“A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer. ”                – Lucius A. Seneca

We are already in the happy December time when many of us search for different gifts. Usually people just need a good idea and some imagination to find the right present that will attract attention of the person who will receive it.

My idea was to give you a gift in my own way: to select a few interesting products from the green beauty world that I like and that you can give to different persons. Here is a selection that I find interesting right now, but you can even browse around on my blog and see many other great, perhaps more personalized gift ideas as well. Sometimes we don’t need to spend a big amount, but rather to find something appropriate and give it with the right intention. I intentionally haven’t chosen perfumes or skin care products because I think that is better to have a consultation before you buy something so personal as creams or fragrances are, unless you really know very well the desires and needs of the gift recipient. I did this post with the intention to give you some gift ideas, but it’s also meant as a review of green products that I like anyway 🙂


NEOM LUXURY ORGANICS: Organic treatment candle

I love love Neom! Neom was one of my first brands I met on my green journey years ago and since then I still love it! They have many excellent gift ideas but I especially like their candles, which aren’t just normal perfumed candles. I never was the type of person who would be mad about candles, but with Neom I somehow admit I have changed my mind. The reason is simple, when you light this candle, your senses awaken because of its aromatherapeutical fragrance made from organic essential oils. The candles are all made from vegetable wax instead of using petroleum based paraffin. The main point of Neom products are its organic essential oils which replace synthetic fragrances that are harmful for our health. I have chosen among 13 Neom Travel size candles the Restore scent, which is a fragrant blend of sensual sandalwood and jasmine with a touch of fresh ginger. All scents are all to try and they really restore your mood and calm your spirit. I find especially handy and a great solution these travel size candles; they are a nice idea for traveling (so you can have a good break everywhere!), or for smaller rooms, bathrooms,… Each travel candle burns for about 20 hours! They really are high quality candles. The best is to burn each candle for a few hours so that you will reap even the therapeutic benefits from them and smell the developing scent. And who doesn’t like to stare at the warm romantic light of a burning candle…

Neom luxury organics


JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & volumizer

Even though I wear short hair, I look many times after hair care products, because the closest people to me have special demands for hair products. So I think John masters organics Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & volumizer is going to be a fantastic gift idea and a great product as well! John masters organics was also among my favorite brands since a long time and I find this product really a revelation especially for people who have fine hair and look for adding them volume. Infused with 17 certified organic herbs (some of them are: thyme, irish moss, arnica, gotu kola, calendula) it’s easy to use and gives nice results. Spritz it on wet hair and massage it well into the scalp. Without removing the product, dry you hair. This product is quite special in the field of haircare and is designed improve the health of the scalp, stimulating circulation, balancing sebum production and enhance hair volume and shine in a natural way. Of course I have tried myself as well, and I have to say that my hair have a better volume and shape. But even more happy were those who tried it and have long hair without any volume. (I was really curious about this product and so I wanted to test it on a few different hairs).

John Masters organics


FIGS & ROUGE: Lip, Face, Hand and Body Balm, Coco Vanilla

This is really a beautiful all-around gift for everyone! I’m a total fan of many balms, especially those in lovely tin packages like those from Figs and rouge that look so cute with their vintage style. I’m a lover of  vanilla so in my selection the Coconut vanilla balm is a must-have. I also find it a nice and neutral scent for most people and so a perfect gift. You can apply this balm on sore spots, on face, hands and body. There are so many ways to use it! And you can have it always with you. It is made of organic sunflower oil, shea and cocoa butters to nourish your skin in cold winter days.

Figs and rouge


ORGANIC GLAM lipstick (Red)

Organic glam lipstick in red

RED lipstick – a must-have at least in holiday time! Add a touch of color and energy to your face. This is easily achieved with a red lipstick! Every woman should find her perfect shade of red and try to wear it. Red lipstick instantly changes your face and gives you a good portion of self-confidence. For those who aren’t able yet to apply it properly, try first a sheer texture of red. Organic glam lipstick is a great choice, if you search for a sheer finish and buildable coverage. This red color (check the swatch on right) will suit many skin tones even though it has a tendency to cool undertones. But since it’s sheer in texture it will add a nice effect to the face. Red lipstick also make your skin appear healthier because of the visual illusion that it makes.

Green makeup tip  Apply a nice foundation to even your skin tone, put lots of mascara on both lash lines and wear a red lipstick. You will glow with just a few quick steps!

Organic glam


ORGANIC GLAM concealer palette (light)

is among products that I highly recommend to women who travel a lot and need a good handy natural concealer to have always with them. This one from Organic glam  comes in a beautiful modern palette and in 2 color options: light and medium. Here is the picture of the Light color palette that I have tried.
The palette has 4 colors that you can use alone or mix together to find an appropriate shade to neutralize any imperfections. With the yellow shade you can neutralize red spots. Dark circles under eyes will disappear, if you mix it with the peachy beige shade above. The main beneficial ingredients are tea tree and lavender with antiseptics and healing agents and antioxidants like green tea, grape and vitamins A, C and E. I suggest to use this product with a concealer brush or your fingers and apply after your foundation to achieve the best coverage and result. A great gift for every woman who loves makeup and perhaps even travels a lot.

Organic glam concealer palette


KURE BAZAAR nail polish (Catwalk)

Who doesn’t like nail polishes and all its nice colors? I bet every woman sooner or later get tempted at least by the french manicure if not becoming a nail-polish-diva 🙂 Our hands have a very important meaning and role, much more that you can realize. So give your hands a gift at least in this time: do a manicure with a massage (green make-up loves an organic one 🙂 . You will feel so much better, not just because your hands will be beautiful but also because our hands have many points connected with all body organs and after a massage you will feel like new. For the final touch choose a non-toxic nail polish in any color you desire: from nude tonalities to bright, reds or even a metallic violet that I have chosen and find very trendy for this winter! Kure bazaar nail polishes are Green make-up’s latest discovery that will just thrill you! My favorite color is violet and so I have chosen the shade Catwalk to try. It’s a magical violet slightly metallic nail polish. I was amazed by its consistency when I applied the 1st layer! I needed just 2 layers and the color was already quite dark with beautiful magenta shimmer mixed with deep violet. And I intentionally wore this nail polish without any top coat. It lasted for a few days!

Kure bazaar nail polish

You can choose more of these gifts or make a selection or combine them with any other products. Bring out your creativity and make most of it! Green make-up  also suggests to make a lovely eco-friendly and creative package wrap. Hope you find something beautiful even for you!


Special thanks to the green and über chic Green glam shop for the kind collaboration! Photo credit and many thanks also to Boris Gorjan photographer for beautiful pictures!

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