I’ve noticed that my posts about Bdellium Tools are your all-time favorites, always on my blog’s Top posts list. So I’m going to share with you another experience with Bdellium Tools brushes.

Bdellium Tools Studio makeup brushes

A few months ago I decided to try some brushes from this collection and since a friend of mine was curious about some others, I decided to give a try also to some brushes with natural hair and to their duet-fibers too.

Btw. a note to all animal lovers: at Bdellium Tools claim that: “no animal cruelty is involved in the production of any of our tools”.

I’ve tested the following brushes (and below are my thoughts about them):

Studio natural fibers: n.940, 942, 945, 758

Studio only synthetic fibers:  n.546, 716, 731, 760, 762

Studio duet-fibers: n.955, 958 and 965

Pink bamboo: n.776

I will start with my favorite: Bdellium Tools Pink bamboo 776 and compare it to the same Bdellium Tools Maestro 776 (black line/natural fiber from Bdellium Tools). Below you can see the pictures. I was incredibly surprised with the performance of this brush! It has so soft fibers that look like natural. And after using it, it hold the shape great! And mostly, it blends the eyeshadows as a dream! It has become a substitute of the one with natural fibers. It’s not surprisingly, because if you check well brands who produce synthetic brushes, you will notice that apart Bdellium no one is producing this brush = dupe of the most famous MAC 217. The pink bamboo is the same as Maestro 776 (except the bristles) and it has the same synthetic fibers as Green bamboo. The only difference with Green bamboo is that the pink one has a longer handle. Anyhow, I don’t have nothing to add, simply fabulous!  You can get here the review of Maestro 776. I have put them together below to see them compared.

bdellium tools

My 2nd favorites: Bdellium Tools Studio – only synthetic fibers

The best from this category is for me definitely Bdellium Tools Studio 760 and Bdellium Tools Studio 546. The small angled Bdellium Tools Studio 760 is amazing for filling the brows precisely so that they look natural. And it’s also amazing for applying any sort of eyeliners. I’d recommend it to beginners with eyeliner, because you can easily control the stroke you do because it’s so small.

All of these smaller brushes from this line have really thin handles, which is on one side handy because you can put them in every bag. But personally, I’d prefer handles that are a little bit more firm, long and thick. Although I don’t have problems with handling them, it can be tricky for someone else.

Bdellium tools Studio

My next favorite is Bdellium Tools Studio 546 square lip brush. Just because it’s square it does a great job when you have to apply the lipstick ultra precisely, for instant when wearing statement bright or dark colors. And it distributes the color evenly on lips. Perfection!

Bdellium Tools Studio 716 brush is also meant for applying eyeliner but it has a different shape (pointed) than the angled. I like it too, it is precise and because of this I can use it also for spot concealing. 

Bdellium Tools Studio 762 is another angled eyeliner brush, which is fantastic for eyeliner as well. The previous one (760) is different because its bristles are softer and it’s meant for eyebrows. In general, this is for me the perfect brush for applying eyeliner on others and the other one (760) is great for applying eyeliner on myself. This is because I use on myself mostly powder eyeliners and I do a really thin line in the middle of the lashes, which the brush 760 is great for! Otherwise the 762 is the classic perfect eyeliner brush.

Bdellium tools studio

Bdellium Tools Studio 731 – mascara fan brush. I bought this out of curiosity (have planned to try it for years from another brand) and you won’t believe, in months I haven’t used it yet. I’m not ashamed to tell it. I just don’t know how I always forget about this one 🙂 Will keep you updated, although this brush for most people is not a basic brush at all. It is meant to use it with cake mascara (I will try it with normal mascara too) and as I know myself to be a fan of “weird” brushes it might become among my favorites at the end 😀


Next category: Bdellium Tools Studio – natural fibers

I’d describe all these brushes good, they do a nice job, but I wouldn’t put them into any “best of” category. For their reasonable price they are absolutely ok, but they don’t exceed. Bdellium Tools Studio 940 is the best for me from this category; it is officially called Face blending and it’s really good for smoothing/blending the lines on the face. But I tend to use it also for precise application of powder on some small areas, where you need a precise touch-up or for applying highlighter on top of cheekbones. It’s a really versatile brush.

Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools Studio 945 is the Contour brush and it’s really a small one, although compared to the same brush from the Green bamboo line (here) this one is slightly larger, I think it’s because of natural hair that tend to “open” more when used and washed. The green bamboo remains firmer and thinner through time. I like this brush, but I don’t use it for contouring so much, because I find it too small. I prefer it for powder or sometimes for blush if the face is thin and you need to be precise with the blush. (I’m among those who hate when there is too much blush or if the blush is applied asymmetrically.)

Next one is Bdellium Tools Studio 942 slanted contour brush made from goat hair and is angled in its form because it’s meant to sculpt the face/cheekbones. A classic brush in this category (like MAC 168 and other brands too) that I don’t tend to use so much. I have other angled brushes with synthetic hairs that I prefer more. Although, I don’t have any complaints about it.

Finally, the Large smudge brush Bdellium Tools Studio 758 is a nice brush for the eyes, especially because it has a small round dome shape and is also quite firm, you can easily soften the eyeshadow, apply it precisely and even do a darker shading very quick and easy. For those who wear many eyeshadows or who like the dark smokey eyes this is a classic must-have. But I like it also when I do a natural nude colors eye make-up where colors separate from each other.


Bdellium Tools Duet-fibers makeup brushes

Bdellium Tools duo-fibre brushes

Finally, the duet-fiber brushes on which I have put all my desires and were the biggest disappointment. I have searched a lot on internet if anyone has got any issues like me, but I haven’t found anything. (I’m asking myself if Bdellium is sponsoring so many out there and change the brushes if needed so that no one will give a bad review? Just thinking loudly…) So I have ordered duet-fibers Bdellium Tools Studio 955, 958 and 965 and what happened was this: Whenever I buy any brushes I first wash them gently with warm water and natural gentle soap. I did the same with all of these. everything fine until I came lastly to those 3 duet-fibers. Blackest black water was starting to fall suddenly. “Ok, I thought, I don’t like it, but it will stop, it’s only residue water…” Nope, the water went from black to grey to reddish, and blue after washing them for cca. 10 times. (I have dried them between washes.) Meanwhile, I was more and more disappointed, because if such water goes off, it means that the bristles are treated with lots of dyes and chemicals. What was more, I noticed that the natural bristles were of very bad quality at the beginning before washing them. Later, they were even worse of course and the white synthetic fibers have dyed in black as well. Basically, I have never used those brushes, because I couldn’t. And what I was even more surprised was that on one of those brushes the color on the handle has cracked immediately. I understand that this can happen, but with all 3 brushes… And has never happened before to anyone?! Ultimately, I must emphasize that I’ve told about this issue to Bdellium and their service is really good, hands down. They have given me 2 options: replacing the brushes or refund of money. I preferred the second, because I didn’t want to happen the same again and also, I admit that I have somehow lost a little bit of faith in them, honestly. I find these 3 shapes amazing and I’d love all of them in a synthetic pink version. That’d be for me the best option (and regain of trust) in this moment.

I don’t regret this buy at all, but a reminder again to myself to always invest in better quality brushes next time. Because I get fooled with all these brands, but then I come always at the same conclusion: high quality. That’s just me, but at the end I’d recommend Bdellium to all students and make-up beginners, or those who look just for a favorable price. If you start with easy brushes at the beginning you will master even better the art of make-up with better ones later.

And if anyone has got the same issue as I did with duet-fibers please share, thanks!

9 Comments on Bdellium Tools Studio brushes new review

  1. Jana D.
    February 27, 2014 at 4:54 pm (10 years ago)

    Great post! I have yet to try their brushes, especially the pink one 🙂 xx

    • green makeup
      February 27, 2014 at 5:04 pm (10 years ago)

      Thank you Jana! Love to hear from Slovenia 😉 Pink one are all to try!

