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Bathing beauty vegan makeup brushes

bathing beauty makeup brushes review

It’s no secret that I’m among those makeup brush obsessed freaks who can’t resist any new makeup brush experience. No exception with this beautiful set of vegan makeup brushes from a British brand of hand-made organic cosmetics called Bathing Beauty. This Korean brushes inspired set came out from the collaboration between Bathing beauty brand and makeup artist Caroline James.

I noticed this set first at Naturisimo, one of my fav natural beauty shops and I’ve been using them for about 2 months now, so I can give you a thorough review.

The set contains 10 vegan makeup brushes made from soft synthetic fibers and wood handles, a lovely organic handmade lavender soap for brush cleansing and a carton container where the brushes are stored. On the container you can find also a short description of every brush. However, I will share with you other multiple uses of each brush. This is why in my opinion this brush contains all the tools you need for creating a complete makeup.

I was especially amazed and curious about the shape of some brushes. The foundation brush  (n.01) for instance is duo-fiber and it’s smaller than usual duo-fiber foundation brushes. This is why I like it; you can reach every corner of the face! Moreover, you can use it also for any other cream product application, like cream blush or cream highlighter. You can see this brush below (on the right with the pink blush).

bathing beauty makeup brushes set

From the left on the picture you can see the Small domed eyeshadow brush (n.06) which is great for smudging the darker eyeshadow in outer corners of the eyes to create a smokey eye effect.

Next brush is Large eyeshadow brush (n.05) which is really large, so you can sweep light toned/base eyeshadows over the entire eyelid. I’d also use it for nose contouring or for blending the highlighter.

On the right you can see the retractable Lip brush (n.10), which is precise for applying any lipstick. It is very light to handle and it has an aluminium cap to cover it when you don’t use it. I find it great to cover small spots on the face with concealer too.

bathing beauty eye brushes

On this picture you can see on the left the Concealer brush (n.02) that I’ve put together with an eyeshadow, because I find it great for blending the eyeshadow in the crease of the eye (similar to Mac 217). It’s great of course also for blending your cream concealer to cover any dark circles under the eyes or to blend any other imperfections with concealer.

In the middle there is the Eyeliner brush (n.08) which is great for applying gel eyeliner (when you want a larger line) or for any detailed eyeshadow work. For applying the perfect thin line with the eyeliner you also have in the set the Fine angled eyeliner brush (n.07) which is easy to use because of its angled shape that reaches right in the middle of the lashes.

bathing beauty makeup brushes

Here you have the “biggest” brushes from the set. On the left there is the Fan brush (n.03) that is designed to use with powder products, like sweeping a dust of powder over the entire face to set the foundation. It is made from 2 different synthetic fibers and it’s very soft. A real pleasure on the face!

The densest brush is Blusher brush (n.09). Great for applying bronzer or blush, but it can also be used as a powder brush for those who prefer a bigger brush.

And the last one is Mascara wand (n.04) which is great for shaping your brows.

bathing beauty makeup brushes

Here you can see and compare the sizes of all the eye brushes and the lip brush.

As I mentioned, inside the set you will find a nice organic lavender soap to clean your brushes.

bathing beauty organic soap

I am really surprised about the great quality of these brushes, beautiful design, ecofriendly and vegan too! You can make any makeup with them, so it’s great as a gift or a basic makeup brush set.

You can find these brushes online at Naturisimo and in store at John Bell and Croyden – the Queens Pharmacy.

Has anyone tried them yet?

My new discovery: Idun Minerals makeup

idun minerals

As you already know, good concealers are quite hard to find in the green beauty world. As a makeup artist I seek for a compromise between great result and green ingredients, although this is not always possible. Some time ago, I stumbled upon a Swedish brand with mineral make-up where I was captivated by their concealers…They have 3 in their range: a powder one (the greenest one, but I don’t tend to use powder concealers), a creamy compact and a pen (the YSL Touch éclat like). Well, I wanted to try them and I finished to try some other products from their beautiful range too! The name is inspired by the Norse mythology goddess Idun, associated with apples, youth and beauty. So they have designed lovely packages ornamented with different illustrations dedicated to Idun that are really a joy for the eyes 🙂

Review of my favourite Idun minerals products

Idun minerals

I love these 2 Idun minerals concealers! The duo concealer has 2 shades; one light and other medium with a hint of yellow undertone to neutralise any redness, imperfections or dark circles. You can easily apply it with fingers or brush and it blends great in the skin. You can use them on their own or mix together to achieve the right shade. The other one is packed in a nice pen with a click and thus is very easy to use too. Its purpose is to highlight the under eye and other areas that need light. It comes in 2 shades: I have tried the one for fair/light skin called Raps.

Here are the swatches of face products. From left: Idun minerals mineral foundation Saga, pen concealer Raps, Duo concealer Strandgyllen

idun minerals


Idun minerals makeup brushes and face products

I was very curious about their synthetic brushes (made with Taklon fiber) and decided to try the Kabuki one. I like it because it has a longer handle and because it’s not too big/round. You can easily reach every corner of the face with it. I find great the idea that every brush has a holder where it can stand (see the top picture). I recommend to try their brushes because are high quality, beautifully designed and they have this handy system so they can stand firmly.

idun minerals

On the picture you can see the beautiful open jar with mineral foundation. The foundation has Mica, Zinc oxide and some minerals to add colour. I have tried the shade Saga (you can choose among 8 shades) designed for fair skin and although I have very light skin it was a little too pale tending to white for me. Otherwise the finish is very nice, because it has a touch of shimmer in it and so it gives the face a nice glow without being too cakey. It complements very well with the kabuki brush.

To achieve some color I found perfect the Idun blush Hallon. It is one of the 3 shades and it is a perfect pinky rose shade. It is not cool nor warm, I’d say a perfect neutral shade to add the natural flush to the cheeks. One of my favourite must-have shades!

And these are the Idun packages with different designs:

idun minerals

 Idun minerals eyes

I couldn’t resist to try even some eye make-up products. I was amazed by all the 3 products: Idun minerals eyeshadow quad, eyebrow pencil and mascara. But as it might sound strange, I find Idun eyebrow pencil my favourite product among all. Not just because of the performance but also because its shade is designed perfectly! It fits with my eyebrow colour exactly, it stays on, you can do soft strokes and so designing your brows without looking too heavy. At the end it looks like your brows are natural (ok, along with the correct technique too!). I tried the shade Lonn among 3 shades and it suits medium brown hair without being too warm or cool, just the perfect mix of colour! I’m really glad about this pencil, because I was quite struggling to find a very good eyebrow pencil that’d fit all my criterions.

idun minerals

I was curious to try the Idun minerals Lengthening mascara in black. It is awesome, one of the best mascaras among mineral products! Its wand is very precise as you can see from the photo and it separates and lengthens lashes precisely while giving them a very visible dramatic effect! When wearing it you cannot fail to notice the dramatic effect it provides.

