Couleur caramel Maquillage caffè in Paris

Couleur caramel makeup boutique in Paris

I was curious to try the French make-up brand Couleur caramel for quite a long time, but I haven’t got any opportunity until yesterday. While walking across the city of Paris, I finally found out their Maquillage caffè, which is not just a regular cosmetic store, but an awesome place, where you can try all the products or have your makeup done by a makeup artist. Moreover, the interior is also designed in eco friendly spirit and equipped with furniture made from recycled materials. I find great the idea of having all the products stored in custom-made wooden palettes, that you can put them in front of your mirror, while doing your makeup.

Couleur caramel boutique

When I entered the shop, I was immediately helped by the sales person, who was very kind and helpful. She provided me all the products and informations I needed for doing my makeup and trying products. I was positively surprised by high hygienic standards. Sometimes, I encounter that makeup artists in many shops don’t use clean brushes. Here it was different. The lady brought me clean brushes and a new sponge. Great! On the make-up table there were also 3 skin care products: cleansing milk, toner and eye makeup remover, a box full of new eyeshadow applicators and cotton pads. Before doing my makeup, I’ve tried some products on my hand and realized that beside huge pigmentation and light but covering texture, the products don’t have any smell, which is very important, especially for sensitive skin.

Couleur caramel maquillage caffe paris

I wanted to do a natural day makeup on myself. I decided to use just a few products, but the right ones, like a good foundation, a covering concealer and pigmented colors. At the end I was very satisfied with the result. First, I have cleaned properly my face with the cleansing milk and toner, then I’ve applied the pre-makeup base. All these products have a very light, non greasy formula, but at the same time are very hydrating, which is very important for the skin. Then, I’ve applied my foundation. I have chosen the new liquid foundation Hydracoton n.3. I’ve covered my quite dark circles with the Corrective cream (a mix of n.3 and 4). I have also tried to cover some small red spots with the concealer pencil n.350 which did a great work for the entire day! The texture of the foundation was light but very comfortable to wear, like you don’t have any makeup. Since my skin is dry, I don’t need any powder and the liquid foundation stay on the entire day, too. I have sculpted my cheeks with a small amount of bronzer Teint de soleil. I mixed together n.24 and 25, a light mat bronzer and a touch of peach color on the apples of the cheeks and eyelids. Into the crease of the eyes I have added a touch of eyeshadow, a slightly shimmering browny taupe color. To conclude my look, I’ve applied the lengthening mascara in brown to achieve a natural day look. The result were long and full lashes, without clumping. The mascara comes in 4 colors: black, brown, aubergine and blue. For the lips I used the lip balm to nourish the lips. Then I just tapped in the lipstick from the last spring-summer collection Holi color in natural mat lip color shade of rosy berries n.250. The pigmentation was really good, but since my lips were a little bit dehydrated, I’ve applied on top a touch of clear lip gloss n.809.

Couleur caramel

I was really satisfied with my overall look, products and the service. I have just a small comment about the brushes, I have used synthetic brushes for applying my concealer and for the lips, which were very good. For the blush, I used the angled shaped brush from natural hair, which was ok, but since it wasn’t really soft, I’d be happier to see synthetic brushes in their collection, because they are a green brand. This is just my point of view, which does not reduce the overall good review of the brand.

Couleur caramel


Green makeup tip The product packaging is environmentally friendly and some products like creams and foundations have the refill option. You can buy separately nice eco-friendly empty glass jars where you can put your favorite cream or liquid foundation. Make-up products have also the refill option, that you can put in nice eco palettes.


Who already uses Couleur Caramel makeup?

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  1. Sheen
    April 26, 2011 at 2:50 pm (12 years ago)

    I’ll stop by when I get to Paris!! 🙂

  2. beverley hogan (UK)
    January 19, 2012 at 8:41 pm (12 years ago)

    I have been using this make-up for the past 2 years since I had a demo on my cruise ship. it’s wonderful stuff and I am still using the same jars that I brought as a little goes a long way so it’s worth the high price tag.


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