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Organic lavender from Slovenian Karst – part 1

and the distillation process of Lavender essential oil


I was a total fan of perfumes since ever and thus interested even in the process of producing perfumes. One of the methods used in perfume production is also the plants distillation process. Have you read the Patrick Suskind’s book Perfume? I did many years ago, but not so much because of the story itself but because of the charming nature of producing perfumes. The story was located in France’s famous city with Lavender fields: in Grasse … And of course I wanted to once see the distillation process of plants needed for perfumes… And guess what? I had this charm right at my hands! I just had to go a few kilometers far from my house to discover the magic world of organically grown Lavender and its beautiful distillation process that I want to introduce you in.

Lavender is one of my favorite plants not just because violet is my favorite color and because the amazing therapeutic smell of Lavender…It seems there is more behind this beautiful alchemy of scents…

I’ve also realized that summer is the season when I unintentionally discover beauties in my green native country Slovenia. So a few weeks ago, I discovered the biggest production of organic Lavender in my country, in the amazing region of Slovenian Karst. I took a trip in the lovely Karst village called Ivanji Grad and literally caught the last drop of Lavender essential oil. It was the last day of distillation process and I was there just in time! It’s needless to say that I was in heaven when I inhaled and watched Lavender everywhere! I checked the entire process of distillation and so finally my wish came true 🙂
I also met the owner of all this beauty, Mrs. Tanja, who explained me everything about the production of Lavender essential oil. But this is not the end! In the upcoming 2nd part of this post a big surprise is waiting for all beauty and Lavender lovers like me 🙂 where I will unfold the best part of Mrs. Tanja’s story. Here are a few things she told me about her Lavender production:

– In Ivanji Grad all the Lavender is produced organically, without any pesticides or other toxins.

– They have 5 species of Lavender on different fields and are adding new ones.

– In Ivanji Grad they harvest their Lavender manually. They have their own distillation and drying rooms.

– Did you know that you need 50 kg of dried Lavender to produce 1 liter of pure Lavender essential oil? Stunning! A by-product of this is 9 liters of Lavender Hydrosol/Hydrolat (click here to know more about what is hydrolat)


How To Extract Lavender Oil and What is the Steam Distillation Process

(check the slideshow below to see the process)

Essential oils are produced by several different methods, among which the steam distillation is one of the most used methods for obtaining them. In the steam distillation process the raw material(Lavender in our case) is heated and the fragrant compounds are re-collected through condensation of the distilled vapour. Steam from boiling water is passed through the raw material, which drives out their volatile fragrant compounds. The condensate from distillation are settled in a Florentine flask (or Alembic). This allows for the easy separation of the fragrant oils from the water. The water collected from the condensate, which retains some of the fragrant compounds and oils from the raw material is called hydrosol/hydrolat. (Source: Wikipedia)


Beneficial properties of Lavender

Violet color corresponds to our 7th (crown) chakra that is located at the top of the head and is linked to the pineal gland. It’s not by chance that even Lavender is violet. Pure organic Lavender oil has a very high frequency and is used not just for calming but also to purify and cleanse our body, mind and spirit. If you have any stress or problems with headaches spritz your face and body with lavender hydrolat or inhale a few drops of high-grade lavender essential oil. You will feel better and refreshed! You can also put 2 drops of oil on your wrists and rub it into the skin to feel better. Lavender is also among rare essential oils that you can apply directly on the skin. Before doing yoga or meditating, you can even inhale a few drops of Lavender essential oil. It will help you to connect with your Self. When buying Lavender essential oil make sure is really high quality otherwise you won’t feel the effect! Even wounds, scars and acne will heal better, insect bites will soothe quickly. A few drops added in a warm bath will alleviate rheumatic ailments, sciatica, pain in bones and muscles. It will also help us in diseases, such as eczema and skin fungus. Lavender bath will calm us before bedtime. Lavender tea is welcome for mouth/gum diseases, excellent also for digestive problems, because it accelerates the secretion of bile and helps to calm nervous stomach and heart. However, we can go on and on with all the benefits that Lavender has got for us!

