“All growth is from within. This is evident in all nature. Every plant, every animal, every human is a living testimony to this great law, and the error of the ages is in looking for strength or power from without.” (Charles Haanel)

Aging is a natural process when the skin loses its natural elasticity, because of many factors. The result are wrinkles and droopy skin. Many women, in constant search for the eternal youth, look after new solutions in outside form of creams and even surgery, that would help them regain their beauty. We are now, more than ever, in a period of time, when we will have to realize that the beauty does not come from without, but from within. Sooner or later, everyone of us has to face new wrinkles and the years passing by. So why running away? Why repressing the real state of mind and feelings and try to look fake at every cost? Thinking that outside of us there is a miraculous solution in a bottle?

Cosmetic can just help us as a tool to celebrate our already existing beauty through colors (make-up) and other beneficial ingredients that help the body regain its own vigor and growth of energy. But if searching just outside, we miss the main thing that is always there, within us: our spirit – the real source of beauty.

I decided to write this article, because I’d like to share with you also my thoughts about the other side of beauty, the one that we have to nourish within. Instead of constant complaining and rushing from one “miraculous” product to another, let’s try to find some balance, inner peace. One of the best methods to regain balance within, is mediation.

There are many different techniques of meditation, but the main point is to find the appropriate one for us. The one that will bring us inner peace, wellbeing and the right balance between mind and body.

Moreover, it is scientifically proven that meditating has many beneficial effects. Let’s take a look at just some benefits that meditation brings on physical level:

– leads to a deeper physical and emotional relaxation

– reduces emotional stress and anxiety (relaxes our nervous system)

– decreases the muscles tension

– helps to balance hormonal disorders (PMS; menopause,…)

– strengthens the immune system

– helps us to gain energy, inner and outer strength

– increases blood flow and slows the heart rate

– reduces free radicals (consequently: slower aging, less wrinkles and tissue damages)

– reduces cholesterol levels

– improves the flow of air to the lungs (=deeper breathing = more oxygen in our body)

– helps to increase the brain activity

– helps us in many chronic diseases cause our whole system becomes balanced

There is one extremely important thing about meditating: find your own technique that you feel comfortable with and persist in practicing it. At first, our mind plays a tricky game, with resisting to changes. Persistence will help you to achieve a better state of mind and body. Sometimes it’s not easy to change our beliefs, especially the negative ones, that have been inside of us for entire life. This is why persistence is the key. Personally, I prefer to calm down, to sit comfortably without moving and then just allow myself to be and to concentrate on breathing.

When you will find yourself worrying about your wrinkles and aging, try to relax about it, calm your mind with positive affirmations about your beauty and find your best way to relax your body on every level. You can meditate, do 5 tibetan rites or yoga, you can massage your face or even find a massage expert, listen to relaxing music, pamper yourself with aromatherapeutic effects of essential oils,… All these methods help you to balance and to relax body and mind, which is the essential step towards youth – inside and outside.

I’d really like to know what is your favorite treatment or rite that help you relax body and mind?

Enjoy yourself as you are!

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