Review of Idun minerals new Creme lipstick

idun minerals creme lipstick review

Lipstick is one of the best friends in women beauty wardrobe. I like to think about having also a beauty wardrobe! There are so many choices of different lipstick, textures and colours that we literally have to talk about putting together some kind of a lipstick wardrobe.

This time I want you to think about choosing the lipstick, not just the shades you wear (like your clothes), but also think about the texture and the finish you want to achieve with it.

I have just stumbled upon this gorgeous new collection of Creme lipsticks from Idun minerals and it has make me reflect and share with you some thoughts about lipstick textures and finish. We have different tastes especially when it comes to wear a lipstick – some women love a bold statement signature lip, others prefer a hydrating sheer wash of colour. Regardless the finish and texture, we tend to choose different shades too, many of us unconsciously, based upon our feelings, mood. If you think about it, some women choose one day a nude shade for a business makeup, then a bold red to boost the confidence, a soft rose for an everyday make-up, etc. Personally, now I love to wear a lot of coral shades now – I find them an interesting, vibrant and fun mix that is not an orange nor a red shade either. Coral shades just make your entire face radiant! When choosing a lipstick I like very much a quick application and a hydrating feeling, this is why I find these new Creme lipsticks from Idun minerals nice and fresh to review!

idun minerals creme lipstick

Before the review I want to show you some examples of how to wear different sheer lip colours on different skin tones with different make-up looks; from natural to bold smokey eye to a sophisticate eyeliner.

how to wear sheer lipstick

Idun minerals new creme lipstick

My readers might remember the review of this beautiful Swedish brand that I did some time ago (here is the link) and that I really find fresh and modern. It’s not a coincidence that I was attracted by their new Creme lipsticks too. I tested them all and decided to write a review, since I really love their texture, hydrating properties and modern, sheer shades.

The collection consists of 6 different shades for different occasions, skin tones. Depending on what you want to wear you can choose among these shades:

From left to right: Alice – a sheer beige peachy nude, Filippa – soft bubble gum pink, Ingrid Marie – sheer fuchsia pink (see swatches below)

idun minerals creme lipstick review

The swatches are contrary to the picture; from left to right: Ingrid Marie, Filippa, Alice

idun minerals lipstick swatches

The next 3 shades are Sylvia – sheer plum, Elise – light nude rose, Frida – light coral

idun minerals creme lipstick review

and again contrary swatches to the picture. From left to right: Frida, Elise and Sylvia.

idun minerals lipstick swatches

Depending on the make-up you want to wear, these Creme lipsticks are amazing for summer and winter too, they are so hydrating and smooth! Especially great for those who want a hint of color but are afraid to wear a bold lipstick shade like this beautiful red from the Idun minerals matte lipstick collection, just to compare them.

idun minerals red lipstick review

idun minerals red lipstick swatch

This amazing red lipstick is called Jordgubb and it’s a must-have, all around red, that suits everyone. Not too cool, nor too orange, it’s a perfect true red! Ultra pigmented and hydrating, filled with mineral pigments and Nordic cloudberry oil.

I know that now you’ll be just confused which shade to wear 🙂 Take a look on the mood board again for some make-up inspirations and stay tuned, because you will see them soon in action 😉

3 Comments on Lipstick wardrobe

  1. GreenVenus
    July 12, 2016 at 6:13 pm (7 years ago)

    Dear Dasha,
    I discovered your blog two month ago, and I red almost every posts in some days. Great blog, I really appreciate.
    I’m using only organic cosmetics since years, but my make up bag was not so green. Now I decided to replacement those things also, and your blog helps me a lot. Could you tell me, where you can buy these Idun products? I wrote an e-mail to their customer service, whether they ship to Germany, but I did not get any answers (not so pleased). Thank you!

    • green makeup
      July 13, 2016 at 9:01 am (7 years ago)

      Hello! Glad to hear you find useful my make-up advices 🙂 Regarding Idun, I don’t know where you can shop for Germany. I will let you know if I discover it. Try on their original website again after some time, perhaps they have holiday time now. Best X

    • green makeup
      July 15, 2016 at 1:53 pm (7 years ago)

      Hey, I was just told by Idun that in Germany they are sold at QVC. Hope is helpful 🙂


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