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Iherb shopping – review of some green beauties – part 1

Iherb organic wear

Hello to all of you! I haven’t been around for a while but I’m back again with a nice new review of some goodies that I ordered around a month ago at Iherb. Usually, when shopping at Iherb, I do it more out of curiosity about (for me) new products. I also have fun trying all these US brands that have that typical ” american drugstore” inspired package design. I mean brands like Real Techniques, Organic wear or EcoTools. I perfectly know that these are all very affordable products from the green world and so I’m always curious how they work. Ok, they aren’t meant for a high-end work, which doesn’t mean they don’t do the work well. I’m very surprised each time about the quality you get for that price, I mean it especially for brushes. For me the most mind-blowing are EcoTools, they are so cheap and they never stop to surprise me. Let’s check together what are my thoughts about these brands/products; this is my last purchase from Iherb:

my Iherb shopping


Organic wear review: CC cream, CC mascara and bronzer

I’m gonna start with makeup products, because I was the most curious especially about this new mascara. I have a fetish about Organic wear mascaras and I want to try them all, till now I have tried 3 of them and liked all. The only thing I’m not so happy with, is that they all dry quite quickly. I won’t spend many praises about beneficial ingredients and marketing promises from the package which you can see here on the picture.

organic wear cc mascara

I’m going straight to share my thoughts: I like very much this Organic wear CC mascara (CC means curl & care), because if you are able with the wand you can get beautiful curled and voluminous lashes, very dramatic for a green mascara! No clumping, just volume and curling. Love it, except that it dries quite quickly, in less than a month I noticed that the wand was quite dry. Here is the curved and clean brush very close, that separates the lashes fabulously. With those curved mascaras I advise you to really curl the lashes from the roots and massage them where can help you very much the shape of the wand. Perhaps I should do a video to explain it best 🙂 It’s really good to understand the point of these type of wands. In comparison to the similar mascara from SObio that I reviewed time ago, I prefer this one because it separates more the lashes and gives that vavavoom effect.

CC Mascara Organic wear


Organic wear CC (colour & correction) cream

I haven’t tried this product because of its marketing promises with ultimate trends in this field, but just because it was part of the collection with the mascara. There are 2 shades of this product and I have tried the light one, which is absolutely too dark and orange for light skin. I’d perhaps understand the fact they wanted to create a cream with a touch of orange to brighten the skin (this is the purpose of colour correcting) but here is absolutely too much orange for light skin. Although the texture is nice, glides smoothly on the skin and blends well at the end, (especially if applied with a sponge or duo-fiber brush),  the end result for a CC cream is too heavy and shiny. So this product is just ok for medium and very dry skin, but since I have dry skin, it was too much so I’d need a layer of powder on top. It does cover some imperfections but the coverage is medium. Since it’s meant to wear alone or under additional makeup it’s definitely too heavy. For combination or oily skin is an absolute no. In general, not a happy product overall, but with some improvements could work great. Here is the swatch on my hand:

Organic wear CC cream and bronzer


Organic wear bronzer (light)

On the picture above there is a swatch on daylight which is not so well seen. Well, the colour is a mix of slightly shimmery beige and a medium sand with golden warm tonality, which in general does a nice not overdone sun kissed effect on fair skin. It’s great because this one is not orange! As you can see from the picture the bronzer is lighter than the CC cream, which is not ok, since both products are for light skin. Note that the picture was taken on daylight and so the bronzer looks more shimmery and gold than it is. I’m not a fan of shimmery bronzers, so this one is ok for my taste because it has just a hint of glow. It is Ecocert approved as well and the list with ingredients is very good (no talc, no parabens, no synthetic dyes,…). Here is another picture of the bronzer that comes in a typical lovely package from Organic wear; included a mirror and brush on the other side of the package.

Organic wear bronzer


Alaffia Neem & Shea Butter Scalp Recovery Conditioner with Rosemary & Tea Tree


My new hair conditioner, a very green, new and fabulous product that I’ve tried recently. It’s especially good for dry scalp. It smells divine, herbal scent of tea tree. It has a light mousse-like texture and it detangles the hair excellently! Love it! Much better than high end green brands. Before ordering this one I got and tried the travel size of Rahua conditioner and really was not so so good in comparison with this, so the decision was quickly made and very good at the end. I like the quite strong scent of this one, that perhaps someone won’t like. The texture is almost like a light mousse that detangles hair quickly and gently, plus it has beneficial properties for the scalp. I will also try their shampoo from the same line.

That’s all for this time. I’ll come with the second part of the review very soon and of course with more green news 😉


All of you who want to shop on Iherb.com put the code DAS325 and get a discount of 5-10$ on your first order.

Honeybee gardens pressed eyeshadows review

Honeybee gardens

Do you remember a few posts ago, when I introduced you to Lauren Brooke pressed eyeshadows, I also promised you to continue with these new discoveries, because I’m so obsessed to try “green” pressed eyeshadows (=with better ingredients). Of course there are more and more of them out there, but I will focus my posts on those that I’m trying now and that I like them too! Now it’s time for Honeybee gardens who has launched recently a beautiful collection of 14 pressed eyeshadows. I’ve tried 4 of them along with the cute and handy palette. Since I loved their Cosmopolitan palette I thought that it’s worth trying also these ones and I wasn’t disappointed!

