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The name of the rose

Spring 2011 makeup trends

Rose lips (Diane von Furstenberg and Jil Sander)

In one of my previous posts I have presented you some of the latest makeup trends. In this post I want to present you one of the hottest makeup colors for spring: ROSE in every tonality, from almost cool fluorescent pink rose, pink bonbon, to delicate antique rose shades with warm undertone. The choice which one you will wear depends on your style, mood and overall tonalities of your skin, hair and eyes.

Rose on the eyes: smoky eye and eye liner (Nina Ricci and Derek Lam)

Rose on eyes for different eye colors (Carolina Herrera)(images via Style.com)


How do you get a rose color?

The color theory teach us that mixing red and white together you get rose. The more you add white to the red, the lightest shade of rose is what you get. This is the basic knowledge. If you mix white with magenta you will get cooler rose tones. When playing with your makeup, try to experiment with different shades and customize your own rose color.

mixing colors


How to wear rose makeup this season?

If you will choose rose as your favorite makeup color, wear it alone: a statement lip with a vivid pink or just a pink eyeliner on the eyes. If you have time and skills, mix together 2 or 3 rose shades together to get a rosy smoky eye. On green or blue eyes it’s gorgeous!

make-up in rose shades

from top left: 100%pure lip pencil (Naked pink), below: Vapour Organic beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush (Charisma), Jane Iredale My Steppes™ Makeup Kit (Cool my steppes), Nvey eco lipstick (355), Nvey eco lip lustre (Barely there) top: Everyday minerals shimmer eyeshadow (Wish you were here and Romance novel), Alima pure Luminous shimmer blush (Rosa)

Green makeup tip  Don’t be intimidated when searching right shades. I am inspired very much by blush colors for the cheeks and when I want, I use them even for the eyes. You can also mix some of your favorite rose pigment in your lipstick or gloss and create a unique custom-made shade.

Don’t put yourself boundaries and let your creativity flow!

How to: Quick everyday makeup

Review of new Lavera’s  Trend Sensitive line

I know that many women today want to take care of their image, but usually they don’t have enough time for a complete make-up. Think about busy mums, business woman always on the run,…Today, I’m going to share with you some quick tips to make you look fresh, natural and awake. Recently, I’ve tried some products from the new Lavera Trend sensitive collection and I want to take this opportunity to connect everything together.


For a quick but perfect everyday look, you need:

Liquid foundation (and foundation brush or makeup sponge)

Eye liner (brown or black)


Lipstick (in a fresh creamy or sheer finish)


1.step: Liquid foundation with a medium coverage and dewy finish

After having done your everyday skin care routine, that should consist of cleansing and moisturizing your face, start with the application of a liquid foundation. To get the healthy glow, apply liquid foundation with a foundation brush. I’d suggest Lavera liquid foundation because of its good coverage and dewy look. It comes in 4 shades: Porcelain, Ivory, Honey and Almond. On the picture there are just 3 shades (without Honey). Porcelain is a light warm tone for light skin. Ivory is a slightly darker shade with a cool undertone. Almond is their darkest shade in a warm undertone, suitable for medium skin tone. You can mix together very well these shades, if needed. I only miss one or two dark shades. Otherwise, the coverage is medium and it covers good any imperfections. You have to work quickly when applying the foundation, cause it sets and dry quickly. In my opinion, I would not use a powder to set, unless the skin is very oily. I like this foundation because of its light texture and a natural healthy finish that it gives to your skin, thanks to organic nourishing oils and vitamins.



2.step: Line and smudge the eyes

To enhance your eyes, line your upper lash line with a brown or black Lavera soft eyeliner. It glides perfectly on the skin and you can draw a precise and thin line, if you want. Use the brown shade for the day look, cause it’s more natural and blend it with the included sponge applicator. You will get a soft line and defined eyes. When drawing the line, you don’t need to be very precise, cause you will smudge it anyway. The Lavera soft eyeliner comes in 3 colors: black, brown and gray.



3.step: Lots of mascara

If you want, curl your eyelashes and then apply a few coats of mascara. I have used Lavera Intense Volumizing mascara in black. The positive side is that the mascara wand is very precise, it separates the lashes very well, but I couldn’t say it is volumizing. It’s a nice mascara for someone who wants a natural look, but if you search volume & tons of black, this mascara, honestly, won’t satisfy your needs.



