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Pai skincare Rosehip set

Pamper your skin!

Pai skincare

A reader of my blog emailed me a question about rosehip oil, that’s why I was inspired to research more this topic. Among the huge offer of products on the market, I decided to try this lovely set from Pai skincare that I feel is a great choice when looking for beneficial properties from rose hip oil.

Some beneficial properties of rosehip oil

I was attracted by Pai Rose hip oil because they have a special technique of extracting the oil. “Volcanically sourced CO2 is used to gently extract the oils while preserving the complete properties of the plant.” they say at Pai. They use the Andean Rosehip oil because is renowned for its skin healing properties; High concentrations of Pro-Vitamin A, Carotenoids and Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 work together to restore the appearance of damaged skin. Concentrated Gamma Linolenic Acid restores softness and suppleness. 

Rosehip oil is known for treating your skin so that it deeply hydrates it. It is great against ageing because vitamin C antioxidants stimulate collagen production, while vitamin A improves the skin’s moisture and reduces fine lines. Many sources claim that rose hip oil can help reduce scarring and improve skin texture and tone, too.


Pai skincare rosehip oil

Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

This deep orange elixir is the rosehip oil that I simply love! It has a special, quite strong scent and I use it a few drops every night on clean face, after my toner. It is extremely nourishing and beneficial for my dry skin. Especially now in colder days it was a perfect elixir to include in my beauty routine. At first I noticed that my skin was a little bit flakey (not dry) and then I realised that it has started to renew itself quickly and removing dead cells. After some regular use it became normal, radiant again. This oil comes in a 30ml glass bottle and I really like that it was included in this nice set!


Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask

Pai skincare set

This face mask was my saviour in winter days for dry skin! I applied it even more than 3 times a week, followed by the Rose hip oil. I love it because it has a dense and creamy, yellow texture that really nourishes and hydrates skin. I recommend it for dry skin. It comes in a 75ml tube which is very handy. This set also includes a soft muslin cloth that is meant to use to remove the mask. Leave the mask on cleansed face for about 8-10 minutes and after use the cloth soaked in warm water to properly remove the mask. Later moisturise the skin with the oil by gently massage it into the skin. I suggest to use all the products from the set together, especially if you need a boost to regenerate and pamper your skin.

Note: Store especially the oil in a cool, dark location to prevent rancidity.


Do you like Pai skincare products? Do you use any kind of rose hip oil? Let me know your experiences!


Special Thanks to Boris Gorjan for the photos!

Suti – the glorious duo for your skin


suti skincare

You have heard a lot about Suti skincare here on my blog and I wanted to add some new reviews to my existing love for this fabulous organic brand handcrafted in England. If you are interested more in details about how they distinguish from other brands, feel free to browse in my previous articles and reviews. This time I will focus on two of their products that I have tested recently.


Suti skincare CLEANSE Facial Cleansing Balm

suti skincare

Cleanse balm is intented to clense your face from impurities or to remove your make-up in a gentle but thorough way. At Suti the purest list with ingredients is not “enough”, they have perfected their beauty concept with healing properties from Reiki, flower essences and moon cycles which is felt in their products.

This balm has a delicate scent of oils and you need just a small nut size of it to cleanse the face. You can help yourself with the muslin cloth that is included in the package. This type of product is typical for the facial cleansing routine with organic products; you apply the oily balm on the face with massaging it and then you remove it with a damp cloth soaked in warm water. I like that they have added also a plastic spatula so that you don’t need to put your fingers directly in the jar. After the cleansing the skin remains soft and silky. You can follow with their fantastic Rose or Peppermint toner and later with the appropriate oil for day or night. The balm is packed in a nice 50ml jar.

Energetic Intention: Purification, for release and renewal
To Cleanse and Purify is to make small changes to our lives. To be aware of our own rhythms and cycles. To clean out the old and bring in the new.

List with ingredients: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Seed Butter, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil*, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil*, Cera Alba (Unrefined Beeswax)*, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*, Limonene**, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil*, Citrus Reticula (Mandarin) Oil*, Tocopherol, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil*, Pelargonium X Graveolens (Geranium) Flower Oil*, Linalool**, Geraniol**, Citronellol**

* Certified Organic
** Naturally occurring in essential oils.


Suti Skincare REJUVENATE Face Oil for Day 30ml

suti oil

Now that I have tried all Suti organic oils I can say that I adore them both! The Rejuvenate oil is designed for day use and is packed in a 30ml glass bottle with dropper. It has a more intense scent compared to the night oil. I felt quite a lot of frankincense, which is an oil for women. But it’s loaded also with other luxurious oils like Rosehip Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Argan Oil, Sandalwood and Neroli. I especially like how they have explained the concept even on an energetic level. This oil for instance is described with an Energetic Intention: Calming.

Taking you to your core and deepening the breath – calming and stabilising the Mind, Body and Spirit. Embrace the energy for renewal and regeneration on all levels. Reflecting the combined energy of these beautiful oils – their ability to renew, regenerate, calm, connecting us to the rhythms of life and our source on a daily basis allowing change and transformation.

List with ingredients: Rosa Rubiginosa (Rosehip) Seed Oil*, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil*, Argania (Argan) Spinosa Kernel Oil*, Limonene**, Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Peel Oil*, Tocopherol, Santalum Austrocalendonicum (Sandalwood) Wood Oil, Boswelia Carterii (Frankincense)*, Citrus Aurantium Bigaradia (Orange) Flower Oil*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Extract*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil*, Linalool**, Geraniol**, Citral**

* Certified Organic
** Naturally occurring in essential oils

I like to put just a few drops of this precious oil and massage it deeply into my skin. And apart the product itself, all Suti products have an incredible influence on my wellbeing with their scent too! Another time Suti has mesmerised me completely with their uniqueness, quality, beauty and so it’s again on my top list of favourite beauty elixirs!