I’m really proud to promote such a unique and loving mission that Mrs. Tanja and her team are doing for themselves, for our country and for the planet as well! I will present you the entire story more in detail in the second part. Now, enjoy the beauty of Slovenian organic Lavender from Ivanji Grad on the pictures below! And perhaps take a nice trip there!


copyright photo credits: Boris Gorjan

Lovely awards that my blog recently received

I was very glad when I noticed (quite late :)) that my blog got 4 awards from my lovely blogger friend Lynn @ LovelyCosme blog.
Thank you Lynn for the nominations!
Now I will share with you some facts about me, because the condition is to answer some questions. I find this a very nice idea! This way we socialize more, know better each other and share our energy !
Let’s come to the facts now 🙂

The Versatile Blogger Award Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you and give their blog a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog
(Already done in the beginning of the post)

2.Share 7 random facts about yourself:
– I LOVE MAKE-UP! It’s not just my job (make-up artist), but it’s my life passion since ever, this is why Green make-up blog. Researching and trying new products and colors is my obsession. I also have a “weakness” for make-up brushes, I just can’t resist them 🙂

– I like eating and cooking. Exploring new tastes, new international kitchens, browsing on the food market, making new dishes…I always create something new in the kitchen.The colors and textures are so inspiring! My next step would be my biodynamic garden…But not yet 🙂 Maybe when I get older. Now it’s sufficient my mom’s garden 🙂 Another “weakness”: cooking books! In general, I enjoy food very much and believe that a good attitude towards food brings just positive results on the outside!

– I adore reading books about life, spirituality, energies, quantum physics, as well as researching old body-mind-spirit knowledges. I always love listening when people share with me their real life stories of their personal growth. This is why in my job I adore to talk with the client before, to understand better her needs.

– “I fill my batteries” with relaxing in nature or meditating and on the other side it fills me so much when I’m in good company, talk with people to share stories and know them better.

– Good art exhibitions are one of my favorite relax as well.

– I appreciate artisanal things, those beautiful hand-made objects, when designers spend a lot of time in modeling them. Especially beautiful clothes, when they are shaped and modeled in complicated ways. I guess this is the fault of being a fashion designer 🙂

– As you could see, books of all sorts are my passion, so I’m supposed to write a book myself as well 🙂
It’s the end, ok, I could go on 😀

3.Send on the award to 15 bloggers whose blog you appreciate and then let them know that they have won the award  (I will do my best, since I’m not so much involved in the blogosphere).

Top 10 Award Rules

1. Thank for being tagged. (Done)
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6. Inform them about it.
7. Create the list of your top 10 cosmetics:

Uff, this is a tough one for me…I will do my best in this moment:)
My top 10 cosmetic(personally and professionally) are:
1. Cold-pressed oils: Organic Coconut Oil is the holy grail among beauty products!
2. Makeup brushes! All shapes! Totally addicted!
3. Hydrolats, almost can’t live without them.
4. Serums/elixirs from different precious essential oils
5. Natural perfumes (when in high school I collected and researched about perfumes and as summer job worked in perfumeries)
6. Under-eye concealer: cannot be without, even though now my under-eye circles are getting better
7. Mascaras: one of my favorite make-up products
8. Cream blushes&tints for a natural flush: organic of course!
9. Liquid mineral foundations with beneficial ingredients
10. Lipsticks: Now, I’m totally in love with Living Nature ones, my last discovery! STAY TUNED!

Blogger appreciation award – the rules of the award

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The questions and my answers
1. How long have you been blogging?
The archive dropdown of my blog says since September 2010. So, it will be soon 2 years.

2. What are 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
I got the idea to share my ideas and opinions around through a written medium. Also many people encouraged me to do it, because they always said that I’m very good at explaining things and that everything became clearer about make-up and cosmetics when I advised them. But the idea came into life definitely when I discovered the world of organic cosmetics. Then, I really felt the call to share what I’ve learnt (and still learn of course).

3. What types of blog do you like to follow/read?
Those that have same interests like: cosmetics, natural healing, fashion, food recipes,…

4. What is 1 thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?
Sometimes I wish I could manage to write shorter posts, but it just doesn’t happen 🙂


The versatile blogger award Rules of Honour

1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link back (Done)

2. Tell 7 things about you (I will add to the upper ones a few more):

– I collect and read fashion magazines since high school: Vogue and Elle Italia from ’94 are the first editions that I bought.Now, I’m a big fan of Velvet Italia. Otherwise I adore looking at good photographies, especially fashion ones. Even old masters like Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier Bresson, Jeanloup Sieff,… are amazing to me. So inspiring!

