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My eco chic bags

Eco conscious style

One of my green recycling tips is avoid the use of plastic bags. I really don’t like tons of plastic bags around in the house! Instead I have a few favorite eco chic bags that I carry around with me. They are very handy especially when I go into the food market and I don’t have to use the plastic bags. Avoiding to use plastic bags means saving our planet and stop the pollution. If I have any plastic bags, I try to reuse them as much as I can. When I go shopping big quantities I have 2 bigger bags where I can put everything. This way I avoid picking plastic grocery bags.

Sometimes I use one of these cotton bags even instead of my hand bag, especially now in summer. It’s light and handy to carry around. I can also wash all of them, because they are made from organic cotton.

I received the first bag (from left) as a gift. It was bought in Loft 18, a nice eco boutique in Paris. The second bag is from the shop Made in the shade in Milano, where I was buying Dr.Bronner’s organic cosmetic. It is made from light cotton and is very useful, cause I can put it in every other bag, so I always have an additional bag with me, in case of extra shopping. I bought the third bag in H&M, because I like its inscription and shape.

What do you think about using a cotton shopping bag?

Pure & natural greenwashing



I got goose pimples when I saw an entire collection of “pure&natural” products from Nivea on the shelves of a shop! You will ask me: “Aren’t you happy that the world and companies are becoming more and more aware of going green and that they care for us and our planet?” I’d be happy, if the label would convince me with ingredients. For a multinational brand selling enormous quantities of products, it’s also almost impossible to produce really safe cosmetic with fresh ingredients without chemicals. A really good product made with organic herbs does not have a shelf life of years.
Most of us know that Nivea is selling us chemical cosmetics with non safe ingredients, like all big corporations. Now, they want to sell also “green and safe” products, with amazing advertising and beautiful pictures. Looking at this, another more important question came over in my head : “Aren’t they directly telling us, that in all their “non-natural” products they sell us toxic ingredients? In other words, they are telling us that their main range of products is highly toxic! This question is meant more for the reader, to reflect about it. Personally, I’m completely aware about their greenwashing and the misleading of the consumer.

Nivea new line is called Pure&Natural (and I guess that many other big companies will follow this trend sooner or later). Along some nice words about argan oil, honey, aloe vera and other plants, there is no further explanation about any certifications or other ingredients. For a big corporation is enough to write that they use organic plants. Without any certification, they easily claim to use organic and safe ingredients! I know this is enough for a mediocre consumer who blindly trusts and relates just on nice words and images. But it’s not enough for me. Nivea claims not to use silicones, parabens, chemical UV filters in the Pure&Natural line, which is true. But I’ve checked the labels and found inside many other toxic ingredients! What is worrying is their use of synthetic fragrances that give the product a pleasant “natural” scent like:

METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE: is a widely used preservative; has been associated with allergic reactions. Lab studies on the brain cells of mammals also suggest that methylisothiazolinone may be neurotoxic. Function/use(s): Fragrance ingredient; MASKING
LILIAL(butylphenyl methylpropanal): is a synthetic scent ingredient; associated with allergies and contact dermatitis. Function/use(s): Fragrance ingredient; MASKING
ALPHA-ISOMETHYL IONONE: Ionones are a group of naturally occurring and synthetically produced scent chemicals.

Among these there are also ingredients like: Phenoxyethanol, Linalool, Limonene, Citronellol,Geraniol, Parfum. Since there is no statement that these ingredients are compounds of high grade organic essential oils, it’s more than evident that big companies are misleading us again with words: natural, pure, green and organic. As you can see, there is no trace of real conscience for our health, helping people and the planet.

Maybe I have indirectly even advertised Nivea with mentioning them, but at the end, I’d like to let you know that not everything is so nice, pure and natural as it claims to be. You have to decide how green you really are!