Honeybee gardens eyeshadows

Honeybee gardens palette

I have tested those 4 colors (that I love all of them!): Tippy taupe, Pacific, Daredevil and Canterbury. Pictures say more than words when it comes to make-up and so I have tried to catch these cuties in many possible ways. At the end I realized that the best colors and the nearest to real ones are those I made on daylight.

Meanwhile, I will describe the shades as thoroughly as I can:

Tippy taupe this is a beautiful shade but very tricky to catch perfectly on the picture because it changes the color depending on the angle. It has some shimmery particles and when the light shines on it, it looks like a light color. But in fact it’s a gorgeous frost mid-tone brown with some undertones of warm gold and cool plum as well, if you really look at it thoroughly. I’d say that it’s a great and versatile color that you can wear on its own or you can also use for contouring. I must say that the entire palette is very functional with complementing colors.

Pacific it’s a fantastic shimmery (but not too much) deep blue shade that I love to put on dark green eyes, mostly like an eyeliner. Although I have to say that when I have tried these eyeshadows to wear like an eyeliner (with wet brush), they don’t perform so good. But from my point of view this is not a downside. In general, all of them are easy to blend, they are very pigmented and have a smooth texture. 

Daredevil is a beautiful matte, very universal plum shade that is great to wear as a deep eyeshadow or even alone on its own (with plenty mascara!). You can complement it great with the Canterbury shade. A beautiful look I suggest and it’s never out of time is: black eyeliner, Canterbury in the crease of the eye as a mid-tone shade and in the outer corner of the eye a touch of blended Daredevil that uplifts the eye.

Canterbury is a perfect matte mid-tone color in a powdery rosy-beige that suits almost everyone and I find it great along with the selected colors in my palette that I’d recommend for deep green or deep brown eyes. (Let’s call this selection Green make-up palette 🙂 )

Honeybee gardens eyeshadows

Honeybee gardens

I have also taken a picture with ingredients on the back of the package. The eyeshadows are packed in these black carton “boxes” and once when you open them, you can store them in your cute palette, which is very handy to carry with you in your bag, if you want. The palette is nicely decorated with a flower ornament which makes it very feminine. Inside it has a mirror and a double sided brush.

Honeybee gardens pressed eyeshadows

Here is the link to their website where you can see and purchase all their products, but you can shop them also on Iherb.com (Use the code: DAS325 for extra discount).

Has anyone tried these cuties yet? Do you like Honeybee gardens? Would you try this palette?

Bdellium Tools Studio brushes new review

I’ve noticed that my posts about Bdellium Tools are your all-time favorites, always on my blog’s Top posts list. So I’m going to share with you another experience with Bdellium Tools brushes.

Bdellium Tools Studio makeup brushes

A few months ago I decided to try some brushes from this collection and since a friend of mine was curious about some others, I decided to give a try also to some brushes with natural hair and to their duet-fibers too.

Btw. a note to all animal lovers: at Bdellium Tools claim that: “no animal cruelty is involved in the production of any of our tools”.

I’ve tested the following brushes (and below are my thoughts about them):

Studio natural fibers: n.940, 942, 945, 758

Studio only synthetic fibers:  n.546, 716, 731, 760, 762

Studio duet-fibers: n.955, 958 and 965

Pink bamboo: n.776

I will start with my favorite: Bdellium Tools Pink bamboo 776 and compare it to the same Bdellium Tools Maestro 776 (black line/natural fiber from Bdellium Tools). Below you can see the pictures. I was incredibly surprised with the performance of this brush! It has so soft fibers that look like natural. And after using it, it hold the shape great! And mostly, it blends the eyeshadows as a dream! It has become a substitute of the one with natural fibers. It’s not surprisingly, because if you check well brands who produce synthetic brushes, you will notice that apart Bdellium no one is producing this brush = dupe of the most famous MAC 217. The pink bamboo is the same as Maestro 776 (except the bristles) and it has the same synthetic fibers as Green bamboo. The only difference with Green bamboo is that the pink one has a longer handle. Anyhow, I don’t have nothing to add, simply fabulous!  You can get here the review of Maestro 776. I have put them together below to see them compared.

bdellium tools

My 2nd favorites: Bdellium Tools Studio – only synthetic fibers

The best from this category is for me definitely Bdellium Tools Studio 760 and Bdellium Tools Studio 546. The small angled Bdellium Tools Studio 760 is amazing for filling the brows precisely so that they look natural. And it’s also amazing for applying any sort of eyeliners. I’d recommend it to beginners with eyeliner, because you can easily control the stroke you do because it’s so small.

All of these smaller brushes from this line have really thin handles, which is on one side handy because you can put them in every bag. But personally, I’d prefer handles that are a little bit more firm, long and thick. Although I don’t have problems with handling them, it can be tricky for someone else.

Bdellium tools Studio

My next favorite is Bdellium Tools Studio 546 square lip brush. Just because it’s square it does a great job when you have to apply the lipstick ultra precisely, for instant when wearing statement bright or dark colors. And it distributes the color evenly on lips. Perfection!

Bdellium Tools Studio 716 brush is also meant for applying eyeliner but it has a different shape (pointed) than the angled. I like it too, it is precise and because of this I can use it also for spot concealing. 

