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Summer makeup tips

summer make-up

Many of you already came from the holidays, other ones still have to catch the last summer days of sun, sea and fun. Usually, we don’t wear lots of makeup in summer, especially, if we spend most time out in nature or lying on the beach. When reentering from vacations, or when going out in the evening, many women wish to prolongate their sun-kissed tan, or just to enhance it and give a touch of sparkle on the skin. I have made for you a nice list of green make-up summer products and explained the right choice of colors that enhance the bronzed skin. What we don’t want for sure are sticky and sliding products, melting and traveling all over the face. Sun-kissed skin love colors like: gold, peach, salmon, chocolate brown, bronze, copper, orange,… In summer we want to give sparkle to the eyes, to deep the tan and moisturize well the lips and the skin. If you may have freckles, which looks so lovely, never cover them!

The key is to keep everything very simple, fresh and natural with colors that enhance the tan and give that healthy glow!


Green makeup summer essentials

Satin shimmer eyeshadows

Choose a color that will bring out the color of your eyes, e.g. blue eyes will sparkle with a gold shimmer, brown eyes will shine with copper,…If you want a more harmonious look, choose among brown/bronze range. For the more courageous who love to play with make-up colors you can have fun with gold or turquoise blue shades. They look great on bronzed skin.
Green make-up loves Aqua, the sparkly blue/green mineral eyeshadow – a really striking colour from Lily lolo.
You can’t go wrong with a Gold dust from Alima pure.



Everyone looks better with a touch of bronzer, that enhances your white teeth and makes your skin look warmer. Read more about how to apply bronzer in one of my previous posts. The green make-up bronzer suggestion: Alima pure bronzer in many different shades for every skin tone.



If you wear bronzer and eyeshadow, you don’t need to wear blush, cause your make-up may end up looking too heavy. However, you can use just the blush on your own. Use a natural sparkling color in peach tones like Alima pure’s Sahara for a sparkling healthy look on deep tan skin. Or Juicy peach, a matte peach shade from Lily lolo will suit nicely the light tanned faces. Sweep it across the apple of the cheeks and on the eye lids with the same blush brush. It will look very natural and fresh.



A must-have to give you a healthy glow to the face and decollete. Pay attention to apply it just on the areas that need highlighting. Too much highlighter can make you look too greasy and shiny. If your skin is greasy and shiny, don’t use the highlighter! Instead, take with you the blotting paper to eliminate the unwanted shine from the face (T-zone).
Green make-up suggested highlighter: Vapour organic beauty
If you prefer powder highlighters, choose a nice one from Everyday minerals range. They look very natural on the skin.


Lip balm or lip gloss

In summer opt for a clear lip balm to hydrate your lips. If you want a touch of color, choose sheer colors, instead of thick, dark and heavy ones. Avoid too much sparkling and sticky glosses, cause you don’t want your entire face to shine too much. Nude, natural shades like Lily lolo clear lip gloss are an appropriate choice for your lips.


Nail polish

Have fun on your nails and choose between so many colors! I have attached my favorite summer colors from Zoya. They are in the standard range of polishes: Flowie – a matte creamy peach beige for a nude day look, Jinx – quite dark brown bronze with shimmer-an everlasting classic shade for summer. Ginger – a coral orange with golden shimmer for a funny bright summer!


Green makeup tip For “the lazy” ones who still want to look gorgeous 100 percent pure Fruit pigmented Pretty Naked palette is a great suggestion to look effortlessly chic anytime!


During summer say NO to: liquid and cream foundations, thick lipsticks, cream products on the eyes, heavy eyeliners and pencils.

What’s your favourite summer makeup or beauty routine?


My new favorite collection of makeup brushes

Makeup brushes with Natrafil fiber – part 2

A few posts ago I presented you the new technology of Natrafil filaments by DuPont, now used even for make-up brushes. I discovered the brand DuPont on the event Makeup in Paris, where I received different synthetic brushes with Natrafil, to test them and give my opinion as a makeup artist. On the photos there are shown different brushes, because DuPont does not produce brushes, it just develop fibers for brushes. I have tried (and now work with) all of them, so I want to share with you my experience. I have to say that until now, I don’t have a negative critic.

