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Bathing beauty vegan makeup brushes

bathing beauty makeup brushes review

It’s no secret that I’m among those makeup brush obsessed freaks who can’t resist any new makeup brush experience. No exception with this beautiful set of vegan makeup brushes from a British brand of hand-made organic cosmetics called Bathing Beauty. This Korean brushes inspired set came out from the collaboration between Bathing beauty brand and makeup artist Caroline James.

I noticed this set first at Naturisimo, one of my fav natural beauty shops and I’ve been using them for about 2 months now, so I can give you a thorough review.

The set contains 10 vegan makeup brushes made from soft synthetic fibers and wood handles, a lovely organic handmade lavender soap for brush cleansing and a carton container where the brushes are stored. On the container you can find also a short description of every brush. However, I will share with you other multiple uses of each brush. This is why in my opinion this brush contains all the tools you need for creating a complete makeup.

I was especially amazed and curious about the shape of some brushes. The foundation brush  (n.01) for instance is duo-fiber and it’s smaller than usual duo-fiber foundation brushes. This is why I like it; you can reach every corner of the face! Moreover, you can use it also for any other cream product application, like cream blush or cream highlighter. You can see this brush below (on the right with the pink blush).

bathing beauty makeup brushes set

From the left on the picture you can see the Small domed eyeshadow brush (n.06) which is great for smudging the darker eyeshadow in outer corners of the eyes to create a smokey eye effect.

Next brush is Large eyeshadow brush (n.05) which is really large, so you can sweep light toned/base eyeshadows over the entire eyelid. I’d also use it for nose contouring or for blending the highlighter.

On the right you can see the retractable Lip brush (n.10), which is precise for applying any lipstick. It is very light to handle and it has an aluminium cap to cover it when you don’t use it. I find it great to cover small spots on the face with concealer too.

bathing beauty eye brushes

On this picture you can see on the left the Concealer brush (n.02) that I’ve put together with an eyeshadow, because I find it great for blending the eyeshadow in the crease of the eye (similar to Mac 217). It’s great of course also for blending your cream concealer to cover any dark circles under the eyes or to blend any other imperfections with concealer.

In the middle there is the Eyeliner brush (n.08) which is great for applying gel eyeliner (when you want a larger line) or for any detailed eyeshadow work. For applying the perfect thin line with the eyeliner you also have in the set the Fine angled eyeliner brush (n.07) which is easy to use because of its angled shape that reaches right in the middle of the lashes.

bathing beauty makeup brushes

Here you have the “biggest” brushes from the set. On the left there is the Fan brush (n.03) that is designed to use with powder products, like sweeping a dust of powder over the entire face to set the foundation. It is made from 2 different synthetic fibers and it’s very soft. A real pleasure on the face!

The densest brush is Blusher brush (n.09). Great for applying bronzer or blush, but it can also be used as a powder brush for those who prefer a bigger brush.

And the last one is Mascara wand (n.04) which is great for shaping your brows.

bathing beauty makeup brushes

Here you can see and compare the sizes of all the eye brushes and the lip brush.

As I mentioned, inside the set you will find a nice organic lavender soap to clean your brushes.

bathing beauty organic soap

I am really surprised about the great quality of these brushes, beautiful design, ecofriendly and vegan too! You can make any makeup with them, so it’s great as a gift or a basic makeup brush set.

You can find these brushes online at Naturisimo and in store at John Bell and Croyden – the Queens Pharmacy.

Has anyone tried them yet?

