Natural makeup review and detox your makeup bag

I want to write about greening your makeup bag, especially, if you haven’t incorporated any new makeup product from the natural world yet. It’s spring, time for changes, renewals, cleansing and decluttering all sorts of things. By the way, have you heard about the trend of decluttering? Or have you ever experienced how nice and liberating it feels when you discard old things, those that you don’t use anymore, that are old and then you make place for new ones? And the excitement when you change something in your life which brings something new. Healthy changes (in a moderate way!) are always welcome. This time I will give you some advices and review some natural products that I’ve used recently.

FACE – foundations, blushes and brushes

Lavera beauty balm, Dr. Hauschka liquid foundation

Dr.Hauschka new liquid foundation

was an amazing discovery, because the previous formulation wasn’t really satisfying for me (not enough coverage, too rosy shades). But this one is simply awesome in all ways! The scent is captivating, some say that smells like coconut, I find it a lovely mix of roses, herbs and oils. Pomegranate essence, macadamia nut and coconut oils moisturise and protect the skin while you wear your make-up.The coverage is medium but very good and buildable and blends great and easy into the skin leaving a radiant and fresh texture and finish. It comes in 5 shades and I have put on the picture the sample of n.1 foundation. So, if you look for a natural liquid foundation go in your near Dr.Hauschka store and find your shade!

Lavera Beauty Balm (or BB cream)

is another fantastic product for those who want just a light coverage and/or even the skin tone. I was surprised about the fresh and radiant finish that it gives and stays during the day. The coverage of imperfections is medium but since the finish is so nice you need less concealing because the skin looks so good. I get compliments about the finish all the time 🙂 It comes in one colour which tends to be unite yellow which is good, perhaps a little bit too dark for fair skin. The formulation is moisturising but not over shiny and it blends great. What is so nice is also that the colour adapts after you put it on the skin, so don’t judge the shade out of the tube too quickly 🙂 You can apply it with fingers or foundation brush. This balm is loaded with natural ingredients like acai berries extract, aloe vera leaves juice and natural oils among others.

Everyday minerals Love at first blush set

Everyday minerals Love at first blush set

Everyday minerals blush swatches

I find this set of blushes so exquisite and feminine! It’s fantastic, if you want to try almost all their colours and the blushes are in quite a big size, not only a small trial. They come in powder and the colours are subtle, feminine in rose, pink and peach shades that suits everyone. If you look for a blush that resembles the natural flush on the cheeks you have find the right ones. I love them for brides especially in this season! Yu will like the handy bamboo kabuki brush that can help you to blend perfectly the colour into the skin. It’s precise and very handy. I’m glad I’ve tried again something from this brand after a long, long time 🙂


Some new makeup brushes

One day I was wandering in beauty stores and was attracted by two makeup brushes from conventional brands. The reason is that I see over and over again many brands that include entire collections of synthetic brushes in their lines. And if I think that a few years ago almost everyone was skeptical about them… (Read here my article how the synthetic brushes were born). This is why I’m even more curious to try those from “normal” brands. I was very surprised about the softness and quality vs price of L’oreal new collection of brushes which are all synthetic. I have tried L’oreal foundation duo-fibre brush which is entirely made by synthetic hair and it is great! It blends perfectly the foundation and it dries super quickly. It works great with BBcreams and foundations!

make-up brushes

The next one is Yves Rocher contour brush, that attracted me with its shape. Although was written it’s a contour brush, it works great for me when used to blend well the foundation, even under eye area. It has quite stiff hair and it’s very dense, that’s what it makes it very special.

The last one is Everyday minerals Tapered Sculpting face brush. I have heard rumours that their quality has diminished and so I wanted to try a brush to get clear about that. I have to say that is one of my favourite brushes, not only because I like the tapered shape that gives more control when blending and contouring but also because of its softness and precision. I use it to set the powder, to apply blush, bronzer or contouring. Multi-purpose brush! Can’t go wrong with it 🙂



I had in my makeup drawer those 3 beauties for lips from Neve Cosmetics for quite a long time and it seems that their time to blossom out was spring 🙂 Neve cosmetics Dessert a levres is the name of those lipsticks and are 3 beautiful shades for spring called: Pink Donut, Chocolate eclair and Strawberry sundae. I wear and use them most of the time all 3 and you will also see them in a video tutorial that is coming soon 🙂 They are all vegan, loaded with vegetable oils and shea butter that never dry the lips.