– I like discovering new brands and its products from cosmetics to clothes, shoes, … I’m interested in special things when people create them with their heart and are fully involved in the process.

3. Pass this on to newly discovered blogs and let them know they received the award (Done)


Enjoy the nominations and let’s connect together to share more green beauty news around the world!

Another green refreshment for summer days!

In the middle of hot summer days I’m back with new ideas for your inner and outer beauty: refreshing summer smoothies that I make almost everyday! Because they have a delicate taste and are full of water & vitamins, they are perfectly hydrating and nourishing as well. So I thought to share with you some ideas!

Green makeup smoothie

my green smoothie

For two 3dl glasses mix in the blender:

2 apples (I used medium organic apples from our garden)

a bunch of green spinach

2 apricots

1 lemon (peel it before)

1 carrot

rice milk (depends on how dense you want your smoothie to be)

1 tbs of barley grass powder (optional)


Happy smoothie

My smoothie

For 2 persons mix in the blender:

1 orange

5 apricots

1 carrot

organic vanilla from Madagascar

1 tbs of maca root powder (optional)

water as needed


Bon appétit !

Beauty from inside out: My lovely smoothies


Today is my 100th post and unintentionally it’s going to be different from other posts. This is because I finally got everything necessary for creating something different in my kitchen that I wanted for so long. So I want to share my joy with you, too 🙂
Apart make-up and beauty, I like very much inventing tasteful, healthy and colorful novelties even in my kitchen. This give me a new inspiration and drive. I wanted to write about food and the relationship it has with beauty for a long time.

When talking about beauty, I don’t refer just on make-up and cosmetics which have an important part, but I also want to emphasize the beauty that is coming out from inside. It does matter what we put inside ourselves, how we nourish our body and our spirit. Our inside reflects even on outside.

Today I’m going to share with you my new invented smoothies. I have been in love with them for a long time, but I haven’t done them at home yet. Yesterday the right time came and I took home lots of different veggies, fruits and some vegetable milks (rice, soya and oat). I even got a nice almost new blender that my mom got and never used. Everything came to me like a puzzle at the right time. Moreover, hot days are coming and hydrating smoothies are just amazing in summer! I have to say that I eat lots of vegetables, but I was never a big fan of fruits. I don’t know why but I love to eat them in smoothies.


Why smoothies?
I don’t want to preach about trends or healthy living, I just want to share what I like and makes me feel good. Especially in hot days I feel that my body and skin need more hydration because of water loss. Fresh vegetables and fruits provide not just lots of water, but also minerals, vitamins and other goodies that our bodies need. And I like them so much!

Fresh splash smoothie

I wanted something simple, hydrating and refreshing, so here are the quantities for 3 dcl of smoothie:

10 strawberries
1 banana
2-3 fresh pepper mint leaves
1 small carrot
lemon juice from half lemon

Put everything in the blender with some water and voila! A hydrating and refreshing smoothie with a delicate taste.

Smoothie ingredients


Pink love smoothie

I like to give them names 🙂 A sweeter and more nourishing version of the 1st smoothie.

6 strawberries
1 banana
lemon juice from half lemon
1/4 carrot (small)
oat milk
some goji berries
raw cacao nibs
coconut flour

Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Add oat milk as much as you prefer to obtain a desired texture (more or less liquid). In the end I have added a pinch of coconut flour, a few goji berries and raw cacao nibs on top. I simply like these super foods that add lots of pure taste and energy, instead of eating classic sweets.

For all doubting Thomas 🙂 and those who need a boost of inspiration ;), here is an excerpt from Planet Bio, my favorite Slovenian (and now even EU) online shop, about these delicious greenies:

Goji berries: All in all, goji berries rejuvenate and nourish the whole body. A handful or two of goji berries can sweeten any smoothie or day! Dried organic goji berries consist of 68 % carbohydrates, 12 % proteins, 10 % healthy fats and 10 % fibers, which have a great effect on digestion. They have lots of other beneficial elements and properties for our body. (read more about here).

