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Summer makeup

Caudalie and Lily lolo review

In my part of the world the summer is in its full potential and it’s hot, really hot out there! The need for makeup is becoming lighter and lighter, but we still need to look fresh and flawless ūüôā ¬†Recently I have been testing a very known brand of cosmetics that is very popular here in Italy; it’s Caudalie. However, I know they aren’t 100% organic but I appreciate the fact they are working on the natural ingredients¬†based on vine extracts and they have also removed parabens, mineral oils, sls, phenoxyethanol and phtalates. Since I have quite some pigmentation spots (btw they don’t come only from sun!), I find interesting the new Caudalie Radiance serum among other green beauties…


Skincare – Caudalie Vinoperfect collection review

Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance serum complexion correcting

This milky serum has a light texture and is very hydrating and light to wear. On the skin it blends well and leaves a nice light layer of hydration and softness. For my skin which tends to be dry I have to say it’s more than enough worn on its own under a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. It is packed in a beautiful 30ml glass bottle with the dropper and so you need only a few drops for the entire face. It smells delicate, fresh and very pleasant without being too harsh. It does make the skin feel radiant and nourished. This collection is inspired to the¬†old knowledge from vineyards in¬†the past where women had beautiful complexion because were using grapevine sap. ¬†Regarding the reduction of dark spots is too early to say because I’ve been using the serum only for 10 days which is not so much to talk about bigger results.

Caudalie Vinoperfect radiance tinted moisturizer

From this same collection I wanted to try the tinted moisturizer too which is a gorgeous product for summer time. It comes in a plastic 40ml tube and available in 2 shades. I’ve chose the light shade n.1. It’s a very well designed color for most light skin tonalities. It is light in texture, oil-free, easy to blend and it matches great the previous product. Together they work great for a fresh, dewy summer make-up! It is pigmented with minerals and has a SPF20. I just don’t like the classic SPF here (could be changed with something else), but overall it’s a great product that performs very well especially in summer.

Summer makeup


Lily Lolo new limited edition summer shades

Lily lolo natural lip gloss High Flyer

I wanted so much to try all these new shades from Lily Lolo and I wasn’t disappointed ūüôā The new Lily Lolo lip gloss in this package is now perfect. The old one was having some difficulties with the package, although a great product inside. The gloss still smells divine, one of the best and most delicious scents and aromas I have tried – pure creamy chocolate that you’d just eat ūüôā This new shade is so nice for summer tanned skin! It’s a creamy matte peachy terracotta shade in warm undertones. It is very pigmented, hydrating, not too sticky, really great!

On the picture swatches from left: Caudalie Vinoperfect¬†Tinted moisturizer n.1, Lily Lolo lip gloss High Flyer, Lily lolo pressed blush Life’s a peach

Lily lolo swatches and Caudalie swatches

Lily Lolo pressed blush Life’s a peach

This new Lily Lolo pressed blush complements great with the new Lily Lolo lip gloss too, since it comes in a peachy matte shade that at the end doesn’t look cake or dull. Rather it gives a beautiful touch of color especially to bronzed skin. The main point is to give life to the face with these summer tonalities! It blends great and it’s very easy to use and you know I’m a huge lover of pressed powder products ūüôā Since Lily Lolo has renewed all the image design, packages and added new formulations they did a huge leap on a higher level. A brand with great ingredients, super clean, beautiful, all to love!


Green makeup tip Add these blush and gloss to your dewy complexion treated previously with a tinted moisturizer. Load your lashes with lots of mascara (use waterproof if you have problems with sweating and smudging) and your quick summer make-up is ready!


Enjoy the summer days to gain new energy!

Green your makeup bag!

Natural makeup review and detox your makeup bag

I want to write about greening your makeup bag, especially, if you haven’t incorporated any new makeup product from the natural world yet. It’s spring, time for changes, renewals, cleansing and decluttering all sorts of things. By the way, have you heard about the trend of decluttering? Or have you ever experienced how nice and liberating it feels when you discard old things, those that you don’t use anymore, that are old and then you make place for new ones? And the excitement when you change something in your life which brings something new. Healthy changes (in a moderate way!) are always welcome. This time I will give you some advices and review some natural products that I’ve used recently.