4. step: The right touch of color on the lips is the key

We’re already at the end. The only thing missing is the color. This is a quick makeup, so we want a quick solution. The key is to use a creamy lipstick with a hint of color. Avoid deep berries, deep browns, beige or reds. Instead, choose natural peachy, apricot or rosy colors, that will bring you back the color on your face and enhance it. Lavera lipstick n.2 (peach amber) is a peachy warm shade with a matte and creamy texture, ideal for the day look. It is long-lasting and quite hydrating. If you want, apply on top just a touch of gloss. You can also wear the lipstick by just tapping it onto the lips and even blend it slightly on the apples of the cheeks to get the natural flush.

As you can see, you need just a few products … and no excuses not to always look gorgeous!

When you look better, you’ll feel better about yourself, too!



I have ordered Lavera products from the Ecco-verde online shop, where you can find lots of great and safe cosmetic products for every need. They ship in EU countries (Ecco-verde online shops: Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany).

EcoTools makeup brushes review

ecotools makeup brushes review

Here is my second part of the EcoTools story. As I said in the previous post, I wanted to try first a set of brushes. I realized that they are good, so I wanted to try other brushes that are sold separately. I was especially curious about the foundation, bronzer and powder brush, that didn’t disappoint me at all. I also purchased the set of cleansing sponges. Here I share my thoughts with you.


EcoTools Foundation brush review

This brush is very similar to the concealer brush, it’s just a larger version. I must say that this is my favorite brush from this trio. Regarding the length, it’s just somehow normal (not too long, but neither too small). The fibers are very dense and the tip is oval-shaped. The length of fibers is also appropriate, not too long. I don’t like foundation brushes with too long fibers, cause you can’t blend or control the amount of foundation while working on face. Because of synthetic fibers, you can easily use this brush for creamy blushes or other creamy products.


EcoTools Bronzer brush review

I was interested in this brush for its form. It has a quite long and wide handle and a huge density of fibers. It’s very handy, especially for applying the bronzer on the body. It’s very soft and blends the product very good. It’s incredible, regarding the quantity of fibers, that when you wash it, it dries relatively quick.


EcoTools Powder brush review

I can’t say this brush is a disappointment for me, but it’s a form of brush that I use less. It has long and quite dense fibers and it’s flat, not rounded. It’s meant to apply powder on the face (or body). I will use it for brush off any excess of powder on the face, for example, cause I am really not a fan of big powder brushes. I prefer to use a blush brush for the powder, that gives me more control and a precise application. But this is just my habit.

EcoTools powder brush review


EcoTools Cleansing sponges review

My curiosity pushed me to try even these cleansing sponges. They are 12 pieces packed in a set. I was especially interested at how they look like and what is the feeling on the face when you use them. They are made with 100% cotton and natural soybean oil for cleaning the make up from the face. They’re washable and reusable. I have put the face cleanser on the soft side of the sponge and then, with circular motions, removed the makeup off the face. The feeling is good and you can wash, dry and reuse them. I can’t say how long one sponge lasts, but in every case, I think it’s not appropriate to use them too long (hygienic reasons).

EcoTools makeup brushes review

Note from EcoTools site about the brushes


– Highly sustainable bamboo handle

– 100% cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles

– Recycled aluminum ferrule

– Reusable storage pouch

If you have any experiences with this brand, especially makeup brushes, I’d be happy, if you share them with me!


NOTE: I have purchased EcoTools brushes at iherb online shop . If you want to purchase them or any other products at iherb.com use this referral code  DAS325 during checkout and you will save additional $5 on your first order. Enjoy your shopping!

EcoTools makeup brushes review

EcoTools 6 piece brush set

EcoTools makeup brushes

As you already know, I adore makeup brushes and I never have enough of them. On my way to become a green makeup artist, I decided to try more eco-friendly brushes with synthetic fibers and bamboo handles. I couldn’t pass by EcoTools. There are so many reviews about them, from good to bad ones. Beside my curiosity, this was another reason to try them. The main complaints were that the brushes don’t blend well the product or that you cannot pick enough powder. I decided to try first the 6 piece set and use it for more than a month. Here is my opinion about it.

EcoTools 6 piece brushes set contains:

handy cosmetic bag

blush brush

angled eyeliner brush

concealer brush

eye shadow brush

lash & brow groomer

in my set there was also a body butter sample

EcoTools bamboo 6 piece brush set

In other previews I noticed that the cosmetic bag was different and many users said it was not useful. I find this one quite handy. You can put it in your bag with all the brushes, plus you can store a few cosmetic products in the side pocket; mascara, blush in stick, stick foundation, lipstick and a gloss at minimum. In my opinion, this is really a nice all around makeup bag for a few touch-up products.


