder or cream satin fruit pigmented eyeshadow in nude tones like: Vanilla sugar, Champagne, Flax seed, Fiji, Tahiti.

2.step   Curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

3.step   Especially if you have thin eyelashes, I recommend using Jane Iredale Pure lash extender and conditioner to give them more volume and thickness and an extra coat of primer. When you apply it, it looks like a white cream, but the results are really good. You will also get the effect of spider lashes because it sticks together a few lashes.

spider lashes mascara

4. step ¬† It’s time to apply the black mascara. Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara in black contains triple-length cellulose fibers (no synthetics) that will help us achieve the desired effect. But there is a special technique on how to apply the mascara. First, apply a regular coat of mascara as you’d normally do; to curl and elongate the lashes in a nice shape that open the eyes. Then, start to apply the mascara from the roots to the top with a slow zig-zag motion, so that you leave a lot of mascara on the lashes. Repeat this 2-3 times. Next, start to work with the tip of your mascara wand on each lash on the bottom an top, to get the effect of sticked together lashes. The key is to use a good mascara that is not too dry and to work slowly through the lashes by building this look gradually. Even though it is quite an overloaded look, it requires its own technique of application, with no clumps.

Green makeup tip You can take this look in consideration for the upcoming holidays. For a glamourous effect or an evening event wear it with a matte bright red or deep wine red lipstick. If you want to focus on the eyes, apply some black eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye and smudge it outwards. This look will add expression. Otherwise, minimalistic nude shades on eyes, lips and cheeks with spider lashes will give a clean and chic mood.

How to: From day to evening makeup

Photo shooting with green makeup

One of these days I was working on a photo shooting with Pamela, an amazing model, Brazilian native. I was very inspired by her face features, her incredibly long and naturally curly hair. She has a beautiful tan skin tone, not too dark, nor too light. Because of her overall chocolate tones; dark brown eyes, dark hair and tan complexion, I decided to create 2 different looks. The style was simple but at the same time it accentuated her natural beauty without being too artificial. The mood of the photos was also very natural and relaxed. With this post I also want to show you how you can quickly change your day make-up into an evening one, especially if you don’t have much time.

Natural make-up

Look n.1 – Natural beauty

For the first look, the photographer has chosen to use natural light. The styling was simple in light colors that made a good contrast with her dark colors. So I wanted to work a lot on her skin to achieve a healthy look, with a good skincare and massage. The make-up job was to accentuate her natural features with a soft and delicate contouring. I emphasized her natural lip color with a touch of delicate rosy shade.

1. I cleansed the face very well and applied a hydrating non-greasy organic oil and did a good face massage. Her lips were a little bit chapped. I have first removed the dead skin from the lips and then applied a generous quantity of lip balm Jane Iredale lip drink.

2. I started applying the Lavera liquid foundation n.4 where needed, with light strokes, using the Eco Tools foundation brush, until I have achieved a flawless finish. I have contoured the face with Jane Iredale PurePressed Base in Maple and so the eyes, to create definition.

3. Pamela has naturally very curled eyelashes, so I didn’t have to curl them. I decided to apply just a coat of natural looking mascara. I’ve used Lavera volumising mascara in black, cause it looks very natural.

4. I wanted the lips to be in focus, but still naturally, soft. I have applied the Jane Iredale lipstick PureMoist, shade Susan.


Look n.2 – Simple French glamour

I have updated the previous look with some changes. The model wore an evening dress in light creme color (in other photos), so I decided to do a sophisticated look, with the focus on lips and a nice soft face contour.

Evening make-up

1. I have applied a delicate mat rose blush on the apple of the cheeks. I used Alima Pure Antique rose.

2. ¬†I’ve contoured the eyes with the Lavera¬†black pencil and smudged the color with the sponge applicator to achieve a soft smoky grey contour.

3. For the lips I have used the Colorganics lipstick, Crimson shade. I wanted a natural looking lip, so I skipped the lip pencil and I just applied the lipstick with a lip brush and tap the color on the lips to even it.

4. I haven’t forgotten about grooming the eyebrows, to have a nice definition.



model: Pamela@Metropolitan models, photo: Boris Gorjan