Bdellium Tools Studio 762 is another angled eyeliner brush, which is fantastic for eyeliner as well. The previous one (760) is different because its bristles are softer and it’s meant for eyebrows. In general, this is for me the perfect brush for applying eyeliner on others and the other one (760) is great for applying eyeliner on myself. This is because I use on myself mostly powder eyeliners and I do a really thin line in the middle of the lashes, which the brush 760 is great for! Otherwise the 762 is the classic perfect eyeliner brush.

Bdellium tools studio

Bdellium Tools Studio 731 – mascara fan brush. I bought this out of curiosity (have planned to try it for years from another brand) and you won’t believe, in months I haven’t used it yet. I’m not ashamed to tell it. I just don’t know how I always forget about this one 🙂 Will keep you updated, although this brush for most people is not a basic brush at all. It is meant to use it with cake mascara (I will try it with normal mascara too) and as I know myself to be a fan of “weird” brushes it might become among my favorites at the end 😀


Next category: Bdellium Tools Studio – natural fibers

I’d describe all these brushes good, they do a nice job, but I wouldn’t put them into any “best of” category. For their reasonable price they are absolutely ok, but they don’t exceed. Bdellium Tools Studio 940 is the best for me from this category; it is officially called Face blending and it’s really good for smoothing/blending the lines on the face. But I tend to use it also for precise application of powder on some small areas, where you need a precise touch-up or for applying highlighter on top of cheekbones. It’s a really versatile brush.

Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools Studio 945 is the Contour brush and it’s really a small one, although compared to the same brush from the Green bamboo line (here) this one is slightly larger, I think it’s because of natural hair that tend to “open” more when used and washed. The green bamboo remains firmer and thinner through time. I like this brush, but I don’t use it for contouring so much, because I find it too small. I prefer it for powder or sometimes for blush if the face is thin and you need to be precise with the blush. (I’m among those who hate when there is too much blush or if the blush is applied asymmetrically.)

Next one is Bdellium Tools Studio 942 slanted contour brush made from goat hair and is angled in its form because it’s meant to sculpt the face/cheekbones. A classic brush in this category (like MAC 168 and other brands too) that I don’t tend to use so much. I have other angled brushes with synthetic hairs that I prefer more. Although, I don’t have any complaints about it.

Finally, the Large smudge brush Bdellium Tools Studio 758 is a nice brush for the eyes, especially because it has a small round dome shape and is also quite firm, you can easily soften the eyeshadow, apply it precisely and even do a darker shading very quick and easy. For those who wear many eyeshadows or who like the dark smokey eyes this is a classic must-have. But I like it also when I do a natural nude colors eye make-up where colors separate from each other.


Bdellium Tools Duet-fibers makeup brushes

Bdellium Tools duo-fibre brushes

Finally, the duet-fiber brushes on which I have put all my desires and were the biggest disappointment. I have searched a lot on internet if anyone has got any issues like me, but I haven’t found anything. (I’m asking myself if Bdellium is sponsoring so many out there and change the brushes if needed so that no one will give a bad review? Just thinking loudly…) So I have ordered duet-fibers Bdellium Tools Studio 955, 958 and 965 and what happened was this: Whenever I buy any brushes I first wash them gently with warm water and natural gentle soap. I did the same with all of these. everything fine until I came lastly to those 3 duet-fibers. Blackest black water was starting to fall suddenly. “Ok, I thought, I don’t like it, but it will stop, it’s only residue water…” Nope, the water went from black to grey to reddish, and blue after washing them for cca. 10 times. (I have dried them between washes.) Meanwhile, I was more and more disappointed, because if such water goes off, it means that the bristles are treated with lots of dyes and chemicals. What was more, I noticed that the natural bristles were of very bad quality at the beginning before washing them. Later, they were even worse of course and the white synthetic fibers have dyed in black as well. Basically, I have never used those brushes, because I couldn’t. And what I was even more surprised was that on one of those brushes the color on the handle has cracked immediately. I understand that this can happen, but with all 3 brushes… And has never happened before to anyone?! Ultimately, I must emphasize that I’ve told about this issue to Bdellium and their service is really good, hands down. They have given me 2 options: replacing the brushes or refund of money. I preferred the second, because I didn’t want to happen the same again and also, I admit that I have somehow lost a little bit of faith in them, honestly. I find these 3 shapes amazing and I’d love all of them in a synthetic pink version. That’d be for me the best option (and regain of trust) in this moment.

I don’t regret this buy at all, but a reminder again to myself to always invest in better quality brushes next time. Because I get fooled with all these brands, but then I come always at the same conclusion: high quality. That’s just me, but at the end I’d recommend Bdellium to all students and make-up beginners, or those who look just for a favorable price. If you start with easy brushes at the beginning you will master even better the art of make-up with better ones later.

And if anyone has got the same issue as I did with duet-fibers please share, thanks!

Lauren Brooke cosmétiques pressed eyeshadows

lauren brooke cosmetiques

Right now I’m testing (and always searching for new) some new pressed eyeshadows with natural ingredients. I will start my journey with Lauren Brooke cosmetiques, which was btw. one of my first natural brands from US that I’ve tested years ago. I’m really glad to see their brand growing and constantly improving. I have written in the past about them (and used their products) here and here.