FACE – foundations, blushes and brushes

Lavera beauty balm, Dr. Hauschka liquid foundation

Dr.Hauschka new liquid foundation

was an amazing discovery, because the previous formulation wasn’t really satisfying for me (not enough coverage, too rosy shades). But this one is simply awesome in all ways! The scent is captivating, some say that smells like coconut, I find it a lovely mix of roses, herbs and oils. Pomegranate¬†essence, macadamia nut and coconut¬†oils moisturise and protect the¬†skin while you wear your make-up.The coverage is medium but very good and buildable and blends great and easy into the skin leaving a radiant and fresh texture and finish. It comes in 5 shades and I have put on the picture the sample of n.1 foundation. So, if you look for a natural liquid foundation go in your near Dr.Hauschka store and find your shade!

Lavera Beauty Balm (or BB cream)

is another fantastic product for those who want just a light coverage and/or even the skin tone. I was surprised about the fresh and radiant finish that it gives and stays during the day. The coverage of imperfections is medium but since the finish is so nice you need less concealing because the skin looks so good. I get compliments about the finish all the time ūüôā It comes in one colour which tends to be unite yellow which is good, perhaps a little bit too dark for fair skin. The formulation is moisturising but not over shiny and it blends great. What is so nice is also that the colour adapts after you put it on the skin, so don’t judge the shade out of the tube too quickly ūüôā You can apply it with fingers or foundation brush. This balm is loaded with natural ingredients like acai berries extract, aloe vera leaves juice and natural oils among others.

Everyday minerals Love at first blush set

Everyday minerals Love at first blush set

Everyday minerals blush swatches

I find this set of blushes so exquisite and feminine! It’s fantastic, if you want to try almost all their colours and the blushes are in quite a big size, not only a small trial. They come in powder and the colours are subtle, feminine in rose, pink and peach shades that suits everyone. If you look for a¬†blush that resembles the natural flush¬†on the cheeks you have find the right ones. I love them for brides especially in this season! Yu will like the handy bamboo kabuki brush that can help you to blend perfectly the colour into the skin. It’s precise and very handy. I’m glad I’ve tried again something from this brand after a long, long time ūüôā


Some new makeup brushes

One day I was wandering in beauty stores and was attracted by two makeup brushes from conventional brands. The reason is that I see over and over again many brands that include entire collections of synthetic brushes in their lines. And if I think that a few years ago almost everyone was skeptical about them… (Read here my article how the synthetic brushes were born). This is why I’m even more curious to try those from “normal” brands. I was very surprised about the softness and quality vs price of L’oreal new collection of brushes which are all synthetic. I have tried L’oreal foundation¬†duo-fibre brush which is entirely made by synthetic hair and it is great! It blends perfectly the foundation and it dries super quickly. It works great with BBcreams and foundations!

make-up brushes

The next one is Yves Rocher contour brush, that attracted me with its shape. Although was written it’s a contour brush, it works great for me when used to blend well the foundation, even under eye area. It has quite stiff hair and it’s very dense, that’s what it makes it very special.

The last one is¬†Everyday minerals Tapered Sculpting face brush. I have heard rumours that their quality has diminished and so I wanted to try a¬†brush to get clear about that. I have to say that is one of my favourite brushes, not only because I like the tapered shape that gives more control when blending and contouring but also because of its softness and precision. I use it to set the powder, to apply blush, bronzer or contouring. Multi-purpose brush! Can’t go wrong with it ūüôā



I had in my makeup drawer those 3 beauties for lips from Neve Cosmetics for quite a long time and it seems that their time to blossom¬†out was spring ūüôā Neve cosmetics¬†Dessert a levres is the name of those lipsticks and are 3 beautiful shades for spring called: Pink Donut, Chocolate eclair and Strawberry sundae. I wear and use them most of the time all 3 and you will also see them in a video tutorial that is coming soon ūüôā They are all vegan, loaded with vegetable oils and shea butter that never dry the lips.

