Makeup trends fall/winter 2011

This month is all about the fashion week with upcoming trends for spring 2012. I’m always excited to see what’s going on in this colorful world, so I will take this opportunity to present you some of my favorite makeup looks for this fall. For those who haven’t seen the designers proposals for this season (fall/winter 2011) yet, here are some guidelines:



Red lips in all its shades from orange red, classic red to dark cherry red are a must-have this fall. However, the skin has to be perfectly flawless. Additional details like spider lashes with many coats of mascara or a graphic eyeliner in flash color, make the red lip look even more artistic and sophisticated. Precision is the keyword for this look, otherwise you will end up looking not so sophisticated 🙂 If you aren’t really precise with the make-up applications, next looks will be for those who love the chic of smudged colors.

Make-up trends



Who is not a fan of the red lip look, can still play with other colors on the entire face: pink salmon lips or salmon orange on the eyes, lips and even nails? It’s up to you! Take in consideration your over-all colors (hair, skin, eyes) and choose the make-up palette that enhance your beauty. Choosing the right color and still keep it looking natural is the rule for this look.

Make-up trends



Sheer and nude tones of beige, strawberry and other natural shades on lips and cheeks are a timeless combination. This look will make happy the all-natural beauties, who swear on minimalistic makeup routine. To enhance the overall look and make it more “alive”, try the classic eyeliner style in day version or line the eyes with a light color like yellow gold for example.

Make-up trends



make-up trends

The first look in the top photo is the timeless “smoky eyes look” in different versions: from the dark rock’n’roll to the elegant and sophisticated one. Both looks have focus on the eyes, of course, while lips and cheeks remain in nude, almost invisible tones. Women who love more a sexy look, can play with some dark grey colors, mixed with dark royal blue or purple shades, to make the eyes look even more mysterious. If you find  light tones more appropriate, then pearly silver and light grey tones with just a thin line around the eyes, will end up as an elegant chic version of the same smoky eye look.

As I usually say, take a look at these make-up looks, relax & enjoy, find what you like and then make your own makeup guidelines according to your personal style!

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