New pressed eyeshadows from Lauren Brooke cosmétiques

Lauren Brooke has already got a nice selection of powder eyeshadows and also some creamy ones. She has added now to the collection also 8 pressed eyeshadow duos, which are the same shades as powder eyeshadows. I find this a nice idea, very handy to use and for carrying around. The packaging is silver grey with a mirror and it contains 2grams of eyeshadow. I adore the texture of these eyeshadows because they are so pigmented and with a fantastic silky velvety texture that glides smoothly on the eyes. They are very easy to blend. The only thing that I personally dislike a little bit are big shimmery particles in a few shimmery shades, which can emphasize lines and wrinkles even more, especially on older skin. But this is just my personal opinion.

Green makeup tip  You can easily use those eyeshadows even with a wet brush and apply them like an eyeliner.  Especially the dark matte browns look pretty for a day look when you wear a nice cat eye flick in chocolate brown! If you want a dramatic look, just set them with water (regularly applied as eyeshadow) they will look even more intense.

On the pictures I have put the eyeshadow along with the color swatch. I haven’t got anything on the skin and so the pigmentation is awesome. Just a small amount is needed for a good result. Because there was so much natural light from the window the pigmentation faded away and I can tell that in live is even more pigmented. Usually, I wear (my favorite are: Tanzi/moondust, Capuccino and Toffee/Sandalwood) them alone or on top of a primer and they have a great stability. I don’t find them to crease, but I have dry skin on eyelids so this texture is perfect for this type of skin.

INCI (Vegan) Matte Ingredients: Sericite, Orange Peel Wax, Broccoli Seed Oil, Boron Nitride, Zinc Oxide, Vegetable derived Magnesium Stearate, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Silica, Certified Organic Lecithin (from soy), Capryllic/Capric Triglycerides (edible plant-based oil), Comfrey-derived Allantoin, Certified Organic Raspberry Extract, Natural Non-GMO Vitamin E (+/- iron oxides, mica)

INCI (Vegan) Shimmer Ingredients: Sericite, Organic Castor Oil, Orange Peel Wax, Broccoli Seed Oil, Boron Nitride, Zinc Oxide, Vegetable derived Magnesium Stearate, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Silica, Certified Organic Lecithin (from soy), Capryllic/Capric Triglycerides (edible plant-based oil), Comfrey-derived Allantoin, Certified Organic Raspberry Extract, Natural Non-GMO Vitamin E (+/- iron oxides, mica)

Slideshow with all the lovely colors of new Lauren Brooke cosmétiques pressed eyeshadows

As you can notice from my blog I have now found a quite a lot natural pressed eyeshadows that are working great for everyday use. I will keep you updated with new ones.

Have you tried anything from Lauren Brooks? Share your thoughts please!

thanks for the photos to Boris Gorjan

New makeup tools

Japonesque review

Recently I did some new supplies for my make-up kit from a brand that is very dear to me for many years when it comes to high quality accessories. First, I intended to buy some new palettes for my lipsticks (this is probably their most famous product) and lash curlers, but I ended up to try some novelties as well. I was not disappointed!

Japonesque HD Blush brush 

I will start right with the newest product I couldn’t resist (sometimes I’m totally mad about the latest trends 🙂 This is a new range of brushes from Japonesque that has a new innovative concept of dual-sided and dual-fiber brushes. I decided to try one of them, a middle size, for blush (although I ended to use it for applying foundation as well). This is a unique brush that has 2 type of bristles; on one side there are soft and dense synthetic fibers for applying the cream product and the other side has soft natural bristles that help to blend the product to achieve the most seamless application (HD approved). Usually, I’m sceptic about all new marketing slogans but here it’s just as they claim! Really amazed about this simple but great innovation. This brush is not vegan because it has some natural fibers, but it’d be a nice idea to do even a synthetic version for natural bristles. Well, sometimes is just great to try something out of the box 🙂


Here you can see this brush from all the 3 sides


Has anyone tried this brush or any other from the HD collection?


Japonesque 35-Well Palette

Here the description is quite unnecessary, because this item is an evergreen and it’s a holy grail among make-up artists for decades. But anyone of course can use it. You can store inside your favorite lipsticks, concealers, creamy foundations, you name it! On the picture you can see one of my old 36-well palette with some lipsticks from 100%pure 🙂 just to see a comparison in size. The pro palette has bigger spaces and it’s also more durable. It has a special system to open and close the palette (like that old beautiful boxes), so that it cannot open while you carry it around. It also has a plastic white divider in the middle where you can write all the names of your products (to know what you use).



Japonesque Precision lash curler – plastic


As you already may know I’m quite obsessed with curling the eyelashes and so I love to try different sizes and shapes of curlers. So I decided to give a try to this one. First I wanted to order the metal ones, but Amazon did not shipped them in my country 🙁 I couldn’t not order an eyelash curler from Japonesque and so I ended to try this one, because I was really curious and also I found very handy to try a curler that would curl just some lashes. Usually, I find necessary to curl even more the outer lashes to open the eye. I must admit that after trying this product in a hundred ways I’m quite disappointed (ok, it’s better than nothing) but it doesn’t do a good job. Perhaps, because it’s plastic and so the curl does not hold. Ok, there is a little bit of difference after using it, but I’m sure that its metal “brother” would do a better job.

Anyone experienced already this plastic curler (or the bigger one)?