Have you tried any of Suti products? Let me know more about your experience…

Natural skincare for eczema and psoriasis

Salcura natural skin therapy for problematic skin

Right on my birthday in December I received an email that I’d almost overlook, if it wouldn’t mention natural remedies and different skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. When I came to live in a big city with lots of pollution I started to notice some unpleasant skin conditions like eczema and mild psoriasis on my scalp and forehead that didn’t stop although taking care on different levels like healthy eating, drinking water, thorough skin care,…So you might understand that the email caught my attention. I gave a look at the website and decided to keep the contact and get more information about the brand.


Review of Salcura shampoo and conditioner

salcura shampoo

These 2 products really helped to change my scalp condition! I had problems with dry and flakey skin on my scalp in the front part of the head, that started to expand even on my forehead. On the forehead it sometimes turned into red, thankfully without itching. But as you can imagine, it didn’t look pleasant and I couldn’t wear any foundation on the forehead neither because it looked bad and I wanted my skin to repair. When I tried these 2 hair products for the first time they gave a real relief to my scalp. Usually, although using other organic shampoos, my scalp was dry and red after washing the hair. After using the shampoo and the conditioner I immediately saw the difference, at least my skin didn’t turn red and was less flakey. Not to mention that the conditioner is awesome, you can comb the hair so easy after!

Regarding ingredients, it does not contain any SLS, parabens, perfumes, colourings. It has a delicate scent; a mix of herbal extracts and natural oils. It has a dense, yellow texture, almost oily. What I like is that both shampoo and conditioner contain Sea Buckthorn berries and Starflower essential oil. The first contains Omega’s 3, 6, 7 & 9 and the second, called also Borage oil is rich in the fatty acid Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). Argan Oil is added to moisturise and protect. These ingredients, in partnership with other natural vitamins, minerals and oils are specially blended to promote skin cell tissue regeneration and moisturisation.


Salcura DermaSerum and Zeoderm moisturizer

salcura skincare

Since at that time my skin was becoming very flakey and irritated even on the forehead, I decided to give a try to this 2 step treatment in form of cream. They really helped me a lot to reduce the flakey skin condition and calm the redness. especially important for me was that I can put something light in texture that wouldn’t be harsh. There are 2 steps with this treatment; the first is called DermaSerum and it is a light serum texture that is applied as a first step. I find it very useful to apply on scalp too. There the effect was evident immediately. This serum has a light scent, where I mostly note tea tree and eucalyptus scent. It feels refreshing and somehow disinfective too. It contains mainly vegetable oils from: Sunflower, Safflower, Grape Vine, Sea Buckthorn, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Orange, Lavender, Olive, Almond Camphor Tree Leaf Oil, Rosemary and Peppermint Oil along with aloe vera.

The second step is the Zeoderm moisturizer that I needed for additional moisturising. This cream that comes in a 50ml tube, has a denser and more rich texture and it really helps the skin to renew itself. I found it great combined with the serum, that goes applied before the cream. These 2 steps help the skin to renew itself quicker. This cream contains a special ingredient Natural zeolite which forms where volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater and is used to bind and eliminate skin toxins. It’s extremely beneficial for damaged; dry, inflamed and irritated skin cells and connective tissue. I applied the cream a few times per day in the beginning and less and less later. Of course the skin needs its time to renew and so the results are visible gradually, but effectively. I still have both creams and if needed I’ll apply them on the skin if it’d react, but I don’t see the need to do it now since the skin condition has improved in 2 moths now. I have used it in December and January.


Stretch Mark Therapy Cream and Oil

salcura stretch mark therapy

Although I don’t have any stretch marks, they were very kind to send me also these 2 products; Salcura Gotu Kola & Wild Rose Stretch Mark Oil and Salcura Rose hip & Green bean Stretch mark cream. I like very much the consistency of both products; very light in texture and with almost no scent. The body oil is dry and it absorbs incredibly quick while massaging it into the skin. After I use the cream which is very light too there is at first some white texture but then it soon disappears with massaging it. Salcura claims the hero ingredients in the oil are Elestan (Manilkara Multinervis Leaf Extract) which helps to reduce the visibility of stretch marks, Wild Rose that quenches dry skin and Gotu Kola improves wound healing. I cannot give a full opinion here, because I don’t have stretch marks, but I found those 2 products pleasant and very tonifying on the skin.

Travel beauty solutions

travel beauty sets dr.hauschka, Nourish skincare set, MPicaut skincare

It’s full summer and between one and other trip or being just few days away, we always love to travel light. Thankfully when we need skincare products on the go and avoid all that huge bottles, there are now many nice solutions even on the green market. Here are a few choices among many that I’ve selected for you.

travel skincare samples

Dr.Hauschka skincare

This brand will never cease me to impress, I simply adore it! Among the wide offer of products and one of the best organic and holistic treatments, they also have in their shops 2 types of samples: those small 1,5ml that you get for free (in sachets) and bigger ones of 5ml in small tubes or glass bottles (for body oils) that you can buy in their store and select among all products. Yes, they have all the products even in mini sizes sold separately. They also have their well-known travel kits, which include these same sizes of selected products depending on dry or oily skin type. Plus travel size body sets. I always bring with me their body lotions in small sizes, I adore the lavender one not only because of the scent but also because they are all very nourishing. Their 10ml glass bottle of Dr.Hauschka Blackthorn Toning body oil is great too so that you don’t need to carry with you the full bottle. The Dr.Hauschka soothing mask for the face is one of my favourites to calm redness and you can have it for 2-3 times at least. The same goes to any face cream; my choice is Dr.Hauschka Rose day cream which is a fragrant and nourishing solution for dryer skin types. And last but not least I emphasise the super-practical Dr.Hauschka Pen nail stick with neem oil for repairing and nourishing your cuticles and nails. It’s not a sample product, but it’s a great solution to take care of your nails everywhere. It also includes 3 additional new sticks to change.