My positive observations about synthetic brushes combined with Natrafil fibers

– Brushes don’t shed which is very good news!

– Their shape remains stable even after washing them, cause the synthetic fiber don’t absorb water like animal hair

– A huge advantage is that they dry quickly after washing them

– All brushes are high quality manufactured (precise shape of the brush, esthetically designed)

– Brushes are cruelty-free; suitable also for vegans and vegetarians

– The Natrafil advanced technology allows you to design a brush that suit your personal needs: the possibilities are countless, since you can change the shape of the brush, the % of Natrafil fiber and choose a different diameter of fibers.

– The higher is the % of Natrafil in a brush, the softer is the brush. 100% Natrafil brush allows you very precise work, with excellent coverage.

– These brushes allow you to apply powder and cream products

– When applying cream products (foundation, concealer, highlighter,…) you obtain a precise and even application, without streaks. This is great especially when working in HD for TV/photo, where small details are even more outstanding.

– When applying powder products (powder, bronzer, eyeshadow, blush,pigments), the brush allows you to pick the right   amount of product.

– The powders aren’t so volatile, which is very important for a make-up artist.

– They blend the product extremely good.

Natrafil make-up brushes

To be more explicit, here is my review of violet brushes – the adesign new upcoming collection and the black ones from Studio Tannaz. I haven’t reviewed the red line, cause it’s a limited edition, made just for the event Make-up in Paris. I can just say, they are fabulous!  I also want to mention that I use just organic products, which means that the application is more difficult than with normal products, where silicones and other chemical ingredients make the application easy. These brushes really help me to work better!

adesign (from left to right): This line of brushes is as I can feel a little bit more rigid in comparison with the Studio Tannaz brushes. However, it’s a prototype collection that needs to be improved. Here is the picture where I did the make-up with this line of brushes and another picture with this range of brushes:

Make-up with natural cosmetics and synthetic brushes

Make-up in Paris

(from left to right)
1. This brush is absolutely my favorite one from this collection: a multipurpose! I like very much the shape and the width of fibers; they aren’t too wide, nor too long. This brush is just the right shape for applying cream products, such as cream highlighter/corrector/blush on small areas. I use this brush also for applying liquid foundation, on small areas or to retouch. However, you can also apply powder products with it, if you want. It works well. I used this brush on the model first to apply cream foundation. Later I’ve used it again for applying the highlighter on the top of the cheekbones/temples,…and also for the cream blush on the apples of the cheeks.

2. This brush is a classic shape for applying powder eyeshadow and it works fine. I have seen that all the brushes pick up the product good and also blend it well. What is great is that the powders aren’t so volatile, especially when working with eyeshadows.

3. When trying the brushes, I was very curious about this brush, cause it’s an interesting shape, challenging and all to discover. I have applied with it some powder eyeshadows and blend them. It did a great job. However, I could easily use the brush n.2 for this, but I wanted to try this shape how it works. I will definitely try to discover more options to use this brush.

4. This brush is among my favorites, too. I was smudging the pencil on the upper eyelid with it and extend the line on the outside corner of the eye in a form of a wing. You can use it also with the eyeliner, when you want a thicker line. It can be used also for applying concealer just on small areas, where precise application is needed. I have used it for applying lipstick, since the shape is perfect. The only thing that I noticed it was that this brush is a little bit too rigid for applying lip products. I think that making another version of this brush with softer fibers would be a great idea for lipstick application!

5. Brush n.5 is usually meant to apply the eyeliner. I have tried it but sincerely, less than others. I wanted to give it a try, but in general I rarely use this shape of brush as I prefer the angled shape of brush for eyeliner/eyebrows.