Neve Cosmetics dessert a levres and Lavera Brillant lips natural lipsticks

Strawberry sundae¬†is my favourite shade that everyone ask me about what I wear ūüôā It’s a bright fuchsia matte, creamy¬†shade that erases all dullness on the face with a huge pop of colour! The modern statement lip! I can easily apply all these colours without any lip pencil and they don’t bleed on the edges!

Pink Donut is the second favourite of mine that I understated when it was still new in the package, because I thought it was another pale nude. I call it the modern nude pink, the one that enlightens the face and it’s a great shade for the natural day makeup without looking too strong. But it’s the perfect wake me up shade!

Chocolate eclair is a beautiful warm brick brown red. Nice option for an evening shade is summer with bronzed skin and peachy shimmers!

Lavera Beautiful lips brilliant care

is a tinted balm in stick version that I find great for spring summer days! I tried the shade n.4 Creamy nut which is a nice nude beige with a creamy, slightly glossy finish that intensely hydrates the lips. I recommend for those with problematic dry lips that¬†feel they can’t wear an¬†intense lipstick.

Eyes – some mascaras and a new lash curler

physicians formula organic wear mascara review

I desperately needed a new lash curler and tried the new one from MAC. I love how it curls the lashes but, don’t like the width where you¬†open and close it. It’s simply too narrow, so if the lashes are long it’s quite difficult to catch them all inside. Otherwise it curls the lashes good! Eyelash curler freak ūüôā

I wanted to review the 2 mascaras from Physician’s formula Organic wear line for quite a long time. I have tried all of them since now and like all of them.¬†The only downside is that they dry very quick. I don’t know if it’s their formulation or the fact that I casually ordered them every time all in winter time and so I thought it might be the cold weather that made them dry. It’s something that I noticed many times when ordering cosmetics oversea in winter. All Organic wear mascaras are nice in their formulation and I love the wands, they are precise and not clumpy or too thickly loaded with the product. These ones are¬†Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara (green package) and¬†Physician’s Formula Organic Wear¬†Fake Out Mascara (pink package). They both promise long, thick, voluminous lashes (quite a lot of marketing for my taste) but at the end they do a nice job; separated, long, full lashes. I don’t find extreme differences between the wands and the end result.¬†But cannot fail if you choose any of them as your first natural mascara.

Any thoughts about detoxing your makeup bag? Or about these products? Let me know ūüôā


Spring beauty

tata harper volumizing lip and cheek tint, RMS Beauty Loose Tinted 'Un' Powder, Fushi Organic Hydrating Lip Balm

Spring is finally here and yeeeees, we are already immersed in warm days full of sun! I love this season, everything blossoms and I always feel is time to renew projects, the wardrobe, my beauty routine and introduce with new fresh make-up looks! Here are a few products that I find especially suitable for this time of the year when the make-up becomes lighter and in fresher colours.



Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint

tata harper volumizing lip and cheek tint

A hint of natural colour is always welcome and we all want products that are quick, easy to use and that have great ingredients. Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint¬†is the perfect product for an everyday make-up where you want to have a nice stain on your lips and perhaps add even that natural flush to the cheeks. I find perfect one of the 3 shades called Very charming, which is a nice matte antique warm rose shade that suits everyone and gives the appearance of a natural blush colour. It blends perfectly into the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant. I’m a fan of this kind of creamy make-up products, that are¬†multi-purpose and this balm is a really nice solution if you look for a natural make-up¬†look with great ingredients and easy to apply. There are many brands out there with similar products, but I really wanted to try this one and is completely approved!

Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint swatch Here is the list with ingredients and as you can see it is loaded with many natural vegetable oils that nourish the skin:

Cocos nuciferra (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Cera Alba (Beeswax)*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Seed wax, Natural and Organic flavors, Palmitoyl Isoleucine, Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) seed oil*, Plukenetia (Sacha Inchi) Volubilis Oil*, Euterpe oleracea (Acai) fruit oil*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Lavandula stoechas (Spanish Lavender) Extract, Tocopherol. MAY CONTAIN: Iron Oxides (CI 77499, CI 77491, CI 75409, CI 77891, CI 77492) Carmine, Jojoba Esters, Mica, Trihydroxystearin. *Ingredients from organic farming.


