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Pai skincare review

Pai skincare

Even though I’ve already heard rumors about Pai skincare, I haven’t realized until now how amazing this brand is. I will present you two of their gorgeous super organic and high quality products, but before I want to present you this brand better. Pai skincare is a London based company with a very good selection of organic skin care products, made from the purest plant extracts. They are Soil association certified, which means they are committed to use just the best and carefully selected ingredients. Their products are suitable even for vegans and are not tested on animals. What touched me the most was the exceptional story about the company’s founder Sarah Brown. I really like this kind of stories, where women have such an inner strength and decide to take the power in their own hands. You can read more about her story here.

In comparison to some other brands, Pai skincare is quite minimalist with the line of products. From my point of view, this is positive, because it is clear that the products are studied and designed very carefully. “Less is more” is the main philosophy of this high-quality organic skin care. This is especially important for people with skin problems, allergies,…

Pai products are designed to meet the needs of every skin type. They have one gentle face cleanser with Camelia & Rose, which is appropriate for every skin type and has to be used with the muslin cloth. The cleansing routine is followed with a selected toner: one for combination skin, the other for dry. Recently they added a new product : kukui & jojoba ultra gentle brightening exfoliator. The most important part of their collection are their 4 organic moisturizers: each for one skin type. I will review 2 of them; Chamomile&Rosehip for sensitive skin and Geranium&Thistle for combination skin. Their range includes also body, eyes and lip products and a luxury facial oil. I have to emphasize that their service is one of the most effective I’ve ever had. They are also very kind and helpful with their suggestions!


Pai skincare Geranium & thistle rebalancing day cream review

I’m very happy about this cream that was suggested me by Pai. Once, I used to be skeptical about creams for combination skin, but I felt that it will be different with this cream. And it is! This cream totally exceeded all my expectations! It has a good list with ingredients, without any alcohol or other nasties. First, I thought that it wouldn’t suit my skin, prone to dry in this season. But it does!
The Geranium & thistle organic moisturizer comes in a 30ml glass bottle with pump, which is easy and hygienic for use. The texture of the cream is light but at the same time quite dense. It means that the formulation has many beneficial properties that help the skin to renew and rebalance without dehydrating or tighten it, which is the main point. It leaves a natural matte complexion, a refreshed and smooth skin but without drying it, just perfect! This is why it works great even as a make-up base. I also decided that this will be my all around cream even for my clients. The cream is white and has a delicate herbal scent; I smell geranium, cause I have used pure geranium hydrolat for a long time and it has the same scent.
At Pai they support the philosophy of applying the cream just in the morning and allowing the skin to breathe during the night. This is a concept that I also adopted a few years ago and it works great!

A few words about the main ingredients in this cream:

Geranium: it has a plethora of beneficial properties, especially for women, because it regulates hormonal imbalances and thus even the skin condition. Its astringent and antiseptic properties helps especially oily, combination and acne prone skin. It helps to tonify the skin and to sedate any inflamed tissue with its calming effect.

Safflower Thistle Oil is high in Omega 6 (Linoleic acid), which helps retain moisture in the skin. It also helps to reduce the size of the pores, rebalance the skin and clear decongested skin. It is thus ideal for oily, blemished and irritated skin. It has also powerful dirt and oil-removing abilities.

Here is the Geranium & thistle organic moisturizer’s complete list with ingredients:
purified water, jojoba oil*, coconut and corn derived emulsifier, thistle oil*, borage oil*, natural vitamin e, vegetable glycerine*, corn extract, manuka oil, basil extract, geranium oil*, juniper oil*, lavender oil*, natural lactic acid (from sugar beet)


Chamomile & Rosehip Calming day cream review

I received two 5ml samples of this cream, because I thought it would suit best my personal needs. The samples are not so small and are really a good idea for trying the product first. One sample is enough for a few applications (at least 3-4). I like this cream very much, because is really one of the most gentle creams for delicate and sensitive skin I’ve ever tried. It is almost odorless and on the skin it leaves a smooth texture, because of its light consistency. But all precious ingredients make this cream really a beauty elixir. Chamomile is known for its calming anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and sedative properties. Rosehip is the rose’s fruit and is well known because of many benefits, too: Rose hips are the best source of vitamin C and A, that help to regenerate skin cells, healing scars and keep the skin elastic and nourished. Thus, it is very good as an anti-aging ingredient. If your skin is delicate, prone to allergies, eczema, rosacea or other problems, this cream will work for you. It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pump like all Pai moisturizers.