Und Gretel makeup from Berlin

und gretel makeup

Recently I’ve tested quite a lot of natural brands from Germany. Und Gretel makeup has been on my list since a long time and I use it now for quite a while, so it was really time to write a review, because it deserves a big like. You will soon see also the products in action in the upcoming video tutorial. So stay tuned!

und Gretel makeup review


Und Gretel Lieth liquid foundation

On the green beauty market I am always interested the most to try foundations and concealers and then it comes the rest. So I will start with Und Gretel Lieth foundation. There are 5 shades and I have tried Porcelain Beige which is a light shade with neutral to cool undertones. I can’t stress enough how much I love the finish of this foundation; light, it spreads quickly and evenly, it leaves a nice radiant, healthy glow without any greasy shine. I’d call it semi-matte. It has a medium coverage and I find the technology of all the products extremely innovative, especially because we are talking about natural cosmetics. It can be compared to high end conventional foundations. The best is that it looks even better because it doesn’t leave that “plastic” effect. The skin is even, smooth, radiant, covered and protected. The formulation consists of natural oils that give moisture to the skin, like avocado, sunflower and rosehip oil, plus clary sage and camomile extracts to soothe and calm the skin. It has a delicate (almost no) scent. Und Gretel Lieth foundation is packed in a 30ml glass bottle with a pump. All Und Gretel products are packed in beautiful colourful packages. Really love the graphic design too! My overall impression is that this is one of my favourite all-around liquid foundations.

und Gretel makeup review


Und Gretel Tunkal concealer

I was very curious about this product as well. Und Gretel Tunkal concealer comes in 3 shades; I have tested the medium one n.2 called Light beige which is a light cool rose shade (lighter than the reviewed foundation). The concealer is packed in a pen version and is very handy to use. It works very well when applied over the foundation and set with powder (btw I’m very curious about their setting powder too!). Since I have quite dark under eye circles this shade is a little bit too light for me. Although I mix shades together, my only wish would be to add at least 2 shades more for the concealer and for the foundation too. Will be patient waiting what the future will bring 🙂 The concealer is based on the same ingredients as the foundation so it really nourishes the skin while you wear it. I have found after a month really weird that it has a certain smell (not harsh or rancid; yes my nose is really tough!). Weird because it was almost with no scent (and the foundation is ok with the scent) and because it’s not an old product neither.


Und Gretel Sunne lifting modellage powder

und Gretel Sunne lifting modellage powder review

I find this product simply amazing, not to speak how beautiful it looks in this package! Additionally there are 2 brushes inside, each for a color. I have chosen the shade 2 again which is for medium skin tones. The shades are designed very subtly here and are amazing to work with. This modellage powder is meant for contouring (the dark shade) and to add a touch of natural flush to the cheeks (the lighter color). I find the light shade great to add a subtle touch of color, but I don’t use it as a highlighter because it’s too dark and coloured for this purpose. The powder is miles so finely that you won’t ever get a cake effect. It’ll be rather subtle and natural looking. I can compare this product to high-end cosmetic brands too! Huge like again 🙂


Und Gretel Sprusse eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencils are another make-up product that I always look for to test first, since many of them can be too soft or too greasy. I always look for a precise and medium (not too soft nor too hard) pencil for shaping the brows. I have chosen the shade n.1 called dark brown among 3 shades. As you can see from the swatch below it’s a dark neutral brown. The pencil has the brush to comb the brows incorporated. Overall I find this pencil among the best ones too. It is ultra precise and a little goes a long way.

und gretel makeup

At this point I can say that I plan to try even other products from this brand. I am enchanted by the overall quality of performance and their design is absolutely fantastic too! Stay tuned to see these products in motion in my new video tutorial!

Any thoughts about this brand? Who uses it already?

Ere Perez makeup review

ere perez makeup

I got my eyes on Ere Perez makeup; an Australian brand with an entire organic make-up range for quite some time. And now that’s available even in Europe at Naturisimo  I got the chance to try it out and here is the review 🙂


Ere Perez Versatile Vanilla Highlighter

ere perez highlighter

I will start to review my favorite item from the selection; the highlighter! Not only that the package is very clean and beautiful, but I love everything about this product! I have chosen the shade Falling star which is in my opinion a universal shade for highlighting. Skin tone with a touch of ancient rose undertone. The texture is creamy and it has a mesmerising vanilla scent. I love how the product blends seamlessly on the skin and literally disappears in it, leaving that lovely healthy glow, without being too greasy, pearlescent, glittery. An effortless chic beauty! The ingredients are super simple and great for hydrating the skin; Olive oil, Cocoa butter, Avocado oil, Grape seed oil and Vanilla  extract to add the gorgeous smell. You can apply it easily with your fingers, beauty blender or an appropriate brush.


