5 beauty must-haves

Dear ladies, to look gorgeous in every moment you don’t need “a full arsenal” of products, but just the right ones. The best is to find and invest in a few essential high quality pieces (like when you are building a new wardrobe) that make you feel and look great in every moment. More than that, they also have to treat your skin with beneficial ingredients. That doesn’t mean that other beauty products are not worth of your attention or your money. They are. But the big deal is to recognize first which are the essential products that makes you stand out instantly (especially in situations where you don’t have time) and help you create your personal style, gain confidence and feel comfortable. However, for many of you this is not as easy as it sounds 🙂 But I am here to help you and to make you reflect about some beauty products that can quickly improve your look. Of course, they should be gentle to your skin and thus organic. Let’s start with the list!


Organic virgin coconut oil

Before listing any other typical cosmetic product, here is my n.1 beauty suggestion. I have convinced women to start using it after I’ve removed their makeup with it and continued with a nice face massage. Yes, with one simple product: the fabulous coconut oil that has a plethora of benefits and that makes your skin look great. The best organic coconut oil I have ever tried and which also smell heavenly (a mix of vanilla and coconut) is the one that a dear friend of mine brought me from Philippines (Thank you again!). That oil wasn’t of any brand but a hand-made product by philippines women. To continue, you can use this miraculous product also as a lip balm, make-up remover, face and body massage oil, mixed with organic brown sugar it becomes a fantastic body scrub, you can use it as a highlighter and much more. Try it and you won’t look back.


Face cream

Even when I haven’t used organic products yet, my philosophy was to invest in a good quality face cream. Our face is what we show to the world.  Your skin deserves the best. Moreover, the face skin is even more delicate than skin on other parts of the body. It is exposed to weather all the time and we also wear make-up on. These are some of the main reasons why you should take special care and choose the best cream. Nowadays, creams aren’t greasy and thick anymore, but  lighter in texture. Look for those with many beneficial ingredients that will keep your skin moisturized, which is essential. I suggest you to first discover your skin condition (if you haven’t done it yet) and then choose a very good organic moisturizer. You don’t need night and day creams, if you go organic. You just need a formulation with high quality beneficial organic ingredients. I like to compare this with what you eat. There is a huge difference, if you eat a few but organic, healthy and tasteful superfoods that gives you energy, or if you eat many different processed synthetic and junk food with artificial tastes and additives. What goes in, goes out! Your skin wants natural oils and herbal extracts that will provide you nourishment, purify and detox your skin, help to heal, soothe and promote elasticity and stimulate the skin to regenerate in a natural way. After, the make-up will be just a cherry on top of the cake.


Liquid or mineral powder foundation

I leave to you the decision for your formula of foundation – in powder or a liquid/creamy one. I suggest to each one which formula and why works better for her skin, but sometimes some women think that some foundations are hard to apply and so they don’t want to give themselves another, even better chance. The foundation is an essential piece in every women “make-up wardrobe” and it’s worth to spend money for it. It is almost your second skin. A good chosen foundation should look like your skin and not like a mask. It should hide imperfections in a natural way and it should match your skin tone exactly. So, check through my older posts to find your best organic “second skin”. And don’t hurry when you will go on a hunt for the right one. Don’t buy just whatever comes around. Instead, take your time to test different formulas, try and check the colors and textures how works all together on your skin and have fun. Ask for samples and be gentle with yourself on this mission:)



A touch of just one color can transform your face and erase signs of time, fatigue and stress. If I was asked to choose just one product for the entire make-up that would be the lipstick for sure. Being of a light, medium or deep color, matte or shiny, if choosing the right color, it always bring youth and color to your face. If you are wearing just an express day make-up, put a small amount of lipstick with your fingers even on cheekbones and blend it well. This will give you an instant wake-up look. Do this with shades of pink, rosy, peach and strawberry tones. But do it really with a light hand. This way you can sometimes use one product in two ways. On the market you find now products in stick that are designed both for lips and cheeks. They are creamy and thus highly moisturizing. That is the reason why they help you achieve a healthy look and enhance with color your face.



When choosing essential products that are really worth of our money, the mascara is certainly on the top of the list. The right and good quality mascara gives definition to your eyes and also opens them. Another important thing are its ingredients. The mascara is a product that you wear the closest to your eyes and to your mucous membrane, which is a very sensitive area. When using a mascara it’s very important to change it every 6 months, not only because it dries, but also because of the risk to infect your eyes. If your mascara gives you red eyes when applied, is the sign that it doesn’t work for you or that is too old.


Please be careful with all the old products that you put on yourself. Make a decision and invest rather in a few good pieces and throw away all your old stuff. Now is the right time to get rid of what is not serving you!

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  1. Lynn
    February 24, 2012 at 3:20 pm (12 years ago)

    What is the best liquid foundation that you can suggest me?Also,which one is better for concealing dark eye circles:liquid or cream?I have really dark eye circles.. 🙁 Thanx:)

    • green makeup
      February 24, 2012 at 5:06 pm (12 years ago)

      Hi Lynn! I totally understand your problem with dark circles, cause I had the same issue for a long time. I became an expert on dark under eye circles even before I started using organic cosmetics 😀 But the problem with them diminished as soon as I started to pay more attention to the food, cosmetics and my feelings(= controlling stress,…). I recommend you first using the 100%pure coffee eye cream- It makes wonders! Here is the post about it:

      Then start to use a corrector that neutralizes the dark circles-it depends on the color of your circle; if you have purple/violet then neutralize them with yellow corrector. If they are bluish, use a peach corrector. Just the concealer is not enough, you have to neutralize them. In general both cream and liquid concealer are ok, as long as they provide gentle moisture and that are not too heavy, because the under eye area is very thin and delicate. I prefer liquid ones, they also work as a highlighter. But if your dark circles are really heavy, you may need extra coverage with a cream concealer. But in this case apply it with a light hand!
      Here is the post that I did regarding under eye circles: http://greenmakeup.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/how-to-correct-dark-circles-under-the-eyes/
      I have explained the technique and the products. Hope will help you:)

      Regarding the foundation, let me know what kind of skin do you have: oily, dry, sensitive,…?
      Best, Dasha

      • Lynn
        March 2, 2012 at 5:47 am (12 years ago)

        You’re right about food,cosmetics,and especially stress.But mine is more complicated since I have allergic nose problem.I sneeze easily,in the morning,when it’s cold,when it’s too hot,when there’s dust,when there’s an unpleasant smell,so that I scratch my nose+my eyes(sinus area) often,resulting in eyecircles finelines too.I even skip wearing eyeliner since my waterline is sensitive as well.When I use too hard eyeliner product,there will be zits alike(and itchy too) on my waterline. Aargh..this one is driving me nuts!X(

        Oh,so a light hand is better than brush for a cream concealer?Anyway,my skin is dry but sensitive.If it’s too oily(from using oily moisturizer)so I’ll get acne.If it’s too dry(from using toner)so I’ll get acne too.Pretty hard to handle.But since I’m being green=picky,it’s now a lot better than prev.condition.In the past I really depend on my dermatologist product,just to keep it acne free.What I have are small zits like prickly heat,not big pimple.
        Green liquid foundation is hard to find,oh..I mean the good one:(

  2. green makeup
    March 3, 2012 at 7:02 pm (12 years ago)

    Lynn, I totally understand your problems, because I had the same issues as you described and a plethora of others, too. I REALLY needed to change a lot of things, not just outside things like food or cosmetics-they are just the top of the iceberg that is making us feel bad. I’m talking about our energy blocks (in the subconscious mind) that are “programming” us with negative beliefs about everything. But we don’t notice them until we start to becoming aware of them. So the first thing I’d suggest you is to start exploring how your feelings are connected with your body. The traditional chinese medicine for example or indian ayurveda have explained those things great, because they know that every feeling is connected with an organ. If it’s a negative one it makes a block of energy in our body (organs) and then it comes to various diseases. The diseases are just a signal that we need to change inside of us. A good book to start with is the one from Louise Hay: You can heal your life. I assure you that everyone can be and deserve to be healthy and happy! I can tell you from my heart and my own experience. But is in our will whether we open and allow that or not.

    Yes, a light hand is the key for a flawless make-up:) It doesn’t matter if it’s done with the brush or with the finger- the application should be light. And also the pimples have to be covered with using a small brush and with thin layers of product = a good technique and some work. A heavy product is not the key to cover pimples, because it will end up looking too cakey and heavy. The problem is also when women start to search for a dream product that will resolve like magic everything… First you must embrace yourself and start to see you from the point that you look great as you are (=positive attitude) and then everything will follow (feeling better and consequently also your skin will look better and better) and you will always have products that will work for you. When we are in a vibration of self-denying and we don’t accept ourselves, there are many hormonal imbalances inside causing us skin problems. Believe me that the problem is not the product, is in how we feel about ourselves. When we manage to create balance, happiness follows in every area.
    Hope was helpful:) Wish you a lot of good luck and joy 🙂

    • Lynn
      March 5, 2012 at 3:13 pm (12 years ago)

      Hahaha..:D oh my,I laughed when you said about”the problem is also when women start to search for a dream product that will resolve like a magic..”ROFL!
      Seriously,this is so true.Most women are lack of positive attitude and they cover it with heavy make up,even plastic surgery.I have frens and family who can’t go outside of the house(even just to go to neighbour beside their house)without any make up on!I’m still able to bring my self go to the malls without make up,hope that is a positive attitude(but my mum read it as”laziness”,hahaa..).

      Above all,I’m a believer in ancient chinese medicine:) I did prefer a chiro for mild diseases than chemical medicine.Ah,I remember now about a disease that’s connected with dark eye circles that is written on my chinese medicine book.But I forget what it is exactly.But that Louise Hay book looks great,hope they have it here in Indonesia. Oh my,never thought that you’re so philosophist.I mean,since your work has to do with”cover”things. Really nice to know you,btw!:) And for the advice too:)

      • green makeup
        March 5, 2012 at 3:27 pm (12 years ago)

        Hehehe Lynn, I really have fun chatting with you! If we’d live in the same city we’d probably have a lot to talk about! I totally agree with you with the first paragraph about makeup. This is why I told you that is great even if you are a minimalist. After all, even if you see latest makeup trends they’re all very minimalistic. Very chic! 🙂

        It’s so great to hear that you like those ancient knowledges! Really! We just have to embrace them again for our wellbeing.
        I don’t know about the Louise’s book in your country, but I know that you can find in some web shops for example. I’m a philosophist 😀 hehe, thank you 🙂 Keep in touch and have a nice day!

      • Lynn
        March 8, 2012 at 2:35 pm (12 years ago)

        😀 yes,we deffinitely would have a lot to talk about if we live in the same city!
        Sure,I like your blog.I’ll visit here often too(it’s on my blogroll,so I keep it updated!:D)
        Have a wonderful day!:)


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