JAPONESQUE False lash placement tool


Ok, this was a totally unnecessary tool for me, cause I can handle very well the false lashes free hand or with a normal tweezer, but it seems that it was time for novelties 🙂 But at the end, this tool is really good and handy and I don’t have any complaints about it. It’s made from inox. Another new tool to carry around in my kit 🙂

JAPONESQUE False lash placement tool

Do you like Japonesque? Which products do you use/know?

Favorite green “drugstore- inspired” goodies

SO’BiO étic review of my favorite products

SO'BIO etic

Sometimes it’s really good when you run out of some products and you have to quickly find out a good alternative. It hasn’t really happened this to me with the products I will review, but I find them great especially as a substitute (and not only!) if you don’t have with you one of your favorite greenies or if you need a low price solution. Recently I saw that one of my favorite shops Ecco verde has launched a new collection of green products at very affordable prices. First, I wasn’t interested but then one product caught immediately my attention. I went to check the reviews and saw that many green bloggers rave for this brand. Well, I’m not the kind of customer who would be addicted to such a brand (and I don’t mean nothing bad with this), but I have found a few products that I’m really impressed with!


SO’BiO étic Aloe Vera Micellaire-Cleansing Lotion

SO'BiO étic

As you might already know, Bioderma (non-green brand) has one of the most popular (among make-up artists) micelle cleansing lotions, because of its light and watery consistency. Well, I wanted to see if there is a green alternative. It is! Actually, they are 2 from the brand SO’BiO étic! The other one was out of stock and is made from Calendula, suited for sensitive skin, that I want to try as well soon. First, let’s be clear, this brand hasn’t the most organic, super clean list with ingredients (it’s Eco-cert certified), which I don’t mind at all and nevertheless, I find it a great green alternative to conventional products! I like this product because it’s packed in a professional size of 500ml that you can carry around. Regarding its consistency it’s great because it’s like water and it removes your make-up easily and gently in a few steps. A few drops on a cotton pad and you are done! It has a particular smell, that I hardly describe but I got used to it. When I first tried this product on myself I was a little bit worried because my skin turned a little bit red (but without any itching), but fortunately the redness disappeared in a few moments and has never come back again. Maybe my skin that day was too sensitive or it was just adapting to this new product.  Although on the site is written that you don’t need to rinse with water the face after using this product (which is true), I feel better if I do it. Anyhow, I love this product!


SO’BiO étic BB Cream “Perfecteur de teint”

SO'BiO étic

No, I won’t rave for the ultimate BB/CC,…creams 😀  To be honest, I have heard about all sorts of these creams many years ago on beauty trend conferences and I also knew that asians adore(d) them. I like to see and try new products, but the industry sometimes is completely immersed mostly in marketing selling strategies. Leaving my comments apart, I wanted to try this product (and they have a few of them), just simply because I was curious about it and because I was searching a nice tinted moisturizer-light foundation at affordable price which many women often ask me. I tried the “normal” version which is SO’BiO étic BB Cream “Perfecteur de teint” in the light color n.1 (beige nude blister), which is great for light skins with warm tonalities. It also has a yellow tonality to counteract redness in general. The texture is at first touch not so light, but when you massage it into the skin, it disappears leaving a nice finish. On dry skin I highly recommend using a good moisturizer to achieve a dewy natural finish. I’m not saying that this BB cream is very dry, but for my taste, I wouldn’t use it on dry skin without any moisturizer. After applied I didn’t need any powder to set. I was quite surprised that it did covered some redness, but of course (which I didn’t even expected) it doesn’t cover severe dark circles or very red spots. But in general, it has a good coverage, if we consider its light texture. It comes in a 30ml plastic tube and the prices of all this brand are very affordable. Below I have attached the swatch on my hand and as you can see the texture blended on my hand has melted with skin and almost disappeared.

SO'BiO étic BB Cream


SO’BiO étic mascara False eyelash effect

So bio etic

is a very nice product as well! It has a curved wand as you can see on my picture below. It comes in a nice package with flowers and it’s black. I like it because it’s not too dry nor too wet and it gives the lashes a good boost. You can see the effect immediately. I cannot talk about curving effects, because I’m obsessed with eyelash curlers and so for me there is no mascara that would do a better job 🙂  When applied, this mascara does not clump and it does not leave that hard looking dry effect. It stays very well without smudging and it does not stick together the lashes which I personally like.


Who has already tried any SO’BiO étic products? Do you like them?


You find all these products at best prices in Ecco-verde international green online shop, one of my favourites!

Da Vinci – the story of high class makeup brushes

Da Vinci make-up brushes Synique

I’m really honored to introduce to my beauty community a very respected German producer of hand-made make-up brushes who is famous with their vast selection of art brushes as well. Da Vinci is a company from Nürnberg that has cultivated their special know-how in the field of brushes since 1890.
On their make-up website you can read more details about their company, their vast selection of all sorts of brushes and you can download their ultra precise catalog where the brushes are printed in the scale of 1:1! It means you can see the brush exactly how it looks like in reality. Here is a quick excerpt from their catalog where you can see the hand-made production.