NOTE: Another important thing for me is the feedback of the models/clients. I asked how do they feel the brush on the face and there was always a positive feedback! I think the same when I use them on myself.

Studio Tannaz brushes (you can buy them at: Studio Tannaz shop)

Natrafil make-up brushes

(from left to right):

1. This is a medium large brush for applying blush/powder/bronzer-powder products. It contains 50% of Natrafil, that means that is still soft, but not too much, since we need a precise application. For me it’s the perfect shape even for the powder (loose/compact), cause I prefer a smaller shape that allows me to work on smaller areas, which is more precise. However, all Natrafil brushes blend the products very well, giving a nice, even finish.

2. The foundation brush is meant to work with cream/liquid products. It’s made with 100% Natrafil and larger fibers, which gives it a perfect stiffness to apply foundation. It blends the product great, without leaving streaks. I use it also with other cream products, if I have to apply them on a larger area. Its round shape allows you to reach every corner on the face.

3. and 4. These are both classic shapes of brushes. The main difference between them is the % of Natrafil: brush n.3 has 100% Natrafil and is slightly smaller. Brush n.4 has 50% of Natrafil and is denser. It is perfect for applying eyeshadow on the entire eyelid or to contour/highlight small areas on the face. Brush n.3 is more flat, but softer in comparison with n.4, because of 100% Natrafil. It’s designed to use it for eyeshadow contouring. However, I have also tried it for applying liquid concealer under the eyes and it worked great!

5. This one is my favorite shape of brush for blending eyeshadow. It has 30% of Natrafil, quite long fibers, shaped and cut very good, perfect for a precise application with more colors on the eyes, or for a classic smokey eyes effect, where blending is the key.

6. Angled shape of brush is also an essential one, cause it allows you to apply eyeliner or to design the eyebrows. 100% of Natrafil in combination of a large fiber diameter make this brush very precise and not too rough. The eyeliner application goes from the thinnest to a heavier line, depending on the result you want to achieve. It’s also great when filling in the eyebrows with powder.

7. This brush is indispensable when applying eyeshadow in detail or when you want to smudge the line on the eyelid. It works very good with cream or powder products. 100% Natrafil, small shape and a rounded tip allow a precise application. All these brushes pick the powder very well, just the right amount.

Studio Tannaz brushes are packed in a nice and handy brush bag.

My overall opinion is that all these brushes are the future of make-up, thanks to the advanced technology of Natrafil fibers. The best thing is that a company has the opportunity to design its own brush suiting their needs, because of many changeable technical parameters that give you more possibilities and creativity.

A NOTE FOR MAKEUP ARTISTS: In general, there is another thing concerning the amount of product when you pick it with the brush. There is no point to pick a large amount of product, cause for doing a precise job, is better to pick less product several times and blend it and repeat this again, than pick a lot of product at once. But this is a “rule” that works with no matter which brushes you work. The key is to have a light hand when applying the make-up. The only exception can be the theater make-up in some cases. Natrafil brushes allow to pick just the right amount of powder product, thanks to the synthetic fiber.

How to: Achieve the sun-kissed summer look with bronzer

Summer make-up

When hot summer days are approaching, most women feel the need to switch to lighter makeup and using less cosmetic products. However, one of the essential summer make-up products is the bronzer. In this post I will show you how to apply correctly the bronzer, using just green make-up products.

I have attached a picture from one of my works, where I wanted to emphasize the model’s face (Natasa@Immortalmodels) just by using the bronzer, the highlighter, the lip balm and a touch of color on the eyes to achieve the summer sun-kissed look. Natasha’s face was naturally a bit tanned, in perfect condition and with a lot of lovely freckles, so “less is more” is the key philosophy when you want to bring out your natural beauty, especially in summer.



Which color of bronzer is appropriate for my skin?