What about the brushes? The first thing that I do when I get a new brush is to wash it with warm water and a mild natural soap. When the brushes are completely dry, I start to use them. I found all the EcoTools brushes are very good, especially considering the price, which is really affordable. During the years, I have collected a lot of brushes and I’ve usually spent a lot of money for each professional high quality brush. I think that the price of a brush is in direct proportion with the quality, even though I recently discovered a few cruelty free brush brands that sell very good brushes with a really convenient price. I don’t mean they are n.1 between makeup brushes, but you get definitely more than you pay. There is another thing I’ve noticed during my work experiences; many people think that the price of a product dictates the quality. Well, I don’t agree completely with this, although I am among the first to use high quality products. What I meant to say is that sometimes when I had to work for different brands of different quality, I had to do my job great in every case with any product. You have to take in consideration that not every bad opinion is measure for quality.


EcoTools brushes description

The brushes have a bamboo handle and very soft synthetic bristles, that don’t shed at all. Until now I haven’t noticed even one hair falling out from the brush. They pick the product very good, but as I said you have to wash very well the brushes especially the first time, not just for hygienic reasons.

The blush brush is a medium size brush for applying the blush on the cheeks, but I’d use it also as a powder brush, cause I prefer smaller ones for the blush. I especially like the size of the handles; they fit very good in the hand and they aren’t too short. I don’t like short handled brushes.

I have to expose the angled eyeliner brush, which is in my opinion an amazing brush. You can draw a perfect line from the thinnest to the thickest. It’s very good even for the eyebrows.

The eye shadow brush is flat with a rounded tip: a classic eye shadow brush. I apply even mineral eyeshadows with it and it works great. It is good also for the creamy products because of synthetic fibers.

My second favorite from this set is the lash & brow groomer. It’s very precise, handy and solid. A must have in every makeup bag!

The last is the concealer brush, which is good, too. At the beginning I wasn’t very satisfied, cause it really didn’t pick the product very well, but after washing and using it a few times, I realize that it’s a very good concealer brush. Maybe the bristles were somehow greasy, so that they didn’t pick the product, this is why you should wash the brushes frequently, especially after you buy them.

In conclusion I’d say that this set of Eco Tools are nice brushes for a very affordable price. You can buy them in a 6 piece set or separately. The best thing is that are cruelty free and eco-friendly!


NOTE I have purchased EcoTools brushes at iherb online shop where prices are affordable. If you want to purchase them or any other products at iherb.com use this referral code  DAS325 during checkout and you will save additional $5 on your first order. Enjoy your shopping!

(top picture from left to right: eye shadow brush, angled eyeliner brush, lash & brow groomer, concealer brush, blush brush)

RMS beauty living colors

A lot of you may know the awesome RMS beauty line, created by the celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift. The products are made with the best organic ingredients to provide not just a healthy skin, but even an ultra modern look. For those who don’t know this brand yet or if you already are a RMS addicted, I want to share my excitement with you. Before trying RMS beauty makeup I was informed about many benefits, high quality and safe ingredients, so it was just a matter of time when I was going to try the products and what the results were going to be.

RMS beauty review


I was especially interested in the concealer/foundation called “Un”cover-up. I’ve chosen the shade n.11, which is the lightest one from the collection. There are also n.22 for medium skin tones and n.33 for dark skin tones. I knew that RMS products are high quality, but honestly, I didn’t expect such a great product. “Un”cover-up can be used as a concealer or as a foundation. The coverage is very good even with the first thin layer of product applied. At the same time it provides a light and dewy texture. The shade n.11 is yellow based and it covers very well any imperfections. In my opinion, the shade of color was wisely chosen by the creators because adapts itself to your skin tone! You have to bear in mind that all RMS products are high pigmented, which means you need a small amount of product. The smell is pleasant, natural, non-defined, which is good, especially for sensitive people prone to allergies. I noticed many times that people don’t like certain smells of cosmetic products, such as foundation. The best thing from my point of view is the staying power of all products, especially “Un”cover-up and cream eye shadow hold very well without creasing. They are extremely easy to apply and blend very well. The overall result is a nourished, healthy looking skin, with a perfect texture and a chic modern makeup.



