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Natrafil® 8-piece makeup brushes by adesign

natrafil by adesign

Do you remember my post from last year where I’ve presented you the prototype collection of brushes made with Natrafil fibers by adesign? I received those brushes at the event Make-up in Paris to test them and make a review. Well, I found that the real collection is now improved and it’s already out. The collection of makeup brushes is called adesign Natrafil 8 piece collection all new and vegan friendly! It contains the following brushes as stated on the adesign webpage:

Cover Brush

Define Brush

Accent Brush

Highlighting Brush

Contour Brush

Buff Brush

Blend Brush

Smudge Brush


a design make-up brushes with Natrafil


Regarding adesign, I can say just positive reviews. They are a company producing very good professional make-up brushes. I used to use their professional brushes long time ago. I was especially satisfied with their unique cream blush brush. However, I recommend you to try this nice green novelty ! I wish to try them soon, too 🙂

EcoTools limited edition kabuki set

EcoTools limited edition kabuki set

This time I decided to bring under my spotlight some make-up brushes again. I really can’t get enough of them! They are my biggest makeup obsession 🙂

The set contains 4 small kabuki brushes in different shapes. For those who don’t know EcoTools yet, they are eco-friendly brushes made from synthetic fibers and bamboo handles. Except this set, that has metal handles, which are very handy, because they aren’t too short. Every handle has a different floral pattern.

The first brush in this set is the conceal brush, that it can be used for applying foundation or any cream product. The second brush is angled shaped bronze brush, ideal for shading with bronzer, especially on the forehead and cheekbones. The third brush is called contour brush: I find it convenient for applying blush or for contouring the shape of the face. And the fourth – buff brush is cone-shaped and is great for applying mineral foundation or for finishing the entire make-up and get a flawless finish. Overall, I can say that this set is a nice gift idea, very handy for traveling and ideal for your entire face make-up.

For those who still don’t have a kabuki brush, grab this great opportunity to buy this smart set until it is sold out, because of a limited edition.

NOTE: I have purchased EcoTools brushes in Iherb.com online shop . If you want to purchase this or any other product in the Iherb.com online store, use this referral code DAS325 during checkout and you will save additional $5 on your first order. Enjoy your shopping!

EcoTools makeup brushes review

ecotools makeup brushes review

Here is my second part of the EcoTools story. As I said in the previous post, I wanted to try first a set of brushes. I realized that they are good, so I wanted to try other brushes that are sold separately. I was especially curious about the foundation, bronzer and powder brush, that didn’t disappoint me at all. I also purchased the set of cleansing sponges. Here I share my thoughts with you.


EcoTools Foundation brush review

This brush is very similar to the concealer brush, it’s just a larger version. I must say that this is my favorite brush from this trio. Regarding the length, it’s just somehow normal (not too long, but neither too small). The fibers are very dense and the tip is oval-shaped. The length of fibers is also appropriate, not too long. I don’t like foundation brushes with too long fibers, cause you can’t blend or control the amount of foundation while working on face. Because of synthetic fibers, you can easily use this brush for creamy blushes or other creamy products.


EcoTools Bronzer brush review

I was interested in this brush for its form. It has a quite long and wide handle and a huge density of fibers. It’s very handy, especially for applying the bronzer on the body. It’s very soft and blends the product very good. It’s incredible, regarding the quantity of fibers, that when you wash it, it dries relatively quick.


EcoTools Powder brush review

I can’t say this brush is a disappointment for me, but it’s a form of brush that I use less. It has long and quite dense fibers and it’s flat, not rounded. It’s meant to apply powder on the face (or body). I will use it for brush off any excess of powder on the face, for example, cause I am really not a fan of big powder brushes. I prefer to use a blush brush for the powder, that gives me more control and a precise application. But this is just my habit.

EcoTools powder brush review


EcoTools Cleansing sponges review

My curiosity pushed me to try even these cleansing sponges. They are 12 pieces packed in a set. I was especially interested at how they look like and what is the feeling on the face when you use them. They are made with 100% cotton and natural soybean oil for cleaning the make up from the face. They’re washable and reusable. I have put the face cleanser on the soft side of the sponge and then, with circular motions, removed the makeup off the face. The feeling is good and you can wash, dry and reuse them. I can’t say how long one sponge lasts, but in every case, I think it’s not appropriate to use them too long (hygienic reasons).