Ere Perez Pure Rice Powder Blush

ere perez blush

I find this a great combo of shades that can be used in 2 ways: each separate shade used on its own, or mixed together. But I love to use the darker shade for a soft contour and the light shade as a blush, depending on the depth of your skin color. And with the highlighter on top you get that nude, natural make-up in earth tonalities that will lift every face! The finish of this powder blush called My blush is semi matte and soft on the skin. You can see from the name (and ingredients!) that this powder is based on finely miled Rice powder, which is great for sensitive skin. Again, the package is so beautiful!


Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Mascara

ere perez mascara

And as a last item, the natural almond oil mascara in Black colour. It is one from the collection of 4 mascaras and I see it as best suitable for sensitive eyes and for those who wants to give more strength to their lashes. Thanks to the organic almond oil. it lengthens lashes, prevents them from falling out and it stimulates growth with conditioning vitamin E. The mascara is also fragrance free. The wand is in the classic shape and it helps you to achieve a natural looking eye make-up with nourishing ingredients that will strengthen your lashes.

Anyone tried Ere Perez yet? Let me know your experiences!

Lipstick wardrobe

Review of Idun minerals new Creme lipstick

idun minerals creme lipstick review

Lipstick is one of the best friends in women beauty wardrobe. I like to think about having also a beauty wardrobe! There are so many choices of different lipstick, textures and colours that we literally have to talk about putting together some kind of a lipstick wardrobe.

This time I want you to think about choosing the lipstick, not just the shades you wear (like your clothes), but also think about the texture and the finish you want to achieve with it.

I have just stumbled upon this gorgeous new collection of Creme lipsticks from Idun minerals and it has make me reflect and share with you some thoughts about lipstick textures and finish. We have different tastes especially when it comes to wear a lipstick – some women love a bold statement signature lip, others prefer a hydrating sheer wash of colour. Regardless the finish and texture, we tend to choose different shades too, many of us unconsciously, based upon our feelings, mood. If you think about it, some women choose one day a nude shade for a business makeup, then a bold red to boost the confidence, a soft rose for an everyday make-up, etc. Personally, now I love to wear a lot of coral shades now – I find them an interesting, vibrant and fun mix that is not an orange nor a red shade either. Coral shades just make your entire face radiant! When choosing a lipstick I like very much a quick application and a hydrating feeling, this is why I find these new Creme lipsticks from Idun minerals nice and fresh to review!

idun minerals creme lipstick

Before the review I want to show you some examples of how to wear different sheer lip colours on different skin tones with different make-up looks; from natural to bold smokey eye to a sophisticate eyeliner.

how to wear sheer lipstick

Idun minerals new creme lipstick

My readers might remember the review of this beautiful Swedish brand that I did some time ago (here is the link) and that I really find fresh and modern. It’s not a coincidence that I was attracted by their new Creme lipsticks too. I tested them all and decided to write a review, since I really love their texture, hydrating properties and modern, sheer shades.

The collection consists of 6 different shades for different occasions, skin tones. Depending on what you want to wear you can choose among these shades:

From left to right: Alice – a sheer beige peachy nude, Filippa – soft bubble gum pink, Ingrid Marie – sheer fuchsia pink (see swatches below)

idun minerals creme lipstick review

The swatches are contrary to the picture; from left to right: Ingrid Marie, Filippa, Alice

idun minerals lipstick swatches

The next 3 shades are Sylvia – sheer plum, Elise – light nude rose, Frida – light coral

idun minerals creme lipstick review

and again contrary swatches to the picture. From left to right: Frida, Elise and Sylvia.

idun minerals lipstick swatches

Depending on the make-up you want to wear, these Creme lipsticks are amazing for summer and winter too, they are so hydrating and smooth! Especially great for those who want a hint of color but are afraid to wear a bold lipstick shade like this beautiful red from the Idun minerals matte lipstick collection, just to compare them.

idun minerals red lipstick review

idun minerals red lipstick swatch

This amazing red lipstick is called Jordgubb and it’s a must-have, all around red, that suits everyone. Not too cool, nor too orange, it’s a perfect true red! Ultra pigmented and hydrating, filled with mineral pigments and Nordic cloudberry oil.