Swatches from left: Idun minerals Eyebrow pencil Lonn, Eyeshadow Palette Brunkulla, Blush Hallon

idun minerals

I have chosen the Idun minerals Eyeshadow Palette Brunkulla, because I find it a nice selection of nude colours. They are all satin finish, which means they are shimmery but not too much. Their pigmentation is high with a velvety texture. They blend easily and stay a long time on. Above you can see the swatches from these palette. There is a dark brown shade, a mid tone sand with a rose undertone and two lighter ones; one in gold and the other in beige rose. I suggest this palette as a gorgeous gift.


Have you tried anything from Idun minerals yet?

Iherb green beauty shopping – part 2

Hello there! Here I’m again with the second part of my Iherb shopping, where I’m going to review mainly some new brushes that I hope you’ll like. Well, I guess you’ll be curious since many of you are EcoTools and Real techniques fans. I was curious about some of these items too and so I wanted to give them a try. Before I start with the brushes I will present you a lovely item from a (for me) new brand called Deep steep. I was so attracted by this body mist which is fantastic in summer days to moisturise your skin. I have chosen the scent Grapefruit-Bergamot which is awesome fresh! And the ingredients are very good too. Here is the list:

Deep steep

INCI: Aqua, organic aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf extract, infusion of organic herbs, citrus grandis (grapefruit) extract, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit extract, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) fruit extract, aroma (organic and wildcrafted aroma blend), natural color. It’s packed in a nice plastic bottle of 177ml. When you apply it on your body, it leaves you a sense of freshness because of the citrus scent and it’s not sticky or oily which is great! They also have other items like oils, shower gels, creams, scrubs and other scents too. So it’s a brand to discover. Have you tried it yet?

Green makeup tip  I want to share with you another great tip that I discovered these days and which works great for me. It can be useful especially now in hot days as a hair removal tip. I realised that I can use this body mist not only after the epilation for hydrating and calming the skin, but even before! Why? When the hair became so small after long term epilation, and perhaps the skin is even dry, I realised it’s much better to hydrate the skin before (but the product must not be oily or greasy or creamy, therefore this mist is perfect!). When I bought the epilator, I even got some kind of wet wipes for using before the epilation (that I haven’t used of course, but I understood the point). And so I thought to use this Deep steep body mist before the epilation (instead of those wet wipes) and the body hair just went out better and quicker. The mist was super helpful, because it helped the epilator’s tweezers to adhere to the hair better and remove them quickly (even the smallest ones).


Makeup brushes & accessories

Iherb shopping

As you can see from the picture above I have picked a few different things. First on my list was EcoTools with the Six piece day to night clutch set and the new Skin perfecting brush. Btw, I’m so glad that Iherb has got all the novelties as soon as they are out! Regarding Real Techniques I wanted to try just the Stippling brush and the Miracle complexion sponge. In general, I’m not a fan of Real Techniques, although they are good brushes, because I find the handles using a lot of space and the long ferrules are quite “sensitive”; every time a brush falls down it has a scratch somewhere.


EcoTools Six piece day to night clutch set review

EcoTools make-up brushes

I like this cute brown-bronzy clutch, its practical aspect, all the brushes and it’s very well made as well (and the price is so affordable; in comparison with the quality is a good investment). It contains 5 brushes which are called this way (it’s even written the name on each brush): from left to right according to the photo above: Detailed lip/liner, Stay-there shadow, Round powder, Smudge, Pointed concealer. And now to the description on my own 🙂 I love all the brushes and use them in different ways. The first brush the so called Detailed lip/liner is an amazing small detailed brush suitable for applying the lipstick, to make a line with a gel eyeliner and I even find it useful for concealing small spots. Needless to say a multi-use brush! The second one, Stay-there shadow brush has a nice tapered cut point and is a quite large brush for eyeshadow application. It’s great for applying a layer of eyeshadow on the entire eyelid. The third and the biggest one from the set is a multi-purpose one as well! It’s not too big, but big enough to use it for powder, for blush and even bronzer, especially if you are on-the-run and you have to adjust your make-up quickly, this set has all you need. I love the softness of this brush. And all the brushes, as you may already know, dry very quickly, because have synthetic fibers. The fourth brush is called Smudge and is a small rounded brush with a pointed cut. It’s good for applying a dark shade of eyeshadow on the lash line or in the crease of the eye and smudge it. Very good for detailed applications! The last brush is the Pointed concealer which is stiffer than the previous one which is very soft and this is why is good for applying concealer even under the eyes and blend it well. Here are all the “small” brushes from the set to see them in detail and compare them:

EcoTools make-up brushes


EcoTools Skin perfecting brush review

are the next 2 brushes from this brand that I love too! Especially the big one called Skin perfecting brush which is meant to use with the new technologies of products like BB/CC creams, primers, tinted moisturisers. This brush is great because it stays very comfortable in the hand and you can work quickly with it. It has a tapered cut, it’s very dense and soft and it’s a duo-fibre brush; all features that makes a good quality brush for this purpose. I’ll compare it later with the second one from Real Techniques. It does an excellent job, also because you can reach every corner of the face thanks to its shape. Highly recommended! I love to apply all sorts of primers, creamy products, especially these light and modern type of foundations. Easy to use, handy and gorgeous design! In this set was added another brush as a bonus which is a smaller one called Eye primer brush. This is also a duo-fiber brush designed for applying eye primer, although it can be used as a classic concealer brush as well. It’s a little bit stiffer, because it’s meant for detailed work. I don’t use it so much, but it’s definitely a good brush that complement nicely this set.  Below, I have put the picture of 4 brushes to compare. From left to right: the powder brush from the 6piece day to night set, the 2 above described brushes and the Real Techniques stippling brush that I’ll now describe below.