Chamomile & Rosehip organic moisturizer’s complete list with ingredients: purified water, chamomile water*, apricot kernel oil*, corn-based emulsifier, jojoba oil*, rosehip oil*, thistle oil*, shea butter*, vegetable glycerine*, natural vitamin e, chamomile extract*, rosehip seed extract, corn extract, manuka oil*, rosemary antioxidant*, lavender oil*, rose geranium oil*, basil extract, natural lactic acid (from sugar beet)

Green makeup loves All Pai products are FREE from nasty and irritating chemicals including: alcohol, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde (including sodium hydroxymethylglycinate), parabens (including japanese honeysuckle), phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate.

For all of you who want a few but organic best-of-ingredients skin care products, Pai is the exact answer!

The organic pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser review

The organic pharmacy

In organic skin care routine there are different types of face cleansers. Some of them are special organic oil based butters that after the application have to be removed with a damp cotton cloth. The Organic pharmacy’s carrot butter cleanser is one of these butters and also one of their best sellers. I’ve tried for the first time this special product a couple of years ago, when I did my first organic facial. I was completely fascinated by the product and by the new technique of removing make-up and cleaning the face.

This cleanser is not like a usual face cleansing milk or gel product. Its consistency is greasy, it is literally a butter. The best thing is that even though is a butter it does not make the skin greasy or oily, thanks to the hyper beneficial list of ingredients. Carrot as a potent antioxidant rich in vitamin A and beta carotene protects the skin from free radical damage. Marigold (calendula) is a treasure of benefits: soothes the skin and speed up wound-healing because of its antiseptic properties, and helps in cell renewal. St. John’s Wort, lavender and chamomile calm the skin, while rosemary is an antioxidant and provides an excellent cleansing because of its oil decongesting, stimulating properties. I love the pleasant and natural smell of this butter. It is packed in a plastic 70ml jar and is very easy to use and apply. It is suitable for all skin types and especially good for removing make-up, even waterproof products. However, you have to follow this routine:

– First, take a small amount of product (suggest to use the spatula) in a size of a peanut and apply it on dry face. Let the product on the skin for a few seconds to dissolve the make-up. I like to massage the product, in order to remove dirt and makeup.

– Then, take the muslin cloth from organic cotton immersed in hot water (not too hot!) and remove the makeup from the face. If there is still makeup on your face repeat the precedent step while washing again the cloth. This process not only removes dirt from the skin, but also allows the beneficial ingredients to penetrate in the skin. The result is a gorgeous and radiant skin, without any impurities left on.

– You can follow with a nice herbal toner in the evening. Add a moisturizing cream in the morning.

NOTE  Keep your cotton cloth clean regularly, so that you won’t put on your face bacterias with a dirty cloth. The routine may be a little bit different from the usual one, but it’s absolutely worth.

Super clean list with ingredients used in this product:
Rosemary (Rosamarium Officinale) , Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), St Johns Wort (Hypericum Perforatum), Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annus) , Vitamin E (Tochopherol) , Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera) , Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao), Beeswax (Cera Alba), Carrot (Daucus Carrota) , Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis), Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis), Lavender (Lavandula Officinalis), Marigold (Calendula Officinalis), Sesame Seed Oil (Sesamum Indicum)

Cold-pressed oils: Sesame oil


My journey of discovering sesame oil started long time ago, when I was exploring Asiatic tastes of Chinese kitchen. Then I was fascinated again by it, when I went to an Ayurvedic yoga massage. The masseuse used for the massage a mix of cold-pressed sesame oil and calamus powder from the indian herb Acorus Calamus. This mix is very good for the entire body and spirit, but especially for detoxifying, stimulating the blood circulation and for relaxing the muscles. However, the sesame oil provides a smooth and moisturized skin. After the massage I felt really good and relaxed.

Benefits of sesame oil are known for thousands of years. It is mentioned in the Indian Vedas and used as well in the Indian Ayurvedic medicine as an oil with many healing properties. In Asia the sesame oil is an essential ingredient for cooking.