Being Green, my lifestyle


This time, I’m not going to talk about make-up and beauty, but I want to say something about living and going green from my personal experience and how I feel about it.
I notice more and more that many people are talking about green or becoming green, just because of a widely spread trend, or a new target group. Well, this is not my case, so I want to share with you just my genuine green thoughts 🙂 On the other hand, there are also many other people and brands that are really lovingly caring about our planet to remain green.
I grew up in a small but green country Slovenia, gifted with nature, fresh and clean air to breath and numerous unpolluted waters. In my country, a lot of people grow their own organic vegetables and fruit at home, or grow animals on the open air. Recently, when I came home from foreign countries where I lived, I realized even more the fact that we have first quality organic products already at home. Among many other good things this is just a short description of our small, but precious pearl: Slovenia.

Leading a green lifestyle was quite normal for me since ever, without even realizing it! There is more, my mom has a garden where she grows all kinds of herbs and vegetables in an organic way, without pesticides or other toxins. Besides gardening, cooking is her passion since ever. She never uses any processed food, she grows by herself or buy just raw materials from nature. And then she prepares everything at home: from delicious desserts to home-made bread, not to mention her hand-made ravioli made with organic flour, organic eggs and filled with fresh spinach and cheese…Yes, you got it! I’m a big gourmand:) I inherited from her the passion for cooking and preparing fresh food, and also to carefully select what I eat. My first step towards a green lifestyle began with food and cooking.

My green lifestyle

Then I started to pay a lot of attention on how to clean my house and wash my clothes. I had some health issues caused by chemicals. I always felt that is not ok using chemical detergents. They always irritated my lungs, I was sneezing a lot,…I made changes also in my home while using environment friendly cleansers. I have one multipurpose eco detergent that I dilute it with water and it lasts a huge amount of time. I could clean everything with it. Just an all-in-one detergent, instead of a range of chemicals. Or the old vinegar and baking soda recipe. Very green and convenient, too! Yes, convenient. Many people complain that leading a green lifestyle is so expensive. I don’t agree at all with this statement! It is expensive, if one buys all the products that he used to buy in the conventional shop. He has just switched the shop and still buys bio sweets, bio already prepared food,… I understand that everyone has to do the first step, but what I want to point out is that living green does not mean just buying tons of already made products. It means preparing your meals at home from raw materials. Because of your health. In prepared & processed food from the shop there are so many nasty preservatives, colorations, stabilizers and many other chemical ingredients. I will give you an example: in winter time when I have time, I adore preparing ultra delicious and healthy cookies at home. It’s a very simple recipe from Saint Hildegard: Cookies of joy, made with just a few ingredients, some spices and good quality spelt flour. That’s it. Considering that I buy all the ingredients from organic growing and that I will make a lot of cookies from 0,5-1kg of flour, they are really cheap in comparison with a small package of normal cookies. The most important for me is that I know what I eat and put in my body. Being green means above all being aware of ingredients. Everywhere, not just in cosmetics, as I always preach, but also in food and cleaning detergents!
I think that we should start to support and buy organically grown food from our local farmers. This way we will not just support them and the nature, but we will also start stopping the big industry to expand and dictate.

my green lifestyle

my green lifestyle

Regarding cosmetics I have already written a lot and I will still do. I’m repeating again: check the certificates that guarantee you safety! If it’s not organic with the highest quality, at least buy bio with Ecocert. There is still an enormous difference in comparison with conventional brands full of toxic chemicals.

Going green means being conscious about what we put in our body, on our skin and consequently on our planet = in air, water, soil! What we give is what we receive. I believe that the Earth is a living organism, like we are and gives us back what we give to her.
If you start to look around yourself, you will become aware of what the big corporations wants from you. They tell you every second that you need the smell of that chemical lavender softener to soften your clothes, or that excellent mix of toxins in your already prepared meal. Not to mention cosmetic corporations with all the advertising on how you should look… Stop for a moment and open the eyes to realize in which world do you live. Is it really your world?