Organic glam nail polish, Dr.Hauschka Pen stick with neem oil

When talking about nails I couldn’t not mention Organic glam nail polishes that I first tried a few months ago and that surprised me a lot! Not only that they have beautiful and modern shades of nail polishes and they are also non-toxic, but they stay very long and have an awesome pigmentation, plus a creamy lacquered effect. TOP choice!


Nourish skincare set – The discovery collection

Nourish skincare travel set

Uh, this was an awesome discovery! This set has a little bit of something from every collection of this brand: Argan skin from the yellow line meant for all skin types, Kale from the green line for combination skin, Golden glow shimmer from the pink Radiance line for normal skin and Protect from orange line for dry skin. I love the consistency and smell of all these rich products that are actually in very generous sizes and they can last till a week. I find great the Argan line, especially Nourish Argan skin rescue, a serum with a gel texture that makes the skin soft, hydrated and smooth. Along with Nourish argan skin renew – their rich yet soft and quickly absorbing cream from the same line the skin is really soft and hydrated. For cleansing the face is very good Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser, a 3-in-1 cleanser, mask and facial – all in one product that cleanses and exfoliates gently the skin. For nourishing the eye area you have in the set the lovely Nourish Kale Biomimetic Eye Cream which is an intense treatment with the superfood Kale Oil Extract for tired, puffy eyes affected by dark circles and wrinkles. I find the most attractive the Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer which is an illuminating moisturiser with light reflecting opalescent effect from bioactives that add a beautiful golden glow to the skin. Especially great for summer when you already catch the first tan! And you have another face cream from the Protect line which is Nourish Protect Hydrating Moisturiser rich in antioxidants to protect your skin and improve its elasticity. I absolutely recommend you to try this line, I will discover it more in depth too during time. This set is great to travel as well, but if you want greater sizes you can choose from specially selected sets for each skin type in bigger versions too.


M Picaut Mini facial kit

m picaut skincare

On the top picture you can see 3 tubes that are part of this kit along with a small tube of oil that I already finished and cannot find anymore the jar, so I used their original picture 🙂 This brand from Sweden was also a nice discovery that I used in 3 days while testing it and traveling too 🙂 It’s a very basic (and enough too!) collection with a 10ml tube of the M Picaut Nourishing face cleanser which is among my favorite cleansers; very nourishing, silky and soft, suited for dry, sensitive skin that leaves the skin radiant and silky. There is another cleansing product which is the M Picaut Exfoliating Peel Mask which is a gentle scrub and facial nourishing mask 2 in 1. This is really a fine solution especially for travel when you need to cleanse and nourish your skin! Regarding the last step there is M Picaut Skin Perfect Moisturiser and M Picaut Precious oil. The first one is a light cream in texture yet rich in ingredients while it has an anti ageing effect. Since I’m a face oils lover I preferred the Precious oil loaded with many luxurious certified organic oils of apricot, jojoba and seabuckthorn that nourish in depth the skin when dry or damaged.

Among other sets I also always recommend to try The organic pharmacy, Living nature, Spiezia and Trevarno for those who prefer minimalistic organic balmy products.

Any other travel sets that you love?

Suti Honour face cream

and a few words about energy, flower essences,…

Suti honour face cream

For those who don’t know I’m an avid lover of gems, flower essences and believer in energy medicine (well, also practitioner of Bach flower essences and recently starting with Reiki too :)). I firmly believe that working with energy, flower essences and other similar “techniques” that help us reconnecting in body, mind and spirit are the future of our wellbeing. And I don’t say it because it’s quite a “modern” thing, but because I’ve proven it on myself when needed it the most and when traditional ways didn’t work anymore. Like Dr. Edward Bach said 100 years ago, the future medicine is to heal our emotions and consequently we will heal the body too. And so I also believe in incorporating all this knowledge in cosmetics and other wellbeing products as well. Simply because everything is energy and what we put in, is what we put out. So for me having a wonderful product with good ingredients and done with a higher consciousness (= Love) is the key! For instance, every time I work with someone, although doing make-up, people feel that they are relaxed in my hands, tensions disappear. This is how we feel each other without seeing it, how everything is energy.

Saying this, you can’t imagine how happy I was to see that Suti skincare is created this way. Their amazing products are now definitely on my must-have list because are “based on the principles of energy healing. Working with Reiki, meditation, crystals, flower essences and the moon cycle to nurture your beauty.” 

Don’t think that I was blindly captivated only by this statement. No, I’m not that kind of person who falls just on words 🙂 It was the feeling of knowing and sensing it, also because I already used their INCREDIBLE Suti rose water facial toner and Suti Nourish face oil for night (click on names to links to both posts). Suti rose water facial toner is actually my favourite facial mist! I can’t get enough of its smell, freshness and I especially sense a great vibe in their products. I feel great only to looking at them, this is one way how I know they are great and made with love!

Suti Honour Face cream

Suti Honour face cream

It’s been for quite a long time that I wanted to try this cream and now I’m mesmerised by it! I can easily claim that for me no cream beats it! I can say this also because I had a period of really dry skin again and used oils and always struggled to find a cream that would nourish, be a good base for make-up and give enough moisture without being too heavy. Well, Suti is this cream that has made my wishes (and needs!) come true. It smells beautiful, the delicate scent of true rose is incomparable. The texture is light but very nourishing, leaving a healthy radiance and it absorbs quickly in the skin.