The sesame oil is made from sesame seeds. We know at least 2 types of sesame: black sesame (the one sprinkled around the sushi) and the pale yellow sesame, that you find mostly on top of breads and other baked products. There are many varieties of sesame oil, however not everyone is the best for eating and for the skin. The cold-pressed sesame oil is of a pale yellow color and it has preserved a number of good qualities, because it is produced from raw sesame seeds. You can use the cold-pressed sesame oil for inside (in the kitchen) and for outside (for your beauty regimen). Don’t mess the cold-pressed oil with the dark sesame oil, which is not made from black sesame, but it is made from roasted sesame seeds. The dark sesame oil is commonly used for cooking in the East Asian countries and its flavor and beneficial properties are not so praised as those from the cold-pressed oil, because the heat damages all their health-giving polyunsaturated fats.

Beneficial properties of sesame seed oil

– sesame is rich in calcium

–  it has a high percentage of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is unique because stable at room temperature, thanks to its two naturally occurring preservatives: sesamol and sesamin.)

– there are many studies about sesame oil that show improvements of many chronic diseases (high blood pressure,high cholesterol, diabetes, migraines…)

– as many cold-pressed oils, even sesame oil is a potent antioxidant with high levels of vitamin E , acting on a cellular level. It provides essential nourishment to the cells and it acts as a cell growth regulator

– it is naturally antibacterial, antiviral and it is a natural anti inflammatory agent

– many people use the sesame oil for curing chronic sinusitis and for killing throat bacteria

– some sources claim that it acts also as a UV sun protector

– people with skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema find sesame oil very curative

– applied on skin, it calms the burns. It also nourishes the skin, especially when exposed to hard weather conditions

– it kills bacteria and help to regenerate scalp problems, even when there are dandruff problems

– when applied to the skin, it helps your skin regaining softness and nourishment

In cosmetics you can use the sesame oil as a basic oil for massage. Try it even on damp skin after the shower or mix it with some organic sugar to get a gentle body scrub. Your skin will be soft and nourished. It can be applied on face skin, too. Sesame oil is especially recommended for protecting the tender baby skin or treating the young problematic skin. As many teenagers wrongly think that oils are not appropriate for their skin, this is not the case for cold-pressed oils. Especially the sesame seed oil helps to control spot eruptions and neutralizes the toxins, developed on the surface of the skin and in the pores, because of its antimicrobial properties.

For concluding, there are many legends that narrate stories about sesame seed. There is an Assyrian legend which says that when the gods met to create the earth, they drank the wine made from sesame seeds. According to Hindu legends and beliefs, sesame seed is the symbol of immortality and the sesame oil is considered one of the best oils. It is used even in celebrations, offerings, rituals and prayers.

International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (abbreviated INCI ingredient on cosmetic products): SESAMUM INDICUM (SESAME) SEED OIL

Lavera My age skin care review

lavera skincare

In my previous post I have explained the beneficial properties and the clues to maintain or regain your youth and beauty from within. In this post, I’d like to show you a carefully selected cosmetics that will help your skin to do receive the best from the nature and to restore itself in a natural way. Our skin is not just our largest organ, but it also has, like all our organs, the ability to self-regeneration. We can just help it in a natural and  gentle way.

Taking right care of skin is extremely important. In the morning and at night, before going to sleep, clean your face with a gentle cleanser and refresh it with a gentle organic herbal toner. If you wear make-up, this is obligatory. Doing this way your skin will be clean, refreshed, it will breathe and regenerate itself.

When crossing your 30’s, I’d suggest you to start using a good organic skin care collection that will help your skin to regenerate and thus help with the signs of aging. Imagine, which benefits you will get out from artificial products and which you will get from the natural ones?

When we put chemicals in our blood system (through skin), every cell of our body has to work even more to get out all that is not beneficial for the body. “Garbage in, garbage out” is the simple principle.

It has been a few months that I’ve been testing some products from the last Lavera collection called My age. My favorite products are definitely the Lifting serum and the eye cream. Besides, I have tested also the day and the night cream. Even though, at night I don’t wear night cream anymore. I allow my skin to breathe and restore naturally.


