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In organic skin care routine there are different types of face cleansers. Some of them are special organic oil based butters that after the application have to be removed with a damp cotton cloth. The Organic pharmacy’s carrot butter cleanser is one of these butters and also one of their best sellers. I’ve tried for the first time this special product a couple of years ago, when I did my first organic facial. I was completely fascinated by the product and by the new technique of removing make-up and cleaning the face.

This cleanser is not like a usual face cleansing milk or gel product. Its consistency is greasy, it is literally a butter. The best thing is that even though is a butter it does not make the skin greasy or oily, thanks to the hyper beneficial list of ingredients. Carrot as a potent antioxidant rich in vitamin A and beta carotene protects the skin from free radical damage. Marigold (calendula) is a treasure of benefits: soothes the skin and speed up wound-healing because of its antiseptic properties, and helps in cell renewal. St. John’s Wort, lavender and chamomile calm the skin, while rosemary is an antioxidant and provides an excellent cleansing because of its oil decongesting, stimulating properties. I love the pleasant and natural smell of this butter. It is packed in a plastic 70ml jar and is very easy to use and apply. It is suitable for all skin types and especially good for removing make-up, even waterproof products. However, you have to follow this routine:

– First, take a small amount of product (suggest to use the spatula) in a size of a peanut and apply it on dry face. Let the product on the skin for a few seconds to dissolve the make-up. I like to massage the product, in order to remove dirt and makeup.

– Then, take the muslin cloth from organic cotton immersed in hot water (not too hot!) and remove the makeup from the face. If there is still makeup on your face repeat the precedent step while washing again the cloth. This process not only removes dirt from the skin, but also allows the beneficial ingredients to penetrate in the skin. The result is a gorgeous and radiant skin, without any impurities left on.

– You can follow with a nice herbal toner in the evening. Add a moisturizing cream in the morning.

NOTE  Keep your cotton cloth clean regularly, so that you won’t put on your face bacterias with a dirty cloth. The routine may be a little bit different from the usual one, but it’s absolutely worth.

Super clean list with ingredients used in this product:
Rosemary (Rosamarium Officinale) , Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), St Johns Wort (Hypericum Perforatum), Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annus) , Vitamin E (Tochopherol) , Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera) , Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao), Beeswax (Cera Alba), Carrot (Daucus Carrota) , Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis), Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis), Lavender (Lavandula Officinalis), Marigold (Calendula Officinalis), Sesame Seed Oil (Sesamum Indicum)

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  1. erin
    July 18, 2013 at 3:06 am (10 years ago)

    I love using anything that is made up of all natural ingredients. Who would of thought of carrots? I currently have been using Airelle skin care products. They are an all natural skin care line and many of their products use blueberry extract. My skin has never felt or looked better and believe me I have tried it all! No joke, this natural stuff works!


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