When you are choosing the right color of your bronzer, it’s important to take in consideration your skin tone. If your skin is pale, don’t use a deep and dark bronzer. You will end up looking like your face is dirty. The key is to choose a bronzer that is 1-2 tones darker of your current skin color. If your skin is already tanned, the rule is the same. Avoid using bronzers that are too orangey or too pearly, cause you will look artificial. A matte or slightly satin finish is the best choice.


Which brush should I use for applying bronzer and how to apply it?

I like using a full, large and dense brush like the bronzer brush from EcoTools, that enables you to blend well. You can also use all sorts of kabuki brushes. When applying the bronzer, pick a small amount of product. Shake off the excess powder and then apply the bronzer on the face with light and circular motions. Blend well, cause you want to achieve a soft natural look and not hard edges that look like dirt.

Bronzer application


I made a sketch from my picture, to show you the areas where the bronzer should be applied. The arrows show the direction and areas where your bronzer goes: on the the temples, cheekbones, outer jaw, forehead, bridge of the nose, tip of the chin and neck. If you have an open dress even on decollete and shoulders.

Remember to blend well, cause the bronzer should look like the sun has just kissed your face. I like to sweep the brush also on the brow bone. You can choose between powder or creamy version of bronzers.

Green makeup tip When doing a sun-kissed look, just the bronzer is not enough. First make sure to prepare your skin with a sun protective moisturizer. If there are any imperfections on the skin, cover them with a concealer. Then start to apply the bronzer. Sometimes I prefer to sweep on the face just a light layer of finishing translucent mineral powder before the bronzer. This way, the bronzer doesn’t move on face, because of sweat or oily skin.

Some of my favorite green makeup bronzers: Nvey Eco (on the picture), Alima Pure, Everyday minerals, Physicians formula Organic wear

In this post I wanted to focus just on the bronzer. I will write more about summer makeup looks and sun creams in my next posts. Questions and comments appreciated!

Wish you a sunny and joyful summer 🙂

My new discovery: Makeup brushes with Natrafil fiber

Natrafil brushes

Last week I was invited to a special event called Makeup in Paris, which took place in one of my favorite places in Paris-in Louvre. The event was intended for professionals in the make-up field. There were presented new textures, formulas and package designs for upcoming years, conferences about beauty & make-up trends and many other interesting things. Among all this flow of informations, there was something that especially caught my attention. It was the stand with synthetic makeup brushes. And it wasn’t just one of the many names, but it was Du Pont. Why I was so excited to see this? Because I remember the brand name Du Pont as a synonym of highest quality among synthetic filaments, since when I was studying fashion design at University, where our professor mentioned this brand many times 🙂

To sum up, I’m glad to see that these new technologies are offering its knowledge in the makeup field. In fact, I have already tried many synthetic brushes who are very good to work with, but these one from Du Pont are just an incredible discovery! Why? DuPont does not make brushes, but they develop their special patented synthetic filament which is named Natrafil. Natrafil is a great alternative to natural animal hair in cosmetic brushes. There are still many skeptics about using synthetic brushes, cause they are used to work with traditional natural hair brushes. I used to work with them too, but since I discovered that I can do my job as good or in some cases even better with synthetic ones, I am getting more and more favorable to them. Moreover, I think that there is no need  to kill the animals for brushes, if we have so much advanced technologies working for us. Why not take advantage of it?

Below, I have attached a picture from the Dupont site, where they explain the difference between animal hair, normal synthetic fibers and Natrafil fiber technology:

Natrafil fiber

This is just a brief presentation of these exciting concept about which I am going to write even more. I will surely keep you updated with a second part where I will make a review of brushes with Natrafil fibers that they have given me to test them on the event mentioned above.

What do you think about synthetic makeup brushes? Have you already tried them? Are you satisfied with them? I’d be glad to hear from you about this topic.