Lip2cheek is also the kind of product that I adore professionally and for my personal use; a multi-use product for lips and cheeks. I have tried one shade also on the eyes and the result was amazing. All shades are created and chosen very well, from the lightest to darkest and in tonalities that give you the right touch of fresh color on the face. From the Lip2cheek range I’ve chosen Muse, Promise and Illusive. You can see them below on the pictures. I decided to post 2 type of pictures; one in natural day light and the other with flash. I noticed that in day light the colors have a subtle satin shimmer, but not very shimmery at all. Then I have tried them under artificial flash light and the result was quite a lot of light reflecting particles in the product, with a quite shimmery result (excluded  “Un”cover-up). There is nothing wrong with that, but if you will use them for photo shooting, pay attention to the light and effect that you desire to achieve.



From the Cream eye shadow collection I present Solar and Myth shades, both very unique and multi tasking.  Solar can be mixed in a lipstick if you want a touch of gold, or use it as a highlighter. Myth is great also as a bronzer. As I mentioned before, the staying power and pigmentation of all RMS products, especially those for eyes, are truly awesome. Something that you don’t expect from a cream “green” product. You can achieve a perfect makeup with extra nourishing effect in just a few minutes.

RMS beauty review

RMS beauty

RMS beauty Shade description:

Uncover-up  n.11 suitable for light skin tones, with a subtle yellow undertone, which is great for covering any redness or under eye circles

Lip2cheek Muse a beige shade with a subtle pink undertone, the perfect nude look shade with a sheer finish

Lip2cheek Promise a soft coral shade with warm undertones and a touch of golden shimmer

Lip2cheek Illusive  a mix of red brown and plum with a rose undertone, quite matte in day light

Cream eye shadow Solar a shimmering gold, you can try it also as a highlighter or as lipstick

Cream eye shadow Myth a red brown with golden shimmer, try it as a bronzer or lipstick

The nice thing is that you can use all RMS products as far as your imagination goes. You can be very creative even with a small amount of products if you want!

Green makeup tip First, I was a little bit upset because of small package, but then I discovered that they are perfect, because you need the smallest amount of product. The glass jars with stylish tin lids are design masterpieces, that you don’t want to throw away when you finish the product 🙂 You can clean and reuse them. Handy for your makeup bag or for a travel kit!

RMS beauty

Shop and enjoy at RMS beauty official page: http://www.rmsbeauty.com

My congratulations also for their effective and excellent service!

Makeup trends for spring 2011


While checking new fashion trends, I couldn’t resist to share some of my favorites with you, too! At the beginning of every season I’m very excited to take a look on upcoming trends in fashion and beauty. At the same time, my head is full of new ideas, images and color combinations that I apply on myself and others. I let the inspiration come in from everywhere. That’s why I invite you to take a look at new trends for this spring to get some new inspiration, but be aware not to follow them blindly. Discover your style! Look forward for what you really like and then melt together all the knowledge and news with your intuition and taste. Be unique, with a lot of style! Don’t be afraid to discover and put together new colors; not just in makeup, also in the way you dress, in the house, everywhere! It’s not a coincidence that I was searching for a certain Coco Chanel quotation on style and I found even a better one:

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.

Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

(Coco Chanel)

Here are a few images from fashion runways for spring 2011, that I really like. I’ve chosen fresh looks, that make you feel very feminine and at the same time at ease. You will achieve them with small effort and with subtlety in choosing colors that gives you a fresh and natural face, full of healthy glow. In my opinion, spring is the time when you need a touch of color to make your face alive. It’s time to discover cream makeup products, that are easy to use and   give you that inexplicable radiance on your face.
I wish you to step into the spring with a lot of new inspirations and a fresh wave on your face 🙂


MyChelle mineral cream foundation and blush (+get a discount code)

Recently, I discovered this brand of mineral makeup and since I’m very interested in cream makeup products, I decided to try first their foundation and blush. The brand MyChelle minerals has all their makeup products in cream version. I used these two products for a few weeks, so that I can objectively give an opinion now.