Organic cacao nibs contain many natural ingredients such as serotonin (antistress), tryptophan (anti-depressant), anandamide and dopamine. Cacao is renowned as being one of the most complex food in the world and has high levels of potassium, calcium, sodium and also antioxidants, of which 10 % are flavonoids. (read more about here)

Green makeup tip When in the kitchen I create recipes following my feeling and taste. I suggest you the same with makeup: try, experiment and follow your intuition 🙂 If you don’t have those super foods, don’t worry, you might have some hazelnuts from your local producer, or like me strawberries from your own garden that are completely fantastic for your health, too. The point is to create and eat what you have nearest your hand.

If you will try any of my smoothies let me know. You can also share with me some of your favorite recipes as well.

Cold-pressed oils: Sweet almond oil


In the past winter I’ve been experimenting a lot with many different cold-pressed oils. I was especially focused on different nut oils from my local environment. I believe that the nature has provided us just with the right things at the right place and so we have everything that we need around us. It is not accidental that in extremely hot or cold climates grow plants which are different from those in mediterranean environment for instance.

This is why I have chosen to try some oils that I discovered in a local oil-extraction plant in my country. From a big variety of oils, I’ve chosen to present you the sweet almond oil for first, because I’ve been using it a lot recently; from kitchen to beauty. I was removing my makeup with it and I even incorporated it in some home-made organic products. It’s delicious when added in a dish at the end (soups, pasta, rice,…) or to dress the salads, because of its delicate sweet and nutty taste that derives from sweet almonds (there is also another type of almond which is bitter). However, possibilities to use it are endless. Let’s explore some of them.


Why the (sweet) almond oil is so beneficial?

When I’ve tried the organic cold-pressed almond oil (don’t mess it with the refined one from the pharmacy) for the first time, I noticed that is almost odorless and its color is pale yellow. The (sweet) almond oil is obtained from the dried kernel of sweet almonds. Sweet almonds are very good especially for low-carbohydrate diets, because they contain a small percent of carbohydrates. In addition they contain almost 50% oils, of which 62% is monounsaturated acids (=omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids) and just a small percent (6%) of saturated fatty acid. Almonds and the oil as well are also a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin A, dietary fibers, vitamins B (B1, B2, B6) and essential minerals. This is why almond oil is very good for regulating intestinal problems, lower bad cholesterol,etc.


Almond oil in cosmetic

This mild, lightweight oil is widely spread in cosmetic uses and products. Because it’s very nourishing, with great emollient properties, almond oil is excellent as a moisturizer for dry skin. It’s very known in massage therapies and aromatherapy because it is a very good base/carrier oil and glides smoothly on the skin. It has excellent moisturizing properties and it is not as heavy as some other base oils, as it absorbs quite easy into the skin. The sweet almond oil is suitable for any skin type, especially for dry and mature skin. It maintains the moisture in the skin and because is rich in oleic and linoleic essential fatty acids, it helps to relieve the muscle pain.

I’ve also heard that almond oil is the best eye cream for reducing wrinkles and even dark circles. Of course, I gave it a try and the skin really felt smooth, especially when delicately massaged with this oil.


Among other benefits almond oil also:

– protects, softens, nourishes, calms the skin and soothes skin inflammations

– abundance of vitamin E in the oil helps reducing wrinkles and improves the state of dry skin

– it keeps the ph of the skin on normal level

– relieves the itching caused by eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

– applying almond oil to the skin increases blood circulation

– it is also good to use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks

– it is highly recommended for gentle baby skin care

– it’s one of the best oils for relaxation

– it can be used to cure the scalp and it also restores hair shine and supplies with moisture drained and damaged hair

– with regular use it helps to soften and balance the moisture in the skin

STORAGE  As every cold-pressed oil, especially if you also use it for eating, is recommended to keep the oil in a cold and dark place. The fridge is the best option.

Green makeup tip Use the almond oil for removing make-up, as an eye cream; it will also strengthen your lashes. Use it for massaging your body after the shower, especially parts that suffer from dry skin, apply it generously on hands and massage it even in the nails.

International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (abbreviated INCI ingredient on cosmetic products): PRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS OIL


image credit via Flickr

My reflection about oils in cosmetic skincare products


Even though I work as a makeup artist for many years, I still love to read beauty and makeup books. This remains one of my passions. I love to see how different makeup artists perceive their work, beauty, how they use their tools, etc. In the near future I intend to write a post about my favorite makeup books as well.