Fushi Organic Hydrating Lip Balm

Fushi Organic Hydrating Lip Balm review

When I received the package from¬†Naturisimo shop, I noticed that they’ve just added a new organic British brand called Fushi and they added me this lovely Fushi Organic Hydrating Lip Balm. ¬†It’s perfect for spring because of its hydrating properties as well as for its fresh cooling peppermint scent. Otherwise is full of oils like avocado, jojoba and shea butter, enhanced with natural scents from essential oils of geranium and peppermint. I saw that Fushi has many other products for entire body wellbeing; supplements and different oils so it’s a brand all to try and discover.

INCI: Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), Persea gratissima (Avocado oil), Simmondsia chinesis(Jojoba oil), Cera alba (Beeswax), Mentha piperita (Peppermint essential oil), Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium essential oil), *Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), +Limonene, +Linalool, +Citral, +Geraniol, +Citronellol.


RMS¬†Beauty Loose Tinted ‘Un’ Powder

RMS Beauty Loose Tinted 'Un' Powder light

Last but not least comes this amazing product RMS Beauty Loose Tinted ‘Un’ Powder that I wanted to try before in the translucent version but haven’t yet. Finally, I’m glad I tried now¬†the new coloured version, especially because I never tend to use coloured powders. I always use only translucent ones personally and professionally and this one was really a nice discovery! Since I like to wear myself the RMS beauty uncover up in n.11, this powder in the light shade 0-1 is great to wear on top of it. It’s a warm light yellow which is not too dark, nor too light. The perfect subtle hint of colour for those with light and fair skin! Of course you can wear it on other creamy foundations or BB creams as well, that are now so modern. And not to mention the texture which is one of my favourites, since I only love just a couple of powders from natural brands. It’s very finely miled and it’s seamless on the face, but at the same time it gives that perfect satiny finish (and not a cakey, powdery one). It comes in a plastic minimalistic jar, equipped with a powder sponge. You can use it to apply and set the powder instead of a brush.

INCI: Silica, Iron Oxides: CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499.

Will come back soon with more novelties from the Green make-up world! Drop me a few lines if you use or like these greenies ūüôā

Green people DD cream

green people dd cream

DD cream? Yes, after all, I now tend to look for a light liquid foundation that gives a radiant skin and has natural ingredients. And now you find this kind of products under names like bb, cc, dd creams. So I wanted to try this tinted cream called Green people Age Defy SPF15 DD Tinted Moisturiser because it was among new products and also because I was looking to try something that would give me some sun protection along with age-defying properties.This is why the name is DD =  Daily Defence.

The package is very minimal and “urban chic” as you can see from the photo. And very good for such product because is in a non-transparent package with a pump, so the product is even more protected from light.

I like its consistency which is a medium one when you spread it out, but when applied on the skin it gives a nice and thin layer. The coverage is light to medium, so it erases just small imperfections, but it leaves a nice, hydrating finish on the skin. Although the Light shades is meant for light tones, it’s a tiny bit too dark for my perception. So it can be too dark for light skin tones who uses usually an ivory or fair shades. Here you can see the swatch on my hand:

green people dd cream

The good thing is that it has a neutral tonality with tendency on yellow, so it covers some redness. Regarding ingredients Green people says that the key ingredient are¬†Sea Fennel stem cells that are a complete anti-ageing solution which stimulate cell renewal, brighten, firm, reduce age spots and deliver an instant moisture infusion.¬†It’s definitely a product suitable for mature skin that needs protection and nourishment, without a heavy mask texture.

I apply the product with a foundation buffing brush so that it absorbs well with no strikes on the face. If you need additional coverage or matte effect you can dust a touch of mineral setting powder. In every case I like that the cream blends easy even when applied with fingers. The result is a hydrated and radiant skin.