Neve Cosmetics dessert a levres and Lavera Brillant lips natural lipsticks

Strawberry sundae is my favourite shade that everyone ask me about what I wear 🙂 It’s a bright fuchsia matte, creamy shade that erases all dullness on the face with a huge pop of colour! The modern statement lip! I can easily apply all these colours without any lip pencil and they don’t bleed on the edges!

Pink Donut is the second favourite of mine that I understated when it was still new in the package, because I thought it was another pale nude. I call it the modern nude pink, the one that enlightens the face and it’s a great shade for the natural day makeup without looking too strong. But it’s the perfect wake me up shade!

Chocolate eclair is a beautiful warm brick brown red. Nice option for an evening shade is summer with bronzed skin and peachy shimmers!

Lavera Beautiful lips brilliant care

is a tinted balm in stick version that I find great for spring summer days! I tried the shade n.4 Creamy nut which is a nice nude beige with a creamy, slightly glossy finish that intensely hydrates the lips. I recommend for those with problematic dry lips that feel they can’t wear an intense lipstick.

Eyes – some mascaras and a new lash curler

physicians formula organic wear mascara review

I desperately needed a new lash curler and tried the new one from MAC. I love how it curls the lashes but, don’t like the width where you open and close it. It’s simply too narrow, so if the lashes are long it’s quite difficult to catch them all inside. Otherwise it curls the lashes good! Eyelash curler freak 🙂

I wanted to review the 2 mascaras from Physician’s formula Organic wear line for quite a long time. I have tried all of them since now and like all of them. The only downside is that they dry very quick. I don’t know if it’s their formulation or the fact that I casually ordered them every time all in winter time and so I thought it might be the cold weather that made them dry. It’s something that I noticed many times when ordering cosmetics oversea in winter. All Organic wear mascaras are nice in their formulation and I love the wands, they are precise and not clumpy or too thickly loaded with the product. These ones are Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara (green package) and Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Fake Out Mascara (pink package). They both promise long, thick, voluminous lashes (quite a lot of marketing for my taste) but at the end they do a nice job; separated, long, full lashes. I don’t find extreme differences between the wands and the end result. But cannot fail if you choose any of them as your first natural mascara.

Any thoughts about detoxing your makeup bag? Or about these products? Let me know 🙂


6 Comments on Green your makeup bag!

  1. Sheila Hansen
    June 1, 2015 at 3:55 pm (8 years ago)

    Thanks as always for your reviews. I really want to try the Lavera BB Cream. I have tried several non-toxic ones and have never been happy usually because they are too pink, too dark or too greasy looking. I like the green mascara by Physician’s Formula and agree with you that that brand dries out more quickly than most. However, at usually $10 or less, I don’t mind buying a new one every 6-8 weeks. ~Sheila

    • green makeup
      June 1, 2015 at 6:52 pm (8 years ago)

      Hi Sheila! So nice to have you here on my blog 🙂 If you try the Lavera BB cream let me know your thoughts. Aha ok, so that’s right about the drier formulation of those mascaras, very useful to know! Best, Dasha

  2. Mara
    June 10, 2015 at 8:22 pm (8 years ago)

    Hi Dasha.

    I’m so happy of owning Sakura Mochi among Dessert à lèvres! It is the first colour (a daytime colour) that I like so much, maybe because it is appropriate for my personality. I’ve just to experiment with staying power. I’ve eyed another colour from the same series and Chocolate eclair is very tempting too (maybe to replace my “beloved” red lipstick from Lavera? 🙂 ).

    Take care

    • green makeup
      June 11, 2015 at 10:16 am (8 years ago)

      Hi Mara!
      Glad to hear you like Neve desserts 🙂 Yes, chocolate eclair is a temptation too…especially if you like and wear warm red browns 🙂 Have a nice summer time!

  3. nina
    June 11, 2015 at 2:03 am (8 years ago)

    i’m really curious about your l’oreal brush. where did you find it? because i haven’t found any information about a l’oreal brush collection. thank you

    • green makeup
      June 11, 2015 at 10:15 am (8 years ago)

      Hi Nina! The L’oreal brushes are part of their make-up but I realised you don’t find them in every drugstore, even haven’t seen them on foreign sites. I found them in their official flagship store in Milan, Italy. They have the entire collection of synthetic makeup brushes. Here is the link to see them from the IT site:
      So perhaps try to see where is your near flagship store or contact them directly.
      Hope was helpful 🙂


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