As all Suti products it’s packed in a beautiful glass bottle (50ml) and embellished with adorable flower design. (I also collect Suti packages, really a fanatic 😀 of them). The bottle has a pump so you can control the quantity needed.

When it comes to ingredients, especially the right choice of them, hands down. They blend so well not too many ingredients, but the right one and of course the best quality. You can simply sense it when you try the product! Suti is among those few brands that really keeps their promises. Here is their original description that I like so much, because they have for each product/ingredient an “esoteric” story behind.

“The development of this beautiful Face Cream came in a dream state of Meditation, resulting in the marriage of three nurturing and indulgent ingredients; Rose, Coconut and Date Seed. Individually each creates energy, combined they become blessed to Honour the integrity of our skin. 

When applying this beautiful cream it becomes a time for reflection, a time to be at one with yourself, a time to create a Sacred Space to Honour – Above, Below and Within. 

Rose, a Universal symbol of love and beauty, known as the Queen of Flowers, symbolic of protection and re-birth. The energy of Rose is that of self-love, self-nurturing and regeneration of life.

Coconut is reputed to protect against damage, to help the skin rebuild and preserve integrity, said to represent Mother Earth, the water, giver of life. The energy of this fruit is of nourishment, cycles, rebirth and renewal.

And Date Seed Extract with clinically proven anti-wrinkle efficacy providing protection from the elements to help prevent ageing and wrinkles. Known as Phoenix Dactylifera, in mythology the Phoenix is a unique bird that lived for five-six centuries in the Arabian Desert, after this time burning itself on a fire and rising from the ashes with renewed energy and youth to live through a new cycle. The energy of this plant is renewal and our skin renews its cycle on a monthly basis.”

Do you already know Suti? What do you think of the holistic concept of beauty? Anyone tried flower essences, Reiki, crystal healing yet?

My new discovery: Luminance skincare

luminance skincare

It seems this is the season of many new discoveries on my blog. This time I want to introduce you in a new brand from US called Luminance skincare. I didn’t knew them before until I was contacted by them if I want to try some of their products. The website looked promising and so I gave it a try. After testing 5 of their products thoroughly for a few weeks now, I can give an objective opinion.

1.step: Cleansing products

luminance skincare

I was very surprised about the bi-phase Luminance skincare Face cleanser, not just because it is loaded with many natural oils like: Coconut, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel, Macadamia, Avocado, Meadowfoam, Argan, Kukui,Grape Seed and Rice Bran. It has fascinated me because while it’s full of those oils (and so you’d expect an oily feeling on the face) it’s also a balanced combination of other ingredients that cleanse the skin thoroughly without drying it too much. A good balance between soap and oils.

“And it’s soap. Real soap. Fact is, there is nothing better for your skin than a properly made and properly pH balanced hand made soap. When people say: don’t put soap on your face, what they should be saying is don’t put petrochemical grease strippers full of alcohol, metals and solvents on your face. Which by the way, accurately describes all of the commercially available cleansers.”

This is their philosophy about cleansing the face. In fact you need a really small amount of this cleanser to get a well cleansed face. As a saponify they use the food grade Potassium Hydroxide. Here is their philosophy about it:

“A few words about Potassium Hydroxide: It is not synthetic. It is the traditional base component that when added to the fatty acids (the seed and fruit skin oils) to create an reaction resulting in hot process liquid soap. The most gentle skin loving variety of soaps. When the formulation is done right, and we do it by hand is small batches, with engineering precision, all of the Sodium Hydroxide reacts with all of the oils, and clays and essential oils into a wonderfullu fragrant, perfectly gentle and safe bottle of liquid soap.”

I have dry skin and using this cleanser in small quantity really feel like your face is ultra cleansed. But I need to follow immediately with lots of toner and cream. I will describe the entire range and process how the products work for me.

Luminance skincare Pure rosewater toner is the next step after cleansing the face. This one has a nice scent of natural roses and it leaves the skin hydrated and fresh. Both products are packed in glass bottles with spritz.


2.step: Hydrating, nourishing, moisturizing

Luminance skincare

I was very impressed by both of these products. The moisturiser is the one that looks more yellowish (top picture) and it’s a really nourishing cream, suited for very dry and/or mature skin. It absorbs quickly in the skin, while leaving you a thin layer of healthy glow because it’s full of oils: Tamarind Seed, Tamanu, Apricot Kernel, Macadamia, Avocado, Jojoba, Meadow foam, Argan and Kukui. The additional benefits are added by organic herbal extracts of: German Blue Chamomile, Tamarind Seed, Raspberry Seed, Comfrey, Sea Buckthorn, Holy Basil, Calendula, Tamanu, Honeysuckle, Rose Hips & Lavender. It doesn’t have any special scent which is fine and good for sensitive skin. It is an excellent base for make-up, but for those with dry skin. Absolutely not recommended for oily or combination skin.

Another lovely product I was very impressed by is Luminance skincare Rosewater Hydraing facial mask. It is packed (as the cream) in a glass jar which is great (bottom on the picture)! Its consistency is rich but not heavy at touch. When on the face you can feel the deep hydrating effect it has on the skin. Loaded with ingredients like organic rose water, oils of: Jojoba, Kukui, Argan, Avocado, Meadowfoam and herbal extracts of Algae Cellulite, Tamarind Seed, Holy Basil, Honeysuckle, Rose Hips and Lavender, they make this mask a product full of beneficial effects. In their collection they have 5 face masks and I’m glad I’ve tried this one. For those who need a deep hydrating and nourishing effect, it’s very recommended. It’s very easy to apply, it feels great while “wearing” it, you leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. I felt it great especially after summer vacations to deeply hydrate the skin. In summer time, after putting on this mask, I didn’t need any other additional product on. The skin was perfectly nourished.

