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In my previous post I have explained the beneficial properties and the clues to maintain or regain your youth and beauty from within. In this post, I’d like to show you a carefully selected cosmetics that will help your skin to do receive the best from the nature and to restore itself in a natural way. Our skin is not just our largest organ, but it also has, like all our organs, the ability to self-regeneration. We can just help it in a natural and  gentle way.

Taking right care of skin is extremely important. In the morning and at night, before going to sleep, clean your face with a gentle cleanser and refresh it with a gentle organic herbal toner. If you wear make-up, this is obligatory. Doing this way your skin will be clean, refreshed, it will breathe and regenerate itself.

When crossing your 30’s, I’d suggest you to start using a good organic skin care collection that will help your skin to regenerate and thus help with the signs of aging. Imagine, which benefits you will get out from artificial products and which you will get from the natural ones?

When we put chemicals in our blood system (through skin), every cell of our body has to work even more to get out all that is not beneficial for the body. “Garbage in, garbage out” is the simple principle.

It has been a few months that I’ve been testing some products from the last Lavera collection called My age. My favorite products are definitely the Lifting serum and the eye cream. Besides, I have tested also the day and the night cream. Even though, at night I don’t wear night cream anymore. I allow my skin to breathe and restore naturally.


Concentrated lifting serum

It comes in a 25ml bottle with a pipette. Because of its effectiveness, 1-2 drops are enough to make your face glow again. Karanja oil and organic white tea from fair trade are the key ingredients of this serum and of the entire My age collection. Other beneficial ingredients are also aloe vera leaf juice, extracts of organic apricot and mango. The serum is quite yellow and smooth at the touch. It has a fresh and natural scent, without any artificial aromas. The serum can be applied under the cream and NOT in the area around the eyes. When applied to the skin, it gives you an immediate sensation of freshness and radiance.

Lavera My age


Intensive eye cream

In Lavera’s My age collection there is another around eye area treatment: a roll-on gel, that I haven’t try, but that is more appropriate for cooling and refreshing the skin, especially if tired and puffy. I have decided to use the Intensive eye cream, because I need to moisturize my under eye area. The difference in comparison with the eye roll-on gel is in the consistency of the cream, that is richer and provides moisture. But in comparison with some other eye creams this one is quite light and it gives you the feeling of a slight lifting. If you search for a rich oily consistency this cream is not the right for you. Among white tea and karanja oil, there are also natural caffeine and bamboo extracts. It comes in a 15ml tube.


Restoring day cream and Regenerating night cream

Both day and night cream come in a 30ml bottle with pump, which I really like, especially because of hygienic reasons. Both creams base on white tea and karanja oil, two ingredients that provide moisture to the skin. Lavera also claims that the cream naturally and lightly protects the skin from UV rays. Organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil and organic shea butter care for your skin to look firmer and well moisturized. The cream has a light texture with a light natural smell.

The entire collection is vegan approved and is made with organic plant fluids from their own production. It has the NaTrue 2 Stars certification: Natural Cosmetics with organic portion.

If you search for an organic skin care with reasonable prices (and for the age over 30), that would help your skin to regenerate in a natural way, this skin care line will be a good choice. If you have already tried it, I’d be glad to hear your experiences.

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