Da Vinci brushes

Before presenting you the newest collection of their eco-friendly synthetic brushes, I want to share the story of my Da Vinci brushes, which is older than 10 years. When I started with make-up artistry I slowly started to build my make-up kit and I soon realized that I need a set of high quality brushes. At that time there weren’t so many brands and online shops like now and so I needed to plan my buyings. After checking and using many other well known brands of brushes I finally decided that my first complete set of professional brushes will be Da Vinci. I felt in love with them from the time I saw and tried them while working with an elder make-up artist who got a set of them. I was completely fascinated with ultra long, hexagonal shaped handles of the professional collection that allow the brush to stay firm in your hand. The feeling of these brushes is like handling painting brushes. I decided to purchase them, but there weren’t any online shops at that time and so I didn’t know where to find them. In good make-up shops they had just the classic line. It happened that I went on Cosmoprof cosmetic fair in Italy and “casually” find there their stander. I was so surprised and enthusiastic that I wanted to buy the set there. I didn’t know that on the fair they don’t sell small quantities, they obviously do businesses just with bigger stores, which is the purpose of fairs. But my enthusiasm was so obvious that I managed somehow to make “a deal” there and buy my set. You couldn’t imagine my happiness when I went home with a new set of Da Vinci brushes! There was another detail that was a revelation to me: with the brushes I also purchased their special soap for brushes in a tin box. Not just a cute idea, but very practical as well. The soap is made with vegetable oils that take care of the brushes. As you can see from the picture my first set of brushes looks like new after all these years of use and proper care.

Da Vinci professional make-up brushes

And now while I was downloading their new catalog, I saw there is a new synthetic line in arrival. I wanted to try it and review it. I got the fortune to receive a few samples before the launch and the rest is the story below…

Synique: latest synthetic make-up brushes from Da Vinci

When I got in my hand these brushes I thought at first sight (and touch) that I have mistaken synthetic fibers with natural ones, although I knew that with an ultra precise German brand something similar is impossible. I was touching again and again these brushes with huge amazement. As you already know, I have tried lots of synthetic brushes, not just normal polyester or nylon ones, but even special patented fibers as well and not every synthetic brush is just ok for my perfectionist tendencies 🙂 Well, Da Vinci Synique has really made me stare there in pure amazement. First, when you receive a Da Vinci brush, it is neatly packed in a special box with a protective foil inside so that the brush is protected from outside damage and its shape remains intact. The next and most important thing are their specially developed synthetic fibers that look like natural hairs at first sight. What is more, the fibers are even softer than natural fibers! And they are the softest fibers I’ve ever tried! Yes, the softest fibers among natural and among synthetic hair!
In the Synique collection there are 12 brushes in total (2  are retractable). The entire collection consists of classic make-up shapes that are a very good selection for every woman. As all Da Vinci brushes they have 2 shapes of powder brushes: oval and round ones. The selection of eye brushes is very basic and enough for everyday use. If in the future they will extend this collection, I wouldn’t mind at all 🙂

And now to technical details: The handles are high gloss laqured in a taupe color and every brush has the logo and number on it. They have the so called silver ferrules. Through the time I have noticed that their ferrules have extreme quality, after washing and rewashing the brushes they didn’t get rusty even after a decade. Overall the main advantage I see about these new brushes is the advanced technology that has improved the synthetic fibers to a degree that resemble and feel like natural hair.


Review of DaVinci Synique brushes


Da Vinci Synique

This is a classic foundation brush with dense and soft fibers. It extends well the product on the face. It can be used for liquid or even cream foundations. This kind of brush must be soft but at the same time it must have a certain amount of rigidity so that it can extend well the product. In comparison with many other brushes of this type it gives one of the softest feelings on the face. Its shape is not too wide and not too short, which means that you reach easily every corner of the face and thus achieve an even finish. The width of the ferrule is 2 cm large. The length of the bristles is 2,5cm. I must admit that recently I’ve put a little bit aside this classic shape of  foundation brush, because I prefer the duo-fibers and buffer types of brush, especially with light foundations or mineral powders. Speaking about that, there is another interesting buffer brush in Da Vinci classic collection, that is dense and made of synthetic fibers. It’s the 9770 Brush for foundation and creamy brush, that is from my perspective a modern shape to try. However, for those who look just for synthetic brushes, I recommend to check the catalog and you will find even other classic shapes of high-quality brushes for concealer, foundation, eyeliner, kabuki,…



Da Vinci Synique make-up brushes

This is an ultra soft powder brush with an oval shape that is suitable for applying the finishing powder or bronzer. The width of the ferrule is 2,5 cm large. The maximum length of the bristles is 5 cm. For those who love big and soft powder brush this one will be perfect. I wouldn’t use it for blush although some prefer to use large brushes, but I use it for applying a soft natural looking layer of bronzer.



Da Vinci Synique make-up brushes

This small blender is a classic shape in the Eye brush category. I like it very much for smudging the pencil and soften the line on the top or bottom lash line. It’s fine also when you need to trace a thin line of eyeshadow in the crease of the eye. You can even blend the eyeshadow with it, but since it’s so small it’s the best used for blending narrow lines.

