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Terre d'Oc cosmetics

While I was walking through the streets of Montmartre in Paris, I was attracted by a nice looking and well curated shop window, selling natural cosmetics. However, I always check the labels with ingredients first, in order to not let the nice image distract me from my intention. When discovering new brands & shops, many times I encounter nice looking shops and products, claiming to sell pure cosmetics. But when I turn around the first bottle and see parabens written on the package, I know that’s not what I’m looking for. This time, my wish to find a nice looking product with safe ingredients, was fulfilled. The French brand Terre d’Oc can praise themselves with a fabulous boutique and a nice assortment of different certified organic beauty products. Their cosmetic is produced according to the COSMEBIO charter and they are certified by ECOCERT and Fair trade.

Let’s take a look into this nice world of colors, fragrances and even tastes! Apart from their cosmetic I was also enchanted by their teas from organic farming from all over the world: White tea from the Fujian, Spicy black tea from India, Vanilla-flavoured green tea, Mint-flavoured green tea from Morocco, Turkish apple-flavoured black tea,… just to name a few.
For those who love to indulge their olfactory senses, Terre d’Oc has a wide assortment of home fragrances and candles, free of paraffin derivatives, made of beeswax and vegetable oils. What I am always fascinated by, is the artisan work and knowledge that French people master so well. Check more about this on the Terre d’Oc web site, click the thumbnail “Our skills”.


My experience with Terre d’oc cosmetics

Terre d’Oc has 5 skin care collections, one more fascinating than another: Argan from Morocco, Pomegranate from India, Coconut from Bali, Hot spring flowers from Japan and Shea from Burkina Faso. Obviously, I’ve tried a lot of products from the make-up and skin care line, but I decided to go home with products from the Coconut and Pomegranate collections. My favorites and all-to-try are: massage body oils, scrubs (gentle face scrub from Coconut collection is great for sensitive skin!), face oils (Anti-aging Elixir is an amazing mix of organic oils) and the Milky Perfume Cloud (from the Japan inspired collection Fleurs de source); a light, perfumed veil/spray for the body. In general every collection has face and body care products, designed for different skin types and needs.

Terre d'Oc cosmetics


Maquillage du Monde (Terre d’Oc Makeup collection)

While discovering the shop, I took time to try the make-up line. I did to myself an entire beauty treatment. Because I was already wearing some make-up, I needed first to clean my face and prepare it for the new makeup. My skin needed a refreshment, so I decided to start with the gentle but effective Makeup remover milk from the Pomegranate collection, designed for devitalized skin. After having removed all my previous makeup, I’ve gently tapped into my skin the Radiant face serum from the same collection. It is light, refreshing and it hydrates the skin quickly, without leaving it greasy.

Terre d'Oc

Around the eyes and on the lips I’ve gently massaged the Anti-aging Eye & Lip Care from the Fleurs de source collection. Because my skin needed an additional boost of hydration, I’ve decided to try a product that is for me one of the best from Terre d’Oc: the Antipollution Foundation (Fleurs de source collection). It has worked great! This light tinted fluid gives to the skin a natural glow, while the wakame seaweed extract protect the skin against pollution. It comes in one pearly beige-rosy color and is appropriate for normal skin. I’d suggest it especially when you need an extra product to improve the radiance of your skin and cancel the signs of fatigue. Where it was needed, I’ve concealed some imperfections, with the creamy concealer. Fortunately, the shade was right for my light skin, because it comes just in one shade, n.51 beige. This concealer is a Japan-inspired formula, with camellia oil and rice wax to hide imperfections and light up the complexion. Anyway, I’d suggest to make 2 additional colors for darker and medium skin tones. I’ve added some depth to my face with a touch of bronzer for light skin n. 801 (Soleil tendre Namib). There are 2 additional colors of bronzer, suitable for medium and darker skin tones. Then, I’ve continued with the blush n.821, a nice peachy shade, not too orangey! It suits great almost every skin tone and add that touch of healthy color on the cheeks. Another interesting product captured my attention: The eye kohl available in 5 colors. A real oriental touch for a mysterious look! I’ve used the brown one n.702 for lining the eyes. It has a soft texture and it is very easy to apply. In the crease of the eye lid I’ve applied the eyeshadow in powder n. 504 that gives to the eyes a slightly sparkling look, but still in natural earth shades. I have concluded the look on the eyes with the brown mascara n.31, inspired by Indian beauty secrets. I was satisfied with its lengthening and thickening effect. The lashes are nourished because of cocoa butter, rice and carnauba waxes, while mineral pigments add color. On the lips I have added just a touch of lipgloss in a nude earth tone n.304 to add color and hydration.

Terre d'Oc cosmetics

There is another useful product that I’d suggest in case of dry lips: Lip balm from the Coco collection. It is very nourishing because of coconut butter, handy and eco-friendly, because of its small package. And you get the same amount of product in it.

The entire Terre d’Oc makeup line – from inside out – is inspired by oriental women and their beauty rituals. The make-up line is designed to suit the needs of a woman who wants a natural look with safe ingredients, inspired by earth colors. The products have a good pigmentation and are easy to apply.

In conclusion, I want to mention another lovely thing that you can purchase in the shop: the Terre d’Oc booklets. They are made from eco-friendly paper, produced thanks to the bagasse from the valorization of sugar cane waste, and printed with vegetable-based inks in various sizes and colors. I’m really fascinated by them!

I have visited the boutique Terre d’oc in Paris (18e), Rue des Abbesses 38
photos: courtesy of Terre d’oc

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  1. Anne
    December 15, 2011 at 9:47 am (12 years ago)

    Hi! I am really in love with this brand! The owner won a prize this year for the engagment of her company! Your blog is very nice by the way!

    • green makeup
      December 15, 2011 at 10:10 am (12 years ago)

      Hi Anne! Thank you for stopping by:) I like Terre d’Oc, too! I’m glad they won the prize!
      Best, Dasha

  2. Chloe
    February 3, 2013 at 10:39 pm (11 years ago)

    I’m so interested in this brand! But will the Antipollution Foundation be too dark for people with NC15-NC10 skin?

    • green makeup
      February 4, 2013 at 11:43 am (11 years ago)

      Hi Chloe! Yes, I think it’s a little bit too dark for NC10/15. So I advise you to get a sample before you buy it. But since there is just one shade of this product that is something like a light liquid foundation or some kind of a natural BB cream, some people mix it with their concealer to change the shade. In every case I think Terre d’oc should do more shades. Once I have noticed that they were mentioning new shades, but in shops I still see just one shade…

  3. Schywalker
    August 25, 2014 at 11:06 pm (9 years ago)

    Hi , Please let me know where can we find these products in USA? Is there a store or website that stocks the products. The facebook page for the newyork store shows that it is closed. It would really help

    • green makeup
      August 26, 2014 at 11:11 am (9 years ago)

      Hi, I’m sorry but I don’t know about shops in US that carry this brand. I live in EU. Perhaps anyone of readers can help? Thanks! Will also ask through Twitter and let know if thera are news.


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