EcoTools makeup brushes review

Note from EcoTools site about the brushes


– Highly sustainable bamboo handle

– 100% cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles

– Recycled aluminum ferrule

– Reusable storage pouch

If you have any experiences with this brand, especially makeup brushes, I’d be happy, if you share them with me!


NOTE: I have purchased EcoTools brushes at iherb online shop . If you want to purchase them or any other products at iherb.com use this referral code  DAS325 during checkout and you will save additional $5 on your first order. Enjoy your shopping!

EcoTools makeup brushes review

EcoTools 6 piece brush set

EcoTools makeup brushes

As you already know, I adore makeup brushes and I never have enough of them. On my way to become a green makeup artist, I decided to try more eco-friendly brushes with synthetic fibers and bamboo handles. I couldn’t pass by EcoTools. There are so many reviews about them, from good to bad ones. Beside my curiosity, this was another reason to try them. The main complaints were that the brushes don’t blend well the product or that you cannot pick enough powder. I decided to try first the 6 piece set and use it for more than a month. Here is my opinion about it.

EcoTools 6 piece brushes set contains:

handy cosmetic bag

blush brush

angled eyeliner brush

concealer brush

eye shadow brush

lash & brow groomer

in my set there was also a body butter sample

EcoTools bamboo 6 piece brush set

In other previews I noticed that the cosmetic bag was different and many users said it was not useful. I find this one quite handy. You can put it in your bag with all the brushes, plus you can store a few cosmetic products in the side pocket; mascara, blush in stick, stick foundation, lipstick and a gloss at minimum. In my opinion, this is really a nice all around makeup bag for a few touch-up products.


What about the brushes? The first thing that I do when I get a new brush is to wash it with warm water and a mild natural soap. When the brushes are completely dry, I start to use them. I found all the EcoTools brushes are very good, especially considering the price, which is really affordable. During the years, I have collected a lot of brushes and I’ve usually spent a lot of money for each professional high quality brush. I think that the price of a brush is in direct proportion with the quality, even though I recently discovered a few cruelty free brush brands that sell very good brushes with a really convenient price. I don’t mean they are n.1 between makeup brushes, but you get definitely more than you pay. There is another thing I’ve noticed during my work experiences; many people think that the price of a product dictates the quality. Well, I don’t agree completely with this, although I am among the first to use high quality products. What I meant to say is that sometimes when I had to work for different brands of different quality, I had to do my job great in every case with any product. You have to take in consideration that not every bad opinion is measure for quality.


EcoTools brushes description

The brushes have a bamboo handle and very soft synthetic bristles, that don’t shed at all. Until now I haven’t noticed even one hair falling out from the brush. They pick the product very good, but as I said you have to wash very well the brushes especially the first time, not just for hygienic reasons.

The blush brush is a medium size brush for applying the blush on the cheeks, but I’d use it also as a powder brush, cause I prefer smaller ones for the blush. I especially like the size of the handles; they fit very good in the hand and they aren’t too short. I don’t like short handled brushes.

I have to expose the angled eyeliner brush, which is in my opinion an amazing brush. You can draw a perfect line from the thinnest to the thickest. It’s very good even for the eyebrows.

The eye shadow brush is flat with a rounded tip: a classic eye shadow brush. I apply even mineral eyeshadows with it and it works great. It is good also for the creamy products because of synthetic fibers.

My second favorite from this set is the lash & brow groomer. It’s very precise, handy and solid. A must have in every makeup bag!

The last is the concealer brush, which is good, too. At the beginning I wasn’t very satisfied, cause it really didn’t pick the product very well, but after washing and using it a few times, I realize that it’s a very good concealer brush. Maybe the bristles were somehow greasy, so that they didn’t pick the product, this is why you should wash the brushes frequently, especially after you buy them.

In conclusion I’d say that this set of Eco Tools are nice brushes for a very affordable price. You can buy them in a 6 piece set or separately. The best thing is that are cruelty free and eco-friendly!


NOTE I have purchased EcoTools brushes at iherb online shop where prices are affordable. If you want to purchase them or any other products at iherb.com use this referral code  DAS325 during checkout and you will save additional $5 on your first order. Enjoy your shopping!

(top picture from left to right: eye shadow brush, angled eyeliner brush, lash & brow groomer, concealer brush, blush brush)

Essential makeup artist’s tools: Brushes

Review of Everyday minerals makeup brushes

As a makeup artist I’m a big fan of different brushes and its different shapes. Like a painter needs the right brush for his artwork, so does the make-up artist. For me the most important thing when it comes to brushes is their quality that allows not just a good feeling on the face, but is also essential for a precise and well done makeup.