I was very interested to try something from this brand since a long time and must say that I’m very surprised how they have evolved and added a make-up collection too.

Do you like this brand? Any thoughts about this DD cream?

Lakshmi oriental beauty

Lakshmi make-up

I was looking for a black greasy base quite some time, that I would use it as a base for heavier make-up like a dark smoky eye or as a bold line on the eyes. I remembered about Lakshmi, since I knew them for quite a long time with their eye khols in different colours. I tried this black khol and additionally found out that they also have a rose water in their collection. I decided to try both products and found them in the Argo naturals shop where I have found the nice Thanaka powder too. Here are my thoughts about them.

Lakshmi khol

This Lakshmi khol / kohl / kajal comes in an elegant black and gold package and is very precise in its application. It has a really black pigment that stays on for a long time. If you want to smudge it, it’s easy to blend, but you have to do it right when you apply it, until is still greasy.

Lakshmi eye khol

As you can see from the swatch above it’s really black and very pigmented. However,¬†Lakshmi is not an usual khol liner, but is made from Demeter ghee¬†carbon and you find it in different versions: with or without camphor (this one is for sensitive eyes). Why?

Some history, origins and use of kohl liner:

Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic, traditionally made by grinding galena (lead sulfide) and other ingredients. It is widely used in South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa, and parts of West Africa as eyeliner to contour and/or darken the eyelids and as mascara for the eyelashes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kohl_(cosmetics)

As mentioned above, from historical facts, I’m fascinated about this make-up product even more. It wasn’t used only for beauty purposes but mainly as a protection for eyes against outside influences like: dust, insects, sun,… Even now the khol is meant to serve this purpose since we are affected by different stressors like pollution, air conditioning, computer screens and contact lenses,… “Lakshmi¬ģ kajals bind irritating pollen, dust and other particles, allowing them to be washed out by tears. At the same time, the dark colour imparted by the carbon provides protection against excessively strong light.” And¬†because of purified natural camphor some¬†Lakshmi Ayurvedic kajals feel¬†cool; this has antibacterial properties and helps prevent inflammation. Its astringent properties also help rid the eyes of unsightly red capillaries, leaving them clear and bright. Now, you know what is the real purpose of khol, beyond just lining the eyes in black mysterious colour.

Applying kajals is very easy: the cone shape of the product allows you to rim the inside and around the eyes easy and precisely. If you want you can also smudge it with a brush. In this case you can use the product from the larger part of the product.

Lakshmi Rose water

You know that I’m a huge fan of all sorts of toners, mists, waters, hydrolats, you name it ūüôā So Lakshmi rose water was a product¬†to try. It is made as a byproduct of steam distillation from Rosa alba. It has a delicate scent of rose which is quite specific, slightly different from usual roses that I know from other brands. I use it as a toner, before oils or serums and even after to set my make-up.

Anyone using khols / kajals? Please share with me different experiences from different cultures please! 

Mai Couture – revolutionary makeup idea!

Mai Couture foundation and blush

I’m so thrilled about this review, because I feel it’s¬†something revolutionary and handy! I saw it for the first time at Naturisimo online shop¬†and became immediately curious about it. It also reminded me of how my grandmother used to tell me the way she did her makeup. They applied a flush of blush on the cheeks with some thin paper that was slightly colored in red tonalities.

I’ve decided to try Mai couture foundation Nude glow¬†and Mai couture¬†blush Sunset boulevard, which is my favourite!

Review of Mai Couture foundation and blush

Every product from Mai Couture is basically a booklet of very thin colored papers. It is very easy to use; you open it and strap out a paper; 1 paper is enough for the entire face. For those asking what chemistry is this, no worry, only a few super green ingredients are on every sheet of paper:¬†Bleached Kraft softwood pulp, mica, kaolin, may contain iron oxides. They are paraben and talc free! Now that we have revealed their clean essence I will explain you how to use them and how I like to use them too ūüôā

When I’ve received them, I immediately tried the blush paper, since I already had my makeup on (without blush). I tried the shade Sunset boulevard which is a gorgeous soft golden peach suitable for every skin type. When applied it leaves a soft flush of color with a subtle illumination on the cheeks. For those who are worried about the application, believe me, it’s the easiest thing to use! You just press the powder into the apple of the cheeks (I suggest to start in the center) and then you start to blend it with circular motions to achieve the desired amount of color. Every booklet has 50 sheets which is for 50 applications and you can carry them around everywhere because are very small. On the back of¬†every booklet you have the instructions for applications too.

