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Und Gretel makeup from Berlin

und gretel makeup

Recently I’ve tested quite a lot of natural brands from Germany. Und Gretel makeup has been on my list since a long time and I use it now for quite a while, so it was really time to write a review, because it deserves a big like. You will soon see also the products in action in the upcoming video tutorial. So stay tuned!

und Gretel makeup review


Und Gretel Lieth liquid foundation

On the green beauty market I am always interested the most to try foundations and concealers and then it comes the rest. So I will start with Und Gretel Lieth foundation. There are 5 shades and I have tried Porcelain Beige which is a light shade with neutral to cool undertones. I can’t stress enough how much I love the finish of this foundation; light, it spreads quickly and evenly, it leaves a nice radiant, healthy glow without any greasy shine. I’d call it semi-matte. It has a medium coverage and I find the technology of all the products extremely innovative, especially because we are talking about natural cosmetics. It can be compared to high end conventional foundations. The best is that it looks even better because it doesn’t leave that “plastic” effect. The skin is even, smooth, radiant, covered and protected. The formulation consists of natural oils that give moisture to the skin, like avocado, sunflower and rosehip oil, plus clary sage and camomile extracts to soothe and calm the skin. It has a delicate (almost no) scent. Und Gretel Lieth foundation is packed in a 30ml glass bottle with a pump. All Und Gretel products are packed in beautiful colourful packages. Really love the graphic design too! My overall impression is that this is one of my favourite all-around liquid foundations.

und Gretel makeup review


Und Gretel Tunkal concealer

I was very curious about this product as well. Und Gretel Tunkal concealer comes in 3 shades; I have tested the medium one n.2 called Light beige which is a light cool rose shade (lighter than the reviewed foundation). The concealer is packed in a pen version and is very handy to use. It works very well when applied over the foundation and set with powder (btw I’m very curious about their setting powder too!). Since I have quite dark under eye circles this shade is a little bit too light for me. Although I mix shades together, my only wish would be to add at least 2 shades more for the concealer and for the foundation too. Will be patient waiting what the future will bring 🙂 The concealer is based on the same ingredients as the foundation so it really nourishes the skin while you wear it. I have found after a month really weird that it has a certain smell (not harsh or rancid; yes my nose is really tough!). Weird because it was almost with no scent (and the foundation is ok with the scent) and because it’s not an old product neither.


Und Gretel Sunne lifting modellage powder

und Gretel Sunne lifting modellage powder review

I find this product simply amazing, not to speak how beautiful it looks in this package! Additionally there are 2 brushes inside, each for a color. I have chosen the shade 2 again which is for medium skin tones. The shades are designed very subtly here and are amazing to work with. This modellage powder is meant for contouring (the dark shade) and to add a touch of natural flush to the cheeks (the lighter color). I find the light shade great to add a subtle touch of color, but I don’t use it as a highlighter because it’s too dark and coloured for this purpose. The powder is miles so finely that you won’t ever get a cake effect. It’ll be rather subtle and natural looking. I can compare this product to high-end cosmetic brands too! Huge like again 🙂


Und Gretel Sprusse eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencils are another make-up product that I always look for to test first, since many of them can be too soft or too greasy. I always look for a precise and medium (not too soft nor too hard) pencil for shaping the brows. I have chosen the shade n.1 called dark brown among 3 shades. As you can see from the swatch below it’s a dark neutral brown. The pencil has the brush to comb the brows incorporated. Overall I find this pencil among the best ones too. It is ultra precise and a little goes a long way.

und gretel makeup

At this point I can say that I plan to try even other products from this brand. I am enchanted by the overall quality of performance and their design is absolutely fantastic too! Stay tuned to see these products in motion in my new video tutorial!

Any thoughts about this brand? Who uses it already?

Elegant evening makeup video tutorial


In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how to create an elegant make-up for evening occasions. The focus is on the eyes, where I selected a golden brown palette that suits best blue eyes. I have used different brands of natural cosmetics so you can also see swatches and how the products perform in reality.

Products I used in this video tutorial:

Dr.Hauschka day lotion
Jane Iredale Sugar and butter lip exfoliator
Und Gretel liquid foundation
Dr.Hauschka concealer
Und Gretel concealer
Purobio cosmetics compact powder
Kjaer Weis pressed eyeshadows
Alterra eyeshadow nude palette
Dr.Hauschka eye pencil
Jane Iredale new mascara
Und Gretel eyebrow pencil
Neve cosmetics pastello lip pencils
Dr.Hauschka lip gloss
Dr.Hauschka facial toner