Concentrated lifting serum

It comes in a 25ml bottle with a pipette. Because of its effectiveness, 1-2 drops are enough to make your face glow again. Karanja oil and organic white tea from fair trade are the key ingredients of this serum and of the entire My age collection. Other beneficial ingredients are also aloe vera leaf juice, extracts of organic apricot and mango. The serum is quite yellow and smooth at the touch. It has a fresh and natural scent, without any artificial aromas. The serum can be applied under the cream and NOT in the area around the eyes. When applied to the skin, it gives you an immediate sensation of freshness and radiance.

Lavera My age


Intensive eye cream

In Lavera’s My age collection there is another around eye area treatment: a roll-on gel, that I haven’t try, but that is more appropriate for cooling and refreshing the skin, especially if tired and puffy. I have decided to use the Intensive eye cream, because I need to moisturize my under eye area. The difference in comparison with the eye roll-on gel is in the consistency of the cream, that is richer and provides moisture. But in comparison with some other eye creams this one is quite light and it gives you the feeling of a slight lifting. If you search for a rich oily consistency this cream is not the right for you. Among white tea and karanja oil, there are also natural caffeine and bamboo extracts. It comes in a 15ml tube.


Restoring day cream and Regenerating night cream

Both day and night cream come in a 30ml bottle with pump, which I really like, especially because of hygienic reasons. Both creams base on white tea and karanja oil, two ingredients that provide moisture to the skin. Lavera also claims that the cream naturally and lightly protects the skin from UV rays. Organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil and organic shea butter care for your skin to look firmer and well moisturized. The cream has a light texture with a light natural smell.

The entire collection is vegan approved and is made with organic plant fluids from their own production. It has the NaTrue 2 Stars certification: Natural Cosmetics with organic portion.

If you search for an organic skin care with reasonable prices (and for the age over 30), that would help your skin to regenerate in a natural way, this skin care line will be a good choice. If you have already tried it, I’d be glad to hear your experiences.

Freshly made: My must-have skin care butter

home-made natural cosmetics

It’s been more than a month since I’ve prepared this delicious butter for my skin. I didn’t know how was going to smell, but at the end, I was very satisfied with the result. I created a smooth and delicious milky chocolate smelling butter that you can apply on face or body. The recipe is very very easy, because I wanted a simple nourishing balm for dry skin.

You will need:

5 teaspoons of organic virgin coconut oil
3 teaspoons of shea butter
5 drops of organic vanilla essence

This is the recipe for a small jar of 50g, but you can increase the amount of ingredients, if you want to make a bigger quantity. Melt together the shea butter and coconut oil with a double boiler method (bain Marie) until you get a liquid consistency. Then add the vanilla essence and stir well. Put the liquid into a clean jar and leave aside until cold.

You can use it instead of your lip balm, as a body butter and even on your face, especially if dry skin.

Green makeup tip I use it even on top of cheekbones as a highlighter for a sheer and dewy look.


Did you know?

Health benefits of vanilla essential oil can be attributed to its properties like: anti oxidant, aphrodisiac, anti carcinogenic, febrifuge (reduces fever by fighting infections), antidepressant, sedative and relaxing. But beware to choose real vanilla strokes in your kitchen or an organic vanilla essential oil.

Ikove organic skin care (even for chocoholics)

ikove cosmetics

Finally, on my blog there is room even for skin care products! Preparing carefully the skin with the best and safest products is an essential process before applying the makeup.
In this post I present you Ikove , a nice organic skin care brand that I know and use for years. I like it very much because of the carefully selected ingredients with highly effective properties. A gorgeous cocktail of organic ingredients with amazing chocolate smell and results!

Ikove Açai age-resisting serum (30ml)

I adore this serum because of its light consistency, organic ingredients with antioxidants effects and its natural pleasant smell of fruits mixed with cocoa. The serum can be used on the face on its own or applied under the cream. In summer days I prefer to wear it alone. Because of so many beneficial ingredients the skin is nourished in a natural way and protected against outside free radicals that cause aging and damage the skin. This mix includes some of the best ingredients such as:

Açai berries from the Amazonian palm tree, contain a high concentration of proteins with essential amino acids, antioxidants, omega fatty acids and trace minerals. Because of the synergy between these precious ingredients, the açai berries play an important role in lipid metabolism and in the skin renewing process.