In these days I received a makeup book and I soon started to read it. Usually, I almost skip the chapters about skin, because every make-up book has the same old story concerning skin care routine (apart specific books about organic cosmetic), which sounds like playing an old CD again and again. No real solutions for decades, claiming that sun is our enemy, that we have to pull on a ton of products (that’d be better avoiding them),… In short, there is more focus on negative rather than positive aspects of ourselves. Basically, we are “old, ugly and dirty” and “we need to correct every single thing on our face and body”, instead of celebrating our own beauty. That’s why I avoid reading skin care chapters.

But this time, I checked more accurately this book. Suddenly, I was shocked by a few statements – in a book written by a very famous makeup artist! In a paragraph (about which moisturizer to choose) it’s written that

“petroleum oil based moisturizers are much more effective than vegetable oils, even though they may block pores.”

OMG! Furthermore, is stated that

“chemically enhanced products  containing urea,…improve the moisture of the skin and are recommended for dry skin”.

OMG again! I understand and accept the fact that this makeup artist also sells her brand and therefore stands behind this marketing philosophy and petroleum driven industry. But going so far to blame vegetable oils being “not good enough” is simply too much! Nowadays, there is a lot of knowledge that has already (finally!) enlighten the situation regarding harmful toxic petroleum-based ingredients. Moreover, organic vegetable oils are among highest quality ingredients providing us a full spectrum of benefits not just for our skin. When ingested they are holy grails for our health (with natural omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins,…). They boost our immune system, heal, soothe and prevent diseases,… These oils are however expensive as an ingredient. And here is the clue why the industry has to blame them in this case. Those who live by old paradigms, won’t go out from its own comfort zone, because is easy to earn money with old recipes, cheap ingredients and old way of thinking. But in contrary, it’s not “so easy” to change, to look for improvement and the whole wellbeing. What is the most sad about this is that many people just agree with this. It’s the same story as with corporations who force GMO (because of their own “wellbeing”) and literally claims that poisoned vegetables are better than natural ones. I believe that what goes around comes around and that these people are just playing down themselves at the end. Other people who are willing to think with their own head, will live by their own rules and not by those imposed by others. The statement about cosmetic oils that teased me can be compared with junk food. Comparing petroleum as good for our skin is the same as saying that a processed hamburger  is more healthy and delicious than organically grown vegetables/fruit/homemade dish. So bon appetite with petroleum gourmandise!

In general, I am not radical about certain things and I accept things as they are, but those kind of words that mislead the consumer with certain one-way statements make me speak out loud.

I will update soon my category about cold-pressed oils with a new one. Until then you can read more about cold-pressed organic oils in my following posts: Sesame oil , Wheat germ oil , Olive oil, Coconut oil , Rice bran oil.

Cold-pressed oils: Sesame oil


My journey of discovering sesame oil started long time ago, when I was exploring Asiatic tastes of Chinese kitchen. Then I was fascinated again by it, when I went to an Ayurvedic yoga massage. The masseuse used for the massage a mix of cold-pressed sesame oil and calamus powder from the indian herb Acorus Calamus. This mix is very good for the entire body and spirit, but especially for detoxifying, stimulating the blood circulation and for relaxing the muscles. However, the sesame oil provides a smooth and moisturized skin. After the massage I felt really good and relaxed.

Benefits of sesame oil are known for thousands of years. It is mentioned in the Indian Vedas and used as well in the Indian Ayurvedic medicine as an oil with many healing properties. In Asia the sesame oil is an essential ingredient for cooking.

The sesame oil is made from sesame seeds. We know at least 2 types of sesame: black sesame (the one sprinkled around the sushi) and the pale yellow sesame, that you find mostly on top of breads and other baked products. There are many varieties of sesame oil, however not everyone is the best for eating and for the skin. The cold-pressed sesame oil is of a pale yellow color and it has preserved a number of good qualities, because it is produced from raw sesame seeds. You can use the cold-pressed sesame oil for inside (in the kitchen) and for outside (for your beauty regimen). Don’t mess the cold-pressed oil with the dark sesame oil, which is not made from black sesame, but it is made from roasted sesame seeds. The dark sesame oil is commonly used for cooking in the East Asian countries and its flavor and beneficial properties are not so praised as those from the cold-pressed oil, because the heat damages all their health-giving polyunsaturated fats.