I don’t want to praise myself, I am like you, learning everyday something new, even about the green way of living. What I want you to realize is that living green is not expensive. Saying this is just a simple excuse not to make the first step and a change towards a better living. We can all contribute any time to the wellbeing of our planet. It’s not enough just to say I’m cruelty-free, I love animals, I am all natural by showing the label.

What counts is the fact of your imprint on this big living organism, the planet Earth. Try to make the first step towards a new awareness and a better living of everyone!


photos from my personal archive: top: waterfall Kozjak and Kobarid Kamp Lazar, one of my dishes with home grown vegetables (details of basil and chili pepper from our garden), rosemary from our garden, my spread made with sunflower seeds and wild garlic, fresh marjoram drying for winter and dried figs.

Another green soul in beauty!

Jenna Hipp – celebrity  green nail artist

A few minutes ago I found on my RSS feed this nice and interesting news. It’s an interview with a green nail artist – Jenna Hipp. Since I realized that we have the same philosophy about skin, so I wanted to share it with you. Listen what she says about going green:

Jenna Hipp

“I believe in embracing the entire condition of the skin and nails from the inside out, as well as sourcing organic topical products and at-home remedies,” Hipp told Here, the polish maven talks about how to green your nail routine, getting hip to “squoval” nails, and why the French pedicure needs to go the way of the Walkman.”

Have you always been a “green” nail stylist, or did something specific inspire you to make the switch?

“The switch for me came with the symptoms—nosebleeds, rashes, headaches, dizziness, forgetfulness—the realization that I could no longer expose my body to everyday beauty products, cleaning supplies, and perfumes, let alone my nail supplies. It forced me to take control of my health and career for myself and my clients. I had to create a new title that described my newfound green and eco ambitions for the nail industry, and that’s how “green celebrity nail stylist” came about.”

What should manicure enthusiasts look out for when picking non-toxic polish formulas?

“When a product says “3″ or “4-Free”, they are referring to the carcinogenic chemicals that have been removed from the formula. This usually means formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde resin. DBP (the chemical dibutyl phthalate) acts as a binder to improve the lasting power of nail lacquer, but it’s also been linked to cancer in lab animals. Even though toluene helps suspend the color and creates a smooth texture, it also affects the central nervous system and can cause headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.”

Aside from going “3-Free,” do you have any other suggestions for how the rest of us can clean up our act?

“Revamp your at-home nail care kit and educate yourself! Unfortunately, chemicals are still prevalent in polishes because the consumer demand to remove them just isn’t there, and laws do not require cosmetics companies to prove that products are safe before putting them on the market. Now that formaldehyde (used as a hardener in polish) is under so much scrutiny, companies have taken it out, but replaced it with formaldehyde resin, which they are not legally required to reveal. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep has been key in raising awareness about these harmful chemicals and forcing companies to remove them. You can find out how toxic your products are by typing them into the EW database.”

Check the entire interview on the link below written by Fiorella Valdesolo:

Style. com Beauty Counter blog

Fashion trends for Fall 2011 and my homage to Matisse

Recently, I’ve visited again the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, one of the most important museums of modern art. There are many amazing things going on there all the time. You can hear the Tibetan monks chants as you take the escalator or dive into a light installation among many other forms of contemporary art. My favorite place is the 5th floor, where you can admire the “classic” masterpieces of art dated from 1905 to 1945, from Matisse, Picasso,Delaunay, Malevič, Miro… I also love the contemporary art, but my biggest admiration goes to charismatic painters who influenced their upcoming time, as big visionaries. One of them is for sure Henri Matisse, which I really find inspiring, especially with his own use and perception of color. I can sense parallels in some upcoming trends from fall 2011 collections and his work: layers of bright colors, simple constructions and forms, a sophisticated simplicity,… There were such influences also in the make-up where models looked like faces from modern painter’s canvas. Here are a few inspirations for you to take note, admire and find some of your own tips to build your fall new look!

art and fashion

art and fashion

art and fashion

art and fashion

fashion trends


Beautiful skin – the mirror of our lifestyle


One of the most common questions that I receive from women of all ages is:

Tell me what do I have to use to have a bright, radiant, youthful skin without pimples and spots?