Brazil nut oil is rich in oleic acids and vitamins. It protects and nourishes the skin tissue, preventing it from drying out. The skin becomes softer and gentler to the touch.

Babaçu oil native people call the babaçu tree also the tree of life, because each part of it is useful. From the core of the babaçu tree it derives the babaçu oil, precious in high percent of lipids and fatty acids that gives excellent moisturizing properties.

Rosehip oil a precious and prized ingredient intended for beauty purposes and for treating various skin lesions since ancient times. Its benefits are many: works as an excellent astringent, it renews, rejuvenates, smooths and moisturizes the skin.

Orange it works as a mild astringent because it shrinks blood vessels and tighten pores. It is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which removes the dead skin cells and promotes the restoration of the upper layers of the skin. After its application, the skin is smoother and more elastic.

Lavender is a natural antibiotic: antiseptic, calming and relaxing.

Chamomile calms and soften the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Mandarine has a soothing, relaxing and invigorating effect on the skin.

Here is also the complete list with ingredients: Bertholletia Excelsea (Brazil Nut) Seed Oil*, Rosa Aff. Rubiginosa (Rosehip) Oil*, Orbignya Oleifera (Babaçu) Seed Oil*, Euterpa Oleracea (Açaí) Fruit Extract*, Chamomilla Recutita Extract*, Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail) Extract*, Calendula Officinalis Extract*, Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender) Extract*, Vegetable Glycerin, Bisobolol Oil, Citrus Reticulata (Manderin) Oil*, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Sweet Orange) Oil*, Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender) Oil.
* Organically grown (98%)
The product is also suitable for vegans.


Ikove Açai chocolate radiance moisturizing cream (50ml)

My skin is thankful to this rich and nourishing cream, but at the same time it has a light consistency. It’s an excellent day moisturizer and make-up base. It can be worn alone or applied after the serum for a better nourishment. I love its light pleasant smell that reminds me of chocolate with orange. Its powerful properties help to reduce the signs of damaged skin (pollution, stress,…). On my normal-dry skin I use the combination of both serum & cream when I feel my skin needs a boost of vitamins and moisture. However, even if using the cream alone, the results are visible quickly. The skin feels smooth, moisturized and radiant in a completely natural way, without any unnecessary toxic chemicals. I recommend it for every skin type. I just wouldn’t use it, if the skin is very oily. The top ingredients in this nice cream are açai berries, babaçu, lavender, chamomile, orange and mandarine as in the serum.

Additional beneficial ingredients are also:

Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa bean and is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. Cocoa butter helps to improve the appearance of the skin by increasing the hydration and supporting the defense against UV damage. It also prevents the skin of aging, because of vitamins that work as antioxidants.

Murumuru butter is rich in oleic acids and thus nurture and hydrate the skin.

Cupuaçu butter is an Amazonian plant extract composed of balanced saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. It is an excellent product used for stabilizing the emulsions. It aids the skin (especially dry) to naturally recover the humidity and elasticity. It is also classified as a light sunscreen.

Here is the complete list with ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Aqua, Orbignya Oleifera (Babaçu) Seed Oil*, Theobroma Cacao L. (Cocoa) Butter**, Euterpa Oleracea (Açaí) Fruit Extract*, Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail) Extract*, Calendula Officinalis Extract*, Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender) Extract*, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract*, Bertholletia Excelsea (Brazil Nut) Seed Oil*, Chamomilla Recutita Extract*, Astrocaryum Murumuru Kernel Butter*, Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuaçu) Seed Butter*, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Leaf Wax,* Vegetable Glycerin, Bisobolol Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Sweet Orange) Oil*, Citrus Reticulata (Manderin) Oil*, Xanthan Gum, Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender) Oil, Theobroma Cacao L. (Cocoa) liquor**
* Organically grown (97%)
The product is also suitable for vegans.

Both products have the USDA organic certificate, Ecocert and Fair trade certificate.
In my skin care routine, I also use other Ikove products among which the cleansing milk and toner, that have both safe ingredients and leave the skin radiant and cleansed.