Beneficial properties of sesame seed oil

– sesame is rich in calcium

–  it has a high percentage of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is unique because stable at room temperature, thanks to its two naturally occurring preservatives: sesamol and sesamin.)

– there are many studies about sesame oil that show improvements of many chronic diseases (high blood pressure,high cholesterol, diabetes, migraines…)

– as many cold-pressed oils, even sesame oil is a potent antioxidant with high levels of vitamin E , acting on a cellular level. It provides essential nourishment to the cells and it acts as a cell growth regulator

– it is naturally antibacterial, antiviral and it is a natural anti inflammatory agent

– many people use the sesame oil for curing chronic sinusitis and for killing throat bacteria

– some sources claim that it acts also as a UV sun protector

– people with skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema find sesame oil very curative

– applied on skin, it calms the burns. It also nourishes the skin, especially when exposed to hard weather conditions

– it kills bacteria and help to regenerate scalp problems, even when there are dandruff problems

– when applied to the skin, it helps your skin regaining softness and nourishment

In cosmetics you can use the sesame oil as a basic oil for massage. Try it even on damp skin after the shower or mix it with some organic sugar to get a gentle body scrub. Your skin will be soft and nourished. It can be applied on face skin, too. Sesame oil is especially recommended for protecting the tender baby skin or treating the young problematic skin. As many teenagers wrongly think that oils are not appropriate for their skin, this is not the case for cold-pressed oils. Especially the sesame seed oil helps to control spot eruptions and neutralizes the toxins, developed on the surface of the skin and in the pores, because of its antimicrobial properties.

For concluding, there are many legends that narrate stories about sesame seed. There is an Assyrian legend which says that when the gods met to create the earth, they drank the wine made from sesame seeds. According to Hindu legends and beliefs, sesame seed is the symbol of immortality and the sesame oil is considered one of the best oils. It is used even in celebrations, offerings, rituals and prayers. Maybe for our Western rational oriented mind these are just tales, but there is always at least a seed of truth with a deeper meaning in every ancient wisdom, if you open to it.

International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (abbreviated INCI ingredient on cosmetic products): SESAMUM INDICUM (SESAME) SEED OIL

Wellness, Beauty & Lifestyle 2012-13 inspired by our planet’s natural resources

li edelkoort

I’ve just found this article that really amazed me and that I want to share with you. It is written by Li Edelkoort, known as the “priestess of trends” and one of the most influential creative people in the world of fashion. I first read about her more than 12 years ago, when I found an article in Italian Elle. It caught immediately my attention and admiration. And now I found this heaven-sent words that actually coincide with my vision of beauty and in which direction things should move. I add: “From your lips to God’s ears, Li!” 🙂

Here is the entire article that I’ve reblogged from Beautypress:

Wellness, Beauty & Lifestyle 2012-13 inspired by our planet’s natural resources

Over the past few years, the well-being industry has expanded its influence beyond food, spa and fitness, truly becoming a far-reaching phenomenon that also affects architecture, scent, beauty, experience and service. Today, we accept wholeheartedly that a discussion about bodycare, spa, cosmetics and even make-up can go hand-in-hand with our sense of health, organic living and peace of mind.

The marketing machine that has been feeding the beauty world for decades is losing speed amidst a social climate that is critical regarding ethical practice and cynical regarding countless broken promises. We believe in a future where products will stand on their own merit, proven by quality, animated by design and charming in character. Beauty will literally lie in the eye of the beholder since consumers will want to start from the inside, using nutrition, vitamins and other treatments in conjunction with meditation, energy healing and fitness; supplementing the use of better-designed products by making health and well-being their central beauty regimen.

This century has brought about a moment of reflection and radical change concerning the planet, in contrast to a former century of abuse, greed and violence. For the first time, a post-fossil society is emerging, giving man some hope and more faith for the futur – resetting attitudes and mentalities and respecting the earth and each other more. Man wants to get closer to nature on a more intuitive level.

No longer just a utopian dream, the desire for an organic lifestyle is becoming essential for survival, taking root as an extension of the ecological, sustainable and well-being movements that are in the process of redefining our ways of living and becoming embedded in our thinking, training, education and business practices.