I know that now you’ll be just confused which shade to wear 🙂 Take a look on the mood board again for some make-up inspirations and stay tuned, because you will see them soon in action 😉

Summertime natural makeup

Review of Purobio cosmetics, Lily Lolo and Uoga Uoga from Ecco Verde

purobio cosmetics, lily lolo, uoga uoga review

Let’s splash in fresher shades of makeup these summer days! I have tried some make-up beauties from a few different brands, that I find very nice to wear now when we tend to choose something brighter and fresher to lighten up the complexion.

Wanna have an advice about a fresh makeup for this summer? Here is a suggestion…plus a selection of natural products to achieve it!


Purobio cosmetics Sublime BB cream, Sublime concealer, Resplendent Matte Bronzing powder and Eyeshadow palette

purobio cosmetics review

First I’m going to focus on face products; I really like both Sublime concealer and the BB cream. I have chosen Purobio cosmetics BB cream in shade 01 which is very light in shade (and exact match for my skin) and in texture too. You have to shake well the tube before and pay attention because the content is very liquid. It blends however very easy on the skin, leaving a light, dewy finish. The shade n.1 is very light with a cool to neutral undertone (see below the swatch). I love to use it without powder on dry skin, because it gives that lovely dewy glow. But if your skin is oily then you have to powder after.

Next, I chose Purobio cosmetics Sublime concealer in shade n.2 which is darker than the BB cream and it also has a yellow undertone. I love the fact that is dense but at the same time it blends well and it covers the imperfections well. It has a brush incorporated and it’s easy to apply, but I prefer to blend it with another brush or with a Beauty blender. But it’s handy to use it if you are on the go.

Green makeup tip: The best result is that you set the concealer after with Purobio cosmetics setting powder (here the review), so that it won’t crease in lines.

From left to right: Purobio cosmetics Resplendent Bronzer (Terra compatta) n.1, Purobio cosmetics Sublime BB cream n.1, Purobio cosmetics Sublime concealer n.2

purobio cosmetics swatches of bb cream, concealer and bronzer

In summer we love to add some warmth and shape to our face and so I’m always in search to try new bronzers. Those matte, non orange or glittered one. I thought to try one of Purobio cosmetics Matte Resplendent Bronzer. As I said I love the fact is matte, though I find it quite dark for the lightest n.1 number. I wouldn’t use it on a pale, fair skin, too dark even if applied with a very light hand. The shade is interesting, more on a yellow side which gives it that “saharienne” mood. The texture is very silky and smooth and blends well. I don’t recommend to put it directly on top of creamy products like bb cream or foundation without powder because it won’t blend perfectly. This is a general rule though to achieve a flawless finish – “powder with powder” and “cream with cream”.

To conclude with the review of Purobio cosmetics I end with a gift that it was added to the order if you purchased 3 Purobio products. The gift was the Purobio Eyeshadow palette in Colori moda (fashion colours) that contains 3 shimmery shades and one matte. First I thought they are too shimmery because they have so big shiny particles. But then when blended they diffuse in a nice satin shimmer finish. I like all the 3 shades: copper is amazing, electric blue and purple too! I don’t like so much the matte green, but if mixed with those others you can get a nice effect. You can use them dry or wet, they are very pigmented and resistant too. Especially if you put a primer (here the review of Purobio eye primer) underneath they will stay long on your eyelids.