Cold-pressed oils: Rice bran oil

rice bran oil

As my bottle of rice bran oil is almost at the end, I realized that it’s time to write my new series of posts about oils, that I’m so in love with! I was always fascinated about the Japanese culture and their beauty rituals, so I decided to try a new make-up remover: the rice bran oil, cold-pressed* of course! The results are excellent and I suggest you to try it! You can use it on every skin type for your face, body and also hair. You should also know that rice bran oil is most frequently used in cooking thanks to its beneficial properties. Try to make a difference and taste this great oil on your salads and other dishes, especially if you like mild aromas.

A few notes about rice bran oil:

– Rice bran oil (Oryza saliva) is made from the bran of a rice kernel

– Traditionally used in Japan and other Asian countries where rice is the staple food

– Rice Bran Oil is high in fatty acids

– It has anti-aging properties because it’s a natural antioxidant, rich with vitamin E

– Contains squalene, which is thought to help support the collagen within the skin

– It provides a small degree of sun protection

– It’s an excellent skin enhancer, suitable especially for baby skin and mature, delicate or sensitive skin

– It can be used to cleanse and purify the skin or as a hair conditioner


The reason why I like the rice bran oil is its light and non-greasy texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. At the same time it makes your skin soft, moisturized and nourished. It has a light yellow color and a mild natural aroma, almost odorless. I use it as a makeup remover or body massage oil (one of the best carrier oils). Except rice bran oil for cooking, I haven’t found many options for cosmetic use. I have tried Akamuti Rice Bran Japanese Beauty Oil, which is a cold pressed oil meant to use for cosmetic purposes in a 150ml glass bottle.



Did you know?

– Rice bran oil is used in lipsticks and finger nail polish since it holds the stick well and has a smooth spreadability.

– For a long time, there has been a tradition in Japan that women rub rice bran in or put rice bran oil on their face to keep their skin smooth. These women, having smooth and shiny skin, are called “Nuka-Bijin” “Bran Beauty” in English.

– Rice Bran Oil has a long and successful history in Japan as a base for soaps and skin creams.

– Rice bran oil is purported to reverse the effect of aging by slowing the formation of facial wrinkles thanks to rice bran oil’s rich concentration of vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol.

– The oryzanol in rice bran oil impedes the progress of melanin pigmentation and is effective in keeping skin smooth.

– Rice bran oil reduces the harmful cholesterol (LDL) without reducing good cholesterol (HDL).

(source Copperwiki)

What is a cold-pressed oil? Read a short but meaningful explanation on this link.

In conclusion, I invite you to start using different cold-pressed oils from inside out, in your kitchen and your beauty routine. Your body will notice the difference! Nowadays, the importance of choosing the right oil, is an essential step towards our healthy life. I will keep you updated with a series of my favorite oils in my beauty and cooking rituals 🙂        

International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (abbreviated INCI ingredient on cosmetic products): ORYZA SATIVA (RICE) BRAN OIL


(top photo: Dreamstime.com)

Clay – a precious gift from nature

bolus clay

Before putting any makeup on your face, it is essential to take care of your skin with a good cleansing routine. I recommend you to include in your skin care ritual a natural clay mask that will deeply clean your skin.

I’d like to tell you some interesting facts about clay. Clay is very well-known in beauty routine since ancient times. You should know that not every clay is good for your skin. Choose an organic clay, excavated in ecologically clean area, with no industry around. The process of clay preparation has to be manual, with special knowledge and tools. The clay destined for medicinal purposes, ingestion and cosmetic masks is distinguished by the quality of the layers in the excavating pit. Nowadays, clay comes from all over the world and it is known especially for its healing and purifying properties. Clay exists in different colors: red, green, brown, grey, pink, yellow or white color. Each type has its own properties.

Clay is a natural mixture composed primarily of fine-grained minerals. The most interesting fact is that clay is one of the most complicated substances in nature, in which, despite the researches, much remains a mystery. Its smallest particles are so insignificant that can not be seen even under a microscope.