EcoTools and Real Techniques


Real Techniques Stippling brush review

The main point of this US brand is in my opinion the multi-use and practical purpose of every brush or product (sponge). Their signature design is also very well recognisable in the huge makeup brush world. Which is great! Their concept is very good and I wanted to try some of their brushes that I like. But overall, I’m not such a fan of them, because I find them quite big and not so comfortable to carry around in a make-up bag. They just take a lot of space. For instance when I wanted to put this brush in my makeup bag it didn’t go in the normal brush section and even among other products it took so much place. So this is for me a downside. But I use it at home and it’s nice for using it with any cream or powder product. Because it’s a duo-fiber, it picks the right amount of product and transfers it evenly on the face. This is a good advantage with all duo-fiber brushes. I have to say that in comparison with Bdellium Tools Studio line duo-fibers these two (EcoTools and RealTechniques) are both much better. Compared to the previous one from EcoTools this one is less dense and it has a round shape. You can see the difference on the photo here:

Real techniques and EcoTools

and here to see the length of the handles as well:

Real techniques and EcoTools

To conclude, they are both nice and multi-purpose brushes, perhaps the Real techniques would be better for those who need a more-in-one brush because is slightly more versatile. On the other side, the EcoTools brush is fantastic, if you search a special brush for your base (such as liquid, creamy foundations/BB/CC creams,…).


Real Techniques Miracle complexion sponge review

And lastly, the makeup sponge; In general I’m not a fan of sponges, but since there are so many trending on the market I wanted to give this one a try after seeing their very convincing video on how to use this sponge in so many ways!

Oh, yes, sometimes I’m attracted by US marketing promises as well 😀 haha. Anyway, as you can see there are many ways to use this sponge and I don’t disapprove it at all. I have tried it and yes it works well, it’s just that I can’t get used to sponges because I have the attitude to wash the sponge every time I use it. Not only for hygienically reasons but also not to melt many left colours/products together that remain on the sponge. And when it comes to wash it, the color still remains on quite a lot. (I wash it with Dr.Bronner’s soap and hot water as always). For the entire application I prefer brushes, but for me the sponge is great for blending everything together, for the final touch. So it’s your choice, I’d say. The sponge it’s definitely a nice and handy product that does the job well.

Have you tried this sponge? Do you like it? And the other products from the review – what do you think?

Bdellium Tools Studio brushes new review

I’ve noticed that my posts about Bdellium Tools are your all-time favorites, always on my blog’s Top posts list. So I’m going to share with you another experience with Bdellium Tools brushes.

Bdellium Tools Studio makeup brushes

A few months ago I decided to try some brushes from this collection and since a friend of mine was curious about some others, I decided to give a try also to some brushes with natural hair and to their duet-fibers too.

Btw. a note to all animal lovers: at Bdellium Tools claim that: “no animal cruelty is involved in the production of any of our tools”.

I’ve tested the following brushes (and below are my thoughts about them):

Studio natural fibers: n.940, 942, 945, 758

Studio only synthetic fibers:  n.546, 716, 731, 760, 762

Studio duet-fibers: n.955, 958 and 965

Pink bamboo: n.776

I will start with my favorite: Bdellium Tools Pink bamboo 776 and compare it to the same Bdellium Tools Maestro 776 (black line/natural fiber from Bdellium Tools). Below you can see the pictures. I was incredibly surprised with the performance of this brush! It has so soft fibers that look like natural. And after using it, it hold the shape great! And mostly, it blends the eyeshadows as a dream! It has become a substitute of the one with natural fibers. It’s not surprisingly, because if you check well brands who produce synthetic brushes, you will notice that apart Bdellium no one is producing this brush = dupe of the most famous MAC 217. The pink bamboo is the same as Maestro 776 (except the bristles) and it has the same synthetic fibers as Green bamboo. The only difference with Green bamboo is that the pink one has a longer handle. Anyhow, I don’t have nothing to add, simply fabulous!  You can get here the review of Maestro 776. I have put them together below to see them compared.

bdellium tools

My 2nd favorites: Bdellium Tools Studio – only synthetic fibers

The best from this category is for me definitely Bdellium Tools Studio 760 and Bdellium Tools Studio 546. The small angled Bdellium Tools Studio 760 is amazing for filling the brows precisely so that they look natural. And it’s also amazing for applying any sort of eyeliners. I’d recommend it to beginners with eyeliner, because you can easily control the stroke you do because it’s so small.

All of these smaller brushes from this line have really thin handles, which is on one side handy because you can put them in every bag. But personally, I’d prefer handles that are a little bit more firm, long and thick. Although I don’t have problems with handling them, it can be tricky for someone else.

Bdellium tools Studio

My next favorite is Bdellium Tools Studio 546 square lip brush. Just because it’s square it does a great job when you have to apply the lipstick ultra precisely, for instant when wearing statement bright or dark colors. And it distributes the color evenly on lips. Perfection!

Bdellium Tools Studio 716 brush is also meant for applying eyeliner but it has a different shape (pointed) than the angled. I like it too, it is precise and because of this I can use it also for spot concealing. 

Bdellium Tools Studio 762 is another angled eyeliner brush, which is fantastic for eyeliner as well. The previous one (760) is different because its bristles are softer and it’s meant for eyebrows. In general, this is for me the perfect brush for applying eyeliner on others and the other one (760) is great for applying eyeliner on myself. This is because I use on myself mostly powder eyeliners and I do a really thin line in the middle of the lashes, which the brush 760 is great for! Otherwise the 762 is the classic perfect eyeliner brush.

Bdellium tools studio

Bdellium Tools Studio 731 – mascara fan brush. I bought this out of curiosity (have planned to try it for years from another brand) and you won’t believe, in months I haven’t used it yet. I’m not ashamed to tell it. I just don’t know how I always forget about this one 🙂 Will keep you updated, although this brush for most people is not a basic brush at all. It is meant to use it with cake mascara (I will try it with normal mascara too) and as I know myself to be a fan of “weird” brushes it might become among my favorites at the end 😀


Next category: Bdellium Tools Studio – natural fibers

I’d describe all these brushes good, they do a nice job, but I wouldn’t put them into any “best of” category. For their reasonable price they are absolutely ok, but they don’t exceed. Bdellium Tools Studio 940 is the best for me from this category; it is officially called Face blending and it’s really good for smoothing/blending the lines on the face. But I tend to use it also for precise application of powder on some small areas, where you need a precise touch-up or for applying highlighter on top of cheekbones. It’s a really versatile brush.

Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools Studio 945 is the Contour brush and it’s really a small one, although compared to the same brush from the Green bamboo line (here) this one is slightly larger, I think it’s because of natural hair that tend to “open” more when used and washed. The green bamboo remains firmer and thinner through time. I like this brush, but I don’t use it for contouring so much, because I find it too small. I prefer it for powder or sometimes for blush if the face is thin and you need to be precise with the blush. (I’m among those who hate when there is too much blush or if the blush is applied asymmetrically.)

Next one is Bdellium Tools Studio 942 slanted contour brush made from goat hair and is angled in its form because it’s meant to sculpt the face/cheekbones. A classic brush in this category (like MAC 168 and other brands too) that I don’t tend to use so much. I have other angled brushes with synthetic hairs that I prefer more. Although, I don’t have any complaints about it.

Finally, the Large smudge brush Bdellium Tools Studio 758 is a nice brush for the eyes, especially because it has a small round dome shape and is also quite firm, you can easily soften the eyeshadow, apply it precisely and even do a darker shading very quick and easy. For those who wear many eyeshadows or who like the dark smokey eyes this is a classic must-have. But I like it also when I do a natural nude colors eye make-up where colors separate from each other.


Bdellium Tools Duet-fibers makeup brushes

Bdellium Tools duo-fibre brushes

Finally, the duet-fiber brushes on which I have put all my desires and were the biggest disappointment. I have searched a lot on internet if anyone has got any issues like me, but I haven’t found anything. (I’m asking myself if Bdellium is sponsoring so many out there and change the brushes if needed so that no one will give a bad review? Just thinking loudly…) So I have ordered duet-fibers Bdellium Tools Studio 955, 958 and 965 and what happened was this: Whenever I buy any brushes I first wash them gently with warm water and natural gentle soap. I did the same with all of these. everything fine until I came lastly to those 3 duet-fibers. Blackest black water was starting to fall suddenly. “Ok, I thought, I don’t like it, but it will stop, it’s only residue water…” Nope, the water went from black to grey to reddish, and blue after washing them for cca. 10 times. (I have dried them between washes.) Meanwhile, I was more and more disappointed, because if such water goes off, it means that the bristles are treated with lots of dyes and chemicals. What was more, I noticed that the natural bristles were of very bad quality at the beginning before washing them. Later, they were even worse of course and the white synthetic fibers have dyed in black as well. Basically, I have never used those brushes, because I couldn’t. And what I was even more surprised was that on one of those brushes the color on the handle has cracked immediately. I understand that this can happen, but with all 3 brushes… And has never happened before to anyone?! Ultimately, I must emphasize that I’ve told about this issue to Bdellium and their service is really good, hands down. They have given me 2 options: replacing the brushes or refund of money. I preferred the second, because I didn’t want to happen the same again and also, I admit that I have somehow lost a little bit of faith in them, honestly. I find these 3 shapes amazing and I’d love all of them in a synthetic pink version. That’d be for me the best option (and regain of trust) in this moment.

I don’t regret this buy at all, but a reminder again to myself to always invest in better quality brushes next time. Because I get fooled with all these brands, but then I come always at the same conclusion: high quality. That’s just me, but at the end I’d recommend Bdellium to all students and make-up beginners, or those who look just for a favorable price. If you start with easy brushes at the beginning you will master even better the art of make-up with better ones later.

And if anyone has got the same issue as I did with duet-fibers please share, thanks!

New makeup tools

Japonesque review

Recently I did some new supplies for my make-up kit from a brand that is very dear to me for many years when it comes to high quality accessories. First, I intended to buy some new palettes for my lipsticks (this is probably their most famous product) and lash curlers, but I ended up to try some novelties as well. I was not disappointed!

Japonesque HD Blush brush 

I will start right with the newest product I couldn’t resist (sometimes I’m totally mad about the latest trends 🙂 This is a new range of brushes from Japonesque that has a new innovative concept of dual-sided and dual-fiber brushes. I decided to try one of them, a middle size, for blush (although I ended to use it for applying foundation as well). This is a unique brush that has 2 type of bristles; on one side there are soft and dense synthetic fibers for applying the cream product and the other side has soft natural bristles that help to blend the product to achieve the most seamless application (HD approved). Usually, I’m sceptic about all new marketing slogans but here it’s just as they claim! Really amazed about this simple but great innovation. This brush is not vegan because it has some natural fibers, but it’d be a nice idea to do even a synthetic version for natural bristles. Well, sometimes is just great to try something out of the box 🙂


Here you can see this brush from all the 3 sides


Has anyone tried this brush or any other from the HD collection?


Japonesque 35-Well Palette

Here the description is quite unnecessary, because this item is an evergreen and it’s a holy grail among make-up artists for decades. But anyone of course can use it. You can store inside your favorite lipsticks, concealers, creamy foundations, you name it! On the picture you can see one of my old 36-well palette with some lipsticks from 100%pure 🙂 just to see a comparison in size. The pro palette has bigger spaces and it’s also more durable. It has a special system to open and close the palette (like that old beautiful boxes), so that it cannot open while you carry it around. It also has a plastic white divider in the middle where you can write all the names of your products (to know what you use).



Japonesque Precision lash curler – plastic


As you already may know I’m quite obsessed with curling the eyelashes and so I love to try different sizes and shapes of curlers. So I decided to give a try to this one. First I wanted to order the metal ones, but Amazon did not shipped them in my country 🙁 I couldn’t not order an eyelash curler from Japonesque and so I ended to try this one, because I was really curious and also I found very handy to try a curler that would curl just some lashes. Usually, I find necessary to curl even more the outer lashes to open the eye. I must admit that after trying this product in a hundred ways I’m quite disappointed (ok, it’s better than nothing) but it doesn’t do a good job. Perhaps, because it’s plastic and so the curl does not hold. Ok, there is a little bit of difference after using it, but I’m sure that its metal “brother” would do a better job.

Anyone experienced already this plastic curler (or the bigger one)?


JAPONESQUE False lash placement tool


Ok, this was a totally unnecessary tool for me, cause I can handle very well the false lashes free hand or with a normal tweezer, but it seems that it was time for novelties 🙂 But at the end, this tool is really good and handy and I don’t have any complaints about it. It’s made from inox. Another new tool to carry around in my kit 🙂

JAPONESQUE False lash placement tool

Do you like Japonesque? Which products do you use/know?

Da Vinci – the story of high class makeup brushes

Da Vinci make-up brushes Synique

I’m really honored to introduce to my beauty community a very respected German producer of hand-made make-up brushes who is famous with their vast selection of art brushes as well. Da Vinci is a company from Nürnberg that has cultivated their special know-how in the field of brushes since 1890.
On their make-up website you can read more details about their company, their vast selection of all sorts of brushes and you can download their ultra precise catalog where the brushes are printed in the scale of 1:1! It means you can see the brush exactly how it looks like in reality. Here is a quick excerpt from their catalog where you can see the hand-made production.