There are some essential facts that we should understand about our skin. Especially, when we have problems, it’s not enough just to buy a new beauty product or food supplements and think that we have done everything for our skin. We should start think about what is the function of our skin and ask ourselves what does make us so uncomfortable about and why?

Some facts about our skin that you should become aware of:

– our skin is our LARGEST ORGAN, doing important functions, in order that our body functions properly

– more than 70% of our body consists of water, this is why hydration is so important.

– the skin is the screen that shows everything what’s going on in our body: it shows the state of our organs and mirrors our emotions

For instance, did you know that millennia old traditional Chinese medicine, already knew that our skin reflects the state of our lungs and colon? Our body cleanses itself through breathing (the organ=lungs), but when there is too much of toxins in our body, then the body starts to detoxify through the skin. And this is one of the main reasons, to understand why just a cream won’t resolve skin problems. Because the problems are rooted deeper, inside of our body. And vice versa, our body is constantly polluted by outside factors, this is why we need to protect our skin as good as possible, with the best ingredients. The best ingredients are surely not meant by petrolatum derived ones and other chemical cocktails found in cosmetics and medicines. The reason is simple: synthetically produced ingredients don’t exist by nature (and they never existed) in our body. They are an outside, foreign body in our main body. In this case, our body needs to work much harder to detoxify all the junk stuff out. If your lifestyle is being always under stress, eating junk industrial food, using pharmacological medicines, using a lot of conventional cosmetics and house chemical cleaners, the result is being unhealthy, even depressed, without energy. Furthermore, our skin is not in a good condition and it starts showing the signs of this lifestyle. At minimum, there are dark circles around the eyes, problems with blemishes, spots, acne, quickly aging, too oily/dry/sensitive skin.
The body gets in this kind of conditions because it becomes over-acidified. The ph of the skin is not in balance and so our skin is showing signal signs that not everything is ok inside.

If you want to take the best care of yourself, you should change first the inside – accept yourself and your body. The next step is to change your lifestyle, which should not be something repressing. It should be a nice, spontaneous change filled with creativity in every field. I suggest you to take following baby steps towards your overall health, which will reflect on your skin:

– drink a lot of pure water, that helps your digestion and with this, it cleanses toxins from the body

– eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in every form (you get vitamins, minerals, water)

– instead of industrial junk food, start using organic whole grains and minimally processed food

– include seeds and nuts on your daily basis menu  (a source of minerals, vitamins, fibers, high oil content, they are a highly prized food and energy source)

– in cooking start to avoid frying and use just cold-pressed oils like olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, which contain a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

– take care of your skin with massages and appropriate organic skin care (= what goes inside the body, should be used even on outside)

– remove your make-up regularly morning and evening

– move your body with physical activity

– start using natural cleansers in your house

– sleep enough

– from the inside: start to observe your emotions, your behaviors and try to keep yourself in balance with meditation, yoga or any self-relaxing technique

Maybe at first sight it seems that there is a lot of tasks to do, but if you do (and this is highly recommended) small baby steps, starting to make changes on one of these fields, everything will GUIDE you in the right direction. You will start to feel better and you will regain not just health and energy; you will improve your overall lifestyle!

Now, start to think a little bit about what you really want 🙂


(photo: Boris Gorjan)

Looking at ourselves = liking what we see


Looking at ourselves=liking what we see. Not such an immediate equation –

“It has nothing to do with beauty or elegance. Many good-looking women feel inadequate. Unable to compare with other women. They are always more attractive or, in any case, better.”