Here are the swatches of Purobio cosmetics Eyeshadow palette Colori moda (here you don’t see so much of the beautiful shine, because the pic was taken on daylight but with zero sun 🙂
purobio cosmetics review

Lily Lolo lipstick and Uoga Uoga Lip & Cheek colours

Last but not least, these two are my favourites! Apart from beautiful colors, they are great in quality and finish too. We all know the amazing brand Lily Lolo, whereas I adore all their lipstick, but now was searching  for a nude lipstick in a fresh light rosy shade which is exactly Lily Lolo Lipstick in Temptation. For all of you who thought is a cool bubblegum pink, it’s not exactly, but I’d describe it as a fresh and modern rose shade with a neutral undertone. Check below the swatch on daylight although on my hand looks warmer and darker than it is. On the lips is very close to the one on the model (see picture on top). And it’s super creamy, hydrating and smooth on lips. It complements great with the other product that I chose and that I applied it on cheeks since they are from the similar colour family.

lily lolo lipstick and uoga uoga lips&cheek review

Even here the description and colour is really out of reality. Uoga Uoga Lip &cheek colour in Fragile is a very pale, light nude rose, that is super gorgeous worn on top of the bb cream for a dewy natural flush (delicate and super lovely). I wouldn’t recommend it on lips because is really pale, except for those women with pale skin and light hair. Or if you wear a really bold smoky eye…

Green makeup tip: Otherwise, for a simple day look avoid the palest lip colours, because you will get a washed out effect, which we don’t want.

Here are the swatches of Lily Lolo lipstick Temptation and Uoga Uoga Lip&cheek color Fragile (again there is less radiance, because there was raining)

lily lolo lipstick and uoga uoga lip swatch

Anyone tried and loving anything from this selection?

Dr.Hauschka Limited edition makeup spring 2016

dr.hauschka limited edition makeup

Finally I got my hands on the so long awaited limited edition make-up collection for this spring summer! Yaay! The best thing is that I got the opportunity as a make-up artist to hear the presentation directly from Karim Sattar, Dr.Hauschka global make-up artist! He presented the limited edition here in Italy (Milano) and so I want to share with you the review and some beauty tips from Karim too.


Dr.Hauschka Balancing teint powder limited edition

dr.hauschka balancing teint powder

Oh my goodness, what a product! My favourite, although honestly I didn’t expect it to surprise me so much! I can say only why I haven’t got it before. And since it’s already out of stock in some countries, it’d be good to make a stock! Apart the beautiful illustrated and modern packages (and the lovely dedication from Karim as you can see) this powder is a must-have product for every make-up bag, especially for the hot season. For those who thought like me, that it’s a balancing powder in terms of oil control properties that would dry the skin, it’s not! It’s a color balancing powder, this is why it has 3 different shades from the light to the dark. You just have to sweep your brush through all of them and dust a layer on your face to color correct any redness or small imperfections. I could see that directly when Karim did a quick touch-up on a face with some redness that just “disappeared”. It’s a shade suitable for every skin, because it basically just correct the complexion, by adding a soft layer of flawless light and soft appearance. And moreover, it has a delicate scent; I smell the rose, although they said it’s lavender 🙂 Anyhow, beautiful! You can wear this powder on its own (and won’t dry the skin) which is great especially in summer when we skip foundations and replace them for something lighter. If you want, you can also wear it on top of your foundation as well. And don’t worry about mixing it with the darkest shade, you won’t end up with dark strikes, promise! Just mix together the 3 colours and that’s it!


Dr.Hauschka eyeshadow trio limited edition

dr.hauschka eyeshadow trio limited edition review

An eyeshadow palette in beautiful natural fresh tonalities in a copper package! Can I ask more? No! 🙂 I love, love this package and the entire palette! You may think that the colours are pale or chalky from the pictures but it’s the complete opposite! The first color is a nude satiny (with just the right amount of shimmer) champagne that you can wear also as a highlighter on top your cheekbones. The second one is a light neutral rose that everyone can wear and if you mix it with other colours you will get out magic combinations. You can also mix it to the blush to add some shine. The third shade is a chocolate matte that is great for contouring the eyes and even for some face contouring if used with a light hand. Karim combined it with the new kajal eyeliner to get a more dramatic look. But you can wear it also for the day and create a natural look. This is what I like from Dr.Hauschka; that in a few steps and with a few products you can create completely different looks. And the magical thing for me is always how the colours interact on every skin when you mix them together, you get lots of color combinations and the colours are never boring! Thanks to precious ingredients they take care of your skin and adapt on your eyes.