Extra product: Luminance skincare Nourishing facial serum

luminance skincare

This Luminance skincare Nourishing facial serum has surprised me as well. Simply because in the green world, we usually get a blend of oils under the name serum. But a serum in its essence is meant to be light in consistency and a quickly absorbing boost of extra beneficial ingredients, that you can wear under the cream. This one has kept the promise! First it surprises you with the texture which is almost like a white watery milk that absorbs really quickly in the skin. After, you can feel literally a lifting effect, so you need to follow with the cream. But this is the point of an anti-ageing serum after all! The second surprise is its scent, that reminds me almost of bubble gums 🙂 A light, pleasant, sweety scent. It is loaded with oils of: Tamarind, Kukui, Argan, Avocado, Apricot and herbal extracts of: Orchid, Comfry, Chamomile, Ginko, Tamarind, Sea Buckhorn, Honeysuckle, Calendula, St. John’s Wort and Chia Seed.

After a treatment like this, my skin was nourished, moisturised and glowing!

I can conclude that Luminance skincare was a pleasant discovery and experience! It feels that their products have a good quality, the inside is really rich! 🙂 I have just one extra observation: The overall experience would be even more pleasant, if the outside would be in harmony with the inside. You know I’m very sensitive about the aesthetic 🙂 The labels (as you can see on the pictures) are very fragile. During the shipping I got them quite in a bad shape. You also cannot see very well the text on all of them. Since the website is very nice, an additional touch of design to the labels and you are on a new level!

Has anyone tried Luminance skincare yet? Want to hear your thoughts please!


My new discovery: Argo naturals

argo naturals cosmetics

So happy to come back and present you something new! This time the new beauty comes from far away countries…In fact I was contacted from Switzerland (not so far away 🙂 if I’d like to try some of their products. After checking everything, I said yes and I’m glad I did. It finished I had discovered unintentionally 2 great skin care products with beautiful stories behind. I’m going to review are Thanaka powder and Moringa oil, both very exotic. The Swiss brand that has put together the entire concept is called Argo naturals.


Argo naturals Thanaka powder review

I was asked many times to review all sorts of masks from different parts of the world with different philosophies and as far as I’m curious, I don’t accept always “the challenge”. This time after reading everything carefully I was somehow attracted by the concept. As a beauty enthusiast I must say that I’m not a huge fan of face masks; I mean, I love them but I prefer to have a few, but good ones (cleansing and hydrating basically). Since I love scrubs too I wanted to give a try to this miracle of nature after I read here this article. First, I want to describe the product as I feel it and how it works for me. For all details about its benefits, read the previously mentioned article.

argo naturals

As you can see from the photo, Thanaka powder is packed in a beautiful jar (with inside 65g of mask which is a lot) made from bamboo with a tree engraved in the lid. I find this really a nice piece, it reminds me of old packages for powders. After you can also buy the refill without the box (plus points for being eco conscious!). What interests us the most is inside the jar of course 🙂 The powder itself has a pale yellow colour and is finely grounded with a special scent which is undefined and not strong at all. For making a face mask the recipe is easy, like with all powder masks; you mix equal parts of water and powder. For me it’s enough 1 teaspoon with water. I prefer to do a little bit more liquid paste by adding slightly more water. When applied it works also like a scrub because of its finely grounded particles. I apply it on my face with fingers and I do the mixture in the lovely bamboo bowl with the spoon. It looks like this:

argo naturals

I leave the mask on for about 15 minutes maximum, because I have dry skin and after 10min every type of mask from powder starts to tighten the skin a lot. After, I wash it away with warm water and I massage it gently off. This way I also do the peeling for my face. The result is really amazing! The skin is so soft! Especially because I came from summer vacation with the skin in need for some special treatment. I read that Burmese women use this powder not just for beauty purposes but also to protect it from sun. Well, I haven’t tried it for this purpose but I can say that the beauty result is awesome. Exactly as they claim it. The most incredible thing is that this powder makes the skin smooth and cleansed and at the same time (thanks to many natural antioxidants) it does not make the skin dry like clay for instance.


Interesting facts The small tree from southeast Asia, from Myanmar to be exact, is part of Myanmars everyday life. Every day and for every important occasion, the Burmese apply a paste on their skin made from the tree`s bark that is ground on a sandstone called Kyauk Pyin.  


Argo naturals Moringa oil review

argo naturals

Being a huge lover of natural oils, I wanted to try Moringa oil as well. This incredible plant, called also the tree of life, has its own interesting background as well, about which you can read in this article. The Argo naturals Moringa oil comes in a 150ml dark bottle and the oil has almost no scent. When you apply it, is very thick in texture but on the skin it somehow disappears and absorbs quickly. It’s enough to use just a few drops and not exaggerate with it. The best is that it provides moisture to the skin without clogging the pores. Even more, it’s said that it can combat acne as well because of its anti-inflammatory benefits of natural vitamin E. In every case, I love the result that I got by using the mask first and later with a few drops of this oil. The skin is clean, soft and radiant. Really suggest to try this combination for all skin types!




Photo credit: Boris Gorjan

Laurel Whole Plant Organics

laurel organic skincare

I’m so thrilled to introduce you this new jewel among the best organic beauty brands! Laurel Whole Plant organics – a renewed, redesigned and reformulated brand from California. You might remember it better under the name Sequoia beauty. For those who follow my blog will remember many mentions of their gorgeous products and the whole review here  that I did 2 years ago. Well, since then many things has changed in their “herbal atelier” as you might see and now after testing their new products I’m so excited to share with you my love of these new green beauty jewels! I was very pleased with Sequoia as well, but this new brand upgrade is something ultra fascinating for all senses!

