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It’s no secret that I’m among those makeup brush obsessed freaks who can’t resist any new makeup brush experience. No exception with this beautiful set of vegan makeup brushes from a British brand of hand-made organic cosmetics called Bathing Beauty. This Korean brushes inspired set came out from the collaboration between Bathing beauty brand and makeup artist Caroline James.

I noticed this set first at Naturisimo, one of my fav natural beauty shops and I’ve been using them for about 2 months now, so I can give you a thorough review.

The set contains 10 vegan makeup brushes made from soft synthetic fibers and wood handles, a lovely organic handmade lavender soap for brush cleansing and a carton container where the brushes are stored. On the container you can find also a short description of every brush. However, I will share with you other multiple uses of each brush. This is why in my opinion this brush contains all the tools you need for creating a complete makeup.

I was especially amazed and curious about the shape of some brushes. The foundation brush  (n.01) for instance is duo-fiber and it’s smaller than usual duo-fiber foundation brushes. This is why I like it; you can reach every corner of the face! Moreover, you can use it also for any other cream product application, like cream blush or cream highlighter. You can see this brush below (on the right with the pink blush).

bathing beauty makeup brushes set

From the left on the picture you can see the Small domed eyeshadow brush (n.06) which is great for smudging the darker eyeshadow in outer corners of the eyes to create a smokey eye effect.

Next brush is Large eyeshadow brush (n.05) which is really large, so you can sweep light toned/base eyeshadows over the entire eyelid. I’d also use it for nose contouring or for blending the highlighter.

On the right you can see the retractable Lip brush (n.10), which is precise for applying any lipstick. It is very light to handle and it has an aluminium cap to cover it when you don’t use it. I find it great to cover small spots on the face with concealer too.

bathing beauty eye brushes

On this picture you can see on the left the Concealer brush (n.02) that I’ve put together with an eyeshadow, because I find it great for blending the eyeshadow in the crease of the eye (similar to Mac 217). It’s great of course also for blending your cream concealer to cover any dark circles under the eyes or to blend any other imperfections with concealer.

In the middle there is the Eyeliner brush (n.08) which is great for applying gel eyeliner (when you want a larger line) or for any detailed eyeshadow work. For applying the perfect thin line with the eyeliner you also have in the set the Fine angled eyeliner brush (n.07) which is easy to use because of its angled shape that reaches right in the middle of the lashes.

bathing beauty makeup brushes

Here you have the “biggest” brushes from the set. On the left there is the Fan brush (n.03) that is designed to use with powder products, like sweeping a dust of powder over the entire face to set the foundation. It is made from 2 different synthetic fibers and it’s very soft. A real pleasure on the face!

The densest brush is Blusher brush (n.09). Great for applying bronzer or blush, but it can also be used as a powder brush for those who prefer a bigger brush.

And the last one is Mascara wand (n.04) which is great for shaping your brows.

bathing beauty makeup brushes

Here you can see and compare the sizes of all the eye brushes and the lip brush.

As I mentioned, inside the set you will find a nice organic lavender soap to clean your brushes.

bathing beauty organic soap

I am really surprised about the great quality of these brushes, beautiful design, ecofriendly and vegan too! You can make any makeup with them, so it’s great as a gift or a basic makeup brush set.

You can find these brushes online at Naturisimo and in store at John Bell and Croyden – the Queens Pharmacy.

Has anyone tried them yet?

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  1. hautcosmetics
    March 9, 2018 at 5:58 am (6 years ago)

    You shared Nice Information with a great collection of different types of brushes, Thanks for sharing ..

    • green makeup
      March 9, 2018 at 9:05 am (6 years ago)

      It’s a pleasure!


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