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Finally I got my hands on the so long awaited limited edition make-up collection for this spring summer! Yaay! The best thing is that I got the opportunity as a make-up artist to hear the presentation directly from Karim Sattar, Dr.Hauschka global make-up artist! He presented the limited edition here in Italy (Milano) and so I want to share with you the review and some beauty tips from Karim too.


Dr.Hauschka Balancing teint powder limited edition

dr.hauschka balancing teint powder

Oh my goodness, what a product! My favourite, although honestly I didn’t expect it to surprise me so much! I can say only why I haven’t got it before. And since it’s already out of stock in some countries, it’d be good to make a stock! Apart the beautiful illustrated and modern packages (and the lovely dedication from Karim as you can see) this powder is a must-have product for every make-up bag, especially for the hot season. For those who thought like me, that it’s a balancing powder in terms of oil control properties that would dry the skin, it’s not! It’s a color balancing powder, this is why it has 3 different shades from the light to the dark. You just have to sweep your brush through all of them and dust a layer on your face to color correct any redness or small imperfections. I could see that directly when Karim did a quick touch-up on a face with some redness that just “disappeared”. It’s a shade suitable for every skin, because it basically just correct the complexion, by adding a soft layer of flawless light and soft appearance. And moreover, it has a delicate scent; I smell the rose, although they said it’s lavender πŸ™‚ Anyhow, beautiful! You can wear this powder on its own (and won’t dry the skin) which is great especially in summer when we skip foundations and replace them for something lighter. If you want, you can also wear it on top of your foundation as well. And don’t worry about mixing it with the darkest shade, you won’t end up with dark strikes, promise! Just mix together the 3 colours and that’s it!


Dr.Hauschka eyeshadow trio limited edition

dr.hauschka eyeshadow trio limited edition review

An eyeshadow palette in beautiful natural fresh tonalities in a copper package! Can I ask more? No! πŸ™‚ I love, love this package and the entire palette! You may think that the colours are pale or chalky from the pictures but it’s the complete opposite! The first color is a nude satiny (with just the right amount of shimmer) champagne that you can wear also as a highlighter on top your cheekbones. The second one is a light neutral rose that everyone can wear and if you mix it with other colours you will get out magic combinations. You can also mix it to the blush to add some shine. The third shade is a chocolate matte that is great for contouring the eyes and even for some face contouring if used with a light hand. Karim combined it with the new kajal eyeliner to get a more dramatic look. But you can wear it also for the day and create a natural look. This is what I like from Dr.Hauschka; that in a few steps and with a few products you can create completely different looks. And the magical thing for me is always how the colours interact on every skin when you mix them together, you get lots of color combinations and the colours are never boring! Thanks to precious ingredients they take care of your skin and adapt on your eyes.


Dr.Hauschka Rouge powder duo (blush) limited edition

dr.hauschka blush limited edition

Again a beautiful package, with a small angled brush incorporated and a flower sculpted texture of the blush which comes in 2 shades. One is darker and the other is lighter. They are both matte but they give such a freshness to the skin especially when mixed together. You can wear the darker shade alone or you can sweep over a layer of the lighter and the result will be an awake, fresh spring look! The colour is a neutral rose that every woman can wear. Beautiful! You can easily take it in consideration as a gift for a make-up lover, if they will be in stock πŸ™‚


Dr.Hauschka Lipstick novum n.8 limited edition

dr.hauschka lipstick novum limited edition review

When it comes to colour swatches I’m a lover of what is the closest to reality. I’m telling you this because I thought that this lipstick will be in berry shades as I saw it on many articles. Instead, it’s a fabulous medium beige with an antique rose undertone. In short, those beautiful matte creamy shades that are now so fashionable! It suits every woman; on a darker skin will look very natural, while on a pale skin will look that classy nude, not too pale lip colour. The pigmentation is very high and long lasting. You can dab it with your fingers for a modern effect or mix it with Dr.Hauschka lip balm (that one in the jar) for an additional sheer, dewy finish. Here is another photo to see better the lip colour.

dr.hauschka lipstick novum 8 limited edition review


Dr.Hauschka Kajal eyeliner 08 limited edition

dr.hauschka kajal limited edition review

Last but not least, this beautiful kajal in a deep grey anthracite shade. You can wear it alone; as a line on top of your eyesahdow or you can use it as a base to enhance/deepen other colours that you will put on top of it. Mixed together with the colours from the eyeshadow  palette it gives that modern chic look.

And here are all the swatches! Top picture: Lipstick and Kajal, Bottom picture: left Blush and Eyeshadow trio

dr.hauschka swatch

dr.hauschka swatches

What else can I say? Grab your favourite products until they are on the shelves πŸ™‚ I will do my best to include those products in a new video tutorial too. And share your thoughts with me…

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  1. Tianna
    April 14, 2016 at 9:35 pm (7 years ago)

    it’s all so pretty! love the colors!

  2. ivka
    May 2, 2016 at 12:26 pm (7 years ago)

    Hvala ti Dasha za ves tvoj trud! Čudovit blog!

    • green makeup
      May 2, 2016 at 1:19 pm (7 years ago)

      Hvala tebi, me veseli πŸ™‚


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