Mai Couture blush

Mai Couture application technique

The booklet with foundations is¬†similar but a little bit different regarding its use. I have tried the Nude glow foundation¬†which is a warm shade suitable for light to medium skin tones. ¬†I have used it in both ways: as a foundation or as a touch up powder on top of my makeup. It work both ways, but to use it as a foundation it is suitable for those with no imperfections, because it has a medium coverage. You need¬†additional concealing. The finish is a lovely illuminating glow without looking too cakey. I think this is thanks to the even layer of powder on every sheet so you cannot overdose it. Personally I prefer to have the booklet with me on the go for touch-ups during the day to refresh and even out my makeup in the evening, if needed. Don’t worry about the intensity of the color, when applied on the skin it somehow melts in it without any harsh lines.

Mai Couture application

As you can see from the illustration, one sheet of paper is enough for the entire face. The best is to press the paper on 5 points of the face first (like with any foundation) and then blend it with the remaining powder on the paper.

For those who find the entire system handy Mai couture has designed even wallets to carry your make-up booklets inside. Stay tuned because I will show you the application technique in moving picture too!

Anyone tried Mai Couture yet? Let me know your thoughts ūüôā¬†

Kjaer Weis Essential duo

kjaer weis makeup

Let’s start this 2015 with la¬†cr√®me de la cr√®me¬†from the green beauty world! It’s been a long time that I know Kjaer Weis products but since I received them in this beautiful red gift box and the original package, I couldn’t not share it with you, my lovely readers ūüôā Here is the review of Kjaer Weis Essential duo 1¬†that I got from¬†the super lovely and professional Amazingy shop.

kjaer weis review and swatches

You can expect huge novelties from my blog and so even these beauties in action. But while you wait for my news to come, enjoy my written review. For me personally, this duo is really The Essential or a must-have! Both shades are so good and the selection of a good eyeshadow paired with a lip tint is in my opinion enough for a quick ready to go day look. Kjaer Weis eyeshadow Cloud nine has a satin finish and just enough shimmer in it and it blends perfectly without creasing in the eyelids. You can wear this champagne shade as a base for other shades or worn alone, like I do on myself with lots of black mascara! When you connect both of these products on the face the look comes really together!

The texture of Kjaer Weis¬†Lip tint Passionate is super hydrating and creamy because of many natural oils like Shea butter, Castor and Jojoba oils. The shade is described as raspberry (that is for me sheer pinky red with a cool undertone) but I don’t agree at all with the description, because this is much more a universal medium nude peachy with a hint of pink. At least I received¬†this shade and I’m very glad! Passionate is absolutely a neutral shade that can be worn by most women. It’s perfect for the daytime look. It has a sheer but very buildable coverage; you can achieve a nice almost lipstick effect. I wouldn’t say it’s a sheer tinted balm at all.

Here is the etiquette with the ingredients of the balm for those who want to check it:

kjaer weis review

And last but not least the 2 swatches of Kjaer Weis Essential duo 1.

Left: Kjaer Weis Passionate Lip tint, right: Kjaer Weis Cloud nine eyeshadow:

kjaer weis review

All the packages are amazing; the design is a great idea, as you can see it from the picture. The inox boxes are very handy and they also guarantee that the product is in a safe place while in your bag ūüôā

I’m so in love with the red gift box¬†that is made from solid carton and that I’ll reuse for my pencils and brushes:)

Do you like Kjaer Weis? Which products are your favourites?

