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How many of you suffer from cold feet (not just in winter)? Do you get blisters often? Any problem that reflects on our feet shows us that our body suffers from imbalance and is a clear signal that we should so something for our health.

I want to share with you an excellent method that I practice often, it is extremely simple but it can do wonders for your health.
Traditional chinese medicine (TCM) states that our heart is not casually located far away from our feet. The heart (or The Emperor in TCM) is the supreme controller of all other systems in the body. In general, toxins travel from the upper to the lower part of the body and in order to protect the heart, the body sends toxins far away from it. This means that the body collects the toxins in the lower body, especially in our feet. When the accumulation of toxins rises it can lead to many diseases. This is why we should care for our feet not just by doing pedicure and choose shoes that are comfortable and well designed, but also to treat them often. Furthermore, if we take a look on the TCM chart with meridians we will see that on feet are located many important meridians: gall bladder, kidney, liver, spleen and stomach.

Soaking your feet

I will give you a fantastic tip to warm your body, to relax and to stimulate your body towards health. I do this often and I always feel great, but I didn’t know till recently that it has so many benefits. The method is very simple: Soak your feet in hot water! And you can achieve miracles in your wellbeing! Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this powerful method (that is in use for decades in TCM).
After soaking your feet in a basin with hot water (at around 40 degrees Celsius) for about 20 minutes you will feel your body warmer, because it improves the blood circulation. You will sleep better and what is really good: it will be especially beneficial if you have any diseases with female reproductive organs.
Some people put salts or herbs in the water, but TCM recommends using just clear water, because the salts will be soaked inside by the body and so can be unpleasant for kidneys energy, especially if it is weak. Some TCM practitioners recommend to put the ginger “tea” in it to warm the body. But the best is clear water. Note that the perfect timing to soak your feet is before you go to sleep. And when you finish keep your legs and body warm (don’t go out, etc.)!

Help yourself with Acupressure

The second advice is to massage your feet gently and so you will stimulate acupressure points that are connected with internal body organs. The best is to give your feet a treatment from time to time and visit a good practitioner of reflexology massage. You won’t believe how beneficial this can be! I remember that it literally changed my overall physical well-being when my legs and feet hurt after walking too much. I went to a few reflexology massages and the first time I arrived home I went sleeping for 2 hours! After I felt like new, regenerated. I haven’t got the intention to sleep but fortunately my body “forced” me to stop, lay down and recharge.

Detox patches

Another great thing I discovered recently are the so called Detox patches for feet that are based on natural ingredients and derives from ancient Japanese and Chinese traditions. You simply put the patches on feet during night and in the morning when you remove them, they are black because of toxins that have accumulated in them. The patches have natural ingredients that are soaked in the body and that stimulate the body to remove toxins out. After doing a longer treatment the patches will become clear which means the body is detoxicated. You will also feel better and lighter. I have tried it and I was very satisfied. When I have put them the first time on, I felt some kind of prickling in different parts of the body and I knew that the body has start to work.

NOTE  During pregnancy you should not practice reflexology. If you have any serious health issues you should consult before a TCM specialists or your doctor.

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  1. beautywhizz
    December 19, 2012 at 9:45 pm (10 years ago)

    I try to do a feet soak once a week, especially after a long and busy day. I feel completely rejuvenetad after it! I add some essential oils to water for an extra aromatherapy kick.

  2. Liv
    December 20, 2012 at 9:56 pm (10 years ago)

    I looooooooove my footbath, especially with the Dr.Hauschka salvia bath. It’s good to read that it is actually really good, just like i felt it 🙂

    Greetz, Liv

    PS: merry christmas!!!!!!!!!

  3. green makeup
    December 21, 2012 at 10:16 am (10 years ago)

    It’s great to hear that you like the foot bath and feel better after! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Happy holiday time to all of you!


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