Beneficial properties of clay

extremly high absorbent power (Therefore, always discard the used clay, because it accumulates damaging substances from the body.)

antiseptic and antibacterial properties

absorbs dirt, oil and other toxins from the skin surface

clay acts selectively, prevents microorganism growth and stimulates the regeneration of healthy cells

it purifies and renew the body, if you drink it for detoxification (when used internally)*

clay attracts toxins from the body and it heals where needed (when used internally)*

stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph

removes dead skin cells

You can use the clay mask on every skin, especially good is for acne and oily skin. When you put on the face a clay mask, pay attention to the time and also note the instructions of each manufacturer. Here, I provide the instructions for grey clay, which is one of the best for healing:

Sensitive skin: 3-5 minutes

Normal and dry skin: 10 minutes

Oily and acne skin: 15 minutes

Most often, clay mask is in form of dust and thus you have to mix it with water or flower water to get a creamy mixture. Always apply a thin layer of mask to a clean face. Wait until the clay begins to dry on your face or starts to feel warm. Then, rinse with warm water. Continue with a flower water or tonic appropriate for your skin and a moisturizing organic cream. Don’t exaggerate with many applications; make a clay mask once or twice per week.

NOTE Don’t be afraid if your skin becomes red or warm. This is a sign that the blood circulation is stimulated and that the skin is detoxifying itself. Don’t apply the mask around eyes and lips.

My favorite clay mask is one that I discovered recently and it comes from my country. BOLUS is a Slovenian clay manufacturer, who produces not just clay for masks, but also for medical purposes and ingestion. And it’s the only one that I encountered with the complete service: for inside and outside use. Bolus mask is already prepared to apply on the skin. You don’t need to mix it with water. It’s excellent also as a quick peeling, or as a treatment when applied on red spots or acne. Let the mask dry and in 10-15 minutes rinse down with water.

There are many other good and safe clay masks on the market that I’ve already used and still like: Akamuti green clay mask, 100% pure purifying seaweed facial mask, The organic pharmacy seaweed mask, Dr. Hauschka cleansing clay mask.

VERY IMPORTANT  NOT every clay is good for ingestion! If a clay is good for mask, does not mean, you can ingest it. The only clay that I suggest for ingestion and that I also use, is the clay from the Slovenian manufacturer Bolus. Their clay is a unique clay, prepared specifically as a special product for ingestion and detoxification.

The must-have duo for the eyes

100% pure organic eye cream and fruit pigmented mascara

I use these two products quite a long time and I want to present them. I think they’re a must-have, especially the eye cream for those who have problems with dark circles around the eyes.
100% pure is an amazing brand that produces really pure and safe cosmetics. They use pigments from fruits to color their products, green tea as a preservative, soy ink for labels print and last but not least: first quality organic ingredients. Later, I want to show you their labels with ingredients to make you understand the difference between other non safe labels.


100% pure organic coffee bean caffeine eye cream

100percent pure cosmetics

I’ve been using this eye cream for about 2 years and till now I haven’t found a better organic eye cream for me. Their skin care range include also other eye creams that are excellent, but if your problem are dark circles and dry skin around the eyes, this cream is the answer. In the past when I still haven’t used organic cosmetic, I have tried many creams and gels, but the first really visible result was with this cream. When applied on the skin is very hydrating, but not greasy, with a light texture, which is very good, cause the skin around the eye area is very thin and sensitive. It smells incredibly good, a vanilla scent I’d say. And above all, it reduces dark circles and puffiness thanks to caffeine and green tea that increase the blood circulation. The anti-age effect is provided with vitamins, antioxidants, and nourishing rosehip oil to make your skin firmer and nourished. The results are visible in a few days. And there is more – I love the package, a 29ml glass bottle. Yes, 29ml, you’ve heard it well! I am always very disappointed cause usually eye creams come in a 15ml tube. But this one lasts up to 6 months, if you apply it in the morning and in the evening. And the expiring date is 6 months ’till you open it, because of natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Organic Calendula Hydrosol, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Green Coffee Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Extracts of Coffee Cherry, Organic Rosemary, Organic Oregano, Organic Thyme, Organic Grapefruit Seed and Organic Goldenseal, Organic Vanilla Absolute, Candelilla Wax


Green makeup tip  This eye cream is also excellent for prepping the skin before makeup. When applying the cream around the eyes, do it with a gentle massage in a circular motion. You need a small amount of cream. Start from the under the eye and extend it from inside out towards the upper lid. Be careful not to put the cream in the eyes or in the tear drop. With gentle circular massage you improve the blood circulation and consequently reduce any puffiness.