MyChelle mineral make-up


MyChelle cream foundation

The first thing I do before buying any cosmetic product, is to check its ingredients. Regarding safe ingredients, I can easily recommend this foundation. It is free of parabens, synthetic dyes, phthalates, and even bismuth oxychloride or talc, that are not good for acne skin. Its beneficial ingredients are Vitamin E, Grape Seed and Camellia Seed Oils, that are a rich source of antioxidants, good for protecting the skin against free radicals damage. Consequently, the skin is nourished, hydrated and protected from premature aging. The peach extract is also a great anti-bacterial ingredient with antioxidant properties. The titanium dioxide provides a  light sun protection. The foundation is packed in a stick, which is very handy and especially good for the touch-ups during the day, if needed. All MyChelle makeup products comes in form of stick and they are packed in another box that is eco-friendly. I have chosen for myself the Ivory shade, because my skin is very fair in winter. In my opinion, Ivory is a great shade, suitable for light skin with neutral undertones. Ivory is their lightest shade and I think is not suitable for a very pale complexion. Their range of foundation has 6 shades, that you can blend together to match an exact skin tone. Since this is not very comfortable for a personal use, I’d suggest the brand to develop more foundation shades. Eventhough, my choice of their foundation shade was very good and matches my skin tone exactly. When I first tried this foundation, I noticed a nice, very pleasant, natural fruity smell.

You can apply this sort of foundation in different ways:

– directly on the skin from the stick and then blend it in with a sponge or fingers

– with a foundation brush

The coverage is buildable, from light to medium, providing a semi mat, almost dewy finish, without a heavy or chalky look. I would recommend it for all skin types. If applied on oily or combination skin, I’d lightly dust the shiny areas with finishing oil control powder. In case of any imperfections, like redness or dark circles, the coverage depends on the depth of color discoloration. This foundation covers nicely the redness and dark circles, if they are not too deep. If you have a lot of discolorations on your skin, you will need a concealer.

MyChelle mineral make-up


MyChelle cream Blush

I was very satisfied with the MyChelle foundation, but even more with the blush. They have a collection of 6 shades in natural colors, that I really like. They give you that modern fresh hint of color, without being heavy or too dark. I have chosen the Fig shade, a light natural plum color, cause I needed this kind of shade in my makeup kit. I prefer to apply and blend the blush with fingers, but you can also use a brush for creamy products. If applied directly over your MyChelle foundation, they melt great together, providing a natural and fresh look. What I really like about creamy blushes is that you can apply them also on the lips and if the shade suits you, even on the eyelids. The beneficial ingredients in the blush are the same as in the foundation and it smells pleasant, too. Here is also a note from their site, that I thought would be very useful:

MyChelle claims that their innovative formulation of all its mineral makeup products ensures that there is no inhalation of fine mineral dust. It is also important to note that we they do not use nano particles in MyChelle Minerals.

MyChelle mineral make-up

This is my opinion on MyChelle mineral makeup. I will surely try other products from this brand. Their line includes also a skin and body care, but I haven’t still checked the ingredients. Until then, I’d like your feedback, if you have any comments or experiences with this brand.


NOTE: I have purchased the products at iherb online shop where they already have very good prices. If you want to purchase MyChelle or any other products at iherb.com use this referral code  DAS325 during checkout and you will save additional $5 on your first order. Enjoy your shopping!

How to: Choose your perfect foundation

In this post I’d like to help you choose the right shade and texture of your foundation. In general, this topic is rarely explained and many of you have problems when choosing an appropriate makeup base, not only a mineral one. The right shade and texture of foundation are the most important factors in the process of makeup application. Since the face is a kind of canvas, everyone will notice a wrong foundation on your skin, that looks like a mask or that is too dark, too cakey, …


A few helpful rules when choosing your foundation

The foundation has to melt with your skin, providing a healthy appearance and has to be the exact shade that matches your entire skin tone

When choosing the color of your foundation, check it under natural light without any dark shades around (not in the artificial light of the store)

The color of your foundation has to match your skin tone in the area, starting from the neck through jawline and whole face

Do NOT try the color of foundation on your hand. The hands are always different in color compared to the face

Try first a sample of foundation; during the day the skin’s natural oils activate with the foundation and the foundation color can change or deepen

You may change the color of your foundation depending on the season; our skin color may change through the year (summer/winter)

These are the basic rules to understand when choosing a foundation, even though every brand has its own names of colors. But to understand better, I will show you later some practical examples.