Da Vinci brushes

Before presenting you the newest collection of their eco-friendly synthetic brushes, I want to share the story of my Da Vinci brushes, which is older than 10 years. When I started with make-up artistry I slowly started to build my make-up kit and I soon realized that I need a set of high quality brushes. At that time there weren’t so many brands and online shops like now and so I needed to plan my buyings. After checking and using many other well known brands of brushes I finally decided that my first complete set of professional brushes will be Da Vinci. I felt in love with them from the time I saw and tried them while working with an elder make-up artist who got a set of them. I was completely fascinated with ultra long, hexagonal shaped handles of the professional collection that allow the brush to stay firm in your hand. The feeling of these brushes is like handling painting brushes. I decided to purchase them, but there weren’t any online shops at that time and so I didn’t know where to find them. In good make-up shops they had just the classic line. It happened that I went on Cosmoprof cosmetic fair in Italy and “casually” find there their stander. I was so surprised and enthusiastic that I wanted to buy the set there. I didn’t know that on the fair they don’t sell small quantities, they obviously do businesses just with bigger stores, which is the purpose of fairs. But my enthusiasm was so obvious that I managed somehow to make “a deal” there and buy my set. You couldn’t imagine my happiness when I went home with a new set of Da Vinci brushes! There was another detail that was a revelation to me: with the brushes I also purchased their special soap for brushes in a tin box. Not just a cute idea, but very practical as well. The soap is made with vegetable oils that take care of the brushes. As you can see from the picture my first set of brushes looks like new after all these years of use and proper care.

Da Vinci professional make-up brushes

And now while I was downloading their new catalog, I saw there is a new synthetic line in arrival. I wanted to try it and review it. I got the fortune to receive a few samples before the launch and the rest is the story below…

Synique: latest synthetic make-up brushes from Da Vinci

When I got in my hand these brushes I thought at first sight (and touch) that I have mistaken synthetic fibers with natural ones, although I knew that with an ultra precise German brand something similar is impossible. I was touching again and again these brushes with huge amazement. As you already know, I have tried lots of synthetic brushes, not just normal polyester or nylon ones, but even special patented fibers as well and not every synthetic brush is just ok for my perfectionist tendencies 🙂 Well, Da Vinci Synique has really made me stare there in pure amazement. First, when you receive a Da Vinci brush, it is neatly packed in a special box with a protective foil inside so that the brush is protected from outside damage and its shape remains intact. The next and most important thing are their specially developed synthetic fibers that look like natural hairs at first sight. What is more, the fibers are even softer than natural fibers! And they are the softest fibers I’ve ever tried! Yes, the softest fibers among natural and among synthetic hair!
In the Synique collection there are 12 brushes in total (2  are retractable). The entire collection consists of classic make-up shapes that are a very good selection for every woman. As all Da Vinci brushes they have 2 shapes of powder brushes: oval and round ones. The selection of eye brushes is very basic and enough for everyday use. If in the future they will extend this collection, I wouldn’t mind at all 🙂

And now to technical details: The handles are high gloss laqured in a taupe color and every brush has the logo and number on it. They have the so called silver ferrules. Through the time I have noticed that their ferrules have extreme quality, after washing and rewashing the brushes they didn’t get rusty even after a decade. Overall the main advantage I see about these new brushes is the advanced technology that has improved the synthetic fibers to a degree that resemble and feel like natural hair.


Review of DaVinci Synique brushes


Da Vinci Synique

This is a classic foundation brush with dense and soft fibers. It extends well the product on the face. It can be used for liquid or even cream foundations. This kind of brush must be soft but at the same time it must have a certain amount of rigidity so that it can extend well the product. In comparison with many other brushes of this type it gives one of the softest feelings on the face. Its shape is not too wide and not too short, which means that you reach easily every corner of the face and thus achieve an even finish. The width of the ferrule is 2 cm large. The length of the bristles is 2,5cm. I must admit that recently I’ve put a little bit aside this classic shape of  foundation brush, because I prefer the duo-fibers and buffer types of brush, especially with light foundations or mineral powders. Speaking about that, there is another interesting buffer brush in Da Vinci classic collection, that is dense and made of synthetic fibers. It’s the 9770 Brush for foundation and creamy brush, that is from my perspective a modern shape to try. However, for those who look just for synthetic brushes, I recommend to check the catalog and you will find even other classic shapes of high-quality brushes for concealer, foundation, eyeliner, kabuki,…



Da Vinci Synique make-up brushes

This is an ultra soft powder brush with an oval shape that is suitable for applying the finishing powder or bronzer. The width of the ferrule is 2,5 cm large. The maximum length of the bristles is 5 cm. For those who love big and soft powder brush this one will be perfect. I wouldn’t use it for blush although some prefer to use large brushes, but I use it for applying a soft natural looking layer of bronzer.



Da Vinci Synique make-up brushes

This small blender is a classic shape in the Eye brush category. I like it very much for smudging the pencil and soften the line on the top or bottom lash line. It’s fine also when you need to trace a thin line of eyeshadow in the crease of the eye. You can even blend the eyeshadow with it, but since it’s so small it’s the best used for blending narrow lines.

Years ago I have already written about the main advantages of synthetic brushes and the advancing technology in this field. Here is the resume of some main advantages that synthetic brushes offer:

– Brushes don’t shed which is very good news!
– Their shape remains stable even after washing them, cause the synthetic fiber doesn’t absorb water like animal hair
– A huge advantage is that they dry quickly after washing them
– Brushes are cruelty-free; suitable also for vegans and vegetarians
– These brushes allow you to apply powder and cream products
– The powders aren’t so volatile

Da Vinci has also many brushes for all sorts of arts, which are useful for make-up as well. As you can see from my picture, I just purchased their art brushes (that I use for make-up) in a beautiful “vintage looking” art store. I love to include art brushes in my work. As you can see the green Da Vinci brushes from the Synthetic Nova art collection are especially precise for lipstick or eyeliner application. I couldn’t help myself to buy even the old looking brush which is amazing for smaller touch-ups or highlighting.