How to: From day to evening makeup

Photo shooting with green makeup

One of these days I was working on a photo shooting with Pamela, an amazing model, Brazilian native. I was very inspired by her face features, her incredibly long and naturally curly hair. She has a beautiful tan skin tone, not too dark, nor too light. Because of her overall chocolate tones; dark brown eyes, dark hair and tan complexion, I decided to create 2 different looks. The style was simple but at the same time it accentuated her natural beauty without being too artificial. The mood of the photos was also very natural and relaxed. With this post I also want to show you how you can quickly change your day make-up into an evening one, especially if you don’t have much time.

Natural make-up

Look n.1 – Natural beauty

For the first look, the photographer has chosen to use natural light. The styling was simple in light colors that made a good contrast with her dark colors. So I wanted to work a lot on her skin to achieve a healthy look, with a good skincare and massage. The make-up job was to accentuate her natural features with a soft and delicate contouring. I emphasized her natural lip color with a touch of delicate rosy shade.

1. I cleansed the face very well and applied a hydrating non-greasy organic oil and did a good face massage. Her lips were a little bit chapped. I have first removed the dead skin from the lips and then applied a generous quantity of lip balm Jane Iredale lip drink.

2. I started applying the Lavera liquid foundation n.4 where needed, with light strokes, using the Eco Tools foundation brush, until I have achieved a flawless finish. I have contoured the face with Jane Iredale PurePressed Base in Maple and so the eyes, to create definition.

3. Pamela has naturally very curled eyelashes, so I didn’t have to curl them. I decided to apply just a coat of natural looking mascara. I’ve used Lavera volumising mascara in black, cause it looks very natural.

4. I wanted the lips to be in focus, but still naturally, soft. I have applied the Jane Iredale lipstick PureMoist, shade Susan.


Look n.2 – Simple French glamour

I have updated the previous look with some changes. The model wore an evening dress in light creme color (in other photos), so I decided to do a sophisticated look, with the focus on lips and a nice soft face contour.

Evening make-up

1. I have applied a delicate mat rose blush on the apple of the cheeks. I used Alima Pure Antique rose.

2.  I’ve contoured the eyes with the Lavera black pencil and smudged the color with the sponge applicator to achieve a soft smoky grey contour.

3. For the lips I have used the Colorganics lipstick, Crimson shade. I wanted a natural looking lip, so I skipped the lip pencil and I just applied the lipstick with a lip brush and tap the color on the lips to even it.

4. I haven’t forgotten about grooming the eyebrows, to have a nice definition.



model: Pamela@Metropolitan models, photo: Boris Gorjan

How to: Clean your makeup brushes

I have noticed many times that some women don’t pay attention about the hygiene in their make-up bag. The most important is the hygiene of your make-up brushes, where are residues of old make-up, dirt, oils,… Cleaning them on a regular basis is essential to avoid skin problems (pimples, infections,..), caused by all these impurities. I clean my brushes after every use, but I suggest you to clean yours at least every 3 days. Even when you buy new brushes, please clean them properly before using them. Another good reason for cleaning your brushes is also the residue of different colors. When you apply an eyeshadow with a brush and then you reapply other colors with the same brush, you will get “dirty colors”. Color pigments melt between each other and the result is not anymore the same “clean” color as you have picked it from your palette.  Cleaning your brushes is easy and it should not take you more than 5 minutes. I will explain you how I am used to clean my personal and also professional brushes. It is a process that has become my regular routine, so I have always fresh brushes ready to work with. I assure you that still now, after many years, I have all my brushes, from cheap to very expensive ones, still in perfect shape and condition. They are like new!


Cleaning your makeup brushes

You need a clean towel and a mild soap. I use the organic Dr. Bronner Baby Mild Liquid Soap (or bar version). It is my favorite one, cause is unscented and very gentle, but more than enough for removing any impurities.


I wet the brush under warm running water. I put in my hands a small amount of soap and rinse the brush hair properly under the water. I repeat until the water is clean, without any soap and dirt residues. Don’t be too rough when cleaning the bristles, cause you don’t want to ruin its shape. Hold the brush with the bristles pointing downwards, because the water should not enter into the metallic part of the brush (the ferrule). In that area the bristles are glued and if the water enters, there are many possibilities to damage your brush.


