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Hot days already arrived and we start to worry about our unpleasant underarm odours. I decided to write this post, cause a dear friend of mine asked me about this issue. She ended to make her own “green” deodorant at home, which is great and I am using it, too. More about this comes in my next post.

Usually, people tend to try the last advertised antiperspirant that promises you non-stop fresh smells. But have you ever asked yourself what is the purpose of our sweating and what is its function? Furthermore, do you really think that your unpleasant smell issue is resolved just with an antiperspirant? And why do our body produce unpleasant smells? Where this odour has its roots? Why some people have an unpleasant smell and others don’t? As you can see, the cause always lies deeper and sometimes posing ourselves questions is good. I will try to make things easier and explain you how the process of sweating works.

Did you know that our body has it’s our own natural “air condition” that regulates the body temperature and that detoxifies through sweating? Through our body we eliminate daily up to 3 liters of sweat. But this process is roughly interrupted while using aggressive chemical substances, such as antiperspirants that literally block the formation of sweat. Consequently, the body cannot eliminate toxins from our body through sweat anymore and it begins to store them in the lymph nodes. Obviously, this can lead to body disfunctions and serious health diseases.

I’d like to share with you an excerpt from the book: Toxic beauty written by Dawn Mellowship, explaining why we develop underarm odour:

“The skin has 2 types of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine sweat glands exist over most of the body and open out onto the surface of the skin. These regulate body temperature by secreting sweat onto the skin, which cools the body down as it evaporates. Apocrine sweat glands develop during puberty and are predominantly present under the armpits, around the nipples of the breast and the genital area. Emotional stress leads the apocrine glands to push the fatty sweat produced in the gland tubule onto the surface of the skin, which causes a strong odour as bacteria decompose the organic compounds in the sweat.”

The fact is that we apply a lot of chemicals exactly on the areas of the body where are the main lymphatic centers and where the chemicals go directly in our blood system. Imagine what happens when you use antiperspirants and other chemicals directly on the skin after shaving! They penetrate through the small wound into the blood. That means your body is overloaded with cleaning the toxins out of your body. And toxins from antiperspirants are just the tip of the iceberg among other substances that we put onto and into our body.

When using chemical antiperspirants everyday, your body is in a vicious circle; you don’t understand why you still smell unpleasant. The reason is that when the body is full of toxins and under stress, it has a much more unpleasant odour.
From my experience I can assure you that you need some changes, if you want to eliminate the unpleasant odour:

– eliminate all chemical cosmetics (especially antiperspirants and deodorants) and change them with non-toxic ones

– drink a lot of water, cause in summer with sweating you also loose a lot of water

– eat unprocessed food: fresh fruit and vegetables, avoid heavy spices (=avoid junk and industrial made food)

– become the master of your mind = do relaxative techniques, meditation. You will avoid stress and worries (-> our emotion imbalance causes unpleasant smells)

– move your body a lot so that it will release a lot of sweat. You must know that also no sweating is a disorder. You must accept sweating as a natural and very important body process.

– wash your clothes regularly

– wash off the skin all your deodorants with soap and water

I know that the last 2 sentences seem obvious, but I realized that this is NOT obvious to many people, so I thought to mention them.

To make things short: while using so many chemicals on your body, you don’t allow your body to do its natural functions and to eliminate toxins from the body. Because of the overloaded and unprocessed chemicals in the body and some stress in addition, your body odour is constantly unpleasant. This becomes a vicious circle.

Natural deodorants

From left to right: Lovlis deodorant, Lavera soft deo roll-on and Lavera fresh deo spray, Petite Marie Organics AROMAT: Organic Aluminum-Free Deodorant

In the second part I will show you how to make at home a totally safe deodorant and which ingredients you should avoid:)

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