Da Vinci art brushes

This is a really long post, but I really felt to write more about this special company, because I admire the precious knowledge and the long tradition of hand-crafted products. Once I’d really love to visit their company and store where I would see all these brushes at one place 🙂

I guess this is something new for most of you, my readers, but if you already use any kind of Da Vinci brushes, please comment below.


photo credit: Boris Gorjan

Bdellium Tools and Real techniques makeup brushes review

Bdellium Tools Green bambu, Maestro and Real techniques

It’s again time to review make-up brushes! I’m so happy to share with you my excitement about these new goodies that I like so much! Make-up brushes are really my “weak point” and I can’t wait for a long time without buying at least a couple of them.

As you already know I love to test different brands, but I will start with Bdellium Tools that is one of my favorite brand of make-up brushes brands and my last beauty “obsession” from the green beauty world!


Bdellium Tools Green bambu 953 Duet Fiber Foundation review

Bdellium Tools

I use this brush for a few months and I like it sooo much! It’s from the Green bamboo series, which means it has synthetic fibers, but because it’s duet-fiber it means that it is made from 2 different synthetic fibers. The green fibers are soft and come around the brush. While the (almost transparent) white ones are stiffer and allow together with the green ones to apply and distribute the product easily and evenly. Because its quite small shape this brush is perfect for applying liquid products and I can reach all the small corners and areas on the face. If you try it and use it for yourself, you will find that your foundation is applied quickly. This brush is especially good if you have a thin face and so a big brush would be quite inappropriate. For instance, I use it a lot on myself cause I have quite a thin face and so its shape suit my face perfectly. However, it also depends which product you will apply with it; I love to use it with a nice tinted moisturizer or for liquid foundations with a light consistency, or even for distributing (stippling) the primer before applying the foundation. You can also apply with it liquid or cream blush when you want to get that subtle modern flush of color. Overall, I’m thrilled about this brush!


NOTE I always forgot to specify that this kind of duet-fiber brush is not meant to apply the foundation in circular motions or with standard strokes (like with the classic foundation brush) but with a stippling technique. That means you apply your foundation with pressing it lightly into the skin in order to achieve the perfect skin effect. This is what it’s designed for.


Bdellium Tools Green Bambu 945 Contour Brush review

Bdelium Tools Green bambu

I really wanted to try even this brush because it’s so small and thin in shape. It depend on what I do, but in general I tend to use brushes of smaller sizes for applying powder or blush because this way I can be more precise and apply just small amounts of product where needed. And it’s also better to add smaller amount of product than to apply too much of it at once. This is also the reason why I like this brush and use it for many different things. The 945 is not duet-fiber, but it’s really soft. It is meant to be a contour brush which is fine for contouring smaller areas. But I like it even for applying blush when I have before me a face with small cheeks where a delicate sweep of color is needed just on the apples of the cheeks. I also use it for applying setting powder on smaller areas like underneath the eyes or around the nose for touch-ups. It can be used also for applying powder highlighters on top of cheekbones for instance. On the picture below you can see both brushes from the top. When compared they are similar in density but they have 2 totally different functions.


Bdellium Tools Maestro 776 Blending Brush

Bdellium Tools

This brush is from Bdellium Tools Maestro series that is meant to be a line for make-up artists and this series is also hand-crafted. I bought the 776 brush because I use it a lot and for some things is really irreplaceable. As you may know the first that launched it was MAC (with their 217) and did literally a cult brush, but this one is absolutely comparable to MAC and does its job perfectly. It’s made from natural goat fibers but Bdellium reassures they are cruelty free, because they don’t use fibers of exotic animals (like squirrel,..). Read more about this here. The specialty of this brush is that is not too big and it has soft fibers but they are “rigid” enough to blend the product well or to use it for blending even cream concealers. It does a fantastic job especially when used for applying liquid concealers under the eyes. Overall, it’s a must-have brush for every make-up artist especially in this HD era of precise make-up applications.


Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Your Base/Flawless Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques make-up brush

Since I have heard many good reviews and suggestions about Real Techniques, I finally decided to give them a try. First, I wasn’t sure whether it’s all about marketing pomp or it is true. So I needed to try them in order to give an objective opinion. I am nicely surprised, because the brushes are very good and they are also nice designed. For the first time, I wanted to try 2 different shapes of their brushes. This is the first one: Flawless Expert brush which is quite dense but it has quite short bristles in comparison with its density which is fine because you can blend the liquid product quickly and easily, especially in bigger areas. You can use it also for applying powder but I don’t tend to use it that way. I prefer to apply with it liquid foundations, especially if there is a wider area of face/skin to work on. It’s also great for applying some creamy foundations as well. The foundation is quickly blended and in a few strokes. For those who don’t want to have an array of brushes like me 😀 I highly recommend this brush. You can do everything with it: apply your foundation, set the powder and even apply your blush. I don’t like to use it that way because I love changing brushes while I work, but for the main part of you it will work great.


Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Your Finish/Perfected Setting Brush

Real Techniques make-up brushes

All Real Techniques brushes are made from very soft synthetic bristles and they have a very good shape of the handle that fits great in the hand. It’s also very interesting that they have the most part of the handle covered in aluminum. I think they are so light because of this. This setting brush is really a lovely one. It has a slightly pointed tip that allows you precise works like: setting the powder under the eyes or applying concealer. I also love it for applying cream highlighters under the brow bone, on the top of cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose,… I think this is a modern shape of brush that will work great especially for make-up artists and all who want a special type of make-up applications.

Bdellium tools and real techniques

These are all my last acquisitions that I really love to use and are absolutely my must-haves.

If you have any comments about these brands/brushes feel free to share them with me 🙂


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How to: Choose your liquid foundation brush

liquid foundation brush

This post was inspired by my blog’s avid reader Lynn (and even blogger herself – check her LovelyCosme blog) who was asking me how to choose a liquid foundation brush. Since I’m addicted to make-up brushes and love to experiment with them, I realized that this is actually a very good and not so obvious question, especially for a beginner with make-up brushes. The beauty market is full of different shapes of brushes and every brush has its own use, so I can understand it can be really tricky to find something that really works when someone is not familiar with the use of all these products. I’m especially happy that during this time, while I explained to Lynn about some brushes, she told me that she became an enthusiast of makeup brushes in a short time! So, in this post I will explain you some different types of liquid foundation brushes.