When washed properly, I drain well the brush, first with fingers, then I tap it gently in a towel.

cleaning brushes


Before drying, I reshape the brush with my fingers, so that it holds its shape. This is good especially for big and dense fiber brushes.


At the end, I leave them to dry naturally on the air. NEVER dry the brushes with a hair dryer or any other apparel. I lay them horizontally on a towel, on the edge of a table, so that they dry evenly in all directions. Synthetic brushes dry much quicker than brushes with natural hairs.

Makeup brushes

Cleaning you brushes regularly and correctly is easy, essential and good for your skin and for the brushes, too. They will last longer in great condition!

How to: Correct dark circles under the eyes

dark under eye circles

A few days ago I was talking with a girl who complained about her dark circles and was seeking advice how to fix the problem. As dark circles around the eyes are also my problem since a long time, I decided to dedicate them this post:)
I researched a lot concerning this topic and found out that instant solutions with creams doesn’t work because the problem has its roots somewhere else, deeper, in our emotive state that affect our organs. When our emotions are in balance, the whole body is in balance too and thus working properly.
According to Chinese medicine dark circles becomes visible due to poor kidney function. The whole under eye area is related to kidneys, liver and stomach.  Dr. Mo from the Acupuncture school online says:

“Dark circles are a sign of imbalances in the body or the psyche. As the saying goes, the eyes are “the windows of the soul” and as such mirror our physical health. A person’s eyes hide many secrets. Chinese medicine practitioners say that the eyes are related primarily to the energy of the liver (“liver manifests itself in the eye”). A poor functioning of the liver causes pain or tingling in the eyes. When the liver is forced to make great efforts, the eyes redden, become surrounded by dark circles, or become overly sensitive to light. Emotions, stress, suffering and advanced age have a great impact on the proper functioning of the liver and thus may negatively impact the aspect, and more importantly, the proper functioning of the eyes.”

Moreover, when the skin is not moisturized enough, dark circles tend to show more. The skin under the eyes is extremely thin and sensitive and so it has to be treated gently. If possible massage the around the eye area with gentle circular motions. You will improve the blood circulation and increase the lymph flow. Avoid chemical creams on the area around the eyes, since that area is extremely sensitive. I suggest to use organic creams, with antioxidants and coffee extract like 100%pure organic coffee bean caffeine eye cream. Most of all, drink a lot of pure water  and provide hydration to your body, so that it will eliminate quickly the toxins from your body.


How to cover dark circles?

After applying the under-eye cream, gently massage the area around the eyes. Then you need to cover the dark circles. However, make-up won’t fix the problem, which has to be cured on a deeper level. But it will just visually brighten and enhance our sight. Choosing a corrector in shades of our skin won’t cover dark, usually bluish/brown/violet circles. They have to be neutralized with an opposite color corrector. Try to choose a corrector in peach or salmon tones (orange based) which is the opposite color of blue. If your dark circles are more violet, conceal them with a yellow concealer. This way you will neutralize the dark circles that will “disappear”. If needed, you can then continue with applying your liquid foundation. Tap gently a small amount of concealer with a soft synthetic brush and blend well. When applying put the concealer exactly on the dark area and not around. Because of the thin skin, I suggest to use liquid or creamy and hydrating concealers, with a light texture. Some of them comes in a pen form, with a brush incorporated, which is very handy.


Green makeup favorites

Jane Iredale Active Light® Under-eye Concealer 

Ingredients such as cucumber, white tea extract and buckwheat wax calm tired eyes and reduce puffiness. The added benefit of avocado and sunflower oil gently nourishes the delicate eye area. Unique twist pump dispenser makes application quick and easy.

CircleDelete® Concealer #2 – Peach

An eye treatment as well as a concealer containing conditioners such as jojoba esters and avocado oil, both high in vitamins A, C, D and E. Contains green tea extract, a potent antioxidant. Use alone or brush minerals on top. Creamy texture glides over the skin and dries to a silky finish. Each shade may be used separately, or blended to better match complexion.

