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Even though the coldest winter days have already gone -I hope so :), I still need a gentle scrub for exfoliating lips. This is especially useful for me and even a must-have for my work. If someone who is going to be portrayed on photography has chapped and dry lips, I need to resolve the problem effectively before applying the lipstick. Sometimes, using just a clean toothbrush is not enough and can be too harsh. This is why I have made a 2 in 1 lip balm and lip scrub to nourish dry lips and to remove dead skin from them. After using this scrub and before applying the lipstick, lips are smooth and protected. I like very much this recipe and so I made one for myself and another one for my make-up kit 🙂

How I make this organic lip scrub

I have chosen just a few, but very high quality ingredients:

cold-pressed organic almond oil
organic virgin coconut oil
organic unrefined muscovado sugar

First I have dissolved the coconut oil until it became liquid and then I added the almond oil (equal quantities of each).
Then I added the sugar and stirred well until I got a smooth and dense mixture. I’ve put it aside until it has become cold.
If you need extra nourishment, you can add even a small amount of shea butter.

Use a small amount on lips when chapped with rubbing it gently into the skin and then remove with a wet towel. If needed use after a clean toothbrush to remove the dead skin that still remained on the lips.

NOTE  Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E and it’s easily absorbed by the skin. It is perfect for dry, delicate and sensitive skin. It helps to prevent the loss of moisture from the skin, it cures itchiness and dry problematic skin.
I have used the muscovado sugar because I find it more gentle and smooth in comparison to the standard sugar that is quite harsh and rough in consistency.

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  1. green makeup
    March 19, 2012 at 7:45 pm (11 years ago)

    hehe, thank you dear and I forgot to mention that this scrub is purely edible!


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