As you can see from the top picture there are different shapes of make-up brushes for applying liquid foundation and they have all one thing in common – they are made from synthetic fibers (except Bdellium tools 953). Apart using a make-up brush for applying the liquid foundation, you can also apply it with a sponge or with your fingers, or even use a combination of both (fingers-sponge, brush-sponge,…). But this post’s purpose is to explain and present the foundation brushes. Personally and professionally I prefer to use a (clean!) make-up brush for applying liquid foundation. Sometimes, I also use the sponge after the brush to set and blend the foundation really good into the skin. I have also noticed during the time, that with the new generation of foundation brushes, I almost don’t use sponges anymore.

Classic liquid foundation brush in different versions

Coming back to the brushes, the most common and even the first designed brush for liquid foundation was oval shaped, like Bdellium tools 948 in the picture. However, the brushes with this shape vary from brand to brand and you should try the brush before, to see how it suits your needs. The biggest difference is in the stiffness of synthetic fibers. I don’t like brushes that have too rigid fibers, because they don’t slide on the face well, they can be rough and they don’t blend well the product into the skin and in every corner of the face. But even if the fibers are too soft (and the brush is flat), is not ok, because they won’t distribute the product evenly. The second parameter is the length and width of the fibers. The brush can be large (like Bdellium tools 948) or narrow (like Bdellium tools 947). If it’s narrow, it can reach small areas of the face, otherwise “the large” one is usually a common width for a liquid foundation brush.

Another version of this same brush is angled foundation brush like Japonesque (on top right). This brush is designed with a tapered edge to precisely reach areas on the face like around the eyes or around the nose. All these brushes are flat in order to smear evenly the creamy/liquid product.

Pointed foundation brush

is a modern version of the foundation brush that has been designed from Adesign. This brush is designed like the previous one to reach different parts of the face and it has also quite short bristles which is especially fine for under eye areas, chin and nose. Adesign as well as EcoTools and some other brands have launched also the pointed kabuki brush. The difference from the flat pointed is its 3-dimensional shape and so it’s ideal when used with cream and liquid based products because it blends perfectly the foundation with no strokes left on the face. You also have more control when applying the product.

Adesign make-up brushes

Stippling brush

or duo-fiber brush” is quite a new generation and concept of foundation brush in comparison with the classic foundation brush. Many brands include them now in their collections not just because is great for applying foundation, but is also very good for applying all creamy products like primers, cream blushes, cream highlighter,…With this brush you achieve a flawless airbrushed look thanks to the mix of two fibers: natural (black color) and synthetic(white color). The technique for using this brush is called stippling, which in Fine Arts means to apply paint, powder, etc., (to something) with many light dabs. Usually, with this brush you apply the foundation (or other liquid products) with tapping/dabbing it gently into the skin without doing any strokes. You literally paint the face with some kind of dots. Even the cruelty-free brands have designed their eco-friendly duo-fiber brushes versions that work as well as the original version mixed with natural hair. They have 2 different types of synthetic hair (one is softer, the other is more stiff) which allows a perfect result. I really love the Bdellium Tools green bamboo line where they have some amazing duo-fiber brushes.

Bdellium yellow bambu brushes

NOTE: Attention, don’t mess with duo-fiber synthetic brushes that are just colored with 2 colors. This is not a duo-fibre brush! Duo-fiber brush has 2 different types of fibers which you can see and feel.


Buffing brush

eco tools

One of the latest versions of brushes is also the buffing brush, which has evolved lately, along with the expansion of mineral make-up. On the picture you can see an example from EcoTools, where the brush is very dense with a conical shape. It has quite a large and flat surface to blend and buff the product into the skin. Originally, this brush is meant to apply powder products, but I also love to use it for applying liquid foundation. It works great, because it literally buffs the foundation on the skin, leaving a flawless smooth skin and a natural look.

This is the entire range of different make-up brushes for applying liquid foundation.

Which foundation brush to choose?

As I mentioned before, these are the main shapes that vary from brand to brand in parameters such as density, width, shape, length and type of fibers. However, the choice which one to choose is not really easy for a beginner. I’d say to try before different shapes at least in the shop. Examine how do you feel the touch, how does it works, do you feel it’s too soft or too rigid, do you prefer a large or a narrow brush, which depends even on the size of your face (larger/smaller areas)? The choice of the brush depends also on the type of foundation you use. If you use dense almost creamy liquid foundations then I recommend brushes that are stiffer, otherwise you cannot pick, smear and blend the product good. Contrary, if you use light foundations (like HD generation) then a stippling brush or a smaller foundation brush with normal fibers (not to soft not too stiff) will do a great work.

Hope it was helpful and that everyone who is looking for a new liquid foundation brush will find its own!

How to: Apply eyeliner – part 1


One of the most seen trends on catwalks this spring was the eyeliner in different shapes and textures. I decided to write a post in 2 parts to explain you the eyeliner tips & tricks.
Before we discuss the technique of applying the eyeliner (that will follow in the 2nd part of the post), I’d like to present you the tools that you need to create the winged line and explain some different shapes of eyeliner.
Probably, the most copied and inspiring eyeliner style is from the 60’s, worn by the famous fashion icon Brigitte Bardot. Who is not inspired by the black and sexy looking cat eyes… This trend was reinvented in fashion so many times and is still one of the favorites even in nowadays trends. I especially like when the wings are drawn in different ways, styles and thickness and also with different types of eyeliner. So let’s start from the beginning 🙂
Here are some examples from 2012 spring runaways where different designers incorporated the eyeliner in their look in many different ways. I like very much colored or shimmer liners, which are really fine for a disco party and they give a fresh and youthful look. While the classic black and matte shape à la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is more appropriate for sophisticated events and it speaks all about elegance. But when the same black matte line is drawn in a different way, extended out and drawn even around the lower lid,  it can look very sexy with rock’n’roll allure. For a natural day look you can choose even a brown version of eyeliner, especially for light skin and eyes. Before creating your look, you have to decide which eyeliner style do you feel that day 🙂

eyeliner on spring 2012 runways

eyeliner on spring 2012 runway

eyeliner on fall 2012 runways

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany and Lanvin

I have chosen many eyeliner looks to show you the difference and understand how the line and texture of the eyeliner change the appearance. For instance, on the Jean Paul Gaultier runway the gel eyeliner was used around both eye lids and smudged to create a “messy” look.


How can I wear the eyeliner?