Years ago I have already written about the main advantages of synthetic brushes and the advancing technology in this field. Here is the resume of some main advantages that synthetic brushes offer:

– Brushes don’t shed which is very good news!
– Their shape remains stable even after washing them, cause the synthetic fiber doesn’t absorb water like animal hair
– A huge advantage is that they dry quickly after washing them
– Brushes are cruelty-free; suitable also for vegans and vegetarians
– These brushes allow you to apply powder and cream products
– The powders aren’t so volatile

Da Vinci has also many brushes for all sorts of arts, which are useful for make-up as well. As you can see from my picture, I just purchased their art brushes (that I use for make-up) in a beautiful “vintage looking” art store. I love to include art brushes in my work. As you can see the green Da Vinci brushes from the Synthetic Nova art collection are especially precise for lipstick or eyeliner application. I couldn’t help myself to buy even the old looking brush which is amazing for smaller touch-ups or highlighting.

Da Vinci art brushes

This is a really long post, but I really felt to write more about this special company, because I admire the precious knowledge and the long tradition of hand-crafted products. Once I’d really love to visit their company and store where I would see all these brushes at one place 🙂

I guess this is something new for most of you, my readers, but if you already use any kind of Da Vinci brushes, please comment below.


photo credit: Boris Gorjan

Neve cosmetics again! New Twenties icon makeup collection

neve cosmetics

I couldn’t help myself to not promote this gorgeous new make-up “candy” from Neve cosmetics. It’s a new make-up collection that has been launched in these days and I went mad for all these colors inspired by the 1920’s make-up and art nouveau organic ornamental style.

This nice Italian brand has really fascinated me because of their vast selection of colors and natural products, but also because they offer a huge selection of palettes for make-up artists so that we can choose greener options.


Review of Neve cosmetics Twenties icon limited edition

I’ve tried Neve pencils called Pastello for the first time and I love them! Both new shades are beautiful and their soft texture glides easily but at the same time is not so soft that the pencil would break (like sometimes happens when there are too much oils in it). These new shades are called Vanità/Purple and Cincillà/Beige. The purple one is personally my favorite and it goes great on green eyes. Moreover, it is a deep violet with shimmer particles in it. It is such a nice color that can make a statement even if you wear just the pencil on its own!


Green makeup tip On green eyes wear purple pencil on top lashline and the other beige shade on the lower lashline. However the beige pencil is nice to wear alone too for a natural day look. I want definitely try more Pastello’s!


Neve cosmetics Twenties icon


Neve cosmetics mineral eyeshadows from Twenties icon collection

I have tried 2 shades of new eyeshadows: Tobacco and Charleston, although in the collection there are additional 2 shades, in total 4 new mineral eyeshadows. Tobacco is a an olive green with lots of opalescent shimmer. Charleston is a cool matte brown with a smoky effect and purple undertone. Both eyeshadows are vegan and their list of ingredients consists of minerals like mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxides. Both eyeshadows are highly pigmented as you can see on the picture on my hand, and note that I haven’t put underneath them any primer or cream.


Neve cosmetics mineral blush from Twenties icon collection

This blush is called Liberty and has a shimmery effect. It’s a special color that makes a fresh effect on the cheeks without being a heavy color, which gives it a modern touch. Its shade is a mix between salmon and pink with golden shimmer.

Neve Cosmetics

The entire look is designed to emphasize the eyes  like in the 20’s and to tone down other features like cheeks which have a flush of natural color and shimmer. The blush also as the eyeshadow consists of a great list with ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, iron and tin oxide. If needed, I’ll use the blush also on eyes or mix it in lip gloss.

Hope you will enjoy this limited edition collection as I do!

Living nature eyeshadows and Precious lipstick

How to: Wear nude shades of make-up this fall

nude makeup

Every season the beauty/fashion industry proposes us new trends, although through the time we witness some regular ones. One of this fixed stars is the nude look in different tonalities. This fall/winter the palette of shades, that was proposed especially by editorials, is oriented towards nude pinks.

I got the opportunity to try the new limited edition lipstick by Living nature called Precious and connect it with the above mentioned beauty trend, to show you how to wear nude shades this season.
I don’t recommend to wear too many pale nude shades all over, unless you already are very pale and suits you that no make-up look or if you opt for no-makeup because of the new grunge style. You can end looking too washed out and grayish.

The key is to enhance one feature and keep it strong if you decide to wear nude shades. Choose to enhance one of the features according to your style:

Nude make-up trends (images via Fashion gone rogue)

–  Wear a strong eyeliner with a flick à la Audrey Hepburn especially if you opt for a chic bon ton style
–  Put on your lashes lots of mascara to achieve the doll-eyes effect. This trick is very good for opening small eyes.
–  Emphasize your brows for an androgynous, youthful style
–  Nude lips combined with smokey eyes in grey or chocolate tonalities are an evergreen beauty look


Living nature Precious lipstick

My readers will remember that I’ve praised Living nature lipsticks in my first review and video tutorial and I still feel the same even after trying this new products. This brand can’t stop surprising me 🙂

Living nature Precious lipstick

Loaded with natural vegetable oils, waxes and pigmented with minerals, this lipstick is really a must-have, especially for women who love to wear nude shades. Its texture is creamy and glides well on the lips because it is so hydrating. I also like the fact that Living nature lipsticks have a good staying power as well. This new shade is not too pale, but a medium one. I’d describe it the best as an antique velvet creamy rose that suits lots of women. The package is black with the Living nature gorgeous logo, like all other lipsticks which are ultra elegant.


