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Treating your skin after summer holidays

My favorite summer products

I have made a short video with some beauty tips about treating your skin after you come back from summer vacation. You want to keep your nice bronzed skin fresh and glowing with right products and beauty routine. Choose products that hydrate and moisturize your skin without being heavy and thick. Although your skin is oily, remember that it needs hydration too, especially after being exposed to sun and salt. Btw the salt from the sea is great for detoxifying your body and to naturally polish your skin (=excellent natural body scrub) but finally hydrating your body with water from inside and outside is crucial to achieve the best results in natural way.

After your summer holidays your skin loves:

Gentle scrubs to remove dead cells and keep the skin soft

Hydration with face&body mists and light fluids/creams

Extra nourishment on very dry areas (lips, body).

Check the video presentation of my favorite products that I use in summer and recommend you.

Hope you find useful and if you have any comments feel free to share!

From day to evening makeup with Logona – part 2


A few weeks ago I did a video tutorial with Logona make-up products, where I have shown you how to do a quick everyday makeup. Now, I did the second part in the same mood, where I have continued to transform the day look into an evening version by using just a few other products. The idea is how to create a quick, classic and soft looking smoky eye effect when you don’t have time, but you want to look good. Take in consideration that the base was already done before (see first video) and so I’ve just refreshed the already existing make-up.

Hope you find it useful!

Products I’ve used for upgrading the day makeup in evening makeup:

Logona make-up

Logona Lip balm

Logona Pressed Face Powder: 01 light beige

Logona Eyebrow Pencil: 01 blonde

Logona Eyeshadow Trio: 02 cashmere

Logona Blush: 01 rose + pink

Logona lipstick: 07 wildberry

Quick everyday makeup with Logona – part 1

I’m glad that I’ve recently tried quite a lot of new products from the updated collection of Logona. As you may already know, Logona is a German brand with a wide range of certified natural cosmetics, including make-up. My enthusiasm for their products is the reason why I have done a video, where you can see how to create a simple everyday look, suitable especially for women who don’t have enough time or who aren’t very able to do lots of make-up.

Stay tuned, because I will come back with the second part of the video and an upgraded make-up look with more Logona products. For those who want to read reviews and check the swatches of Logona make-up products, I will prepare a special post about that too.

Products I’ve used for creating the quick day makeup look in the video:

Logona Tinted day cream: Beige gold

Logona Concealer Cream: 02 light beige

Logona Pressed Face Powder: 02 medium beige

Logona Double Eyeliner Pencil: 01 coffee

Logona Mascara Volume: 01 deep black

Logona Double Lip Pencil 08 pink


I like very much the high performance of Logona products and their elegant products design!

I guess that this summer Logona is my top favorite rediscovery!

Apple and Bee makeup bag

apple & bee make-up bag

If I’d have to write about makeup bags, I admit that I wouldn’t know where to start: a new personal beauty clutch; a small handy one or a bigger one… or perhaps those bags that I need for my makeup kit: flat and transparent ones, pencil cases, containers,…huh how much stuff!
This time I’m more easy-going 🙂  I want to present you my new essential makeup bag for personal use (yes, I really needed one just for me!). I’ve finally found a bag that is not too big, nor too small, just great for all essentials and even more! And I’m not talking about a usual makeup bag, but about a bag that has a green story behind too! This is right what I was searching for since a long time!


How I’ve found my new eco-friendly makeup bag

I have casually found all these gorgeous bags on such a cute website called The green suitcase. This is an agency who represents and distributes different Australian eco-friendly brands with fashion, jewelry and other interesting products on European market. Here is the link to their nice website where you can also download many lookbooks and check the latest Australian designers with an earth-friendly approach in design. Among all these brands I was immediately enthusiastic about the brand Apple & Bee. They are specialized in make-up bags of all sizes and shapes. Their collection includes also different totes, weekend bag, lunch bags, baby products and even beautiful notebooks! I like their diversity of prints that are all very youthful. The design and the quality of bags is amazing! Everything is made just perfectly! Here I’ve collected some pictures of their different products. Aren’t they cute?!

Apple & Bee

Apple & Bee


About my new makeup bag

I’m so intrigued about my Apple&bee bag that I decided to do a video about it to see how big is the bag, how it looks like, how much products you can put in it, how the amazing glittery silver color and pattern shine… 🙂 In this case the moving picture describes better the product than words. Hope you will find it helpful!

As you can see I have put inside just make-up products, and intentionally many different ones. And there was still place left for smaller things like eyeshadows or glosses! The foldout system is very functional – when you unfold the bag you can hang it on wall too (with the hanger hook).
If you wish you can put in this bag more skin care products and less makeup that fit well in other 2 flat pockets (for women with minimalistic make-up approach). I like the fact that the bag’s pockets are transparent so that you can quickly see through it the products. The plastic is waterproof and easy to clean which is a big plus. The outside of the bag is made from organic cotton and this model is all glittered in silver color which adds a chic touch without being kitschy. Another detail has fascinated me as well: you receive the bag in another “protective” cotton bag.
On the picture below I have also taken a picture of the label that was attached on the bag where you can read the environmental priorities of Apple&Bee company.

Apple & Bee

Do you like this bag? Does anyone have already any Apple&Bee bags? Love to hear your thoughts!

Living nature makeup video tutorial and review

I’m so happy to share with you my first video review where I have presented my new discovery, the gorgeous Living nature makeup collection and designed 3 modern looks for different occasions. The sculpted cheeks and a touch of color on lips are these seasons must-have that suits every face. So enjoy and have fun with recreating the looks! Check below the beauty pictures with looks that we made.

1.look: Nude shimmery bronze

Living nature cosmetics

2.look: Luminous elegance

Living nature cosmetics

3.look: Sophisticated chic

Living nature make-up


Model: Teja@Immortal models, Photo: Boris Gorjan, makeup: Dasha@Green makeup, Hair: Savo Nardin

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