The german cosmetic company Dr.Hauschka, which basis are the principles of anthroposophical medicine, has launched a new collection of body moisturizers on the market in January. The collection consists of 5 new formulas with different scents: Lemon & Lemongrass, Quince, Lavender & Sandalwood, Rose and Almond body moisturizer. With their light formulation and invigorating scent they will be the proper choice for pampering your skin in the upcoming spring days. They consist of different vegetable oils which nourish your skin like: olive oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil and others. Different plant extracts with their beneficial properties and aromatherapeutic scents will help you feel better, while your skin will be soft and smooth.

Dr. Hauschka skincare


Inner glow – this limited edition collection of lipsticks was launched by Dr.Hauschka this month and is all to discover. I really like the color choice of those new 5 lipsticks: from delicate nude tonalities to stronger statement colors like intense reds and plums. Even the lipsticks, like body moisturizers, praise themselves with beneficial high-grade vegetable oils and other natural ingredients that provide moisture and nourish the lips. So choose wisely your new safe lipstick!

Dr.Hauschka make-up

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