My new discovery: Idun Minerals makeup

idun minerals

As you already know, good concealers are quite hard to find in¬†the green beauty world. As a makeup artist I seek¬†for a compromise between great result and green ingredients, although this is not always possible. Some time ago, I stumbled upon a Swedish brand with mineral make-up where I was captivated by their concealers…They have 3 in their range: a powder one (the greenest one, but I don’t tend to use powder concealers), a creamy compact and a pen (the YSL Touch √©clat like). Well, I wanted to try them and I finished to try some other products from their beautiful range too! The name¬†is¬†inspired by the Norse mythology goddess Idun,¬†associated with¬†apples,¬†youth and beauty. So they have designed lovely packages ornamented with different illustrations dedicated to Idun that are really a joy for the eyes ūüôā

Review of my favourite Idun minerals products

Idun minerals

I love these 2 Idun minerals concealers! The duo concealer has 2 shades; one light and other medium with a hint of yellow undertone to neutralise any redness, imperfections or dark circles. You can easily apply it with fingers or brush and it blends great in the skin. You can use them on their own or mix together to achieve the right shade. The other one is packed in a nice pen with a click and thus is very easy to use too. Its purpose is to highlight the under eye and other areas that need light. It comes in 2 shades: I have tried the one for fair/light skin called Raps.

Here are the swatches of face products. From left: Idun minerals mineral foundation Saga, pen concealer Raps, Duo concealer Strandgyllen

idun minerals


Idun minerals makeup brushes and face products

I was very curious about their synthetic brushes¬†(made with Taklon fiber) and decided to try the Kabuki one. I like it because it has a longer handle and because it’s not too big/round. You can easily reach every corner of the face with it. I find great the idea that every brush has a holder where it can stand (see the top picture). I recommend to try their brushes because are high quality, beautifully designed and they have this handy system so¬†they can stand firmly.

idun minerals

On the picture you can see the beautiful open jar with mineral foundation. The foundation has Mica, Zinc oxide and some minerals to add colour. I have tried the shade Saga (you can choose among 8 shades) designed for fair skin and although I have very light skin it was a little too pale tending to white for me. Otherwise the finish is very nice, because it has a touch of shimmer in it and so it gives the face a nice glow without being too cakey. It complements very well with the kabuki brush.

To achieve some color I found perfect the Idun blush Hallon. It is one of the 3 shades and it is a perfect pinky rose shade. It is not cool nor warm, I’d say a perfect neutral shade to add the natural flush to the cheeks. One of my favourite must-have shades!

And these are the Idun packages with different designs:

idun minerals

 Idun minerals eyes

I couldn’t resist to try even some eye make-up products. I was amazed by all the 3 products: Idun minerals¬†eyeshadow quad, eyebrow pencil and mascara. But as it might sound strange, I find Idun eyebrow pencil my favourite product among all. Not just because of the performance but also because its shade is designed perfectly! It fits with my eyebrow colour exactly, it stays on, you can do soft strokes and so designing your brows without looking too heavy. At the end it looks like your brows are natural (ok, along with¬†the correct technique too!). I tried the shade Lonn among 3 shades and it suits medium brown hair without being too warm or cool, just the perfect mix of colour! I’m really glad about this pencil, because I was quite struggling to find a very good eyebrow pencil that’d fit all my criterions.

idun minerals

I was curious to try the Idun minerals Lengthening mascara in black. It is awesome, one of the best mascaras among mineral products! Its wand is very precise as you can see from the photo and it separates and lengthens lashes precisely while giving them a very visible dramatic effect! When wearing it you cannot fail to notice the dramatic effect it provides.

Swatches from left: Idun minerals Eyebrow pencil Lonn, Eyeshadow Palette Brunkulla, Blush Hallon

idun minerals

I have chosen the Idun minerals Eyeshadow Palette Brunkulla, because I find it a nice selection of nude colours. They are all satin finish, which means they are shimmery but not too much. Their pigmentation is high with a velvety texture. They blend easily and stay a long time on. Above you can see the swatches from these palette. There is a dark brown shade, a mid tone sand with a rose undertone and two lighter ones; one in gold and the other in beige rose. I suggest this palette as a gorgeous gift.


Have you tried anything from Idun minerals yet?

