Makeup brushes with Natrafil fiber – part 2

A few posts ago I presented you the new technology of Natrafil filaments by DuPont, now used even for make-up brushes. I discovered the brand DuPont on the event Makeup in Paris, where I received different synthetic brushes with Natrafil, to test them and give my opinion as a makeup artist. On the photos there are shown different brushes, because DuPont does not produce brushes, it just develop fibers for brushes. I have tried (and now work with) all of them, so I want to share with you my experience. I have to say that until now, I don’t have a negative critic.

My positive observations about synthetic brushes combined with Natrafil fibers

– Brushes don’t shed which is very good news!

– Their shape remains stable even after washing them, cause the synthetic fiber don’t absorb water like animal hair

– A huge advantage is that they dry quickly after washing them

– All brushes are high quality manufactured (precise shape of the brush, esthetically designed)

– Brushes are cruelty-free; suitable also for vegans and vegetarians

– The Natrafil advanced technology allows you to design a brush that suit your personal needs: the possibilities are countless, since you can change the shape of the brush, the % of Natrafil fiber and choose a different diameter of fibers.

– The higher is the % of Natrafil in a brush, the softer is the brush. 100% Natrafil brush allows you very precise work, with excellent coverage.

– These brushes allow you to apply powder and cream products

– When applying cream products (foundation, concealer, highlighter,…) you obtain a precise and even application, without streaks. This is great especially when working in HD for TV/photo, where small details are even more outstanding.

– When applying powder products (powder, bronzer, eyeshadow, blush,pigments), the brush allows you to pick the right   amount of product.

– The powders aren’t so volatile, which is very important for a make-up artist.

– They blend the product extremely good.

Natrafil make-up brushes

To be more explicit, here is my review of violet brushes – the adesign new upcoming collection and the black ones from Studio Tannaz. I haven’t reviewed the red line, cause it’s a limited edition, made just for the event Make-up in Paris. I can just say, they are fabulous!  I also want to mention that I use just organic products, which means that the application is more difficult than with normal products, where silicones and other chemical ingredients make the application easy. These brushes really help me to work better!

adesign (from left to right): This line of brushes is as I can feel a little bit more rigid in comparison with the Studio Tannaz brushes. However, it’s a prototype collection that needs to be improved. Here is the picture where I did the make-up with this line of brushes and another picture with this range of brushes:

Make-up with natural cosmetics and synthetic brushes

Make-up in Paris

(from left to right)
1. This brush is absolutely my favorite one from this collection: a multipurpose! I like very much the shape and the width of fibers; they aren’t too wide, nor too long. This brush is just the right shape for applying cream products, such as cream highlighter/corrector/blush on small areas. I use this brush also for applying liquid foundation, on small areas or to retouch. However, you can also apply powder products with it, if you want. It works well. I used this brush on the model first to apply cream foundation. Later I’ve used it again for applying the highlighter on the top of the cheekbones/temples,…and also for the cream blush on the apples of the cheeks.

2. This brush is a classic shape for applying powder eyeshadow and it works fine. I have seen that all the brushes pick up the product good and also blend it well. What is great is that the powders aren’t so volatile, especially when working with eyeshadows.

3. When trying the brushes, I was very curious about this brush, cause it’s an interesting shape, challenging and all to discover. I have applied with it some powder eyeshadows and blend them. It did a great job. However, I could easily use the brush n.2 for this, but I wanted to try this shape how it works. I will definitely try to discover more options to use this brush.

4. This brush is among my favorites, too. I was smudging the pencil on the upper eyelid with it and extend the line on the outside corner of the eye in a form of a wing. You can use it also with the eyeliner, when you want a thicker line. It can be used also for applying concealer just on small areas, where precise application is needed. I have used it for applying lipstick, since the shape is perfect. The only thing that I noticed it was that this brush is a little bit too rigid for applying lip products. I think that making another version of this brush with softer fibers would be a great idea for lipstick application!

5. Brush n.5 is usually meant to apply the eyeliner. I have tried it but sincerely, less than others. I wanted to give it a try, but in general I rarely use this shape of brush as I prefer the angled shape of brush for eyeliner/eyebrows.

NOTE: Another important thing for me is the feedback of the models/clients. I asked how do they feel the brush on the face and there was always a positive feedback! I think the same when I use them on myself.

Studio Tannaz brushes (you can buy them at: Studio Tannaz shop)

Natrafil make-up brushes

(from left to right):

1. This is a medium large brush for applying blush/powder/bronzer-powder products. It contains 50% of Natrafil, that means that is still soft, but not too much, since we need a precise application. For me it’s the perfect shape even for the powder (loose/compact), cause I prefer a smaller shape that allows me to work on smaller areas, which is more precise. However, all Natrafil brushes blend the products very well, giving a nice, even finish.

2. The foundation brush is meant to work with cream/liquid products. It’s made with 100% Natrafil and larger fibers, which gives it a perfect stiffness to apply foundation. It blends the product great, without leaving streaks. I use it also with other cream products, if I have to apply them on a larger area. Its round shape allows you to reach every corner on the face.

3. and 4. These are both classic shapes of brushes. The main difference between them is the % of Natrafil: brush n.3 has 100% Natrafil and is slightly smaller. Brush n.4 has 50% of Natrafil and is denser. It is perfect for applying eyeshadow on the entire eyelid or to contour/highlight small areas on the face. Brush n.3 is more flat, but softer in comparison with n.4, because of 100% Natrafil. It’s designed to use it for eyeshadow contouring. However, I have also tried it for applying liquid concealer under the eyes and it worked great!

5. This one is my favorite shape of brush for blending eyeshadow. It has 30% of Natrafil, quite long fibers, shaped and cut very good, perfect for a precise application with more colors on the eyes, or for a classic smokey eyes effect, where blending is the key.

6. Angled shape of brush is also an essential one, cause it allows you to apply eyeliner or to design the eyebrows. 100% of Natrafil in combination of a large fiber diameter make this brush very precise and not too rough. The eyeliner application goes from the thinnest to a heavier line, depending on the result you want to achieve. It’s also great when filling in the eyebrows with powder.

7. This brush is indispensable when applying eyeshadow in detail or when you want to smudge the line on the eyelid. It works very good with cream or powder products. 100% Natrafil, small shape and a rounded tip allow a precise application. All these brushes pick the powder very well, just the right amount.

Studio Tannaz brushes are packed in a nice and handy brush bag.

My overall opinion is that all these brushes are the future of make-up, thanks to the advanced technology of Natrafil fibers. The best thing is that a company has the opportunity to design its own brush suiting their needs, because of many changeable technical parameters that give you more possibilities and creativity.

A NOTE FOR MAKEUP ARTISTS: In general, there is another thing concerning the amount of product when you pick it with the brush. There is no point to pick a large amount of product, cause for doing a precise job, is better to pick less product several times and blend it and repeat this again, than pick a lot of product at once. But this is a “rule” that works with no matter which brushes you work. The key is to have a light hand when applying the make-up. The only exception can be the theater make-up in some cases. Natrafil brushes allow to pick just the right amount of powder product, thanks to the synthetic fiber.

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  1. chuck
    March 4, 2012 at 4:56 am (12 years ago)

    Great Blog !!! I never knew that there was such a high level of technology that went into make-up brushes. The different kinds of fibers that you need for powders and creams. Very Interesting !!!

    • green makeup
      March 4, 2012 at 10:13 am (12 years ago)

      Thank you Chuck! Yes, it’s very interesting how the technology improves and what it can be done:)

  2. Blue Jeans
    April 5, 2012 at 7:58 pm (12 years ago)

    i have been collecting make up brushes for many years


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