100% pure fruit pigmented mascara

100 percent pure cosmetics

I know, you will think that’s again a natural and probably invisible mascara. Well, that’s the same I thought after trying some natural mascaras that were invisible or sticky because of too much sugar. 100% pure fruit pigmented mascara is an exception. I have put this brand between my favorites not just because of safe organic ingredients but also because of their quality of each product. They have a collection of 4 colored mascaras and two different sizes: one mini mascara: ideal for travel or for your bag. And the other one is a classic size of mascara. The colors are just incredible: Black Tea(black), Dark Chocolate(brown), Blackberry (purple), Blueberry (deep blue). I use the brown and the black; the intensity of color pigmentation is really good. In general, the mascara has a lengthening effect, it separates lashes very well, with no clumping or smudging. It’s also easy to remove. Many good ingredients like oat and wheat proteins and provitamin B5 make your lashes soft and nourished. I have added a picture of the mascara wand which is very clean, with well separated fibers, which I look the first when choosing a mascara.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Honey Beeswax, Contains All or some of the following Pigments: Blackberry, Blueberry, Black Tea, Grape Skin, Pomegranate, Acai Berry, Boysenberry, Blackcurrant and Raspberry, Oat Protein, Wheat Protein, Provitamin B5, Seaweed Powder, Coconut Stearic acid, Mica (for shimmer in the Blackberry and Blueberry), Cocoa Butter, Pearl Powder, Rice Powder, Cacao Powder and Powdered Coffee Beans, Lavender Honey, Extracts of Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender and Golden Seal


Green makeup tip This mascara is more lengthening and defining and a little less volumizing, but applied in a zig-zag motion and with 2 coats it does really a good job. In every case I recommend to curl the lashes with the eyelash curler before applying mascara.


All  100% pure products are made with safe and high quality organic ingredients, are suitable for vegetarians and their labels are printed with soy ink.

Have you ever tried any of 100% pure products? What do you think?

Freshly made: Nourishing lip balm with beeswax

lip balm

Today I made another version of my organic home-made lip balm. I just got a big piece of organic beeswax and so I wanted to try also this version that is even more nourishing. I am really satisfied with my new lip balm and I think I will continue to do it at home since now. I created a natural and a tinted one. It smells so good and natural, that you want to eat it 🙂

Basically, to make a lip balm at home, you need good certified organic oils and if you want aroma, add a drop of essential oil that you like. This time I wanted a natural lip balm without any smell and with a lot of nourishment for winter days.

I’ve prepared it in a small jar, which was immersed in hot water (not boiling) in another pan. First, I’ve put in the jar 2 spoons of organic cold pressed coconut virgin oil. Then, I added a few small pieces of beeswax and a tea spoon of organic honey. I stirred everything with a spoon until it all melted together. Always use more oil than beeswax, cause the oil will give the softness and oily effect on the lips. Too much beeswax makes the balm too dry and rigid. In the tinted version, I’ve added a pinch of mineral blush in a beige shade for a natural nude effect.

When the balm gets fluid, pour it quickly in small jars where it will dry.

hand-made natural cosmetics

In short, you need:

organic pure beeswax (I got it from my local beekeeper where I purchase honey)

organic virgin coconut oil (I like the one with coconut smell)

organic honey

mineral blush (optional)

 I’d also like to let you know a few facts concerning these amazing ingredients that are in my lip balm:


– is used since ancient times

– works well in cosmetic products because of “wax esthers” that exist in both beeswax and human skin

– is a natural hydrating ingredient that increases essential moisture in skin

– safe for sensitive skin and does not provoke allergic reactions

– does not clog pores

–  healing, softening, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties

– contains vitamin A

– an excellent emollient and support for moisturizers

– compatible with many cosmetic ingredients

Did you know? One pound of wax requires the bees to consume about ten pounds of honey!

(learn more at Botanical.com)



– antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothing properties

– used for many purposes: cooking, skin care, hair care, massage, healing …

– helps in preventing premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its antioxidant properties

– is excellent massage oil for the skin because it acts as an effective moisturizer

– very good for the entire immune system

– is a safe solution for preventing dryness and flaking of skin

– helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections

(learn more at Organicfacts.net)

Have fun in creating your own lip balms and let me know about if you want 🙂

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