Dr.Hauschka Rouge powder duo (blush) limited edition

dr.hauschka blush limited edition

Again a beautiful package, with a small angled brush incorporated and a flower sculpted texture of the blush which comes in 2 shades. One is darker and the other is lighter. They are both matte but they give such a freshness to the skin especially when mixed together. You can wear the darker shade alone or you can sweep over a layer of the lighter and the result will be an awake, fresh spring look! The colour is a neutral rose that every woman can wear. Beautiful! You can easily take it in consideration as a gift for a make-up lover, if they will be in stock 🙂


Dr.Hauschka Lipstick novum n.8 limited edition

dr.hauschka lipstick novum limited edition review

When it comes to colour swatches I’m a lover of what is the closest to reality. I’m telling you this because I thought that this lipstick will be in berry shades as I saw it on many articles. Instead, it’s a fabulous medium beige with an antique rose undertone. In short, those beautiful matte creamy shades that are now so fashionable! It suits every woman; on a darker skin will look very natural, while on a pale skin will look that classy nude, not too pale lip colour. The pigmentation is very high and long lasting. You can dab it with your fingers for a modern effect or mix it with Dr.Hauschka lip balm (that one in the jar) for an additional sheer, dewy finish. Here is another photo to see better the lip colour.

dr.hauschka lipstick novum 8 limited edition review


Dr.Hauschka Kajal eyeliner 08 limited edition

dr.hauschka kajal limited edition review

Last but not least, this beautiful kajal in a deep grey anthracite shade. You can wear it alone; as a line on top of your eyesahdow or you can use it as a base to enhance/deepen other colours that you will put on top of it. Mixed together with the colours from the eyeshadow  palette it gives that modern chic look.

And here are all the swatches! Top picture: Lipstick and Kajal, Bottom picture: left Blush and Eyeshadow trio

dr.hauschka swatch

dr.hauschka swatches

What else can I say? Grab your favourite products until they are on the shelves 🙂 I will do my best to include those products in a new video tutorial too. And share your thoughts with me…

Elegant evening makeup video tutorial


In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how to create an elegant make-up for evening occasions. The focus is on the eyes, where I selected a golden brown palette that suits best blue eyes. I have used different brands of natural cosmetics so you can also see swatches and how the products perform in reality.

Products I used in this video tutorial:

Dr.Hauschka day lotion
Jane Iredale Sugar and butter lip exfoliator
Und Gretel liquid foundation
Dr.Hauschka concealer
Und Gretel concealer
Purobio cosmetics compact powder
Kjaer Weis pressed eyeshadows
Alterra eyeshadow nude palette
Dr.Hauschka eye pencil
Jane Iredale new mascara
Und Gretel eyebrow pencil
Neve cosmetics pastello lip pencils
Dr.Hauschka lip gloss
Dr.Hauschka facial toner

Get the glow with Sante make-up!

sante naturkosmetik get the glow

 All dear beauties out there, I wish you a Happy Happy and Glowing year first!

Next, I want you to give some tips how to get some glow and colour in these winter days when the skin can be a little bit dull at times and show you a few make-up goodies that I tried recently. You know that I love limited editions 😀

I just came across about this lovely limited edition collection called Get the glow from the German brand Sante Naturkosmetik. They did 2 versions in cool and warm undertones of a tinted lip balm and a palette called Illuminating talent that is a multi-use product for contouring, blush and highlighter. You can even use it as an eyeshadow! So I thought it’s a good idea that suits in this time when we look for some more colour and a very handy as well.

