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I started to be very curious about this brand after they have added me on Twitter. I went to browse through their website and their philosophy caught my attention: New Zealand – their green native country, their gardens and especially their care for the planet with commitment to be environmentally sustainable. Snowberry beauty is a brand with very high quality skin care products “created mostly from wilderness and rainforest substances such as White peat, Neem, Lingon and Cloud berry oils. Soraya’s idealism meant that she had to find alternatives for other chemicals frequently used in skin care. Some are intended to give a silky feel, or to hasten absorption, and some are simply ‘fillers,’ or cheap sources of emollients, moisturisers, and foaming agents. For Snowberry, Soraya would accept only those ingredients – no matter the cost, that she could trust to be truly beneficial and truly safe. For this reason, and unlike many other brands, Snowberry means: No Lauryl Sulphates, No Petrochemicals, No Propylene or Butylene Glycols, No Volatile alcohols, No artificial colours, No Silicones, No DEA or MEA ingredients. Avoiding parabens as the preservative system for Snowberry products led to another dedicated research program. The breakthrough came in the form of an unusual combination of natural ingredients including Totarol from the New Zealand rainforest to form a unique, natural preservative system.”

This is the foundation stone regarding ingredients that Soraya Hendesi, the founder and creator behind Snowberry beauty, advocates.

Snowberry beauty is also the first New Zealand beauty company to achieve carboNZeroCert™ certification for each of its products, and may be the first in the world to do so. Read more about this here.

Snowberry beauty


Green makeup review of Snowberry skincare

Snowberry sent me 3 of their best products for skin cleansing that I’m going to present you: Nourishing exfoliator, Instant deep cleanser and Gentle remineralising toner.

I use these products for a couple of weeks, so that I can now present them more accurately. Before reviewing each product, I’d like to mention their package design that I like very much! I find so great when companies invest in design artwork. Snowberry’s packages are decorated with lovely youthful graphics on their eco-friendly carton. In general, I think that the package should be the representation of the inside quality. I’m not saying that is more important than the inside content, but it’s an outer extension of the inside. When inside and outside are in harmony, the vibration of the product is higher and thus more successful.

Snowberry beauty package

Snowberry beauty Instant deep cleanser

is absolutely my favourite product from this collection. It is packed in a 50ml plastic bottle with pump. But a little goes a long way, since it’s very concentrated and quite dense in texture, due to natural oils. I use this cleanser in the evening for removing the makeup and it does a great job! After using it, the skin feels clean, soft and radiant. I like its smell, which I hardly describe, maybe because of all plants that we are not used to know here in the other part of the globe 🙂 The product is loaded with very interesting and beneficial exotic ingredients such as:

Neem seed oil : an exotic natural emollient from Neem seeds with moisturising, hydrating, and skin softening properties. This oil stimulates cell regeneration, is a mild antiseptic and gives skin a smooth and healthy appearance.

Inca Inchi Oil: An exotic natural plant ingredient with moisturising, hydrating, skin softening and sun protection properties.

Passion Fruit Oil: A natural active emollient from Passion flower with a high level of linoleic acid, providing deep nourishment and moisturization for the skin.

Sun Essence (Cloudberry Seed Oil): An exotic natural plant ingredient with moisturising, hydrating, and skin softening properties.

Pufabe Echium Oil: A natural ingredient from an Arctic plant with moisturising and hydrating properties.

Macpaste: A naturally derived gelling agent from nuts of the macadamia tree with moisturising and emolliency properties.

Coleus Oil: A natural extract from the roots of Coleus forskohlii with excellent cleansing and moisturising properties while giving a pleasant aroma.
For anyone who looks for a special cleansing product with natural beneficial ingredients, this cleanser is absolutely the right answer.


Snowberry beauty Nourishing exfoliator

I’m a big fan of every kind of scrubs, and Snowberry’s exfoliator it’s not an exception. I really like it! I have to say that with all Snowberry products a little goes a long way, because they’re very concentrated and quite dense in texture. This exfoliator is packed in a 75ml plastic tube. I use it on my normal-dry skin once a week and its formulation suits great my skin type. Especially because it’s very dense and creamy with small particles that polish the skin while leaving it soft, without being too harsh. The special combination of exotic oils, herbal extracts and even precious gems helps to safely remove dead cells while leaving the skin cleansed, smooth and fresh. It’s very interesting that they have utilized for exfoliating precious “gems” like the Cultured mother of pearl: A natural plant exfoliator from cultured pearl ground to specific particle size and Natural jojoba ester based beads with excellent exfoliating properties. And even ruby powder: A natural mineral from micronized Ruby with toning and exfoliating properties. Due to some other very interesting ingredients this scrub has also some anti-aging properties:

Sage Seed Extract (75% Ursolic Acid): A naturally active plant ingredient from Sage seed with excellent anti-aging properties. It forms an oil-resistant barrier on the skin to prevent and improve the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

Rewarewa Honey: A natural plant ingredient which actively offers various cellular protection factors such as preservation of the immune system, accelerated cell protection, protection against photo-ageing,  and moisture boost with long term effect.
Of course, even this product is full of fantastic oils that nourish the skin:

Ucuuba Butter: A natural ingredient from seeds of the Ucuuba tree with moisturising and hydrating properties. Also with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it ideal for problem skin.

Illipe Butter: An exotic natural emollient from seeds of the Shorea Stenoptera tree renowned for it’s incredible moisturising properties and ability to restore elasticity to the skin.

Carana Oil: A natural ingredient from a South American plant rich in phytosterols with moisturising and hydrating properties.

Tucuma Oil: A natural ingredient from a South American rich in phytosterols plant with moisturising and hydrating properties.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil: A natural American oil from the seeds of the meadowfoam plant with moisturising and hydrating properties. Has a extreme high oxidative stability and prevents moisture loss

Acai Oil Organic: A natural plant emollient with excellent anti-aging properties targeting healing.

Shajio (Seabuckthorn Oil): An active natural plant ingredient with indispensable skin protection and anti-aging properties. It helps to combat wrinkles, dryness and other symptoms of malnourished or prematurely aging skin.

As you can see, Snowberry’s exfoliator is not a usual scrub, but it’s a luxurious treatment for your skin.

Snowberry skincare

Snowberry beauty Gentle remineralising toner

First, I was thinking how strange it is to pack a toner in a plastic tube. I thought this product is a tonification water, but it’s not. I’d describe it as an everyday refreshing cleanser with a light liquid to gel consistency. It comes in a plastic tube of 100ml and its color is brownish. The only thing that I’m not so used to is the scent. But this is my personal opinion, since I’m not used to strong smells. Otherwise, I use it in the morning for cleansing and refreshing my skin. It’s very gentle, but effective at the same time. After using it, the skin feels so refreshed. I’d suggest it to every skin type as a daily cleanser with many benefits. I was very curious which cleansing agent is used and it’s interesting that they have developed Sapindin (A natural surfactant from the Soap tree that provides natural foaming and antibacterial properties) and Juazirine 
(A natural plant surfactant from Juazeiro bark with natural foaming saponins to gently cleanse). They have also developed their own blends of naturally derived plant extracts that provide many benefits such as antioxidants, excellent anti-ageing properties in restructuring and stimulating aging cells,…

Among many interesting beneficial all-to-know-ingredients are also:

Snow White Coral Algae: A natural active ingredient from marine algae with antioxidant and SPF properties. Functions as a broad spectrum UV protection factor, broad spectrum IR protection factor and a thermal regulator.

Mikimoto Pearl Extract (Mother of Pearl extract): 
A natural ingredient which is rich in amino-acids and minerals. This multi-functional ingredient provides moisture, whitening, repair and an organic UV protection filter.

Andiroba Oil: 
An exotic natural emollient from nuts of the Andiroba tree with moisturising, hydrating, and skin softening properties. It also promotes anti-inflammatory and skin renewal activity.

Kumquat Kiwi Fruit Enzyme : A natural cleansing agent using enzymes from Kiwifruit seed.

For concluding, I’d say that Snowberry gave us another opportunity to learn about many amazing ingredients that the nature provides and which can be great substitutes to conventional ingredients. At Snowberry they have pushed their science over and merged it in harmony with nature. To benefit our skin and even the planet!

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  1. Chloe
    June 12, 2012 at 11:11 pm (11 years ago)

    Wow, the ingredients look absolutely lovely! Will definitely look into trying this brand once I’m finished with my current skincare <3 The brand name is really cute, too!

  2. Lynn
    June 15, 2012 at 8:36 am (11 years ago)

    WOW..sounds great and tempting!!I only hope that they won’t have pricey shipping cost as the matter of fact that Indonesia is located near New Zealand and Australia..

  3. Lilian
    June 15, 2012 at 10:18 pm (11 years ago)

    Looks rather good! Love stuff from New Zealand would love to try it!

  4. ecobeaut
    July 9, 2012 at 9:26 pm (11 years ago)

    Absolutely gorgeous review of the Snowberry Beauty products! I find myself coveting the Nourishing Exfoliator because of the honey in the ingredients. I really do need to find myself a hydrating exfoliator!


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