Essential rules from the color theory that will help you

choose the right shade of foundation

Undertone of your skin (warm, cool, neutral)

Depth level of foundation color (light, medium, dark)

Texture of foundation

Luminosity (content of shine in a product)

Undertone of your skin

If you are not sure about your undertone, a classic advice is to look at the color of your veins on the wrist; if they are green, you have warm undertones, if they are blue, you have cool undertones. If your veins are something between blue and green, you are a neutral. That is in general the “golden rule”. This will be much clearer on the example below. Cool shades of foundation have more red mixed in, while the warm shades are yellow based, without any reds. These is the basic difference between shades. However, there are many shades and their names are not cool or warm, but they have their own names like Ivory, Beige, Sand,Honey…But in every color you have to figure out, if its suitable for you skin depending if it’s more pink or yellow based (cool or warm) or a neutral. This is especially evident in the second and third photo, where you can see the absence of red tones in the Olive foundation. The Golden foundation has a lot yellow, while the Neutral is a more balanced shade with both pink and yellow.

warm vs. cool shades


Depth level

In general this represents the level of darkness or lightness of your skin (light, medium or dark) and does not depend on the undertone or color of foundation. You have to figure out the level of lightness or darkness of your skin. I have chosen an example of Alima pure mineral foundations to explain the difference in colors and darkness. Alima has 10 levels of depth- from 0 to 9 – 0 is the lightest, 9 is the darkest, regardless the color of foundation. In the pictures below, there are different shades of foundation but they are all the same depth level. The first picture shows the depth level 2, that is for very light skin tones. The second picture shows the depth level 8, which is for very dark, tanned skin.

Light foundation shades

Dark foundation shades


Texture of foundations

Regarding texture foundations comes in form of:

powder (minerals)

creamy (usually in stick or in a palette)


mousse, gel

The formulation/texture of the foundation is another important factor to consider. Do not choose a foundation just because is the last hit in advertising. Behind that, bear in mind what type of skin do you have. If you have very dry skin, look after a hydrating formula in a cream or liquid formulation, that will provide you a healthy, dewy look. Minerals are most often in form of powder and suit all skin types.


Luminosity (content of shine in a product)

refers to the amount of light reflective particles in the product, in this case in the foundation. If the foundation hasn’t any light reflective particles it means that is matte. That is great when we want a non shiny effect on the face, especially when the skin is oily with shiny areas. If we want a sheer, dewy, luminous look, we will use a glowing foundation on a dull and dry skin to give a touch of light and freshness to the face. Even with mineral foundation is the same, you can choose a matte or semi-mat formula, or you can opt for a light reflective glowing foundation. If you have oily skin, avoid a glowing foundation with reflective particles inside, even a mineral formulation with glow. Instead choose minerals that are matte and absorb oil from your skin. In this case you can try a mineral oil control primer that you apply before your foundation. Usually, a good mineral oil control primer contains kaolin, a natural clay mineral that absorbs oils and toxins.

Evidently, as you can see, the luminosity and formulation of foundation are in correlation with your skin type.

Considering all this factors together, I hope you will choose your perfect foundation!

If you are interested in this topic, then keep following my next posts with reviews of new foundations.

How to: Apply mineral makeup – part 2

How to choose the right mineral makeup brush


In this second part I will present you how to choose the right mineral makeup brush.On the market there are many different mineral makeup brands that offer a variety of makeup brushes. If you are attached to one brand of minerals that offer also brushes, you can obviously purchase brushes from them. This is not necessarily the best option. I’d suggest you to check and invest in good quality brushes that will last a long time, if you will properly take care of them. Most often mineral makeup brushes are cruelty free. That means they are made with synthetic fibers. Not every brand of minerals offer synthetic brushes, so take a look to the detailed description if you want to purchase cruelty free brushes.


The difference between mineral and liquid foundation application

– Minerals come in form of powders

– Mineral makeup is about adding layers of different powders (primer,color corrector, foundation, finishing powder, bronzer)

– The key is to apply minerals with a light hand and to blend well

– Using circular motion while applying mineral powders

Because of  these reasons mineral brushes have a high density of fibers, they are firmer and they should be soft. The main task of mineral brushes is to distribute evenly the powder, so that you won’t look like wearing a mask. The makeup has to be natural, flawless and distributed evenly.


Mineral foundation brush

is the only brush that is quite different from liquid foundation brushes. Usually mineral foundation brushes are quite large, so that you have more control when applying powders and achieving an even layer of foundation. However, you also have to choose the right brush for you face. There is no special rule to say that just one type of brush is good for applying mineral makeup. There is a huge choice of brushes, so take a look and choose the brush that suits your hand and face. Some prefer short handles like kabuki brush, other are more comfortable with long handles. The brush should have dense fibers, but if you prefer a tapered brush instead of a flat one, go for it! With tapered shapes you can reach corners and spaces around the nose, under the eye,… With a flat and large brush you can blend and buff quicker and better. This is good when you don’t have much concealing. A flawless complexion is achieved just in a few circular motions.