Before the review, let me suggest you to visit Laurel’s new website, which is so beautiful! Not just the highest quality products among organic brands, she has also curated the packages, the entire design and the photos so well, that it’s absolutely worth trying her products and visit the new website. Once you try them, you won’t want to go back 🙂 The smell is divine, pure blends of precious organic plants, highest quality oils and the incomparable feeling on the skin after using them.

Here on the left is one of the new Laurel products in completely renewed design and formulation, compared to the previous ones named Sequoia (I still have the beautiful Anti-inflammatory serum – on the right)

laurel organic skincare


Review of Laurel Facial cleanser (for normal/dry skin)

This new facial cleanser has blown me away! Right now I was looking for a cleanser, because it’s summer time and I wanted to switch from cleansing butters to something lighter. And here it is my dream cleanser! Suitable for dry skin types, I’m very pleased with it, especially on my sensitive and dry skin. Why? Because it has so many beneficial ingredients that after using it the skin remains soft and nourished. In the night time, I skip now the moisturiser and add just lots of toner on my face and my skin is perfectly and enough hydrated (because it’s summer and hot, I wouldn’t do this is winter). The texture of this cleanser is liquid, creamy and soft, with a nice light scent of natural oils and what is most important it’s not foamy at all, which is great.

laurel organic skincare

Regarding ingredients Laurel claims:

“This creamy cleanser features a whole plant blend of Burdock, Dandelion, Licorice and Calendula that encourages cellular turnover, soothes skin, releases impurities and detoxes pores. Washing your face becomes a treasure with a soft, delicate blend of organic and therapeutic grade essential oils of: Rose, Rose Geranium, Bergamot and Myrrh to soothe, regenerate, balance and heal skin.”

Yes, it’s absolutely true! Moreover, you need just a small amount of this rich cleanser to clean your entire face from impurities. For removing makeup, I massage it first gently into the skin and then rinse abundantly with warm water. Once a week I use a natural soft facial brush for removing dead cells, before washing with water. And below is the full list:

INCI: Rose Hydrosol˚, Calendula Hydrosol˚, Rose Geranium Hydrosol˚, Aqueous extracts of Burdock˚ and Dandelion˚, Safflower Oil˚, Sunflower Oil˚, Rosehip Seed Oil˚, Coconut Oil˚, Honey˚, Olive Wax (Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate), Vegetable Glycerine˚, Vegetable Lecithin˚, Jojoba Oil˚, Citrus Extract˚, Extracts of Licorice˚, Calendula˚, Rosemary˚, and Cleaver˚; Essential Oil blend of Rose˚, Rose Geranium˚, Bergamot˚, and Myrrh˚; Proprietary Flower Essence, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate ˚signifies certified organic ingredient

laurel organic skincare

The cleanser comes in a luxurious black glass bottle of 100ml with a pump. There is another amazing thing that I just love; Laurel has put on the pump some kind of cork (see the picture above, so when you put it in your bag there is no fright that the cleanser will open. Stupendo 🙂

Note for Sequoia beauty users: Now you can choose among 2 luxurious facial cleansers depending on your skin type.


Laurel Facial balm: restore nightly

Another fantastic product that I warmly recommend especially to ladies with very dry, mature or sensitive skin. This night balm is so luxurious that when I tried it, it was love at first touch & smell 🙂 Because of its extremely nourishing ingredients it is designed for night treatments. It praises itself with a splendid plant blend of “Calendula, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn, Astragalus, Comfrey, Gotu Kola and many more to stimulate and lengthen the life of collagen, heal damaged cellular structure, soothe skin, regenerate skin cells, even skin tone, reduce fine lines, and scavenge free radicals. An indulgent, exotic floral, blend of organic and therapeutic grade essential oils of Rose, Sandalwood and Myrrh are included to soften, plump and restore skin.”

laurel organic skincare

As you can see from the picture it has an incredibly natural yellow color and a silky texture. Because it does not contain any water, you need a small amount to nourish the entire face. It leaves a soft feeling and a healthy glow on the skin, without being too greasy or thick, which is amazing! I like to spritz my face with toner and then follow with this balm. It comes in a beautiful black glass jar of 30ml.

Note for Sequoia beauty users  Before at Sequoia, this night balm was a light cream with liquid texture, packed in a bottle and therefore, now is completely a different, even more luxurious product. The difference is also that you need a really small amount of it and so it will last you even longer.

INCI: Jojoba Oil˚, Shea Butter˚, Rosehip Seed Oil˚, Borage Seed Oil˚, Almond Oil˚, Evening Primrose Oil˚, Tamanu Oil˚, Sea Buckthorn Oil˚, Beeswax˚, Pomegranate Oil˚, Rosemary˚, in-house biodynamic proprietary blend of Gotu Kola˚, Calendula˚, Comfrey˚, Nettle˚, Chamomile˚, Licorice˚, Red Clover˚, Lemon Balm˚, Astragalus˚, Yarrow˚, Elderflower˚, and Horsetail˚; and essential oils of Rose˚, Sandalwood˚, and Myrrh˚ ˚signifies certified organic ingredient

Both reviewed products are fantastic and I really recommend them to everyone! I’m sure that especially organic enthusiasts will be pleased with the entire concept of this brand. In addition, Laurel herself, the founder, is not just ultra professional and passionate in her job, she also has a very good service! The package always arrive to me in a beautiful package of recycled paper and every detail is made with love.


