Good clean love

St. Valentine is almost here and it’s time to remind us about love! Not just on a physical level, although we have to care about it, too! For all of you who search a special idea for your beloved one or even for yourself and your wellbeing, here I have a proposal from Good clean love: a beautiful set of 3 blends of oils, designed for the wellbeing in your most intimate moments. However, you can use the oils whenever you want. When I opened them for the first time I intuitively tried the Caribbean rose, which is for opening the heart (chakra, for those  more spiritual of you). The delicate sweety scent of the roses brings you in a mood od self-acceptance and consequently when you accept yourself, you are ready to accept the other one in your heart too. This nice delicate scent is all about bringing you pleasant moments with yourself and your beloved one. Nice one to start you loving adventure!

Then I was captivated by the vivacious Indian spice, where the spices and mixture of oranges lift your spirit. It is described as an anxiety and stress remover, which I completely agree. Recommended for those who tend to be tense and not so confident in front of the other person.

The third one is called Origins and it’s a very earthy scent with smoky tonalities. Grounding, warm, relaxing are the keywords of this oil.

good clean love

For those interested in ingredients; these oils are a blend of base Jojoba and Apricot oil, while the special mix of chosen essential oils (from ancient knowledge of art of love like Kamasutra where special blends of spices were used to enhance the spirit and the body) gives the aromatic touch that awakens the senses. Try the roll-on to experiment with 😉 Notice also that our senses are more awakened during the act of love so try the scents in that moments. It’s not the same 🙂

This set is a beautiful gift idea or suitable for those who want to try all the 3 scents before choosing the bigger bottle on its own. Because they have the roll-on, you can have them always with you and surprise your beloved one 🙂 I shop them at the super lovely Amazingy store!

As you can see Green make-up has also a new styling. It’s time to embrace novelties and love. Let me know your thoughts and please feel free to come and share your love and ideas on my new website too! Hugs, Dasha


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