This article has two purposes:

1. How to choose the right brush and use it.

2. To present you an amazing collection of make-up brushes from Everyday minerals.

At the beginning I bought Everyday minerals brushes just for my personal use, but then I was so amazed about their quality, that I purchased another set also for professional use. Working with my new brushes on others, I noticed nice comments from the girls: “How soft is that brush! What a nice feeling!”

Everyday minerals brushes are cruelty free and vegan, made from high quality soft synthetics fibers, with bamboo handles. I especially love their interesting shapes, that allow different uses and an easy application. They are really high quality; despite many washings the hair don’t fall out from the brush. And the price is really good, so that everyone can afford brushes of such a great quality.

The collection has 2 sections: 7 brushes for face and 7 for eyes, even though I have my own personal use for each brush. I will present my favorite ones, but you can see and purchase the entire collection at Everyday minerals.





Everyday minerals

It’s a fantastic, super soft brush with dense hair. Because of its long handle I prefer it to the short kabuki brush. It’s perfect for an even application of powders (base, blush, bronzer). You can use it on the face, but I also like it for the application of the bronzer or shimmer powder on shoulders and neck. A multitasking must-have brush!



Everyday minerals

This brush has a longer handle and it’s basically made for applying the blush on the cheeks, because of its full and rounded shape. For me it’s a great multi-purpose brush, ideal for dusting not just blush, but also shimmer powders. I adore it for a quick touch of blush or bronzer on the cheeks and over the entire eyelid, which makes a natural looking glow. It’s also great for blending, especially for correcting the excess of color from the cheeks and achieving a natural look with no hard edges.



Everyday minerals

Synthetic hair and a round flat shape provide a precise application of bases and concealers, especially around the nose and eyes. I use it for applying mineral, but also liquid foundations. This brush is an essential tool for creating a truly flawless finish with professional results.



Everyday minerals

You can use this smooth synthetic brush wherever you need to correct or extra coverage. It’s perfect to use around the eye area, or for applying the eyeshadow base. The slight pointed tip of this flat brush allows you to cover perfectly any imperfections or discolorations with a small amount of mineral concealer.



For me the entire collection is a must-have. The shapes of brushes are so different and amazing for achieving every look!



Everyday minerals

I really adore this multitasking brush, a basic piece! Its shape is great for applying the eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, but I also use it for highlighting some small areas with shimmer powders. It works great also with cream products; I do touch-ups with liquid correctors under the eyes, or apply some cream blush or eyeshadow. The result is always a precise and even application.




Everyday minerals

This brush with tapered shape is perfect for blending the eyeshadow and soften the harsh edges. When you use more than one color of eyeshadow it’s great for a precise application into the crease of the eyelid. It is so soft that you can also use it to set the powder or highlight under the eyes or any small areas.



Everyday minerals

The special pencil-shaped tip and soft fibers of this brush allows you to create a precise shade in the crease of the eye, smudge the eyeshadow along the lower lash line or to create a perfect soft smoky eye look.



Everyday minerals

I always recommend this brush to everyone who has problems with making a perfect line with the eyeliner. It’s just great for creating a precise line, even the thinnest one. It’s also the perfect brush for defining the eyebrows with small strokes.




Everyday minerals

This brush has also an angled shape, but has longer and softer fibers than the angled brow&liner brush. Its shape allows you to apply, contour and blend softly the eyeshadow in the crease or in the corner of the eye. It’s the prefect brush when you want a dramatic look with dark colors on the eyes.



Everyday minerals

This brush is a classic eyeshadow brush with a flat rounded tip, perfect for applying and blending different colors on the eyelids, or highlighting the brow bone. The soft synthetic fibers provide an even application of powder or cream cosmetic products. If you want you can also use it for applying the concealer on small areas.



Everyday minerals (including me) suggest to take care of your brushes following these simple steps:

Cleaning your brushes is easy! Take your gentle shampoo and add water, lather and rinse with clean water. Push the bristle in one uniform direction and lay flat on a clean towel. Clean your brushes at night, that way they will be dry and ready for use in the morning.



Everyday minerals

I really like this green bag, where you can put your makeup and brushes. Handy and stylish, made from 100% natural hemp bast plant fibres collected from the inner bark. A green fashion must-have!

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