Laurel Body oil California

I was given additionally a sample of their new body oil that I couldn’t not mention it, because is a completely new product and its smell is divine! When applied on the skin it leaves a silky sensation without being too heavy. Not to mention all highly beneficial oils and other ingredients! Here is the link to all additional informations of this luxurious body oil that will thrill your senses.

laurel organic skincare

Every single product is an experience per se and all to try! I’m very glad that another organic brand has evolved so well and is now reborn in this high luxurious experience! All compliments to Laurel!

Favorite green “drugstore- inspired” goodies

SO’BiO étic review of my favorite products

SO'BIO etic

Sometimes it’s really good when you run out of some products and you have to quickly find out a good alternative. It hasn’t really happened this to me with the products I will review, but I find them great especially as a substitute (and not only!) if you don’t have with you one of your favorite greenies or if you need a low price solution. Recently I saw that one of my favorite shops Ecco verde has launched a new collection of green products at very affordable prices. First, I wasn’t interested but then one product caught immediately my attention. I went to check the reviews and saw that many green bloggers rave for this brand. Well, I’m not the kind of customer who would be addicted to such a brand (and I don’t mean nothing bad with this), but I have found a few products that I’m really impressed with!


SO’BiO étic Aloe Vera Micellaire-Cleansing Lotion

SO'BiO étic

As you might already know, Bioderma (non-green brand) has one of the most popular (among make-up artists) micelle cleansing lotions, because of its light and watery consistency. Well, I wanted to see if there is a green alternative. It is! Actually, they are 2 from the brand SO’BiO étic! The other one was out of stock and is made from Calendula, suited for sensitive skin, that I want to try as well soon. First, let’s be clear, this brand hasn’t the most organic, super clean list with ingredients (it’s Eco-cert certified), which I don’t mind at all and nevertheless, I find it a great green alternative to conventional products! I like this product because it’s packed in a professional size of 500ml that you can carry around. Regarding its consistency it’s great because it’s like water and it removes your make-up easily and gently in a few steps. A few drops on a cotton pad and you are done! It has a particular smell, that I hardly describe but I got used to it. When I first tried this product on myself I was a little bit worried because my skin turned a little bit red (but without any itching), but fortunately the redness disappeared in a few moments and has never come back again. Maybe my skin that day was too sensitive or it was just adapting to this new product.  Although on the site is written that you don’t need to rinse with water the face after using this product (which is true), I feel better if I do it. Anyhow, I love this product!


SO’BiO étic BB Cream “Perfecteur de teint”

SO'BiO étic

No, I won’t rave for the ultimate BB/CC,…creams 😀  To be honest, I have heard about all sorts of these creams many years ago on beauty trend conferences and I also knew that asians adore(d) them. I like to see and try new products, but the industry sometimes is completely immersed mostly in marketing selling strategies. Leaving my comments apart, I wanted to try this product (and they have a few of them), just simply because I was curious about it and because I was searching a nice tinted moisturizer-light foundation at affordable price which many women often ask me. I tried the “normal” version which is SO’BiO étic BB Cream “Perfecteur de teint” in the light color n.1 (beige nude blister), which is great for light skins with warm tonalities. It also has a yellow tonality to counteract redness in general. The texture is at first touch not so light, but when you massage it into the skin, it disappears leaving a nice finish. On dry skin I highly recommend using a good moisturizer to achieve a dewy natural finish. I’m not saying that this BB cream is very dry, but for my taste, I wouldn’t use it on dry skin without any moisturizer. After applied I didn’t need any powder to set. I was quite surprised that it did covered some redness, but of course (which I didn’t even expected) it doesn’t cover severe dark circles or very red spots. But in general, it has a good coverage, if we consider its light texture. It comes in a 30ml plastic tube and the prices of all this brand are very affordable. Below I have attached the swatch on my hand and as you can see the texture blended on my hand has melted with skin and almost disappeared.

SO'BiO étic BB Cream


SO’BiO étic mascara False eyelash effect

So bio etic

is a very nice product as well! It has a curved wand as you can see on my picture below. It comes in a nice package with flowers and it’s black. I like it because it’s not too dry nor too wet and it gives the lashes a good boost. You can see the effect immediately. I cannot talk about curving effects, because I’m obsessed with eyelash curlers and so for me there is no mascara that would do a better job 🙂  When applied, this mascara does not clump and it does not leave that hard looking dry effect. It stays very well without smudging and it does not stick together the lashes which I personally like.


Who has already tried any SO’BiO étic products? Do you like them?


You find all these products at best prices in Ecco-verde international green online shop, one of my favourites!

My new discovery: By Nieves

by nieves

I’m glad to start the new year with a brand new discovery from the natural world!
Last year I got the opportunity to try some new natural products that I found really interesting and special because of their concept. What captivates me the most are the scents of these products, apart the lovely vintage look packages. It’s been a few months now that I use By Nieves products. I’ve got used to them and I really like them too, so I decided to review those products I use. Behind this special brand is Nieves, the founder and creative force, who has developed this handmade collection of natural products. Check their nice website for detailed information.


By Nieves Cloud of protection

I’m a huge fan of all sorts of fragrances; from body perfumes to house sprays and so I was fascinated the most by the description of this product. It sounds also a little bit esoteric, which is even more charming for me 🙂

By Nieves

I will start with the entire description of ingredients in this product:

Juniper Needle (Juniperus communis): Purifying for mind and spirit, psychological protection and healing. Included in many protection spells. Used in Egypt, ancient China and Tibet for purifying. Antiseptic, antimicrobial.

Juniper Berry (Juniperus communis): Supports detoxification, ritualizes space, purges negative energy. Included in many protection spells. Antiseptic, antimicrobial.