Among most popular mineral foundation brushes are kabuki brushes. Kabuki brush derives from the Japanese culture/theatre. They have a short handle and a very large form with a lot of bristles. I also like the kabuki for applying bronzer on the body.

Lily Lolo

Other mineral foundation brushes come in a form that is flat or oval shaped on top, with a high density of fibers. This way buffing and blending become very easy.

Alima pure

Almost every brand of mineral makeup provides an entire collection of brushes for eyes, cheeks and lips that you can use also with other products, not just minerals. Their shape is the same as other cosmetic brushes. There is no difference in choosing special brushes for mineral eyeshadow, blush or concealer. The most important is to choose a good selection of brushes that will suit your needs and last long time.

On the top picture you can see different forms and brands of brushes for mineral powders. From left to right (top): Jane Iredale Kabuki brush, (bottom): Everyday minerals long handled kabuki, Everyday minerals Large Mineral Brush, Everyday minerals Tapered Sculpting Face Brush, Organic glam powder brush, (top): Alima pure blush brush and Kitten brush, (bottom left): Jane Iredale Dome brush, (bottom right): Alima pure foundation brush

There is another type of mineral foundation application; with a sponge, even though I don’t prefer it. Instead, when I finish, I tap the face with a damp brush or sponge to set the makeup and refresh the face. This way the makeup seems also more natural cause it becomes one with the skin.

That’s all about mineral makeup brushes for now. I will surely write more about other makeup brushes in the future; they are really my passion and obsession. If you have any questions about minerals or brushes, please let me know.

How to: Apply mineral makeup – part 1


After the first, more theoretic part about mineral makeup, it’s time to explain you some of my best advices on applying mineral makeup. If you will follow these simple steps, you can’t go wrong. Don’t be afraid to start using minerals, just because the application is slightly different from conventional makeup application. Using mineral powders is really simple and with time you will realize that is also very quick and handy. Moreover, your skin will breathe and you will feel comfortable wearing mineral makeup, because of its lightweight consistency. Some women complain about a caked, unnatural and heavy look. This might happen just in case the makeup is not properly applied. My experiences with minerals are really excellent!

The proper application of mineral makeup requires:

correct skin care

follow the process of mineral makeup application

appropriate brushes for mineral makeup

choosing the right shade and formulation of mineral makeup

applying the makeup with a “light hand”; you can always add another layer

blending it well into the skin


Correct skin care

One of the biggest mistakes I notice before applying makeup is that women don’t know very well their skin condition. Many times for example younger girls tend to think that their skin is grease, when in fact it isn’t. Consequently they use wrong skin care products that dry their skin even more. They proceed with makeup that also don’t match their skin type and the result is obviously a disaster. In every case, you should first analyze your skin well (or ask a professional for help). Most often it needs just a gentle exfoliation and a hydrating boost. Before I start applying the mineral foundation, I first clean the skin and apply a light organic oil for all skin types (in general for normal skin). I leave it a few minutes until absorbed into the skin. If needed, I remove the excess of oil from skin with a blotting paper. But usually, all you need is just 2 drops of these oils and they work great, without leaving the skin with a grease shine. I especially like the Inlight organic daily face oil. After this I start applying the mineral foundation.


Mineral makeup application

You’ve heard most of time about and I will repeat it, too: Minerals are NOT like the finishing powder in conventional makeup. You can use just one product (mineral foundation) instead of many others (liquid foundation, concealer, finishing powder,…) if you want. For any other imperfections there is a wide range of mineral correctors and other finishing powders. But that’s another story.


Application of all mineral products:

1. Sprinkle a small amount of mineral powder (foundation, blush,…) into the lid of the jar

2. Swirl the appropriate brush into the powder

3. Remove the excess of powder from the brush with taping it into the lid – less is more

4. Apply it on your face with a light hand (use circular motions and a buffing brush for the foundation)

5. Blend well the product

6. Avoid a heavy application, you don’t want to look unnatural

7. I finish with a refreshing spritz of an appropriate herbal toner or water.


Here I finish the first part and look forward for your questions about the topic until the second part.


(photo: Dreamstime.com)

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