That is one of the most frequent questions when deciding which style of make-up we want to wear. My answer is yes, anyone can wear the eyeliner, but not every eye shape can wear every shape and thickness of line. That depends on the shape of your eyes and overall features of the face. For instance, if your eyes are small with a hidden upper eyelid, the thick black winged line around the eyes won’t suit you the best, cause it will make your eyes even smaller. Take a look at the picture below to see how the shape and thickness of the line affects and change the shape of the eyes:

different eyeliner shapes


Tools needed for applying the eyeliner and different types of eyeliner

When talking about eyeliners usually we have in mind the liquid eyeliner with a small incorporated brush that is a “nightmare-to-apply” for many women 🙂 Fortunately, this is not the only option and the greatest news is that you can choose between different types of eyeliner and you don’t necessarily have to use the incorporated brush to apply the eyeliner. You just need some skills and practice to do it well. But most of all, don’t be afraid of it, otherwise the result will really be a mess!

There are different forms of eyeliner:

Liquid eyeliner (it can be with a brush wand or with a more handy sponge wand)

Cake eyeliner (you have to apply it with a wet brush and you have more control about it) – on the top picture from Nvey eco

Gel eyeliner (usually they are waterproof and they also glide smoothly on the eyes)

Mineral powder (you have to apply it with a wet brush and is similar to cake eyeliner, the pro is that you can create as many colors as you want)

different natural eyeliners

…and there are different shapes of brushes to apply eyeliner

brushes for eyeliner

from left to right:

1. small angled brush
2. extra fine narrow pointed eyeliner brush
3. extra fine narrow pointed eyeliner brush with bent head
4. flat brush
5. eyeliner brush with tapered tip

Check here the review of Bdellium makeup brushes from the green line.


This is the first part of my post (more “technically” oriented). Stay tuned for the 2nd part where we will change the theory in practice 🙂

Makeup brushes review: Bdellium Tools Green bambu collection

bdelium tools make-up brushes

I’m so glad that I’m writing again about make-up brushes! I’m going to present you Bdellium Tools, a brand with a huge selection of different make-up brushes, that I discovered recently. I have tested their Green bambu collection, which I’m also going to review. At the beginning I have used these brushes on some clients, but later they became my personal all-around make-up brush set 🙂 I really like them! They totally exceeded my expectations!


Review of Bdellium Tools Green bambu mineral 5pc brush set

In general I was positively surprised by the very good quality of these brushes: they are manufactured very well, from the design to the quality of fibers. All brushes from the Green bambu line are made from eco-friendly materials – even their package – as you can see on the pictures.

Bdellium Tools Green bambu

They are packed in a plastic oval container and the labels are made from recycled paper. The brush handles are made from bamboo, which is one of the most eco-friendly plants. According to Bdellium Tools, their brush fibers are not treated with an antibacterial agent, because synthetic bristles are hypoallergenic. Very green:) Synthetic brushes are also a great choice for vegans, because they are 100% cruelty-free.

I received this nice green set of 5 brushes, that is named Mineral brush set. I’d like to point out that synthetic brushes are great for mineral makeup, but they can be used perfectly with other make-up products as well. This is just a note for all of you who are new with synthetic brushes 🙂 What I like the most about this set is their nice green color and the overall design, apart of their quality. From their color and package you can quickly notice they are from the eco-friendly collection. The Green bambu collection consists of many other brushes and sets, so you can build your own professional cruelty-free set!
In the mineral 5pc brush set you will find the following brushes which are in my opinion a very good selection of brushes:

Green bambu 959 powder blending
Green bambu 942 slanted contour
Green bambu 943 precision concealer
Green bambu 787 duet fiber large tapered blending
Green bambu 778 large shadow

With these brushes you can create all your day looks. My favorite brush from this set is Green bambu 959 (powder blending). This brush has very dense fibers and a rounded shape with an oval tip. It is very suitable for applying powder products, especially the mineral powder foundation, because its shape allows to buff the product into the skin. I have tried it as well with liquid products, because synthetic bristles allow a wider use, and I found that it works great for applying the liquid foundation, too. You get a flawless and airbrushed finish. This is why it became my personal must-have brush 🙂 When you need to conceal some spots or even dark under-eye circles, you will love Green bambu 943 (precision concealer). With its thin and rounded tip shape and stiffer fibers you will conceal any imperfection very easy. My second favorite brush from this set is Green bambu 942 (slanted contour), because of its size and shape. The angled shape of fibers allows you to create the sculpted effect when using bronzer or blush. I also love it for applying some powder or highlighter as well, because is not too large and it reaches even smaller areas of the face where precision is needed. Every make-up brush essential set should also have a classic shader with flat and rounded shaped bristles like Green bambu 778 (large shadow) for applying eye-shadows on the eyelids. I also use it if some shading is needed on smaller areas like sides of the nose. The last brush from this set Green bambu 787 (duet fiber large tapered blending) is also among my favorites. Because of its shape and 2 types of fibers (=duet-fiber) this brush is great for precise shading in the crease of the eyelids to get the smoky eye effect for instance. But I like it as well for applying highlighter on small areas or even for applying mineral powder concealer in the under-eye area, because it’s so soft and precise. You can use it with liquid and powder products both.

bdellium tools green bambu

Along with this set I also received the new Green bambu 775  duet fiber shader brush. I love this generation of duet-fiber brushes because they help you achieve a flawless look with no strikes. Blending liquid products has never been so easy 🙂 This brush has the same width of fibers in comparison with the brush 778. The difference between them is in the fibers. The Green bambu 778 is made from soft fibers and is good for shading powder products, while Green bambu 775 can be used even with creamy products like concealer or cream eyeshadow for example. This versatility is achieved thanks to the duet-fibers mix where white fibers in the middle of the brush are stiffer, while green fibers around them are softer. These kind of duet-fiber brushes allow also the technique of stippling (= to apply the liquid product in dots or short strokes while tapping it gently into the skin).

Bdellium Tools Green bamboo

In general, I like very much the softness of synthetic fibers of Bdellium Tools brushes. What is even better is that synthetic brushes don’t shed and you won’t find undesired fibers on the face. When you wash them they will dry quickly, too! So what do you wait to experience the new generation of brushes?

Many times I got questions from you which brushes to buy, especially for beginners? I really do encourage all of you to make a change and try out synthetic brushes. Not just because they are eco-friendly, but mostly because when you will try them, you won’t want to go back. Their versatility allows you many ways of using them and spread your creativity. Bdellium Tools has a huge selection of brushes where you can find the right make-up brush for every need!

I’d like to hear from you your experiences with synthetic brushes?


NOTE  If you want to purchase these products go to  iherb online shop  where they have very good prices! Use this referral code  DAS325 during checkout and you will save additional $5 on your first order. Enjoy your shopping!

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