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perfect glow skin

Today I will conclude my “saga” about all Living nature products I have tried so far. Among some great products that I use myself as well and that I’m going to review, I want to emphasize a make-up trend that is still strong for a few seasons. It’s the trend of perfect skin and nude tonalities that looks like wearing no makeup. We saw this trend again on fashion shows even for spring 2013. I have picked the look from the designer 3.1 Phillip Lim fashion show and translated it in real life with green make-up products from Living nature that work great for achieving exactly this look!


How to achieve the natural glow makeup look step by step
1.step – Lumionous Skin

After having cleansed your face apply a tinted moisturizer (in your matching shade) with fingers or with a foundation brush. You won’t need any additional moisturizer under. I use Living nature Clear lights Tinted moisturizer in the shade for light skin: dawn light. Even though I was never a big fan of tinted moisturizers in general, I adore this one because it has a light coverage and so it just enhances naturally your skin. Its texture is slightly shimmery but with an overall glow, without any shiny particles. I don’t recommend tinted moisturizers to women who want a heavy coverage, but I suggest it to women who don’t need any special coverage and to use a concealer if needed. This way the skin will look healthier and more natural with a modern twist, like from catwalks. Living nature tinted moisturizer is loaded with many nourishing oils (from macadamia, jojoba, avocado, and shea butter) and beneficial ingredients like manuka honey so that your skin won’t be dehydrated while wearing it. You won’t have any difficulties for applying this product, because it melts great into the skin and it looks almost invisible while leaving a nice texture on the skin. This product is packed in a 50ml plastic tube.

Living nature make-up

2.step – Concealer

Instead of products with heavy coverage use a concealer to cover any imperfections. Living nature concealer comes in a small 7ml tube. I was quite surprised at first about the small package, but later while using it I realized that a little goes a long way. It has a liquid texture that glides great on skin: at the same time is liquid but not too much. It covers great any imperfections like red spots or dark under eye circles. I’d love to see an additional concealer with the same formulation but with a neutralizing color for under eye circles. That would be amazing! In every case, I like this concealer a lot. Compared to Inika’s liquid concealer this one gives a better coverage for instance. If needed I mix it with the tinted moisturizer to achieve a seamless look with more coverage. The texture of the tinted moisturizer is sheer, while the concealer it’s liquid but with a good coverage. And both products don’t look cakey on the skin.

Green makeup tip use a small and precise brush like a lip brush for covering small red spots. This will give you a professionally done skin.

3.step – Eyes

Apply lots of mascara after curling your eyelashes. If you remember I have used Living nature’s mascara in my video. This mascara is great because its formulation works great together with the shape of the wand. It allows you a precise application with no clumps and with a lot of color. It’s suitable even for sensitive eyes. The mascara gives a nice length to the lashes and lots of color and volume.

Living nature

4.step – Lips and cheeks

As I already mentioned in my make-up video tutorial, I adore Living nature lipsticks! Their consistency is longstaying, non drying on lips and I especially like their creamy matte shades. This time I have chosen 2 colors that are among my favorites in general: a medium  dusty rose called Laughter and Coral sea: a medium matte coral orange. Both shades are great for daytime; they give a nice and fresh touch of color to your face. I apply them on lips and on cheeks if needed as well. This way you get a nice cream blush.

Green makeup tip Mix these 2 shades together and you will get a lovely peach color that suits every skin tone. I adore this shade on cheeks to give warmth to the entire complexion!

Living nature make-up


Last step: Removing the makeup in the evening

Living nature

After wearing your makeup all day, you also have to remove it. Always remove the make-up before going to sleep! Living nature gentle make-up remover is definitely a green revelation that will go directly in my personal and professional make-up kit! It comes in a 100ml bottle and it has a delicate scent.  Honestly, I hardly describe any Living nature product scent because these plants are so unfamiliar to me. Overall the scents are different but pleasant. The main reason why I’m mad about this product is its formulation which is extra delicate, transparent and light like water, but at the same time very effective as a make-up remover. It does not leave any traces of oiliness or any other stuff on skin. Light, pure, effective and all to try! A make-up artist dream product for removing make-up quickly while leaving the skin beautiful, soft, without any redness. You can apply it a small amount on a cotton ball and simply remove the make-up off. It is suitable for all skin types, especially because all beneficial ingredients like: Kumerahou, hydrating Harakeke Flax Gel, and nourishing Active Manuka Honey. Eyebright and Witchhazel extracts are natural anti-inflammatories and skin conditioners, to soothe the skin. I especially recommend it for those with sensitive skin.


Have you tried any Living nature skincare products?

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  1. Clara
    November 17, 2012 at 8:12 am (11 years ago)


    I read about Living Nature skincare and have on my to try list!
    The make up remover sounds lovely!

    • green makeup
      November 17, 2012 at 8:58 am (11 years ago)

      Thanks Clara for sharing!
      Yes, the remover is all to try!
      Best, Dasha


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