Eucalyptus (Eucaplytus globulus): Antibacterial, antifungal. Great for the respiratory system. Maintains and restores equalibrium, eases tension. Small molecular size helps it remain airborne for a long time.

Lisea Cubeba (Litsea cubeba): Mood elevating, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and insect repellant. Lovely citrus note.

Himalayan Cedar (Cedrus deodora): Nourishes self-awareness, inner strength, confidence, and mental clarity.  Grounding. Antiseptic, antifungal.

Benzoin (Styrax benzoin): Improves circulation, clears respiratory passages, antiseptic, and astringent. Delicious vanilla note.

Rose (Rosa damascena): Mood elevating, aphrodisiac, “Queen of essential oils” promotes love, focuses intention and unites the spiritual with the physical
Also Contains: Neutral Grape Spirits and Water

I adore this product everywhere, to spritz the room and refresh the air, and even to have it in my bag to uplift the mood with its special scent. The scent is refreshing and quite strong and it will be appreciated especially in winter time to disinfect the air and protect from viruses. I also like it because it’s a great natural alternative to hand sanitizers. Essential oils have a very high vibrational frequency and thus are the best kept secrets for wellbeing from ancient times. Fortunately, nowadays we are coming again to rediscover these old knowledges. This spray comes in a glass bottle in two sizes: 1oz. which is great for the bag and the bigger one 4.oz.


By Nieves The balm

In these days you find on the market a plethora of balms, but I’m rarely attracted by any. I must admit that this one has really captivated me because of its fabulous smell. Its texture is quite dense but not heavy on skin and it’s a great all-around product. There are infinite ways to use this product because although it’s based on oils, it absorbs quickly, without leaving the skin too oily. Apart using it on dry areas I also like it to put a little bit in my hair and even on the top of cheekbones for that radiant glow!

By Nieves

Here is the list with ingredients:

Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera): Moisturizes, protects, softens, contains Lauric Acid which has antibacterial, antiviral and general antimicrobial qualities.

Soy Wax (Glycine max): Imparts lightweight protection to the skin and is ideal for massaging muscles, joints, and tendons. Absorbs nicely with out leaving a heavy barrier feel.

Organic Sesame Oil (Sesamum indicum): Significant source of antioxidant Vitamin E and is a nourishing moisturizer.

Virginia Cedar (Cedrus atlantica): Balances and calms skin irritation and is said to help prevent urinary tract infections

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia): Skin regenerator. Normalizes skin. Reduces puffiness and irritation. Healing. Mentally restorative and relaxing.

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata var. genuina): Calming, uplifting aphrodisiac and euphoric. Balancing and regenerative for the skin.

Orange (Citrus aurantium amara): Creates a healthy skin tone and smells terrific! Uplifting.

As you can see the list is quite simple but powerful: a blend of natural vegetable oils and the right mix of essential oils that gives this product a divine scent. The balm comes in a beautiful glass jar in three sizes: 2oz. 8 oz. and sample size.


By Nieves C perfect skin

I got a trial size of this serum and it was more than enough to give an opinion (=very generous sample). Otherwise you find it in one 2.oz glass bottle. Until now I have tried many natural serums made of organic base and essential oils. This serum is very nice smelling, and it absorbs quickly. It leaves a light layer of fresh and moisturized feeling. Its scent is really citrus fresh and captivating, but when it comes to serums I prefer blends with even more beneficial ingredients and less scent. However, for hydrating your skin and give a boost to normal to dry skin, this serum will be a good solution. I would not recommend it to those with very sensitive skin if they don’t tolerate essential oils. I didn’t have any problems though and I used it also under my make-up.

By Nieves

Organic Evening Primrose Oil: Astringent and soothing, high in gamma linoleic acid an essential acid. Improves skins barrier functions.

Organic Sesame Oil: Small molecular size allows deep penetration. Protects from UVA damage.

Organic Jojoba Oil: Moisturizing oil that promotes suppleness and prevents loss of skin hydration. A traditionally revered cosmetic oil known for it’s superior penetrative and healing properties.

Squalane: Antioxidant oil similar to skins own surface lipids. Absorbs readily. Potent anti-aging. (plant source)

Ascorbyl Palmitate: Oil soluble vitamin C a very stable and available source of C for the skin. Potent antioxidant. Prevents damage from stress, sun, smoke(free radicals). Encourages healthy elastin and collagen. Minimizes wrinkles, reverses discoloration and smoothes scars.

Frankincense Essential Oil: Softens wrinkles. good for circulation, anti aging. Antidepressant, relieves tension and anxiety. Relieves melancholia and morbidity.

Organic Benzoin Resin: Reduces age spots, acne and scar tissue. Psoriasis and wounds are soothed. Relieves stress and nervous tension

Lavender Essential Oil: Skin regenerator. Normalizes skin. Reduces puffiness and inflamation. Healing. Mentally restorative and relaxing.

Rosemary Essential Oil: Eliminates toxins. Stimulating, astringent reduces wrinkles, heals acne, soothes eczema. Energizing and uplifting

Palmarosa Essential Oil: Reduces wrinkles, scars, broken veins and acne. Regenerates tissue. Regulates sebum production. Hydrating. Promotes a sense of well being.

Cedar Essential Oil: Prevents acne, soothes eczema. Grounding, calming, prevents anxiety.

Rose Essential Oil: Reduces scars, wrinkles and broken capillaries. Increases circulation. Cell regenerator . Aphrodisiac. Spiritually uplifting, antidepressant, euphoric.

There are also other products in the collection like: the organic herb and clay scrub and mask in powder called Face fix and Bath salts that I haven’t tried yet.


Have you ever tried By Nieves products? Share your thoughts, thanks!

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