Lippy girl lipsticks review

lippy girl lipsticks

Dear beauties! I’m thrilled to introduce you a lovely brand from Canada called Lippy girl which was launched in UK by Botanical brands for this November vegan month! However, lipsticks loaded with natural ingredients are the new luxury and so you don’t need to be a vegan to wear them ūüôā I mean that things are changing and as I can see it, luxury nowadays means going natural. It’s the inside that counts and what we put on and in ourselves! So I was more than happy to accept this opportunity from Botanical brands (who is the Lippy girl UK distributor) to test and review these new lipsticks!

Going straight ahead I will start with the list of ingredients from the lipstick package:

lippy girl ingredients

“The Lippy Girl Makeup range includes twelve Vegocentric Lipsticks, all made¬†with organic and wild-crafted natural oils and waxes, and only natural mineral pigments.¬† They‚Äôre made with certified organic Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Carnauba Wax and Shea Butter and 100% vegan, bee-free, gluten free and chemical free! ¬† These lovely lippies are also super pigmented with natural minerals for great colour pay-off and provide the smoothest, creamiest finish.¬† They‚Äôre also ultra-nourishing, mouth-wateringly moisturising, long lasting and, above all, won‚Äôt bleed.”

As you can see the ingredients along with the claim from Lippy girl, we are on a very good track. Let’s see now what I think about them ūüôā


My review of Lippy girl lipsticks

I have received 4 different shades to review and to test for you. First the outside; the package is elegant lacquered black (100% recyclable aluminium tubes!) with the pink logo printed on. Plus every lipstick is packed in a nice pink paper box.

Here are the 4 shades that I have accurately photographed to get the best possible overview:

lippy girl lipstick lippy girl lipstick lippy girl lipstick lippy girl lipstick

These shades are all in natural quite pale tonalities:

P-bomb is a frost (slightly pearl) light pink with cool tonalities suitable for very light pale skin tones and amazing for light blondes with pale skin.

Son of a brick is a matte, very rich pigmented light orange brick tonality that looks quite light when applied on the lips. It’s a color that will make a face radiant but if you expect a darker matte brown (like I thought) it’s not the case. I was wondering if it changes the color when applied on my lips because on the paper was quite brown…

Coral me maybe is a nice summer inspired coral with a slight frost finish. It is a mixture of pink and orange that gives that nice coral effect on the lips which instantly make your face bright. However it’s not a very bright coral;¬†I’d say a neutral coral shade. My favorite of those 4.

Ski bunny is a very pale nude matte lip color with a pink undertone. It’s a nice light¬†beige¬†to wear when you have a bold smoky eye for instance. Although I wouldn’t suggest it to those with naturally dark¬†lips, because it is a very very pale shade that tends to look a little bit chalky on dark lips.

All 4 swatches together to compare them. Left: Son of a brick, top: P-bomb, middle: Coral me maybe and bottom: Ski bunny

lippy girl lipsticks

Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality of these lipsticks. They slide very smooth on the lips and are very long-lasting. They don’t bleed and are very, very pigmented. In one stroke your lips are already full of color! The list with ingredients is amazing, all those nourishing oils are perfect for the lips! The entire collection consists of 12 different shades so that you can have a huge selection for all tastes. I reviewed those more natural nude ones, but I bet you’ll find even darker ones if you need.


Has anyone tried them yet? Your thoughts please ūüôā

How to: Modern smokey eye with 3 shades

Autumn inspired makeup with Lily Lolo – on the model

In the previous post (here) I was describing as accurately as I could some products from Lily Lolo along with some inspirations about how to wear it. Later, I put this make-up look in practice on a model and I thought to share with you a few photos (unretouched and backstage). However, I’m also glad that you love so much the previous Lily Lolo post, which was an additional reason to show you this look more in depth. Hope you like it  ūüėČ

Names of Lily Lolo pressed eyeshadows I’ve used: Voodoo, Truffle shuffle, Ivy League, Brassed off.

On the face I’ve applied Lily Lolo BB cream Light.

Special thanks to the model Maja M!



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