…”They say that brides are all beautiful. Because on that very day at least, they are happy. Happiness or better, serenity, must be pursued in all those circumstances that are truly significant for us. And friendship may be of great help. It really hurts reading posts that reveal a state of bitterness, unhappiness and loneliness where illness is just around the corner, if not already underway. Nobody, only the fool, feels perfect and always on top of all circumstances.”

“Marie in her Friday comment wrote that we must believe. Yes, like in ‘being faithful’, but also believing in human relationships. Beauty is not the only factor required to succeed. It helps. But also less attractive women can find a way to improve, and enhance some of her physical or intellectual assets. And what’s on the inside often shows on the outside.”

Right now, I came across this wonderful post from the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, that I love to read. I decided to post this link, because it reflects my exact thoughts about the perception of our own beauty ideals and our self-image. I intended to write something similar about this topic, but Mme. Sozzani did it perfectly and this is the reason why I want to share it with you, women!

To raise our self-esteem and self image, that lies just within our heads and feelings and not somewhere outside of us!

(source: Vogue Italia editor’s blog, photo:

Greenwashing and awareness when buying natural products


Yesterday, while I was shopping in different places, where two interesting things caught my attention. First, I was in a shop where I often buy organic food. The shop is nice and they have a lot of really good brands and products, among which they sell also a few cosmetic brands. I have already checked the cosmetics that they sell and I was quite upset . The brands are better than the drugstore ones, but they aren’t organic at all. So I decided not to buy cosmetics there. Otherwise, they are really cool. Anyway, while I was paying and almost going out from the shop, I noticed a man who was reading labels on the bottles of that cosmetic and checking something. Suddenly, he asked the seller: “Is this product certified organic?” And the seller replied: ” Yes, of course it’s all natural and organic and really good.” In that moment I realized that he was checking and trying hard to understand if the cosmetic was organic. Surely, he asked for advice in hope to get an appropriate answer.

The second similar case was in another shop, where I usually don’t buy. Sometimes, I buy there just small empty glass containers for my home-made cosmetics. They sell “natural” products, that kind of product with just the label natural on. Surprisingly, the same story repeated. When I was paying, a lady beside me, asked the seller if the product that she was looking at (it was a usual toothpaste) is really natural like the label claims. Obviously, the seller (again) publicized the purity and quality of that “natural” product. In that moment the lady was relieved and she bought the product in good faith that is natural.

My mind was full of questions after these two events. I recognized the phenomenon of greenwashing, about which I was reading recently. Shortly, greenwashing is a misleading advertising in different forms, that makes you believe that a usual company just by naming products green/natural/organic, is responsible for the environment and the organic quality of that product. However, many times, this is just a marketing strategy to sell more. Someone noticed that “natural” sells good and that became almost a trend. Consequently, a new selling niche was born.

In my case, on one hand, I was asking myself how can someone just blindly believe in nice words? On the other hand, I understood the seller; she was just doing her job. Let’s suppose, she knew that the product was not organic because of some harmful ingredients, still, her situation was not easy in that moment. Many years ago, I was in a similar situation, too.

You will maybe want to know why I haven’t said anything in both cases? Because I realized everything, while going out from the second shop. In short, this was a nice lesson for me to think about and to realize that I am really happy that I’ve chosen to expand my and others awareness about this topic. I’m also glad that people are becoming more and more interested in natural products. We certainly need to learn more and move to the next level, but it’s very good that these changes in perception are becoming visible. Right now, I am also preparing new courses about green beauty and make-up, its correct use and buying with awareness. However, I respect others choices and I’m not forcing no one to follow my opinion, but I feel good when I think that I can contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and its habitants (animals included).

“All that glitters is not gold”

is a well-known saying and I say:

“All that looks green is not always green.”



The story of cosmetics

Watch the story of cosmetics and learn more about what we put on our skin and the truth behind many times too nice words.

We can change the situation by becoming more aware of what we buy and use everyday on our skin.

You can find more informations about the topic at Campaign for safe cosmetics

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