Green makeup tip If you have time and will, there is the old but effective meted of putting cold slices of raw potato or cucumber on the closed eyes for 15 min. Tired eyes will be soothed and circulation will be enhanced. Another quick remedy is putting a teaspoon in the freezer and then put it under the eyes.

Makeup colors heaven

Couleur caramel Maquillage caffè in Paris

Couleur caramel makeup boutique in Paris

I was curious to try the French make-up brand Couleur caramel for quite a long time, but I haven’t got any opportunity until yesterday. While walking across the city of Paris, I finally found out their Maquillage caffè, which is not just a regular cosmetic store, but an awesome place, where you can try all the products or have your makeup done by a makeup artist. Moreover, the interior is also designed in eco friendly spirit and equipped with furniture made from recycled materials. I find great the idea of having all the products stored in custom-made wooden palettes, that you can put them in front of your mirror, while doing your makeup.

Couleur caramel boutique

When I entered the shop, I was immediately helped by the sales person, who was very kind and helpful. She provided me all the products and informations I needed for doing my makeup and trying products. I was positively surprised by high hygienic standards. Sometimes, I encounter that makeup artists in many shops don’t use clean brushes. Here it was different. The lady brought me clean brushes and a new sponge. Great! On the make-up table there were also 3 skin care products: cleansing milk, toner and eye makeup remover, a box full of new eyeshadow applicators and cotton pads. Before doing my makeup, I’ve tried some products on my hand and realized that beside huge pigmentation and light but covering texture, the products don’t have any smell, which is very important, especially for sensitive skin.

Couleur caramel maquillage caffe paris

I wanted to do a natural day makeup on myself. I decided to use just a few products, but the right ones, like a good foundation, a covering concealer and pigmented colors. At the end I was very satisfied with the result. First, I have cleaned properly my face with the cleansing milk and toner, then I’ve applied the pre-makeup base. All these products have a very light, non greasy formula, but at the same time are very hydrating, which is very important for the skin. Then, I’ve applied my foundation. I have chosen the new liquid foundation Hydracoton n.3. I’ve covered my quite dark circles with the Corrective cream (a mix of n.3 and 4). I have also tried to cover some small red spots with the concealer pencil n.350 which did a great work for the entire day! The texture of the foundation was light but very comfortable to wear, like you don’t have any makeup. Since my skin is dry, I don’t need any powder and the liquid foundation stay on the entire day, too. I have sculpted my cheeks with a small amount of bronzer Teint de soleil. I mixed together n.24 and 25, a light mat bronzer and a touch of peach color on the apples of the cheeks and eyelids. Into the crease of the eyes I have added a touch of eyeshadow, a slightly shimmering browny taupe color. To conclude my look, I’ve applied the lengthening mascara in brown to achieve a natural day look. The result were long and full lashes, without clumping. The mascara comes in 4 colors: black, brown, aubergine and blue. For the lips I used the lip balm to nourish the lips. Then I just tapped in the lipstick from the last spring-summer collection Holi color in natural mat lip color shade of rosy berries n.250. The pigmentation was really good, but since my lips were a little bit dehydrated, I’ve applied on top a touch of clear lip gloss n.809.

Couleur caramel

I was really satisfied with my overall look, products and the service. I have just a small comment about the brushes, I have used synthetic brushes for applying my concealer and for the lips, which were very good. For the blush, I used the angled shaped brush from natural hair, which was ok, but since it wasn’t really soft, I’d be happier to see synthetic brushes in their collection, because they are a green brand. This is just my point of view, which does not reduce the overall good review of the brand.

Couleur caramel


Green makeup tip The product packaging is environmentally friendly and some products like creams and foundations have the refill option. You can buy separately nice eco-friendly empty glass jars where you can put your favorite cream or liquid foundation. Make-up products have also the refill option, that you can put in nice eco palettes.


