Two natural and quick makeup looks

Beauty ritual for moms on the go

I know that a busy mom does not have time for standing in front of the mirror for hours, but you feel so good if you take 3-5 minutes in the morning and do your make-up. Here are some easy steps how to create a lovely look everyday in a few minutes. I have also included some additional suggestions of my favorite all-green brands.


How to create an easy, fresh makeup look

This look (see left top picture) is meant for all of you who want a natural, easy going look, where you want just enhance your natural beauty with a touch of delicate colors.

Beauty ritual for moms on the go (and all women who don't have time)

Do you remember the beauty basics from the 1st part of this article? If you don’t, check them here  and then step forward to start your make-up application. You will need just some good natural tools:

1. step – Concealer or tinted moisturizer  For those who has perfect skin: lucky you 😀  If you have any spots or dark circles use a good cream concealer where needed and you are done. Read here more tips on how to apply concealer. You can also use a tinted moisturizer if you want to give your skin just a nice glow. If you really have time or if you cannot live without liquid foundation, go for it instead of tinted moisturizer! It’s essential to give the skin a natural look with enhancing your complexion and to make a canvas for other products. This way the pencils, eyeshadows and blush will stay longer on your skin. Further the skin will have a protective layer.

2.step – Mascara  even if you won’t use any other products, mascara will open your eyes and give your face another dimension and more depth. The eyes look so lovely opened when defined by a few coats of mascara.

3. step – Lip&cheek stain or a tinted lip balm: Choose light-medium dark natural shades like antique rose, pastel pink, apricot or peach. They will enhance your complexion and give a natural flush to your face. You can even use a lipstick and apply it with fingers on cheeks. You will look radiant!

If you want you can finish here. Basically, you need 3 products and a few minutes

Tinted moisturizer + Mascara + Lip balm

Optional  Eyeshadow – a touch of light natural shades on eyelids like: slightly shimmer vanilla or champagne will add you glow and open you eyes. You cannot go wrong with neutral shades even if you apply them in hurry. You can dab the shadow on the eyelids with fingers or blend it with a brush.

Mom on the go quick makeup


Quick defined makeup look

For those who don’t feel comfortable going out with “invisible makeup” here is another quick makeup suggestion (see the right picture on top):

Mom on the go make-up


Follow the step 1 and prepare your skin as mentioned above.

2.step  with a soft brown eye pencil draw a line along the upper lash line and smudge it. Instead of eye pencil you can also use a powder mineral eyeshadow and apply it with a damp angled brush. The line will be done quick and easily. For dramatic look extend the line outward and create a wing. (Read here how to apply eyeliner.)

3.step Mascara must to add volume and open the eyes.

4.step a delicate touch of color on your lips with a lip balm (and also on cheeks if you want)


NOTE I have written this post according to the small amount of time that a uber busy modern mom has for herself. This post can be also a good suggestion for all women who does not have a lot time and need quick but efficient results. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Let me know if you like these makeup looks suggestions?


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