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I’ve tried quite some natural nail polish removers and I’ve been keeping an eye on Fresh therapies for a while now. One of the reasons is the beautiful, elegant glass bottle that is quite unusual for a nail polish remover and secondly because it’s natural. I’ve found it in the one of my favourite shops Amazingy, that has a huge selection of natural brands.

When I received it, the bottle hasn’t disappointed me, it’s really beautiful! It is made from glass and it comes in a 50ml size. I like the entire design of the bottle and the minimalistic, zen-style label. Regarding the ingredients, Fresh Therapies nail polish remover has no acetone nor any other harmful ingredients. They are all biodegradable, mainly vegetable derivatives, safe for the environment and us too! This product is not tested on animals and is suitable also for vegans.

These are the ingredients of Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover:
Dimethyl Glutarate *, Dimethyl Adipate *, Dimethyl Succinate *, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Limonene, Citrus Aurantifolia, Citral, Linalool
* (Vegetable derivatives)

The nail polish remover has quite a strong smell, but not artificial. It’s rather a smell that I can’t define, it is derived from essential oils and described to have a smell of lime which I don’t get, but at least it’s not like the strong artificial acetone remover.

Fresh therapies nail polish remover

When I started to remove my nail polishes I have to say that is very, very efficient! I have removed polishes like Zoya, Sparitual and even a non-green one from Christian Louboutin that I received recently as a gift. I really wanted to try and remove this last one with a natural remover and it was a huge surprise! Honestly, I thought; “no way with a non-green nail polish”…I was wrong! I don’t use other non-green nail polishes, so I was really curious and it went away in a few seconds. Only a little bit of it on a cotton pad and I removed the entire hand of red nail polish! And my nails were completely ok, no yellow colour, no harm, no dryness. I’m really happy with this stylish nail polish remover and my nails too! 😉

Anyone tried it yet? Do you like it?


Special Thanks to Boris Gorjan for the photos!

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