Living nature pressed eyeshadows

I wanted to show you another great product from Living nature that I adore! These are their pressed eyeshadows. I have complemented to the Precious lipstick 2 shades of eyeshadows (Shell and Kauri) that describe the best the above mentioned beauty tips and trends. They come in refill which is not just handy but also eco-friendly. You can put them in Living nature empty palettes as you can see on my picture or if you have lots of refills, you can put them all in an appropriate big palette like Z palette for instance. I want to emphasize that the texture of this eyeshadows is simply awesome: very pigmented, with a velvety texture that blends very well. Its staying power is very good too because it doesn’t tend to crease in the eyelids.

Living nature eyeshadow

living nature eyeshadow

living nature eyeshadow

Shell and Kauri are a classic combination of shades that can be used for a classic make-up look and also for a modern makeup look as well. It all depends on your beauty style and what you like. Check the inspirations above that show how to wear all these colors together and find an appropriate style that suits you the most.

Hope you find the beauty tips for new season & the swatches helpful 🙂 And feel free to leave me your thoughts below.


Many thanks to Boris Gorjan for the pictures of products!

All about lips!

with review of Logona lip products


It’s fashion week time and we are facing again novelties for the new season! While rearranging my makeup kit and browsing about the latest trends, I decided to make a post about the lovely lip products from Logona. First reason is that I adore this brand and their lip products have so beautiful colors that I want to share the color swatches with you. Another reason is that although their website is very nice designed I had an issue to choose the lip colors. So I hope that these swatches will be helpful for all of you who are looking to update your “lip wardrobe” 🙂


Green makeup tip I have chosen a look (see top picture) that I like and which is from spring 2014 runway (Helmut Lang) where the main inspiration is the focus on lips. The color is a warm brown red (we are coming again in the 90’s trends!) applied in a free manner without any  strong lip liners. You can achieve this same exactly look very quick with one of Logona double pencils (n. 2 or n.3) with a touch of lip gloss on top, if you want a shiny effect.


Logona lip products

I have taken a few pictures of Logona swatches on daylight so that you can see the pigmentation and their colors thoroughly. Logona lip pencils are ultra versatile, because you have 2 colors in 1 product. They are very hydrating because of  shea butter and other natural oils. They also have some natural extracts (organic cranberry, organic apple seed, organic brown algae extract) that act as an anti-aging complex. These products are also free of gluten and lactose. I like the fact that every pencil has 2 shades from the same color family: one is matte the other is slightly shimmery.

The only thing that I recommend with all natural lipsticks is to set well the color and perhaps take the lipstick with you for touch ups during the day. Because of their ultra hydrating properties some women tend to “eat” the lipsticks. They have natural extracts which are not super long lasting, but with a touch-up I think this is not a problem. The main point is to use natural non-toxic ingredients because they’re ingested when we use the lipstick. For me the lipstick is the most important product to invest in because we literally “eat” it.

Logona double lip pencils

Logona double pencil n.2 (chestnut) brown with a warm red undertone: great shades for the statement lips in 90’s look; the left is matte, the right one is shimmery.

Logona double pencil n.3 (berry) two lovely plum/berry shades with some cool undertones, suitable for blondes and for a very elegant look. The left shade of this pencil is shimmery, the right one is matte.

Logona double pencil n.4 (beige) one of my favorites, very wearable nude shades for the 60’s Bardot nude lips or for completing a nice smokey eye look (left is shimmery, the right one is matte).

Logona double pencil n.8 (pink) I’ve used this lip pencil in my 1st Logona video tutorial and it’s a nice pink shade; the matte (right) is a medium dark pink that you can easily wear during the day and the 2nd shade is a much lighter shimmery nude pink with more cool undertones(left).

Logona lipsticks and a lipgloss

This image shows the swatches of  Logona lipsticks and a lip gloss. I have tried just one of their glosses; n.2 in rose shade which is a wearable almost clear gloss with a hint of rose color. The texture is creamy and matte with a discrete sweet aroma. It is not sticky but hydrating and moisturizing, because is loaded like other lip products with natural oils and anti-aging extracts from plants. The application is super easy because the applicator on the tube.

Next to the lip gloss swatch there are other Logona lipsticks. The picture is taken on sunny daylight so the shimmer is even more enhanced and the colors are slightly lighter because of the light, but in general are their real colors. Lipsticks are full of natural oils like the other previously mentioned products and enhanced with precious stones like quartz and amethyst. All lipsticks are ultra soft, with a hydrating texture that glides easily on lips. Every lipstick has the Logona logo embossed in the lipstick which adds a luxurious feel.

Logona lipstick n.1 (rose) beautiful nude warm rose with a subtle shimmer

Logona lipstick n.2 (pink) a bright light shade of cool pink with a subtle shimmer

Logona lipstick n.5 (almond) a pearly medium warm brown with a rose undertone suitable for day or elegant evening look

Logona lipstick n.6 (coral) a deep creamy orange red that is a very wearable red with lots of warm orange in it

Logona lipstick n.7 (wildberry) a medium shimmery plum with cool undertones that I’ve also used in the video (evening look)

Logona lipstick n.8 (moonlight rose) one of my favorites; nude, very wearable and sophisticated rosy beige shade (matte) that is just the right shade to enhance the lips during the day

Logona lipstick n.9 (light copper) a pearly nude bronze sand color with warm undertone, nice for a summer look too.

These are my swatches of Logona products from my make-up kit, if I will add any new ones, I will update this post.

Is anyone of you using the new Logona lip products?

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