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I’ve just found this article that really amazed me and that I want to share with you. It is written by Li Edelkoort, known as the “priestess of trends” and one of the most influential creative people in the world of fashion. I first read about her more than 12 years ago, when I found an article in Italian Elle. It caught immediately my attention and admiration. And now I found this heaven-sent words that actually coincide with my vision of beauty and in which direction things should move. I add: “From your lips to God’s ears, Li!” 🙂

Here is the entire article that I’ve reblogged from Beautypress:

Wellness, Beauty & Lifestyle 2012-13 inspired by our planet’s natural resources

Over the past few years, the well-being industry has expanded its influence beyond food, spa and fitness, truly becoming a far-reaching phenomenon that also affects architecture, scent, beauty, experience and service. Today, we accept wholeheartedly that a discussion about bodycare, spa, cosmetics and even make-up can go hand-in-hand with our sense of health, organic living and peace of mind.

The marketing machine that has been feeding the beauty world for decades is losing speed amidst a social climate that is critical regarding ethical practice and cynical regarding countless broken promises. We believe in a future where products will stand on their own merit, proven by quality, animated by design and charming in character. Beauty will literally lie in the eye of the beholder since consumers will want to start from the inside, using nutrition, vitamins and other treatments in conjunction with meditation, energy healing and fitness; supplementing the use of better-designed products by making health and well-being their central beauty regimen.

This century has brought about a moment of reflection and radical change concerning the planet, in contrast to a former century of abuse, greed and violence. For the first time, a post-fossil society is emerging, giving man some hope and more faith for the futur – resetting attitudes and mentalities and respecting the earth and each other more. Man wants to get closer to nature on a more intuitive level.

No longer just a utopian dream, the desire for an organic lifestyle is becoming essential for survival, taking root as an extension of the ecological, sustainable and well-being movements that are in the process of redefining our ways of living and becoming embedded in our thinking, training, education and business practices.

Not only do we want to eat healthily and create consciously, in design, fashion and lifestyle, we also will want to become more tactile; seeking value in a product through the sophistication of its authenticity, feel and durability. Colour, too, becomes a crucial value to develop; from precisely-designed organic hues to biological dyes made from nature.

For these reasons, we investigated the most important natural elements our planet has to offer: Spanning raw materials from earth, rock, water, chalk and sand, to the use of roots, fossils, crystals and gold within the wellness context. Volcanic geology, lava and charred matter will help us conceive the rebirth of society, regenerating ourselves both physically and emotionally after such a rocky start to the century.
By delving into the earth itself, we will be able to reset our own core; connected to a primal and instinctive past, we will go forth with confidence, maturity and positivity. This time, we have to get things right – the outlook of the planet and ourselves depends on it.

Be well!

Lidewij Edelkoort

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