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In the past I’ve written some articles about different cold-pressed organic oils. Among the most widely spread oils is the argan oil, which I haven’t written about yet, because you find articles about its benefits everywhere. And recently this oil has become commercialized too much in sense that although a product hasn’t “seen” this oil inside they promote it, too.

Some time ago I got a proposal to try some products made with argan oil from a British brand called Moroccan natural. At first, I admit, I wasn’t really excited because of my previous reasons and because rare are those who would offer high quality organic argan oil. So I checked their website first and slowly I became more interested. First, because I saw that they have pure list with ingredients, interesting packages and different products which are all based on oriental tradition and uses. Among small handy roll-ons and elixirs based on organic argan oil, they also have culinary argan oil, rhassoul clay, african soap and pearl powder. This last product that I will review too has caught my attention immediately because it really makes a difference! So, without hesitation I decided to review  some Moroccan natural products I’ve tested:


Moroccan natural Pearl powder

Moroccan natural

As I mentioned this product caught my attention immediately, not just because I haven’t tried it yet but also because of its uses through the history. Listen to this:

“Pearl Powder has been recorded for nearly 3000 years in skin treatments prized by royalty in Egypt and China. Cleopatra, the last Queen of Egypt and Wu Zetian, the only woman in Chinese history to ever attain the title of Emperor, were fames for their use of Pearl Powder to maintain and achieve their youthful, beautiful skin.
Highly-revered during the ancient times, modern science has confirmed what the ancient medics have proven to be true – that pearl powder stimulates new skin cells, increases collagen levels that help to firm and smooth the skin and improve the skin’s radiance.”

Here are some benefits that pearl powder provides according to Moroccan natural:

-Anti-ageing; smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
-Develops a radiant and more youthful appearance
-Removes melasma (which causes age spots, freckles and dark patches on the skin)
-Nourishes the skin
-Promotes radiance
-Evens out skin tones and restores elasticity
-Brightens and lightens the skin
-It is also known to speed healing and remove blotches, acne, acne scarring, dry patches and rosacea and address sun damage

List with ingredients: 100% Natural Pearl Powder

These are interesting facts about pearl powder from the Moroccan natural website that I wanted to share with you.
Regarding the instructions on how to use it, they suggest to use it as a face mask mixed with yogurt or milk or even with egg white and lemon juice. These are really green DIY suggestions, however there is also the option to mix it your favorite cosmetic product.

How do I use the pearl powder? Since I’m not a big fan of home made masks (I do them just from time to time), I’ve tried to mix the powder with my current face cleanser (now I use the creamy one from Pangea organics) and then I massage the mix gently into my skin and leave it on for about a minute. Next, I rinse off with water. It works amazing! The skin looks radiant, very soft and smooth. I find this an innovative solution for achieving quickly a fresh and clean face. This product has really captivated me and I find it great to regenerate the skin, especially dull skin. Moroccan natural Pearl powder comes in a small lovely jar of 10g along with a spatula for dosage.


Moroccan natural Rhassoul Clay

Moroccan natural

Even this product has a long historical use as a cleanser for hair and skin. The most fascinating is that it is used as a chemical free alternative to shampoo or soap. Because it is a lava clay it also helpful for treating acne. But I prefer it the most as a face/body mask in addition to being a cleanser as well. In terms of ingredients this product is similar to pearl powder; one ingredient only: the lava clay that has so many functions: it acts as cleanser, acne treatment, skin purifier. Because of its high percentage of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium, the Rhassoul Clay according to studies mentioned on Moroccan natural website has benefits such as:

– reduces dryness and flakiness
– improves skin clarity, elasticity and texture
– removes surface oil and oil from inside and around comedones
– removes dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the skins surface.

When it comes to its uses this clay is a multi-purpose. You can use it as:

– a face mask
– a hair shampoo and conditioner
– a gentle body/face scrub and cleanser all in one

I have received a 50g sample of this clay, big enough to try all the 3 methods of use. I’ve first tried it as a shampoo. Because I have short hair, the quantity was not a problem. I have mixed approx. 40gr of clay with 70ml water and applied on the hair. I have followed the instructions and massaged with additional water this paste into the hair. I was really curious if I’d need a conditioner or not, because I had my hair freshly dyed and so I need conditioner. I didn’t need it! After washing the paste from my hair until they were clean, the hair were ok, without any knots. I could comb them easily. I was very attracted about this all in one ultra green solution, but at the end I didn’t like the result on my thin hair. When I dried the hair they were so clean and “thin” and flying around and they didn’t have a good shape, without any volume although they were clean. I guess this kind of clay has the best effect on oriental women who have rich and thick hair, so that this product softens and cleanses them thoroughly. I find it a fantastic solution but on my hair it does not work as I would like it to. If anyone has experiences with Rhassoul clay would love to hear on which type of hair do you use it.

But I do like this clay as a face mask and body cleanser/mask. It leaves the skin purified, it does not dry it harshly and it’s very good for treating acne, especially in combination with argan oil.

The next 2 products are both packed in a 10ml glass jar with a roll-on for an easy and controllable application. The base of both products is the argan oil, the difference is in additional ingredients which change the purpose of use.


Moroccan natural Soothe and Smooth Eyes

Moroccan natural

List with ingredients: Organic Virgin Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa) Oil, Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil (Opuntia ficus-indica) Oil, Cucumber Seed Oil (Cucumis Sativus) Oil

As you can see from the list above this product has 2 other oils which are beneficial for the under eye area. Argan oil provides anti-aging effects because its high content of vitamin E, while Cucumber Seed Oil has calming and mildly astringent qualities. In addition, Prickly Pear Seed Oil moisturizes and revitalizes the skin which is a great combination for the delicate skin under the eyes prone to puffiness, aging and dark circles. While applying a thin layer under the eyes, which is very easy to control with the handy roll-on, this oil feels really light and hydrating. I tap it gently into the skin and massage it around the eye area avoiding the eyes. I find it a good solution for under eyes, especially if you have problems with thin and dehydrated skin around the eyes.


Moroccan natural Organic Argan Radiance

Moroccan natural

List with ingredients: Organic Argan Oil (Argana Spinosa), Sea Buckthorn Oil, Pearl Powder.

The difference between this and previous product is visible from their colors; the previous product for the eyes has a light yellow color, while Argan radiance has a deep golden yellow color because of the added Sea Buckthorn Oil. Along with the benefits of argan oil, Sea buckthorn oil provides lots of other precious benefits too. I know very well this oil, because I already used it years ago to ingest, because of its amazing benefits. The most important benefits of this oil for the skin are the high amount of vitamins A and E and high levels of beta-carotene (this is why it’s so orange) that both prevent the damage of free radicals and so protect the skin and retard the aging process. I was testing this oil just in the right time, because I was curious how it would work with acne. I don’t have them, but I got a severe blotch right when I received this oil. Not that I was happy about the blotch at all, but I took this opportunity to test the oil. I was massaging the oil in the skin a few times per day and the blotch disappeared quite quickly, compared to other times when I cannot get rid of the redness that still remains on the skin. According to this, I assume that the high amount of vitamins helps the skin to regenerate itself quicker and become healthy.
Another thing that I like about this oil is the healthy glow that it gives to the skin. I guess it’s due to the pearl powder that this product already contains. To sum up, I find both products very handy and interesting, with many benefits for the skin.

What has fascinated me mostly about this British brand is the fusion of modern and traditional knowledge, the variety of interesting products all in one brand and the simplicity of less but very powerful ingredients.

If anyone has any comments and experiences with these products feel free to share, thanks!

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    Where can I purchase this product in Canada specifically Toronto ?


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