Mai Couture foundation and blush

I’m so thrilled about this review, because I feel it’s something revolutionary and handy! I saw it for the first time at Naturisimo online shop and became immediately curious about it. It also reminded me of how my grandmother used to tell me the way she did her makeup. They applied a flush of blush on the cheeks with some thin paper that was slightly colored in red tonalities.

I’ve decided to try Mai couture foundation Nude glow and Mai couture blush Sunset boulevard, which is my favourite!

Review of Mai Couture foundation and blush

Every product from Mai Couture is basically a booklet of very thin colored papers. It is very easy to use; you open it and strap out a paper; 1 paper is enough for the entire face. For those asking what chemistry is this, no worry, only a few super green ingredients are on every sheet of paper: Bleached Kraft softwood pulp, mica, kaolin, may contain iron oxides. They are paraben and talc free! Now that we have revealed their clean essence I will explain you how to use them and how I like to use them too 🙂

When I’ve received them, I immediately tried the blush paper, since I already had my makeup on (without blush). I tried the shade Sunset boulevard which is a gorgeous soft golden peach suitable for every skin type. When applied it leaves a soft flush of color with a subtle illumination on the cheeks. For those who are worried about the application, believe me, it’s the easiest thing to use! You just press the powder into the apple of the cheeks (I suggest to start in the center) and then you start to blend it with circular motions to achieve the desired amount of color. Every booklet has 50 sheets which is for 50 applications and you can carry them around everywhere because are very small. On the back of every booklet you have the instructions for applications too.

Mai Couture blush

Mai Couture application technique

The booklet with foundations is similar but a little bit different regarding its use. I have tried the Nude glow foundation which is a warm shade suitable for light to medium skin tones.  I have used it in both ways: as a foundation or as a touch up powder on top of my makeup. It work both ways, but to use it as a foundation it is suitable for those with no imperfections, because it has a medium coverage. You need additional concealing. The finish is a lovely illuminating glow without looking too cakey. I think this is thanks to the even layer of powder on every sheet so you cannot overdose it. Personally I prefer to have the booklet with me on the go for touch-ups during the day to refresh and even out my makeup in the evening, if needed. Don’t worry about the intensity of the color, when applied on the skin it somehow melts in it without any harsh lines.

Mai Couture application

As you can see from the illustration, one sheet of paper is enough for the entire face. The best is to press the paper on 5 points of the face first (like with any foundation) and then blend it with the remaining powder on the paper.

For those who find the entire system handy Mai couture has designed even wallets to carry your make-up booklets inside. Stay tuned because I will show you the application technique in moving picture too!

Anyone tried Mai Couture yet? Let me know your thoughts 🙂 

2 Comments on Mai Couture – revolutionary makeup idea!

  1. Mademoiselle nature (@MlleNature)
    February 19, 2015 at 6:52 pm (9 years ago)

    Hello miss, interesting brand, I never came across it before!
    Nice new blog design! Looking foward to reading you more :-).x

    • green makeup
      February 20, 2015 at 10:39 am (9 years ago)

      Merci Mademoiselle 🙂 Yes, it’s a very nice fresh concept of make-up, great especially for touch-ups or on the go! Have a good time!


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