Here is a picture of those soft bisque and rose shades from the palette that are so nice for a natural make-up look. The first two shades are matte, those in the middle have a satin finish and the last two, the lightest ones have some delicate shimmer in it since they are designed for giving some highlights on the top of your cheekbones. This palette that I used is called Illuminating talent n.2 Cranberry touch. The rose shades from the middle are great to use as a blush; the lighter for day and the darker for evening time. You can choose between two contouring shades too that are very nice as eyeshadows. Anyhow, I love this palette for its versatility, it’s all about playing with it.

sante naturkosmetik

I also find very nice this limited edition Sante mascara Volume overload in black. It does a nice curled shape to the lashes and it separates them without making clumps. I see it very suitable for a day make-up.

sante naturkosmetik mascara

On this last picture you can see the swatches of the reviewed Sante Illuminating talent n.2 Cranberry touch and on right the subtle plum shade of the Sante Lip balm Colour kiss in Soft Plum. (Since there wasn’t a sunny daylight you cannot see the subtle shimmer here).

Sante get the glow makeup

Anyone tried any of these products? Curious to hear from you.

Purobio cosmetics and Jacks beauty line brushes

Purobio cosmetics review and Jacks beauty line make-up brush

Recently I have tried many new products from the natural beauty world but I’m thrilled to review some of them that really surprised me with their quality, price and performance.

Purobio cosmetics

This is a quite young italian brand with a wide range of natural make-up products at affordable prices. I decided to try some concealers and a pressed powder to begin with.

purobio cosmetics and jacks beauty department make-up brush


Purobio cosmetics pressed powder

I tried the neutral shade (neutro) since I find it the most versatile and it suits every skin tone. The texture of this powder is very fine and it gives a satin, non-cakey finish to the skin, while it sets the foundation. I like it very much and it’s now among my favourite pressed powders. I will try other pressed products from the collection. I have also noticed that all the products are almost without any scent which is great for sensitive skin. I recommend this powder for setting your liquid foundation and for quick touch-ups during the day.

Ingredients (INCI): mica, zea mays starch, silica, ci 77891, squalane, zinc stearate, ci 77492, tocopherol, glyceryl caprylate, ci 77491, parfum, oryza sativa powder, ci 77499, butyrospermum parkii butter, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, prunus armeniaca kernel oil, persea gratissima oil, pongamia glabra seed oil, limonene, citronellol


Purobio cosmetics Primer for the eye area

purobio cosmetics concealer and primer for the eye area

I was very curious about those 2 products and again a big surprise! The Purobio cosmetics eye primer is designed especially for the delicate under-eye area and is slightly pigmented with an orange shade so that it minimises darks circles a little bit. Because it’s also hydrating and has a light texture it doesn’t cover the dark circles entirely but it is a good base for other products. Below you can see the swatches of both products: primer and concealer. It doesn’t crease in the eye area and it also does a good base for eyeshadows so that they have a longer staying power


Purobio cosmetics Concealer stick

This product is really in my personal make-up bag all the time! What a discovery after I have almost given up with natural concealers for dark under eye circles! I have chosen the shade Beige aranciato which means beige with orange undertones and so it’s really designed to cover the under eye area. The best thing is that despite the fact that it comes in a pencil version, it doesn’t dry the delicate skin around the eyes. It has a very good coverage and the shade is really well chosen for dark circles. Completely approved! Plus very handy to use.

purobio cosmetics concealer swatch purobio cosmetics eye primer swatch

On the left you can see the swatch of the Purobio cosmetics Primer for the eye area and on the right the Purobio cosmetics Concealer stick in Beige aranciato. They are both quite similar in tonalities because they both have the orange undertone. The difference is in the texture and function: the primer is liquid with a light finish and is meant as a base, while the Concealer is creamy and more dense in its texture because is designed to cover. I wouldn’t however use the Concealer for covering imperfections on the skin, because its orange shade.


Jacks beauty line make-up brush n.11

As you can see from the picture I have chosen a stippling duo-fibre brush which is great for applying liquid foundations, cream blushes or cream highlighters. You can use it to apply the pressed powder as well. It will give you a light, precise airbrushed effect. For those who read the Ecco verde blog, I’ve already written a thorough review about these brushes. My opinion is that is always worth to spend on high quality make-up brushes. They perform great and with proper care they will also last longer. They are a long term investment. What I like the most about Jacks beauty line brushes is that are hand-made in Germany and each handle is a unique piece; they are painted by young homeless people who need support and so we also contribute for a good cause. The bristles are vegan.

