tattoo salbe

My friend introduced me this lovely cream in form of balm when  I needed some hand cream in a cold winter day. She has pulled out a nice package and what is more, I didn’t expect to find that super clean list with ingredients: Shea butter, lavender, mint and chamomile. Oh wow! And what a great feeling it leaves on the skin! Smooth and soft, with a delicate and pleasant scent. What is that, I was totally curious?

Tatto salbe! A dense balm with natural ingredients that takes care of your tattoo or any area with dry skin.

tattoo salbe

I also noticed the beautiful design and unconventional modern package with a retro twist. The tube has an accessory that helps you squeeze out every bit of the balm, which I find a genius solution! This product comes in form of a balm, although on outside it looks like a cream. In its texture and formulation is a balm (=salbe in german) that you have to massage into the skin, or even better on your tattoo. It was created for the purpose to care of your freshly made tattoo, but as myself, you can also use it on your hands, feet and dry skin areas. It is vegan and completely free of any toxic ingredients.The best thing is that they have made 2 sizes, a tube of 70ml and another small to take with you everywhere of 15ml. A little goes a long way because of its balmy texture. So from now on, you won’t need nothing else to take care of your pieces of art on your skin except this cute balm!


You can visit their super nice website and shop the balm here:

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