This time, I’m not going to talk about make-up and beauty, but I want to say something about living and going green from my personal experience and how I feel about it.
I notice more and more that many people are talking about green or becoming green, just because of a widely spread trend, or a new target group. Well, this is not my case, so I want to share with you just my genuine green thoughts 🙂 On the other hand, there are also many other people and brands that are really lovingly caring about our planet to remain green.
I grew up in a small but green country Slovenia, gifted with nature, fresh and clean air to breath and numerous unpolluted waters. In my country, a lot of people grow their own organic vegetables and fruit at home, or grow animals on the open air. Recently, when I came home from foreign countries where I lived, I realized even more the fact that we have first quality organic products already at home. Among many other good things this is just a short description of our small, but precious pearl: Slovenia.

Leading a green lifestyle was quite normal for me since ever, without even realizing it! There is more, my mom has a garden where she grows all kinds of herbs and vegetables in an organic way, without pesticides or other toxins. Besides gardening, cooking is her passion since ever. She never uses any processed food, she grows by herself or buy just raw materials from nature. And then she prepares everything at home: from delicious desserts to home-made bread, not to mention her hand-made ravioli made with organic flour, organic eggs and filled with fresh spinach and cheese…Yes, you got it! I’m a big gourmand:) I inherited from her the passion for cooking and preparing fresh food, and also to carefully select what I eat. My first step towards a green lifestyle began with food and cooking.

My green lifestyle

Then I started to pay a lot of attention on how to clean my house and wash my clothes. I had some health issues caused by chemicals. I always felt that is not ok using chemical detergents. They always irritated my lungs, I was sneezing a lot,…I made changes also in my home while using environment friendly cleansers. I have one multipurpose eco detergent that I dilute it with water and it lasts a huge amount of time. I could clean everything with it. Just an all-in-one detergent, instead of a range of chemicals. Or the old vinegar and baking soda recipe. Very green and convenient, too! Yes, convenient. Many people complain that leading a green lifestyle is so expensive. I don’t agree at all with this statement! It is expensive, if one buys all the products that he used to buy in the conventional shop. He has just switched the shop and still buys bio sweets, bio already prepared food,… I understand that everyone has to do the first step, but what I want to point out is that living green does not mean just buying tons of already made products. It means preparing your meals at home from raw materials. Because of your health. In prepared & processed food from the shop there are so many nasty preservatives, colorations, stabilizers and many other chemical ingredients. I will give you an example: in winter time when I have time, I adore preparing ultra delicious and healthy cookies at home. It’s a very simple recipe from Saint Hildegard: Cookies of joy, made with just a few ingredients, some spices and good quality spelt flour. That’s it. Considering that I buy all the ingredients from organic growing and that I will make a lot of cookies from 0,5-1kg of flour, they are really cheap in comparison with a small package of normal cookies. The most important for me is that I know what I eat and put in my body. Being green means above all being aware of ingredients. Everywhere, not just in cosmetics, as I always preach, but also in food and cleaning detergents!
I think that we should start to support and buy organically grown food from our local farmers. This way we will not just support them and the nature, but we will also start stopping the big industry to expand and dictate.

my green lifestyle

my green lifestyle

Regarding cosmetics I have already written a lot and I will still do. I’m repeating again: check the certificates that guarantee you safety! If it’s not organic with the highest quality, at least buy bio with Ecocert. There is still an enormous difference in comparison with conventional brands full of toxic chemicals.

Going green means being conscious about what we put in our body, on our skin and consequently on our planet = in air, water, soil! What we give is what we receive. I believe that the Earth is a living organism, like we are and gives us back what we give to her.
If you start to look around yourself, you will become aware of what the big corporations wants from you. They tell you every second that you need the smell of that chemical lavender softener to soften your clothes, or that excellent mix of toxins in your already prepared meal. Not to mention cosmetic corporations with all the advertising on how you should look… Stop for a moment and open the eyes to realize in which world do you live. Is it really your world?

I don’t want to praise myself, I am like you, learning everyday something new, even about the green way of living. What I want you to realize is that living green is not expensive. Saying this is just a simple excuse not to make the first step and a change towards a better living. We can all contribute any time to the wellbeing of our planet. It’s not enough just to say I’m cruelty-free, I love animals, I am all natural by showing the label.

What counts is the fact of your imprint on this big living organism, the planet Earth. Try to make the first step towards a new awareness and a better living of everyone!


photos from my personal archive: top: waterfall Kozjak and Kobarid Kamp Lazar, one of my dishes with home grown vegetables (details of basil and chili pepper from our garden), rosemary from our garden, my spread made with sunflower seeds and wild garlic, fresh marjoram drying for winter and dried figs.

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  1. green makeup
    August 23, 2011 at 11:54 am (9 years ago)

    Yes, figs are an amazing gift of nature, cause they contain at least 17 ​​different amino acids and nutritional antioxidants and many other beneficial components for our body. They are also an excellent source of fiber, which stimulate intestinal function… Maybe I can even provide you some of them from our mediterranean part of Slovenia:)


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