Studio78 Paris and Agronauti

studio78 paris make-up

The autumn is here and we are completely ready to choose new products for our almost gone   kissed-by-sun skin. I ordered the products I’m going to review for you a few months ago but I tested them thoroughly just now, after this incredibly hot summer has calmed down.

Studio78 We Revitalize Bi-Phase water foundation

We all know Studio78 Paris make-up is a cult French brand with beautiful illustrations and that modern alter chic! Well, I looked also what’s inside and have to say that its concept is very interesting, but not for every taste, at least, if I think about the foundation. I have tried the Studio78 Paris Liquid foundation 01 energising mist; the lightest shade and have to say that is one of the palest shades I’ve tried, suitable for very light, fair skin with yellow undertones. The foundation comes in a glass 50ml bottle that has to be shaked very, very well before each use. On the picture you can see how it looks this bi-fase formulation, so don’t worry it’s nothing wrong with the product. It only has to be shaked.

studio78 paris make-up

The application might be a tricky thing and you have to know before how to work with this texture, otherwise you will hate it soon 😀 After you shake the product well so that the color becomes even, apply the product on your hand in a very small amount (it’s very liquid) and with your fingers apply it on the face and blend very well, almost press it into the skin. You really need to put the smallest amount otherwise it’ll be hard to blend it especially if the skin is not moisturised well. Its texture is very light and covering yet it disappears quickly because the water in it starts to evaporate out. However, for those who look for a matte finish that’s it. But would not recommend it for very dry skin. In every case you have to hydrate and prepare well the skin before, otherwise you will have some difficulties to spread it. You can also apply it with fingers and then blend it quickly with a sponge by pressing the product into the skin.

The formula is enriched with organic avocado oil and organic glycerin, known for their moisturizing properties. It also contains palmitate sucrose for its softening and soothing qualities.

The point of this foundation is that they wanted to create that gorgeous “bonne mine” effect, when your skin looks with no traces that you wear anything on and mostly that the skin breathes. It reminds me of those liquid foundation nude effect in liquid bottles like Alverde and L’oreal nude magique. But this one was created even before them…


Studio78 Off we go concealer

studio78 paris make-up

For all of you searching for a holy grail among natural concealers, this might be the good one! Although Studio78 Paris Off we go concealer in 01 is their lightest shade, it has an orange undertone (completely different and darker from the foundation) which is great for covering under-eye circles. I mean, it’s the best for this purpose 🙂 The texture is creamy enough, blendable but at the same time not too greasy which is great for a concealer. All we look for! The ingredients are based on olive oil, shea butter, carnauba wax, wheat germ and sesame oil. Do I need to say anything else? 🙂


Agronauti Gea CC cream

agronauti CC cream

This time it seems that I was really inspired by make-up with gorgeous illustrations 🙂 Even this lovely brand with a fun name has caught my attention with their only make-up product; Agronauti Gea CC cream. It comes in a plastic 50ml tube and in one medium shade, that works the best for medium and not light skins. I can use it now because I have a little tan left, otherwise it doesn’t suit my light skin. The shade is warm, with a slightly orange undertone to correct and revive the skin’s appearance and even the imperfections. This is why it is a CC cream = Color Correcting / Color Control cream. In its texture is quite dense, but when applied on the skin it blends easily and it leaves a beautiful even, smooth finish. The only thing I miss is another lighter shade! That would be great, because it’s really a very good product that doesn’t dry the skin and it was a total revelation!

  • 100% vegan
  • 100% of the ingredients are from natural origin
  • 21% of the ingredients are from organic farming
  • 100% recyclable packaging: PE (Tube) / PP (closure) / PETG (plastic wrap)
  • 100% natural essences

Here are swatches of all 3 products. From left to right: Agronauti Gea CC cream swatch, Studio78 concealer n.01 swatch, Studio78 We Revitalize Bi-Phase water foundation n.01 swatch

Studio78 Paris and Agronauti cc cream swatches


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