Not only do we want to eat healthily and create consciously, in design, fashion and lifestyle, we also will want to become more tactile; seeking value in a product through the sophistication of its authenticity, feel and durability. Colour, too, becomes a crucial value to develop; from precisely-designed organic hues to biological dyes made from nature.

For these reasons, we investigated the most important natural elements our planet has to offer: Spanning raw materials from earth, rock, water, chalk and sand, to the use of roots, fossils, crystals and gold within the wellness context. Volcanic geology, lava and charred matter will help us conceive the rebirth of society, regenerating ourselves both physically and emotionally after such a rocky start to the century.
By delving into the earth itself, we will be able to reset our own core; connected to a primal and instinctive past, we will go forth with confidence, maturity and positivity. This time, we have to get things right – the outlook of the planet and ourselves depends on it.

Be well!

Lidewij Edelkoort

About ageing


“All growth is from within. This is evident in all nature. Every plant, every animal, every human is a living testimony to this great law, and the error of the ages is in looking for strength or power from without.” (Charles Haanel)

Aging is a natural process when the skin loses its natural elasticity, because of many factors. The result are wrinkles and droopy skin. Many women, in constant search for the eternal youth, look after new solutions in outside form of creams and even surgery, that would help them regain their beauty. We are now, more than ever, in a period of time, when we will have to realize that the beauty does not come from without, but from within. Sooner or later, everyone of us has to face new wrinkles and the years passing by. So why running away? Why repressing the real state of mind and feelings and try to look fake at every cost? Thinking that outside of us there is a miraculous solution in a bottle?

Cosmetic can just help us as a tool to celebrate our already existing beauty through herbs, colors (make-up) and other benefits from nature to help the body regain its own vigor and growth of energy. If searching just outside, we miss the main thing that is always there, within us: our spirit – the real source of beauty.

I decided to write this article, because I’d like to share with you also my thoughts about the other side of beauty, the one that we have to nourish within. Instead of constant complaining and rushing from one “miraculous” product to another, let’s try to find some balance, inner peace and to connect ourselves with our intuition. This way we will receive the answer what is best for us much easier. We must understand that we are not just our body, we are a connection of mind-body-spirit, that makes us whole. One of the best methods to regain balance within and see results outside, is mediation. I know people who meditate regularly and believe me, they look as the time does not exist for them.

There are many different techniques of meditation, but the main point is to find the appropriate one for us. The one that will bring us inner peace, wellbeing and the right balance between mind and body.

Moreover, it is scientifically proven that meditating has many beneficial effects. Let’s take a look at just some benefits that meditation brings on physical level:

– leads to a deeper physical and emotional relaxation

– reduces emotional stress and anxiety (relaxes our nervous system)

– decreases the muscles tension

– helps to balance hormonal disorders (PMS; menopause,…)

– strengthens the immune system

– helps us to gain energy, inner and outer strength

– increases blood flow and slows the heart rate

– reduces free radicals (consequently: slower aging, less wrinkles and tissue damages)

– reduces cholesterol levels

– improves the flow of air to the lungs (=deeper breathing = more oxygen in our body)

– helps to increase the brain activity

– helps us in many chronic diseases cause our whole system becomes balanced

There is one extremely important thing about meditating: find your own technique that you feel comfortable with and persist in practicing it. At first, our mind plays a tricky game, with resisting to changes. Persistence will help you to achieve a better state of mind and body. Sometimes it’s not easy to change our beliefs, especially the negative ones, that have been inside of us for entire life. This is why persistence is the key. Personally, I prefer to calm down, to sit comfortably without moving-which is the hardest part for me. And then just allow myself to be and to concentrate on breathing.

When you will find yourself worrying about your wrinkles and aging, try to relax about it, calm your mind with positive affirmations about your beauty and find your best way to relax your body on every level. You can meditate, do 5 tibetan rites or yoga, you can massage your face or even find a massage expert, listen to relaxing music, pamper yourself with aromatherapeutic effects of essential oils,… All these methods help you to balance and to relax body and mind, which is the essential step towards youth – inside and outside. In my next article I will present you some nice herbal products, that may be a good response and choice, if you search a new cream that will enhance your natural beauty.

I’d really like to know what is your favorite treatment or rite that help you relax body and mind?

Enjoy yourself as you are!

(image via Flickr.com)

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