  2. Malin/BilboBlueEyes
    February 27, 2014 at 7:22 pm (10 years ago)

    Thank you for another great review! 🙂 I like that you write how you used them. To bad about the quality, but good that yo wright about it.

    • green makeup
      February 27, 2014 at 7:42 pm (10 years ago)

      Thank you Malin! Your opinions are always appreciated!

  3. Stylishly Organic
    March 19, 2014 at 3:30 pm (10 years ago)

    I have always been hesitant about trying Bdellium brushes. The synthetic ones have great reviews but I HATE the colors and the others are treated with an anti-bacterial which I don’t like (also the hairs are taken from dead animals rather than farmed live ones). I can see how anti-bacterial may be useful to a professional that needs to use the brushes on lots of people, but for at home use I think it makes no sense and could be detrimental to the skin and the environment (it is chemical after all). Also, these are made in China, which I try to avoid when I can.

    I am curious though about the Hiro brushes you reviewed before. I LOVE the shape of the foundation one. Is it worth the $$ in your opinion? How it is in comparison to others you have tried? My second choice would be the Urban Decay Good Karma one. I have purchased almost the entire collection by now and they are fantastic. I also have one that is about 15 years old and is still in perfect shape. Plus they use recycled bristles and handles.

    Thanks again for a great review and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    • green makeup
      March 19, 2014 at 3:55 pm (10 years ago)

      Hi Jeanine! Great to hear from you again!
      You’ve described exactly my same thoughts in a few words about Bdellium. Agree with you completely! And like you, I’m really not a fan of pink brushes, although the synthetic line is good. Regarding the animal hair line, I agree with you too, especially after having such a bad experience with the low quality of hair, not to mention all the chemicals. Although I was suspecting this before, I wanted to try them and it has only confirmed my doubts.
      Regarding Hiro, I was really amazed and surprised when I got their brushes – professional quality. I really didn’t expected such a quality. First, I also thought that the foundation brush is quite expensive, but when you hold it in hand, it’s also quite heavy (not in a bad way, I mean, it’s made great and stays firm in the hand). A little downside may be that it does not dry ultra quick because it’s so dense, but in general it still dries quicker than animal hairs. Even the angled blush brush is amazing, ultra soft. In general, I hardly compare Hiro foundation brush to any other, because I haven’t seen such a brush yet. It’s even beautiful as a “design” piece, really 🙂 Have you seen it on my video in “live” motion? On the Hiro site they look just normal, but then it was a real surprise. The same goes to their mineral powder foundation, although I’m not a fan of powder mineral f. in general. So regarding the brush, I’d say that if you don’t have anything similar this one it’s worth trying. It works with powder and liquid foundations and it buffs very well the product into the skin. It depends what kind of brushes you like and what products you use. If you opt for a buffing brush, then it’s absolutely worth.

      Btw. I also saw live the new collection of MUFE (haven’t tried yet) and it’s gorgeous in my opinion, the most complete collection of synthetic brushes till now. Take a look if you have the opportunity.

      I haven’t tried yet the Urban Decay, perhaps I will now, cause I’ve seen them live in a Sephora in Italy. I wasn’t very impressed (the shapes are quite classic to me, but that’s just my taste) and perhaps it was also the fact that they were in a very bad shape and dirty in the shop and so they haven’t made an impression to me. But now you’ve caught my attention 🙂 Btw. which one do you like the most? Any suggestions?

      Thank you too,
      Have a nice time & look forward to hear your thoughts

    • green makeup
      May 4, 2014 at 10:05 pm (9 years ago)

      That’s great to hear and thanks for sharing your experience! I also experienced this same issue with the handle’s color cracking, but it was just with those 3 unfortunate brushes which were bleeding black color. Yes, absolutely useful!


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