Who already uses Couleur Caramel makeup?

The lesson of color

The lesson of color (right: Edouard Vuillard)

It’s been quite a long time since my last post, but I have a good reason: I’m in the city of light; in Paris! Since I’m a big lover of art, I had the idea to share with you some of my current inspirations. One of these is an amazing exposition that I visited a few days ago and that has just opened its door to public in these days. “Paris at the time of the Impressionists” is a quick overview of the mood, people, life and art of Paris at that time (1848-1914). It was made from brushes of masters of color like Manet, Degas, Monet, Lautrec, Renoir, Caillebotte, Pissarro and many others. I feel that every kind of art exposition is an opportunity to reflect and be inspired. I admire how they caught the light, the subtleties of their brush strokes, the way of mixing colors, the composition,… From the make-up artist perspective I’d say: a unique lesson of color!

At this point, I want to share with you another thought, which is at the same time my answer to some of you, who ask me the kind of question like: “Which colors I have to wear on my eyes”? I’d lie, if I’d say that there are no rules, but when you understand the rules and feel what you are doing, then you are ready to break the rules and make a step further. Artists from the exposition mentioned above (and also many others through the time) show us their open-mindedness, fresh vision, a new way of seeing the world and inventing new challenges. This is the fact why they became masters who teach us even nowadays. My answer to the previous question is: Don’t be afraid to put one color beside another, compare them, mix one or two shades together and observe what you get out, trace different lines or apply light strokes of colors,…

Just be inspired! Go out and start to see the world from a new perspectives and in fresh colors. You will explore and gain many new ideas, even for your makeup!

(image left via Istock, image right via www.artemedia-agence-presse.com)

More info about the exposition:
“Paris at the Time of the Impressionists: the Masterpieces of the Musée d’Orsay at the Hôtel de Ville”

Free exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris From 12 April to 23 July 2011.


How to: apply highlighter

how to apply highlighters

First spring days make you want a healthy look and light textures of makeup. When the first sun rays are shining on your face, you wish to have a radiant and glowing face. At this point, it’s good to know that many times women are confused how to achieve a glowing skin and thus they choose a wrong foundation that is too oily, or they apply too much shiny powders all over the face. The overall result is an oily looking face (like sweating), with no definition and without 3D effect, that the makeup should give to your face.


How to apply the highlighter and give the skin the real healthy glow?

On the face there are areas that recede and areas that are prominent. They give to our faces the 3D effect that is crucial to understand when doing our makeup, especially when using a highlighter. There are points on the face that catch the light and reflect it. You should apply the highlighter on these areas to get the desired glowing effect, otherwise your face will look evenly covered with a shiny texture without any definition. I’d avoid using highlighter on oily skin. If you really want, use it just on the brow bone and a small amount on the top of the cheeks. You also have to take in consideration the shape of your face.

Main points where to apply cream highlighter

brow bone


top of the cheekbones

bridge of the nose

top of lips (on the cupid bow)

chin (rarely)

where and how to apply highlighter


Green makeup tip The new generation of highlighters is a creamy formula and a light texture with light reflective particles. They are perfect to mix them in your foundation, or use them on top of your foundation, or if you have a perfect skin, you can use them alone directly on the skin.


Inika Light Reflect Highlighting Creme

One of my favorite is Inika, a mineral illuminating creamy highlighter. It is packed in a small 8g tube, but a little goes a long way. Its formula is oil-free and it absorbs quickly in the skin, giving it a youthful glow. I especially like the color, a pearly skin beige shade that matches very well almost every skin tone. The ingredients are mineral based and certified vegan, one of the best choices.

Inika makeup review

Inika makeup review

Other great creme highlighters that Green makeup also recommends

RMS beauty living luminizer

Vapour organic beauty trick stick

Organic glam Liquid Shimmer Highlighter

More details on these products will be presented in one of my next posts.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.  –Francis Bacon

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